Oh Sam Chapter 3


Oh Sam
Chapter 3
Sam awoke slowly the next morning.   The room wasn’t really dark, but it wasn’t light either.   Clearing the cobwebs from her mind Sam started to remember all the things that had taken place yesterday.   From drinking the Smirnoff too quickly and losing her balance and falling into Matt’s arms and feeling his hands on her breast as he caught her to keep her from falling completely down.   She remembered how she felt as she realized that he had both her breast in his hands and wasn’t making any effort to remove them quickly and her thinking to herself that she didn’t want him to remove them quickly anyway.   Then finally before he did he squeezed them lightly and oh did that feel really good.  
Sam looked over at her parents bed and realized that they were already up and gone.   She looked at the clock on the nightstand and it was already a little after 8:00 and she could hear rain outside the window.   Wow she was asleep before 10:00 last night and had slept for about 10 hours.   Thinking again about Matt she pulled her hands up to her breast and started squeezing them like she remembered him doing.   Going back in her mind she remembered how she had decided that since her parents did not return for lunch yesterday she had lied to Matt about their giving her permission to go with him.   HA, like she would have really asked them anyway, she knew that they wouldn’t have let her go even if she asked because of their situation.   Because of what had happened with her parents five years ago, they were so protective of her that they trusted nobody when it came to her.   She could have girlfriends over to her house, but she wasn’t allowed to go to her friend’s houses, much less spend the night away from home, but enough of those sad thoughts.   She knew that feeling Matt’s hands on her breasts was just so beautiful, and felt really good; she had decided that she was going to go to him and see what else would happen.   As she continued caressing her breast and rubbing her nipples she remembered seeing the tent in Matt’s pants after he removed his hands from her chest and how tingly she felt knowing that she had caused it to happen.

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    I mean really, just little old plain me.   I had never thought of myself as a sexual turn-on before, I mean I have really small breasts compared to mom and have hardly any hair on my pussy at all.   But here was a really good looking guy getting hard over me.  
Needing to feel herself better Sam raised up and pulled her nightshirt over her head and lay back on the bed.   With one hand on her breast the other started moving down to her little pussy and was surprised to find it either already wet, or never dried from last night.   Sam started caressing her lips as she started thinking about the boat ride to their secret cove.   She remembered the surprised look on Matt’s face as she planted her little ass in his lap and remembered that he immediately started poking her butt with his cock as soon as she sat down.   It really felt good to feel him pushing against her and knowing that she was causing all the attention down there.   As she continued her assault on her pussy and button Sam thought about Matt when she caught him checking her out when she was bent over retrieving the fish.   God that felt so awesome to know that he thought she was sexy.   She remembered catching the two fish, and especially the last one that was so large.   And then when Matt needed to pee she peeked back and was shocked to see the size of his cock and wondering why it was so hard then not realizing that somehow he could tell she was watching him.   So even just looking at him turned him on and made him hard, just that thought made her even more proud of herself and her little body.  
Oh, God, this is really feeling too good right now as she started putting a finger inside her little pussy while brushing across her little button with another finger.   This was bringing back all the memories of how Matt made her feel and how special and sexy she started feeling about herself.

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    Remembering how Matt fondled her she kept his face in her mind and used her fingers on her little sex like Matt did the day before.   She continued her assault and started moaning loudly as she picked up the pace with her finger as it started flying in and out of her little hole.   Her juices have kicked in hard and she is again making a mess of the sheets, but Sam didn’t care, she was close, real close to another orgasm and she wanted to cum really bad.   Suddenly it happened and her muscles in her pussy started grabbing her finger as her little button got as hard as a rock as she went into another world for a few moments as she peaked.   Oh, God, Ugh. This is terrific as she lifted her little hips off the bed and added another finger to the first one and kept thrusting them into her pussy.   Overcome with release Sam dropped back onto the bed and laid there for a moment feeling her pussy clutch her fingers and her little button telling her that enough was enough.   
Looking again at the clock and seeing it was now 8:15 she pulled herself from the bed and retrieved her panties from the floor under her and inspected them.   The crotch of her panties were almost stiff from her flow of pussy juice from the night before and for a moment she relived in her mind the vision of her parents as they pleased each other while she looked on.   She took the panties to her nose and inhaled deeply of the scent of her evening of ecstasy with her fingers.   While not fresh to the senses it had a musty smell that she hasn’t experienced before and it made her little nipples tingle again with that familiar feeling.   Oh God, I wonder if I smell like that in my crotch Sam thought.   If so I really need a bath, so she took her panties and tucked them in her suitcase along with the ones from when she was with Matt and laughed at herself and the need for more panties if the day turns out like yesterday.   But it won’t happen again she thought with a deep groan, she had lied to Matt and he wouldn’t want to see her again.   Thinking how angry he was when she confessed to him about lying about getting her parents permission to go with him, and how scared he was all the way back to the dock.

