Getting Something out of a broken leg


I was in a cast up to the knee and because it was summer I didn’t have to be anywhere. The job I had I lost and I broke my leg right after I quit so that pretty much screwed up any chance of worker’s comp. But hey, I was 17 and I didn’t really have a car or want a whole lot, so why did I need a job? I really didn’t and I was tired of asshole bosses at the time so I sat at home, on the couch with my leg propped up and watched TV. I was told to take it easy and not walk about on it so I crawled when I was alone and even got on the floor to do sit ups and push ups if nothing else.
I lived in a neighborhood at the time and there were two teenage girls on both sides of my house and behind us. You’re thinking heaven, I’m thinking it sucks, no guys to hang out with, just delicate, petite little girls who had to be at least 13 or 14, all three of them. They all rode the same bus to school, I know I ride the same one with them, and they all look the same age.
One of them, Nicole, had a room right across from mine. Her window, and the short distance between our houses, allowed for her to easily see into my room as well as her room, from my bed. Our houses were two stories high and all of them looked the same except for the angle the foundations were rotated. Her house was a basic reflection of mine so our rooms were side by side with about 30 feet between each house.
Well, I was laying on my bed one morning, watching the TV I had in my room. The blinds were drawn completely, window open, I was wearing only my shorts, which were the only pants I could get around the cast, I couldn’t even wear boxers, which felt really weird, but after a while I got use to it. I was pretty much oblivious of the world around me. That is until something caught the corner of my eye.
I looked over to see what it was and I saw Nicole.

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   She had a petite body, her hair was shoulder length and brown and her eyes were a jade green, the kind that stood out. Well, I wasn’t sure what caught my eye until I looked over and saw her golden door knob close, sending a small glimmer of light from the reflection of her light, into my room. I kept staring, waiting to see who walked in, and how many. From time to time I wondered if she was a virgin or not. She had the body to get almost any guy she wanted, so those thoughts just crossed my mind.
Well, as I kept looking I eventually saw a totally naked, wet haired body walk across the window to the other side of her room. I muted the TV and pulled my body as far back as I could to stay out of view, but my bed top was half a foot over my window seal so it was pointless to hide.
I wasn’t sure if she knew if I was watching, or if her blinds were completely drawn and window crystal clear. She walked back across her room, now in red panties with yellow trim and a white bra. She looked so innocent I had to look away, but my other head was doing the thinking for me.
When I saw her again she had some daisy duke short shorts on and was in the process of putting on a spaghetti strap shirt and talking on a cell phone. I had to admit, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I wanted to pull out my cock and beat off right there, and I hadn’t in so many weeks, but I didn’t, mainly because I had nothing to really work with. I decided to lean back and just start watching TV again and avoid bringing it out, but it made a very obvious lump and when I turned off the mute I realized there was a huge gunfight going on and the first sound heart by everyone in known creation was a massive bomb exploding, repeatedly.
At them moment I looked over and she looked back at me and I’m guessing she knew I had seen her or saw the bulge in my shorts because the reaction on her face was shock, and surprisingly not disgust.

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“Can I call you back,” I heard her say over the phone and she flipped it shut, crawled on her bed and over to the window and opened it. “What were you doing a few seconds ago?” she asked as if it were nothing.
I leaned out the window, “Watching TV,” I yelled back as quietly as possible, I didn’t want any unwanted attention for her folks.
She looked at me like I was lying, but I kept a straight face. “Then what’s that, the remote,” she said pointing down at my shorts. In reaction I pushed it down to the side of my thigh, but without my boxers keeping it down and against my thigh it bounced back up.
“How much did you see?” she asked. I was caught and I couldn’t just toss the evidence out the window.
“Everything,” I said in defeat and a hint of shame. “But from a side view,” I added, hoping it helped me slightly.
“Oh really?” she said with disbelief. “Well then I want to see you from a ‘side view’ like me. ”
“I can’t walk, I’m in a cast,” I said as I sat back and pulled my leg into view.
“Well,” she paused for a sec and I thought it meant she’d drop it. I was wrong.

