fuck time with the neghibors daughtor


ok here it goes let me start off by tellin you about us i was 15 and she was 21 my name is joe and he name is stacey she about 5"9 180 pounds with blond hair down to her sholders with blue eyes and 36 d breast im 6" 190 pounds short blond hair brown eyes and have an 8" cock it all started off with my folks going out of town for the weekend and i was like thats kool i thoght id be home alone all weekend and then they said to me joe stacey is comeingup to watch you for the weekend i said in shock "watch me" and they said yes i was like ok because i have had a crush on her for a cupple years and she always teased me by either going out in there pool nude while i was out mowing the lawn every time i would get a major hard on and she liked to tease me i could tell she came over a bout an hour after my folks had left, she cam over wearing a short skirt with a almost see through top that had a string holding it togeather in the center i could see staceys nice nipples i was starting to get a hard on i was setin accros the room in the chair and she was on the couch i could also see up her skirt she wasnt wearin any paintys he love hole was shaved i looked so nice we was watching tv and a few hours passed it was bout 9ish and i was vary horney and she could tell and she was enjoying this i could tell i also was makeing her horney i decided to go to bed and stacey said to me i wish i had a bed to sleep in insted of this unconfterble couch i sais you can come share my bed with me she said really? i was like if you dont mind shes like no i dont we went in i set down i turned my tv on she went to the bathroom by this time i was in just my boxer with my half hard cock was showing out of the piss hole she came in and shut the door untied her top and it fell to the floor i looked at stacey and said wow ur even more beautifuel then i thought she said thanks she then pulled her skirt off and climed over me at my waiste she stratdled me and rubed her hairless love hole on my now hard cock i wanted to blow right there she layed down next to me and layed her head on my chest and and we talked and watched tv i told her that i was vary attrected to her and she was like i am attrected to you to. she also said she was horney and i was like can you tell i am to she giggled and was like yea. stacey asked me can i touch it i said yes she rapped her hand around it and started to move her hand up and down and i stared to moan softly stacey asked me if i like what she was doing i said yes vary much she then moved down slowely and kissed me on the way down she got to my rock hard cock and locked her lips around my cock stacey moved her mouth up and down sevrel time and i pulled her ass over my face and ate her for sevrely minutes and god didnt she taste good she got up off of me and mounted me and rode me like a champ takeing me all the way down deep inside of her she said she was geting tired of riding me and she wanted to fuck doggie style and she said that she liked my cock and she said she wanted me to pound the shit out of her so i i said ok and she got on all fors and i got behide her and pushed my masive cock in her and she moand and said fuck me joe harder harder fuck me like im a dirty slut. oh god joe i love you i love you to stacey she said she was about to get off and i said me to she said fuck me hard and get in as deep as i could get into her she and i blew i colapsed on top of her and stacey fell to the bed and said she liked my cock we layed there a few minutes and then got up went to go piss and she came back and began to suck me agin i got hard she found some lube and told me to put it on while she went to go get a drink and on her way out i asked why am i putting this on for she said i want you to put it in my ass when i get back so dont let your hard on go away baby well the hole ass deal is another storie. theres more to come later about me and my neghibors fuck fest