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    She remembered looking at his face as she lay in the bottom of his boat as they overtook and passed her parents; she hadn’t ever seen anyone that tense before in her life.   No, she really screwed up with ever getting to see Matt again; he must think she was a real little lying bitch.   Oh God, what have I done thought Sam as she realized she had lost all the trust Matt must have had in her.   For the first time in her young life Sam realized how much trust played in a relationship with another person, and how she had betrayed that with Matt.   Again thinking of Matt, Sam went into the bathroom to clean the smell of sex off her body knowing she probably would never see him again.  
That afternoon when Matt realized that he didn’t know how to contact Sam again he fell into a deep funk wondering if Sam would be able to keep her secret about what they did that afternoon, and wanting to find out what room they were staying in so he could get her in his arms again to continue what they started.   The deep fear of what would happen to him if anyone found out kept him from going to the motel office and inquire with their description to find out what room they were in.   How could he ask without arousing suspicion of his motives, and even if he found out the room, what could he do anyway.   I mean, I can’t go to their door and say “Hello, you don’t know me, but I spent the afternoon with your underage daughter without your permission, can I see her again?”  Matt went to sleep that night after one of his most intense hand jobs with Sam on his mind.  
Damn if it isn’t a really miserable day Matt said to himself as he looked out the window of his condominium to the steady beat of raindrops beating on the large picture window.   It was 6:00 and Matt didn’t really sleep well that night, he kept thinking of Sam and their time together.   Well hell, there won’t be any fishing today with all this rain, and he-he, I sure feel sorry for all those ass-holes out there fishing that tournament.   Well, maybe breakfast will make me feel better, as Matt went and put the coffee pot on.   Breakfast didn’t really make him feel better, so Matt went to the bathroom to take a shower.   Standing under the stream of warm water all he could think about was his little princess, Sam.

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    He kept thinking about Sam and her perfect little body and their time together.   He knew it was wrong what they did, but he couldn’t stop himself as he started stroking his cock under the warm water of the shower.   He just couldn’t get Sam’s face and body out of his mind as he lathered his cock and hand and proceeded to explode rope after rope of cum on the shower wall.  
After washing the walls down he got out of the shower and just put on a pair of cotton gym shorts and went into the great room and turned on the TV.   Every channel Matt turned to had nothing interesting, damn, 150 channels and nothing to watch.   Matt kept thinking about Sam and their afternoon together and that damn pink bra.   How he wanted to hold and caress her tender little body again and continue teaching her about all the pleasure a man and woman, girl, could have together.   Damn, I have never had such feelings for any girl like Sam, and I won’t ever see her again.   I can’t chance it no matter how I feel and get sent to prison.   I know she is a fifteen thirty, fifteen minutes of pleasure and thirty years in prison.   I still can’t believe just how perfect a body that little 13 year old girl has, and how she was responding to sex was totally amazing.   She really wanted the attention and sex that he desired, and those lovely green eyes and flowing red hair across her bare shoulders made her a really special beauty.   A smile crept across his face as he relaxed and his cock got hard again thinking about all they had done as he drifted off to sleep.  
Sam was drying her body off with one of those scratchy towels in the motel.   While she was washing herself really good, especially her little pussy, she kept thinking about Matt and decided she would go to his room and see if they could pick it up where they left off yesterday armed with her new information on sex from her parents last night.