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   “Well, you can do it on your knees on your bed,” she said with a giggle.
I maneuvered around and got onto my knees and made sure it was a side view from her point and I pushed my shorts down to my knees. I wasn’t rock hard so my dick was between my thighs and almost out of view but I knew she could see some of it. And to make this deal good I decided to reach down, take my cock between my thumb and index finger and flop it around and up and down for her. Though it is long when its limp its no more than probably 6 inches but the thickness made up for it. My own dick, when hard, was more round than my wrist. But at the time it wasn’t so it just looked average.
I pulled my shorts up around my waist, tucking it behind the zipper and zipped up and sat back.
“Nice ending,” she with a blushed face.
“Thanks,” I sat, still looking at her. She looked back at her door and down the side of her house below her window. The bricks on all the houses had been laid to act like a ladder, something the contractors over looked when their workers were making their jobs easier.
She ran back to her door and locked it and came back with shoes on. She put a leg out the window and started to climb down. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked knowing what she was already thinking.

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She looked back at me as she climbed down the wall. “I just want to come over,” she said hesitantly. She finished climbing down and started up the side of my house. I moved around on my bed so I could hang out it to help pull her up.
When I helped her climb up and get onto my bed I rolled over to scoot out when I saw her kicking her shoes off her feet and into the corner of the room. “What are you doing?” I asked in a serious tone.
“Making myself comfortable,” she walked over and sat down beside me and grinned. “You must be lonely over here, all by yourself” she said with a mischievous smile on her face. My dick couldn’t help but twitch to the look on her face.
“Just a little bit,” I said, trying to keep my cool, if I already wasn’t. She was fourteen and in my room alone with me, if anyone caught us by sheer bad luck then I was fucked.
“Well, I can keep you company,” she said softly. “I could get things for you, and do things for you,” she said glancing down at my groin. I looked down and I was zipped, but not buttoned, which made for easy access.
“I’m good for now, thanks,” I really wanted to whip it out and teach her a few things, but it felt wrong.

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   She looked so innocent, which actually started turning me on even more. I gave in.
“Actually, what you can do is dance,” I said. “Strip dancing. ” She looked at me with her already bright green eyes and they seemed to glow even more. She stood up, stood back and started doing a dance I had seen Shakira do before. It was nice to see it in person.
She took no time in stripping her clothes off. She unbuttoned her pants as she started a belly dance. When they were un buttoned she kept shaking her waist, which in turn made her shorts slide down her thighs and then to the floor. She ran her hand over her the fabric of her panties and over her pussy and under her shirt, which lead to her lifting it over her head and letting it fall to the floor. She slid the straps of her bra over her shoulders and pushed her small c-cup off her tits, one cup at a time. My cock jumped. She slid it down her waist and undid it and started on her panties. She pushed her panties down her ass in the back and inched them down her waist, but kept them up to cover her pussy.

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   I could tell she didn’t shave, it didn’t matter though, she wasn’t shy about her body. She then ran her hand down her stomach and under her panties and pushed them down and shook them off with the movements of her waist and thighs. She fondled her shapely tits and ran her fingers through her pussy hair and into her slit as she came closer to me.
She planted a knee on either side of my waist and placed her pussy over my groin and her tits against my chest. Her nipples kneaded my skin as her arms wrapped around my neck and she looked in my eyes.
“This might really ruin everything right now, but I don’t have any condoms,” I said and the glimmer in her eyes dimmed.
“You don’t?” she whimpered. My cock was bulging in my shorts and pressing against her ass through the fabric. “And I’m not on the pill. ” She started to back off when I planted my hands on her ass and stopped her.
“Well, you don’t need condoms for sucking cock,” I said making my cock twitch in my pants for her to feel.
“No thanks,” she said getting off me. “I got tired of sucking guys off and getting nothing back,” she grabbed her clothes and started to slide her panties up her legs.
“I’ll eat you out first,” I said. She looked back at me like I was lying again.

