A normal day at the Dermatologist...


So there I was, another normal Wednesday afternoon I was spending in my dermatologist office getting my checkup like every other normal week. It was around 5:00 PM and I was so tired that I dazed in and out of sleep repeatedly during my facial. Yes, men get facials too. Be jealous.
                So eventually I and my doctor start to talk a little bit and we talked about the regular stuff. Life, school, football, you name it. Even my homecoming date came up. Then, as if out of nowhere we started talking about her previous client. Now before I continue, I’m 6’1”, 215 pounds, blue eyes and pretty ripped from being a defensive end in my three previous years of high school. I have a decent size dick and I’m not the one who waits after the rest of the team to shower, I’m very open with myself and whatever, so, some of our conversations tend to get a little risqué.
                “So my previous client, I couldn’t stop laughing” Said Rachel, a 26 year old girl just out of college and now my dermatologist.
                “Why’s that?” I droned on hoping to fall asleep under my goggles without her knowledge.
                Then she hit me with a ball buster, “I had to give her a ‘Brazilian’. I couldn’t stop laughing because she just came in and spread eagled for me. ”
                Just then, I felt the slightest twinge in my dick, the kind you never want to feel in a public place. So I started to freak out, pretending  I didn’t quite hear yet I still giggled to let her know I did.

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   Fuck. It was getting harder and the more I worried about the situation the worse it got. Over time she used more sex terms than I could ever imagine possible and I still grew harder. Eventually I knew I was fucked and I tried to hide it by shifting my legs. No good. I was wearing gym shorts.
                “Well hello there! You need to readjust yourself there Nicky?”
                “Hah, uhm, yeah sorry. ” I moaned in embarrassment
                “Its fine it’s only normal, would you like some relievement?” she asked innocently.
                “Uhm, what did you have in mind?” I asked petrified of laser hair removal on my balls.
                “Well let me see, let’s just take these off and get you a robe shall we?” she said after she managed to slide my gym shorts down. My now 6 ½ inch cock was pulsing. Throbbing. It had its own heartbeat. “Well we could always forget the robe…”
                So there I am, almost completely naked except my boxers and some socks, neither of which served a purpose anymore since my cock was ferociously finding its way out of the piss hole in my boxers.   Fuck.

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   I was shaking, not sure if it was from the air conditioning vent above my head or if I was just so damn nervous about the situation. Finally, she said “Here let me help you with that. ”
                Before I knew what was happening she had rolled her wheelie chair to my crotch region and all I managed to mutter was “ahhh. ” A true sigh of relief.   She grabbed my boxers and they were off in a flash and already had managed to grab a hold of my now painful cock.
                Now keep in mind I can’t see shit. The goggles were painted on both sides and it was dark as fuck to me. Then, wetness. She had taken me into her mouth and damn did it feel good. I knew this only because her talking became more of a squawking and gurgling sound than her sweet voice.   I was in heaven, pure ecstasy.
                She continued her assault for what seemed like hours and hours before I came to my senses. I was on the edge, so close it was ridiculous, but I guess she knew that too. “Someone likes this more than I do!” she giggled as I laughed at her devilishness inside.   But before I got the guts to say anything, my face was straddled and I was suffocating in delicious folds of a ‘Brazilian’ pussy.

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    She had gotten the treatment herself too!  Fuck. Yeah.
                For what seemed like days I ate her sweet prize out, I honestly thought that my car my get towed. Not sure how that came to mind of thought during all this, but it did. And so eventually I took off my goggles to see the most amazing pussy ever. Heaven on Earth.
                Now I took charge as I rolled her over me and onto her back on the massage chair. She squealed with anticipation. A few embarrassing fumbling attempts and I was in.   Her once sweet voice now dissipated and all that remained was a husky, deep voice of need and passion. I gave her everything she asked for, and more. I’d continue to write this story but I believe that sex is only as good as the real thing and it can’t be duplicated. So for now that’s it, I can’t continue to write this because I already blew my load just remembering that amazing day. That was last week. I go back in 2 more days J

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   This is a 100% true story.   Be gentle ;-)