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    She knew that Matt was really mad at her, but she would beg his forgiveness and see if he would be willing to let her try some of the things she saw her parents doing last night.   I know he doesn’t want to see me, but I have to try at least.   I mean, if I don’t I will never know what Matt’s cock will feel like in my pussy, and since he took my cherry with his fingers I really want him to be my first.   I wonder if Matt is out fishing in the rain, or just sitting in his condo Sam thought.   Now what unit number did he tell me yesterday, oh yeah, number 103 she muttered to herself gladly that she did not forget what he had told her.   Now, what am I going to wear to entice Matt with?  She started going through her suitcase and realized that she hadn’t planned on anything like this happening and did not pack anything sexy.   She saw the little pink bra she wore yesterday and fondly remembered how excited Matt was to finally get it off her and wondered if it was fresh enough to wear again.   Yeah she thought after sniffing the cups of the bra, it will still work, and maybe it will have the same effect on him as it did yesterday.   I don’t have a sexy top so I guess this pull-over shirt will have to do, I’ll just leave all the top buttons open so maybe he can see the pink bra underneath.   I do have one skirt with me, it is short, and that may be the best think since it is short.   Now underwear, hum, I am really running short if I mess up another pair this morning and need to change for the afternoon.   Well hopefully I won’t have to change until mom and dad get back in at 3:00 for the weigh-in, maybe I can leave them off all afternoon with Matt.   Suddenly an evil thought came across her mind, “what if I just don’t wear any at all?”  After all, if they are not on, they can’t get dirty.   Borrowing a little of her mother’s perfume she dabbed a small amount on her neck and between her breasts Sam was suddenly becoming more confident in her womanhood.   Looking at her body in the mirror Sam began looking at herself with new eyes.

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    Her breasts were not as large as her mother’s, but they did look really good on her, and besides they were growing.   Examining her little tush in the mirror she noticed a more rounded and firm shape to her cheeks that she had not noticed before.   Wow, I guess this is what Matt thought was so beautiful yesterday she muttered to herself with a little pride in her voice as she eyed her butt.   Turning to face the mirror again her gaze dropped to her little pussy.   The lips appeared to be more prominent and sticking out further than she remembered before and she could see the little tip of her nub peering out from between her lips.   Gosh, I guess all the attention it got yesterday has it looking for more today, as she again thought about Matt’s lips and tongue caressing it.   Still it had almost no hair on it, but she remembered it didn’t seem to bother Matt so it must be alright.  
Sam started getting dressed and wondered how it would feel to go outside without panties on, she had never done anything like that before, and just the thought of it was making her little pussy moist again.   As she stepped out the front door of the room she hung the tag on the handle requesting maid service and laughed to herself again with what the maid would think about both beds being so nasty.   She put the umbrella up to shield her from the rain and started making her way towards the condominiums muttering 103, 103 to herself.   Realizing that she almost got Matt in real trouble yesterday she decided to take her time and not make a beeline for his door.   She wanted anyone looking her way to just think it was just some crazy little girl out for a walk, instead of a young woman on her way for sex.   Checking around as she walked she made sure nobody was paying her any attention she kept moving to the units.   When she saw Matt’s unit she didn’t stop at first, but just continued on past it just in case someone was looking from the other way she couldn’t see.   As she passed the large picture window she could see Matt in his recliner in front of the TV asleep.

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    Her little heart quickened and she hoped that Matt would be as happy to see her as she was him.   She went to the end of the units and turned around and started back making sure nobody was looking at her.   When she got to the picture window again, she paused and tapped on the window.  
Matt jumped in his chair when he heard the sound of someone outside and looked up and his heart leapt as fast as his feed did getting out of his chair.   IT WAS SAM, his little princess standing at the window peering in at him and she looked just perfectly beautiful standing there holding the umbrella with her gorgeous red hair cascading around her face.   He ran to the door and threw it open and there stood his little angel with a worried look on her face, and he wondered if something was wrong.  
I know you are really mad at me, and you have every right to be, but can I come in for a minute and talk Sam said.   Sure, sure, Matt said, come in out of the rain, but how did you find me? 
Well, you gave me your unit number yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was for lying to you yesterday, and, and, Sam started to cry as she stood there facing Matt.   Still not sure what was upsetting Sam, Matt took her by the hand and led her into the great-room and guided her to the couch.   Sam sat down and kept her face to the floor and continued to cry.   Matt, still unsure of the problem just stood there and looked down at her and saw how her little short skirt had rode far up her thighs and he immediately started remembering how beautiful they were when he was kissing them yesterday.   He looked down the opening in her shirt and could see the gentle swell of her breasts as they were being pushed upwards by the way she was sitting, and then saw that damn pink bra again as his dick began to get hard again.  
Sam finally started to talk and explain to Matt how sorry she was for her actions yesterday.   Matt, I know I lied to you, but you just got to understand that I wanted to spend the afternoon with you so much and I couldn’t think of any other way.   I was afraid that if I told you the truth about them not coming in for lunch you would not let me go.