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   “Come over here and sit on the bed,” I said in a suggestive tone. She stepped out of her panties and walked over to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I leaned back and slid out of my shorts and onto the floor and maneuvered around on my knees and positioned myself in front of her.
I looked up at her and she looked at me with wanting eyes. I parted the lips of her pussy and leaned into her cunt with my tongue. I thrust in and pushed my lips into her pussy, between her lips and found her clit. I pelted her clit with powerful thrusts from my tongue and began sucking on her lips and the inside of her pussy. Even though she was small her pussy wasn’t tight, but she was a virgin. Her hymen wasn’t broken.
I pulled out and looked up at her with my lips covered in her juices and grinned. “You’re a virgin?” I said with surprise.
“Yeah,” she said coming back to reality to answer my question. I took two fingers and pressed inside of her as I continued to bombard her clit again. She groaned and ran her fingers through my hair as I punched through and slid my two fingers into her virgin cunt. I kept thrusting her clit with my tongue and started sucking on it.

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   After a few sucks and a few more thrusts I was greeted with a few squirts from her orgasm. I didn’t even realize it, but she been moaning loudly in beat with my thrusts. I didn’t pause for her to rest after the orgasm and started sinking my tongue deep into her pussy and moving it around. Not long afterward she came again with the same screams and moans. I continued moving my tongue around but then started to hum and vibrate my lips for her sensitive pussy. Before I knew it she was cumming again. She leaned back onto my bed with a thud and moaned, rubbing her pussy and running her slick fingers through my hair.
I got onto the bed next to her and laid beside her and ran my finger along her slit and started to finger her pussy slowly in beat with her breathing.
“Thank…thank you,” she panted as she placed her hand on mine. My cock was rock hard and resting on her thigh. There was some pre-cum oozing from the tip of it. I wanted to fuck her so badly but I didn’t want to be a daddy just yet. She wrapped, or tried to wrap, her fingers around my cock and pull it towards her pussy, but I stopped her, fighting the pleasure of her tugging.
“I can’t,” I said through a moan. “I don’t have a condom.

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“Fuck a condom,” she moaned weakly, “Fuck me. ”
“I’ll get you pregnant,” I said with some force. I slid two fingers into her cunt and then three. She wanted my cock still.
“Wait,” she said, as I started to ram my fist into her. “My sister, she has condoms in her room,” she said with a groan. “But I don’t want to leave,” she said groaned painfully.
“Go get them, come back, and I’ll fuck you so hard your cunt will hurt. ” That motivated her to get up and move quickly. She basically slid on her shoes and climbed down and up the sides of the house naked. She came back through my window with perked nipples. She had a box in each hand and one in her mouth.
“Now fuck me,” she commanded me. I rolled the condom on my thick cock, which it stayed snuggly, and pulled her pussy to the edge of the bed and eased my cock into her slit and pushed her lips apart and eased in quickly. She moaned as I did, but I didn’t slow down.

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   When I was half way in I slammed into her and pounded away at her pussy.
She screamed in pleasure as I thrust powerfully in and out of her cunt. Her tits bounced in rhythm and my right leg, the casted one, started throbbing but I didn’t care. I slammed into her as hard as I could, not caring if it hurt or not. She propped herself up on her arms and took me into her gladly.
After a while I pulled out, twisted her over onto all fours and without aiming I just slammed into her pussy from behind and pounded powerfully until my orgasm came. Before I knew it the condom was filling up. I pulled out and pulled it off as my cum shot out onto the floor and my bed covers. I put another condom on and after a while I filled it up. I managed to cum four more times, I mean actual loads of cum, before my orgasms were just impulses and me buckling my knees.
After that she showered off and came back and laid with me while we watched whatever was on. She even sucked my cock a few times to get it hard and dry me out. But when it started getting late she got dressed and went home. I slid my pants back on and went throughout the evening hiding what I had done from my folks.
Later that night though, I was awoken with a slight tapping on my window.


To be continued…….