My 14th 2


My 14th summer. . . . . . pt 2 When I woke up the next morning my cock was hard as a rock again. So I got out the magazine and got down to jerking off again. It didn't take long and my nuts tightened into little tiny rocks and I sprayed cum all over. It was on the bed, the floor and even all over my hand. I thought "Hmmm. . . " and licked a little of the white gooey fluid from my fingers. Wow, I kind of liked that. I licked some more of the stuff from my fingers, this time I got enough in my mouth to swallow.

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   "Not bad" I thought. I got up and went to shower. Washing my cock and balls gave me another hard on so I jacked off in the shower. This cumming thing was pretty cool. Spenc called while I was still in the shower so when mom told me I went in and called him back. "You goin to the beach today? Spenc asked. "Don't see why not" I answered. I really couldn't wait to see his cock again. That was a little strange, but when I thought about his cock, my own cock seemed to stir in my pants. "Hmm. . . oh well" I thought"The other guys said they will meet us there. So just come here and we will go down together. " Spenc said.

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  We rode our bikes down to the beach. The other guys weren't there yet and when I mentioned it Spenc said Donnie and Ricky had to go Worth Donnies mom and the brothers had to work at the store so it was just us today. This was a little strange, but oh well, Spenc and I would have some fun anyway. We swam for awhile and then went to lay in the sun. Spenc threw me his tanning oil and said" Oil me up. Would ya?""Sure thing" I answered and grabbed the oil and poured some on his back. I rubbed oil on his back and legs and when i stopped he said "What about my ass? I can't get it all over, so would you please do it?""This seemed a little strange to me but what the hell, no one was around, so I took the oil and poured some in my hand and rubbed them together. I started at the very top of his ass cheeks, working my way down, spreading as even a coat as I could. He spread his legs a little and i could see his ball sack between his legs. Damn it, there went my cock again. What was I going to do now. He I sat with a raging hard on, rubbing oil on my friends ass. Yikes. i jumped up and ran and jumped in the river. Hoping he hadn't noticed.


  When I got out and went back to the towels, Spenc was kneeling with The oil in his hand, "Your turn" he said. "What?" I asked, nervously. "Lay down right here and I Will do your back" he said as he motioned to the towel. Well, there was not going to be any arguing with him so I lay ed down on the towel and hoped for the best. As his hands touched my shoulders I could feel my cock stir. What the fuck was going on. By the time he got my back completely oiled my cock was hard as a rock. Spenc said for me to spread my legs a little as he started oiling my thighs. His hand brushed my balls a couple times. Well. now my cock was hard as a rock and Spenc says "Turn over, I will do you front"Well this was not a good idea, not with my cock as hard as a rock. So I told Spenc, "I got a hard on. ""Oh fuck, don't worry about it. Turn over" Spenc ordered. So I turned over, and my cock stood straight up.

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  "Wow. " Spenc exclaimed. "That's a pretty big specimen for a youngster. Do you cum yet? he asked. "First time last night" I said proudly. "Cool, congratulations" he said. With that he reached out, grabbed my cock and plunged his mouth down til the whole thing was in his mouth. I could not believe my eyes, but it sure felt good. Spenc worked his mouth up and down on my cock, swirling his tongue around with each stroke. Well, I couldn't take that for very long, and I came in his mouth. He swallowed every drop of it. He sat back on his heels, "How was that?" he asked, grinning. All I said was "Your turn"He moved up onthe towel til he was right next to my face. I just reached out, took his cock in my hand and and put it all in my mouth. I had never done this before and I had only seen it in pictures but I think I got pretty good at it pretty fast because he grabbed my head and started fucking my face.

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   About a minute later I felt his cock get harder in my mouth and he pushed deep into my throat. His cum hit the back of my throat, I gagged a little and swallowed as much as I could, but I still had cum running down my chin. Spenc reached out, wiped some of it off with his fingers and licked it off. "I taste pretty good. " he chuckled. Yes he did, I thought to my self. "Lets swim" Spenc said. and we dove in the river. We swam around for a bit and then went back to the towels. "Well, if that was your first orgasm with another person. I Would say you haven't fucked yet either. " he said, reaching out and taking hold of my cock again and licking it a few times. Well, so much for the hard on subsiding, I was hard as a rock instantly. With that he pushed me down on my back and straddled me, taking my cock in his hand and guiding it into his asshole he slowly lowered himself until my cock was buried to the hilt in his ass. He rode up and down on my cock, his own cock hard and bouncing up and down as he fucked my cock.

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  He fucked my cock harder and harder. I felt my cum building in my balls and suddenly I shot my load deep in his ass. He must have liked that alot because he came too, spraying cum all over me. As he grinds on my cock I hear applause. I look back over my shoulder and there are the rest of the guys, clapping their hands. I look up at Spenc. obviously confused and scared about being caught, he just smiles and says. "We have been doing this for a year or two, you and Ricky are the last virgins. With that, the other guys, came over, took off their clothes and started sucking each others cocks. The brothers lay down and started going 69. Donnie walks over and sticks his cock in Spencs mouth. About four or five deep strokes and Donnie groans and pulls his cock from Spencs mouth and sprays cum all over both of us. We fucked and sucked each other all afternoon and on the way home we all made plans to do Ricky the next day. Sure hoped he liked this as much as I do, but that is the next chapter.  .

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