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    (She left out the part about her parents wouldn’t have given her permission even if they came in).   I knew from the moment I met you that there was something special and good about you that I wanted to know Sam said between her sobs and tears.   I never meant for you to get in trouble, I promise, I will never tell anyone what we did yesterday; I just want you to not be mad at me, please forgive me Matt.  
Matt looked down at his little angel sitting on the couch crying her eyes out and he really started to feel bad about what he had done.   He knew from the moment he saw her yesterday that he wanted her body and did everything he could to get it except tell her the truth.   He remembered how he squeezed her breast instead of just sitting her up when she fell, and how he caressed them again while he was supposed to be adjusting her life vest.   She was so young and innocent and just wanted to see his cock when he relieved himself, but he used it against her to force her to show herself to him when she needed to pee.   He did truly want to please her little body and show her pleasure on the front deck of the boat, but he intentionally pierced her little hymen in order to prepare her for his cock.   He realized that she was the only one who really cared for the other, he was just out to please himself, and he had planned to do anything to fuck her.   God how stupid and selfish could he be, Matt thought to himself.  
Matt was lost in his thoughts while poor little Sam continued sitting there crying wondering why Matt would not answer her, was he ever going to speak to her again.   Well Matt, Sam sobbed, will you please forgive me? 
Oh Sam, Matt replied, I am so sorry, I am not mad at you at all, I am the one who needs to ask you for your forgiveness, not you asking me.   Will you forgive me Sam? 
Huh, Sam sobbed, you mean you are not mad at me? 
Of course not my darling princess, I have never been mad at you, I love you.   What, Sam blubbered, you really mean it, and you love me? 
Of course Sam, how could I ever be any other way, you have only made me happy, I was worried about your parents catching us, but never was I mad.   Yesterday you made me feel better than I have in many years, I truly love you and I also think there is something special about you too and I want to get to know you better.

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Really Matt, Sam sniffled as she started to raise her head up.   When she got to his crotch she could see the bulging erection in his shorts and giggled, well, I guess part of you really loves me doesn’t it? 
Of course silly, but that isn’t the only part of me that loves you.   Sam looked at Matt’s face as he told her that she had been the most open and willing person he had ever known when she unconditionally shared herself with him yesterday.   And Sam, I took advantage of you yesterday, and I am truly sorry about it, would you forgive me please? 
Forgive you, are you crazy, you didn’t take advantage of me.   If anything, I am the one that took advantage of you; NOTHING happened that I really didn’t want to happen.  
Oh Sam, even when I tricked you in letting me watch you pee? 
Of course not silly, I am the one who spied on you when you peed, and I didn’t tell you, but I really wanted you to see me.   Maybe not peeing, that wasn’t part of my fantasy, but I was looking for a reason for us to get naked.   I had never done anything like that before, but when you looked at me and saw something beautiful you made me feel really special, and I just knew that I had to find a way to see just how beautiful you were too.   I mean, you were kind and tender, loving, everything I had ever thought about for my first time.  
Well not all the time Matt replied.   When you were peaking with your orgasm I had already worked a second finger in your little pussy to open it up and when you reached your peak I intentionally pushed through your hymen to get it out of the way because I really wanted to make love to you he admitted.  
Oh that, don’t worry about it Matt, I am glad it is out of the way and it wasn’t a big deal, I am glad it is gone…. . Oh my God Matt, did you just say you wanted to make love to me? 
Well uh, yeah I do.  
Matt I love you Sam said as she jumped up from the couch and put her arms around him and turned her head up standing on tip toes to kiss him.


