Camping trip - the second night


it was raining. typical. if you've ever been camping, you'll understand how annoying it is. not only do the kids have no sense and run around outside, but you cant have a campfire very successfully when its raining. so we all sat in the marquee with a cup of hot chocolate.
"bed time kids" said one of the other helpers. so they all trotted off to there tents. as kirsty walked past me she looked at me and smiled. i hadnt stopped thinking about the night before all day. anyway, about half an hour later my fiance and i went to bed. it had been a long day. after running activities for the kids, i then had to drive for an hour, pick up my fiance's sister (for the sake of the story we'll call her jenny), and bring her back to the camp site. we were both tired and fell asleep after a little while.
i was woken up by a tapping sound, and realised it was someone tapping on my tent. i opened the door and looked out, only to see kirsty, absolutely soaked, standing outside. "whats up?" i asked.


   "theres a hole in my tent and i cant reach it to sort it out, its too high up, and the rain is coming in" she replied. so i quickly dressed and went to her tent with her. we entered and i looked for the hole. while i was looking i was aware of the door being zipped up and looked round to see jenny, my fiance's sister, closing the door. "where's the hole then?" i asked. "there isnt one" said kirsty, "then why did you get me over here?" i asked, althought but of me knew the answer. "kirsty told me what happened last night, " said jenny, "i wanted to join in. ". i thought for a minute, then said ok.
kirsty took my hand and pulled me down onto her sleeping bag. she then slid her hand down my trousers and grabbed my cock, whilst kissing me. jenny then undid my trousers and pulled them off me. next she removed my boxer shorts. i reached up and pulled kirsty's t-shirt off her. she wasnt wearing a bra, so her perfectly round breasts stuck out.

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   my cock went hard at this sight. i helped kirsty take her trousers off. she wasnt wearing any panties, my cock went its hardest. i was longing to fuck her tight pussy. i had been all day.
kirsty helped jenny undress, whilst i took off my t-shirt. all three of us then layed down. jenny was kissing me and kirsty crawled down and started sucking my cock. it felt so good. kissing my fiance's sister was making me really horny, and after a short while i felt the feeling so i told kirsty to stop sucking me. i didnt want to cum yet.
suddenly the tent zip undid and my fiance came in. we all looked up at her. she looked confused. then she smiled.

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   we all laughed and pulled her into the tent. she took off her clothes. i couldnt believe my luck. three gorgeous girls, all naked, all wanting me.
my fiance turned to jenny and said "you're still a virgin arent you?", jenny nodded and looked at me "i want you to fuck me like you did kirsty last night. " i nodded, then said "lets have a bit of fun first. ". i wanted to make the most of the night.
jenny grabbed my cock and kirsty said "put it in your mouth and suck it like a lolly pop. jenny did what she was told. it felt good, but not as good as kirsty, and nowhere near as good as my fiance. kirst then sat on my face and i licked her, and my fiance layed on her back, and jenny moved over her so that my fiance was licking her. knowing this was happening, i moved kirst out of the way to look. seeing my fiance licking her sisters pussy made me cum. jenny gasped and moved out of the way, so kirsty said "lick it up, it tastes good," so jenny licked my cock clean.

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my fiance then crawled up to me and turned round, we then started sixty-nine-ing, and kirst, seeing this, pushed jenny onto her back and they started sixty-nine-ing too.
after about five minutes, we all broke apart and sat looking at each other. "what should we do now?" i asked "i wanna fuck," said jenny, kirsty and my fiance at the same time. "well sorry but i can only do one at a time so you'll have to wait. " "not necessarily" said a voice, and we all looked round to see jack, a 16 yr old male member of the club, looking throught the door which my fiance hadnt closed properly. he came in and pulled his clothes off.
he walked over to kirsty, layed her on her back and started to fuck her. soon she was moaning. meanwhile, i layed on my back, my fiance slid my cock into her and started fucking me, and jenny sat on my face and started kissing my fiance while i licked her pussy. the tent was full of moans. soon i felt the farmiliar feeling, and told my fiance to stop. she climbed off me and jenny turned to me and said "fuck me. "
i glanced over at jack and kirsty. jack was laying on his back and kirsty was sucking him. my fiance layed down behind her and slid upwards until her head was between kirsty's legs, and started licking her. 

i turned to jenny and layed her on her back. i then opened her legs and slowly slid my cock into her tight virgin pussy. she wrapped her legs round me and i fucked harder and faster. then i stopped and caught my breath. i looked round and watched kirsty and my fiance sixty-nine-ing for a second. jack was sitting there putting his clothes on. "where you going?" i asked "back to bed, im tired. dont worry i wont tell anyone. " he said, then he left. i carried on fucking jenny. she was moaing softly and had a huge smile on her face. i knew she was enjoying it.
i felt the familiar feeling and stopped fucking jenny and pulled my cock out. my fiance then took it into her mouth and sucked me untl i came. it felt so good.

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we all sat in the tent for a bit chatting about what we had just done. occasionally kissing each other.
my fiance and i then went back to our tent - it had stopped raining. about half an hour later, i was about to fall asleep when my mobile phone went off. i looked at it, it was a message from jenny. it said "me and kirsty are having some more fun, want to come and join in?" i text her back saying "too tired - maybe tomorrow night. " i then rolled over, put my arms round my fiance and fell asleep.
who wants the next night? email me some feedback and i'll concider it. annoyinglittletwit@hotmail. com
hope this one was long enough for those of you who wanted more in the last one.
thanks for the feedback on part 1.

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