Oh Sam Matt groaned as he lowered his lips to meet hers and they started a really passionate kiss.   Matt put his arms around his little princess and dropped them down to her little perfect ass and lifted up on each cheek pulling her deeper into his embrace.   Their tongues met and locked in a fierce battle darting back and forth.   The kiss continued longer than Sam had ever thought possible as her body started responding to his kisses and caresses of her ass.   She could feel his erection pushing hard into her belly and could feel it throb with passion as the blood coursed through it.  
Wow Sam exclaimed as they finally broke the kiss for air, that was just awesome Matt, and you really meant it didn’t you; you want to make love to me? 
Of course Princess Matt replied as he finally released his grip on her little ass and moved his hands up to her breasts and started kneading them tenderly, I am so glad you remembered my number, I was so worried that I had lost you when you walked away with your parents yesterday evening.  
Oh gosh Matt, Sam moaned as his caresses of her breasts started working on her body that feels so good.   Sam looked past Matt and saw their reflection in the picture window and pulled away from his caresses and walked to the window and started pulling the curtain.   I think we better close this up before someone sees what is going on in here, I don’t want you to get in any trouble because of me as she finished pulling the blinds.   Turning back to Matt and giggling, at least not until after you fuck me anyway.  
Why you horny little thing he replied in a monk serious tone, is that all I am to you, just a piece of meat to pound your little pussy with? 
Oh of course not Matt, I am only kidding you.   I really do want to make love to you, but I was serious about never telling anyone about us.   I don’t ever want to hurt or betray you ever again.   And oh, by the way, I really had an interesting night last night, and I think it will really help both of us in a few minutes.  
Oh really, just what is it? 
You will see Sam replied with a gleam in her eye, remember when I told you yesterday that I didn’t want you to put your cock in me.


Yeah I do, is what happened last night the reason that you now want it? 
Yeah, that and a whole lot more, but lets get comfortable on your couch and let me tell you all about it.   I think you will be really pleasantly surprised about everything I have changed my mind about.  
When they got to the couch they fell into each others arms and started resuming the passionate kissing.   Matt resumed his caresses of her breasts and immediately started to feel her little nipples start to harden and push out against that damn pink bra again.   Sam gasped with excitement as Matt continued kneading her breasts and tweaked her nipples between her fingers.  
Oh Matt that feels even better than it did yesterday Sam said as her breath got labored and ragged as she pulled away from his invading tongue for a moment.   I never knew that just squeezing my breasts could make me feel this way; I never want this feeling to stop.  
Oh really Matt replied, I wasn’t sure if you could even feel it through that damn pink bra you got on.  
I wore it especially for you Sam moaned back in obvious delight at his manipulations; I remembered just how excited you were to finally get it off yesterday and thought it would turn you on again by seeing it today.  
Why you little romantic vixen Matt said, but of course, remember my real excitement was after taking it off, not looking at it while it was covering your beautiful breasts.  
Well, than why don’t you just excite yourself and take it off, I’m certainly not stopping you Sam replied.  
Matt took hold of the bottom of her pull-over top and started lifting it.   Sam waited until he uncovered her bra and smiled seductively at Matt and lifted her arms over her head to help him finish his task.   After the top came off Sam jutted her chest out at Matt and said, is this what you are waiting for? 
Well not quite Matt said as he put his right arm around her back and grasped the catch between his fingers and took it apart.   Matt grabbed the top straps and gently pulled them forward exposing her perfect little breast to his gaze.

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    Now THAT is what I have been dreaming about, your perfect breasts, as he watched in amazement as her nipples started to grow even larger under his gaze.  
Oh Matt, do you really think my breasts are perfect?  They are still really small Sam said as she looked down at her chest.  
Matt took Sam’s chin in his hands and directed her eyes to his and said; Sam do not ever second guess anything about your body, I have never ever seen anyone look any better than you do.   Matt lowered his head down and put his lips on her right breast and started to gently kiss and lick around and around her nipple before sucking it in his mouth and gently nip at it with his teeth.  
Oh God Matt Sam moaned as she took her hands and put them around his head and pulled him as close and tight to her as she could.   Matt continued his assault on her right breast and then moved to the left one and repeated his movements while placing his right hand over her other breast and continued to caress it tenderly.   Sam was squirming around so her skirt continued to ride up her succulent little ass, and its movement did not go unnoticed by Matt.   He continued sucking on her breasts and moved his right hand down to her inner thighs.  
When Matt’s hand started caressing her inner thighs Sam jumped with surprise and anticipation.  
Are you alright Sam he asked, yeah oh yeah Sam panted, just don’t stop, it feel sooooh gooood she gasped.   Sam smiled to herself and wondered what Matt would think when he discovered she didn’t have any panties on.   It did not take long for him to find out as she spread her legs and pulled her skirt up so he could get to her pussy.   Matt continued working up her thighs expecting to feel the crotch of her panties, but instead felt her hot little hairless mound instead.  
Where are your panties Matt stuttered as he withdrew his hand in surprise? 
Well, since I met you I have started using so many panties I was running out giggled Sam.   This morning when I was getting dressed I was hoping that it would turn out like it is now, so I decided to not put any on to have a fresh pair available when mom and dad get back this afternoon.

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    I thought it would please you, does it? 
Well let’s see Matt said as he put his hand back between her legs and ran a finger up her lips and across her little clit.   OH MY GOD Sam breathed as his finger sent a shock wave through her body when he hit her little button.   Hummm lets see, definitely hot wet and juicy, yeah it’s just like I like em, I am pleased.   Continuing to finger her little pussy Matt noticed how wet she was, I can’t believe any woman could be this wet, much less a little girl like Sam Matt thought to himself.   The moisture between her legs was so ample he noticed it was running between her legs, across her ass, and wetting the back of her skirt.  
Here we better get this skirt off you before you completely soak it Matt said.  
I don’t know Sam replied, if I take it off I am afraid I will mess up your couch, this way maybe it will catch it all instead.  
To hell with the couch, besides, if we leave it on you any longer you will really be a sight walking back to your room later.  
Yeah I guess you are right Matt, I didn’t think about it that way Sam giggled.   Sam reached behind her and unbuttoned the skirt and scooted forward and pulled the zipper down.   Matt grabbed the skirt with both hands and started pulling it down and told her, “raise your cute little butt up so I can get this thing off and see your sexy self naked.   Sam smiled and put her hands by her side and lifted her ass off the couch and Matt pulled it completely off her legs and dropped it on the floor with her shirt and bra.  
Now that’s much better Sam, you are so beautiful, but when you are naked you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen.  
Well, I’m not really naked yet Matt, Sam said as she started shaking her legs showing him she still had on shoes and socks.   I didn’t come into the world wearing these things did I, Sam asked?  No honey you didn’t as Matt grabbed her legs and pulled her shoes off without even loosening the laces and grabbing her socks and yanking them off her feet.

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    Now I am naked Sam giggled as she went back into Matt’s arms and drew his head down to kiss him deeply on the lips.  
Matt had his little naked princess in his arms and he started reacting like a crazed man.   He kissed her tenderly and again brought his hand back to her breast and started in on them again.   He lowered his head and sucked a very erect nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it with a little more teeth than he did before.   All this time Sam’s little body continued its climb to an orgasm.   When Matt dropped his hand back to her little pussy, Sam immediately spread her legs to give him better access, and Matt took a finger and gently started pushing it in her little love hole.   Her little pussy was so tight, and it felt like it had a pump in it sucking his finger deeper and deeper inside.  
When he had it fully inserted Sam started a rocking motion with her hips drawing his finger gently in and out of her.   Juice was flowing freely from her little twat and Matt took his thumb and started his assault on her clit.   It sprang up immediately and grew to incredible size for such a young girl.   Sam continued to hump his hand harder and harder as her feeling of lust continued to mount in her body.   Matt could not believe how tight her pussy was, he knew Sam had said she wanted to make love, but he was unsure if she could accommodate his 8 ½ inch cock.   He had already resolved to never do anything to hurt her again, but he also wanted to feel her little love tunnel encase his cock.   As Matt added another finger in her little hole Sam reached out and put her right hand inside his shorts and started stroking his dick.   She could feel his shorts on the back of her hand and they were literally soaked with his pre-cum as she pumped him up and down.

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    Matt continued probing her little cunt with one hand and moved the other up to her right breast and discovered that Sam had taken it in her hand and was already caressing it.  
When Sam felt Matt’s hand she moved to her left breast and let Matt caress the other.   Sam was close, real close to her orgasm as her hips were thrusting swiftly now moving his fingers in and out of her little box and was making little guttural noises.   Oh, oh, ahh, ahh, harder Matt, harder PLEASE.   Uhh, Uhh, don’t stop, oh God, don’t stop.   Then it happened, Sam threw her head back against the couch and started screaming, “I’m cuuuuuuuming, oh God I’m cummmmmming.   Her little body stiffened and her legs began to jerk uncontrollably as she peaked.   Her juices started pouring out of her little hole around his fingers as her mouth fell open and she was gasping for air.   Finally, Matt could feel her start to relax and saw that her eyes were shut and she was in such ecstasy that she was almost in a trance as she started to come down from the best orgasm she had ever experienced.  
Matt continued gently stroking her little clit as she basked in the afterglow of her climax.   Finally able to speak again she put her hand on his and gently pulled it back from her pussy and muttered, “Enough, oh please Matt, that’s enough. ”  Matt could not believe how hard her orgasm was, and the flood of juice that had ran out of her little honey hole gushed even more when he finally removed his fingers.   “I have never seen any woman cum that much in my life, and Sam is only 13, just look at the river of cum she has he muttered to himself.  
Looking down at the couch he realized that Sam was right, he should have had something under her little butt.   The cushion under her ass was soaked, and it was still coming out of her little tunnel.

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    Matt dropped to his knees and started to gently catch as much of her juice as he could without touching her sensitive clit.   He lapped eagerly at the opening of her little hole and continued down until he reached the little pucker of her butt and continued licking up every drop he could find.   He was like a starving man at a banquet; he licked the cushion under her butt and then went back to her little asshole to get the last drops.  
Matt, what are you doing?  Sam was sucking in air hard when she felt his tongue on her butt hole, “that is where my poop comes out. ” 
That’s ok Sam, I just want all of your love nectar, and don’t you like how it feels? 
Well I don’t really know?  It feels sort of good, but gross at the same time.   Pulling his mouth from between her legs Matt said, “Well I’ll stop then, I told you that I would not do anything you did not want. ”  I think I have got all I can get anyway, and boy was it yummy.  
I’m not saying that I don’t want it, I am just not sure about it yet though Sam replied.   Anyway, I think after what you just gave me, it is your turn, get your butt up here on the couch if you can find a dry spot she giggled as she noticed how much of a mess she had made on the cushions.   Your wish is my command Sam, and just like I told you before, don’t worry about the couch, it can be cleaned, and if not, it was worth it 10 times over.  
As Matt sat on the couch, Sam took his place on the floor.   She grabbed his shorts with both hands and said, “Now lift up that pretty butt of yours so I can get rid of these things. ”  It was Matt’s turn to rise up as Sam pulled his shorts down and threw them on the floor by her own clothing.   Now you are as naked as you were when you came into the world Sam laughed, just like me.   Sam reached up with both hands and gently took his cock and started to squeeze and pump it.

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Oh gosh Sam, Matt moaned as he felt her tiny delicate hands jacking him off.   He remembered how good it felt yesterday when she did it, and knew it would be even better today.   Sam watched Matt’s face as he strained with pleasure from her movements and laughed to herself and said, “Boy ain’t he really gonna be surprised when I do this. ”  Seeing his eyes still shut she bent her head down and stuck her tongue out and slurped it from the underside of his massive bulb to the tip taking in all his pre-cum, tasting it, and swallowing it down.  
What are you doing Matt stammered.  
I told you I had some surprised in store for you didn’t I Sam said.  
Well yeah, but I thought your lack of underwear was it Matt replied.  
Well, that was part of it just like this is Sam said as she slurped the bulb of his cock again.  
Damn girl, you are really full of surprises.  
It was Sam’s turn now to go a little crazy.   She opened her mouth wide and put the whole head inside her tiny mouth and started sucking on it just like she saw her mother do the night before.    Looking up she saw Matt’s mouth drop open and his eyes roll back in his head as a groan of pleasure escaped from his lips.   Sam dropped her hands to his balls hanging below his massive cock and gently rubbed them just like her mother did.   Another groan of delight came from Matt and she dropped her mouth further and further down his cock.   It was starting to hit the back of her mouth now, and she kept going just like her mother did, except unlike her mother, she started to gag on it.

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Matt’s eyes jerked open when her heard her gag and quickly pulled her up and off his cock.   Take it easy Sam, I don’t know how you learned this much, but obviously you didn’t learn to deep throat a cock when you did.   Just relax and just take in a little of it so you don’t choke.   Just take in a few inches and suck, and use your hand to jack the rest of it, you will be fine.   Armed with new information, and disappointed that she couldn’t give him the same as her mother did to her dad, Sam dropped her head back to Matt’s cock and started doing just like he said.  
Oh God Sam, that is it, oh gosh that is it, Matt moaned as she started to suck his cock again.   Use you tongue on the underside of my cock as you move your head up and down Sam, that is the most sensitive part Matt croaked out.  
Little Sam did just as he said.   Her head bobbing up and down with her little tongue dragging the underside of his cock while she sucked gently on it.   Her hands continued playing and rolling his balls gently and really got in a rhythm on his cock.  
Matt looked down lovingly at Sam and saw her looking up at him.   He smiled at her and with that little bit of assurance she looked down and started sucking him in earnest now.   Looking at her little mouth stretched almost obscenely by the girth of his cock he wondered just what happened last night that turned her around like this.   Well really he didn’t care about what it was right now, just seeing and feeling her growing manipulations on his cock was pushing every thought out of his mind except the growing urgency to cum.   It was Matt’s turn to gurgle incoherent mutterings now as Sam again picked up the pace on his cock.

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    Her head was bobbing swiftly, and her hands had moved back to the base of his cock and jacking off what she could not fit into her mouth.   He was about to cum, and he wasn’t sure if Sam’s surprise plans included taking a mouthful of his cum.   He knew that before it was too late he had to warn her and stammered to Sam, “Baby I am about to cum, and if you don’t want a really big mouthful, you better back off right now. ” 
Sam looked in his eyes, and Matt saw raw passion in hers.   She just nodded her head to acknowledge she had heard him and continued sucking his dick.   Matt could not hold on any longer and yelled out, “Oh God princess here it coooomes”.   He fell back against the couch as he felt rope after rope of cum shoot into Sam’s mouth.  
Sam had never experienced anything like this before.   Matt had told her he was close, and then she could feel his cock grow even larger in her tiny mouth and start to pulse.   Suddenly she could feel his warm cum shoot out of his cock and hitting the back of her mouth, and it just kept coming and coming.   She was not prepared for the large amount that suddenly filled her mouth.   With his large cock in her mouth it seemed like it filled up all at once.   She started trying to swallow, but it was difficult to get it down with his dick holding her mouth so wide open.   Sam could feel his cum leaking around the edged of her mouth and running down her chin onto her chest, but it kept on coming, would it ever stop? 
Finally Matt gasped and whispered to her, “Enough Sam, you can stop now”.   Sam slipped his cock from her mouth and looked up at Matt.

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    He was out of breath and looking down at her smiling.  
And what a sight, Sam on her knees between his legs with her beautiful red hair around her face, and her face had a large amount of his cum down her chin and had dropped on her breasts.  
“Princess, where did you learn that from”? 
Sam just smiled and said, I’ll tell you later, and started licking his cum from around her lips.   Um, Um, Um she said as she used her fingers to push his cum from her chin back to her mouth, and used her fingers to get the spilled cum off her breasts and into her mouth.   “I never dreamed cum would taste so good” she told Matt as she cleaned the last of it off her.   Looking down at his now shrinking cock she said, “Now let me clean my man up again” as she put her mouth around his cock and cleaned every drop off of him and even dropped her tongue down to his balls looking for any leftovers.  
Matt groaned again, “Please princess, no more right now please”.   Come here my little love, just let me hold you.   Sam got up off the floor and went into Matt’s arms letting him surround her body with his arms as she rested her head on his shoulder and both closed their eyes letting each others love for the other fill their minds.  
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