The Time Shifter Chapter 29


I woke up right at noon Saturday and Jessica and Maggie did so a fewminutes later. An hour after that, the other band members turned upto rehearse. We now only had six days before the Zep tribute gig. Jessica was obviously showing off her vocal chops to Maggie whereas therest of us were aiming to impress  each other. Maggie was more of a NeilYoung and Crosby, Stills and Nash fan than Zep, but she stillcomplimented everybody on our performance/rehearsal. We felt we werejust about ready and scheduled just one more prracticel for the ensuingWednesday.

I had everyone stay and made dinner for them with some help fromJessica. Then we had a nice time kibitzing for the next few hours beforeeveryone departed. I was about to go take a shower when Jessicasuddenly told me that Maggie wanted to see me naked. "Only if she'llstrip for me," I giggled. "I don't think that will be a problem,"Jessica chuckled. We went into Jessica's room and there was Maggiestarkers. The tuft of red pubic hair surrounding her pussy was a hotlittle touch. I was in just a bikini top, jean shorts and panties. Iinitially slipped the shorts off to display my body framed by bikini topand panties. I reached behind me and untied one part of the top andthen pulled away the one around my neck, my soft C cups tumbling out.

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  Next was my panties and they joined the other garments on the floor. "Wow Melody, you're a total fox!!" Maggie burbled. "So are you, Maggie,"I praised. "Would you join us, Melody?" Jessica requested. "I thinkso," I giggled.

We all piled into Jessica's bed and she staked out a position in themiddle laying on her back while Maggie and I flanked her on either side. Jessica alternately kissed us while I played with her breasts andMaggie's hand strummed her clit. I moved more of my body up onto Jessicaso that I could kiss Maggie's soft, wet mouth while the two of uspleasured Jessica. "Shall I have someone waft a palm frond over madam?" Ijoked. We laughed and then I lowered my yapper on to Jessica's rightnipple as I reached across with my righthand to twiddle Maggie's redbrick colored left milk duct. Jessica's nails glided repeatedly acrossmy upper back while I distended her nipple with suction, pulling pinpricks of pleasure out of them for her. Maggie slid her righthand underJessica's head to cradle it as she lowered her mouth on to Jessica'slips. I intensified the amount of air I was pulling into my mouth pastJessica's teat and that, coupled by thte stimulation that Maggie'ssfingers exerted on her clit had Jessica moaning and panting morevigorously. The closer that Jessica got to climax, the more dedicated Ibecame about sucking on her nipple and Maggie stepped up the degree withwhich she fiddled her partner's nubbin until Jessica's chest heavedmightily and she produced a series of sharp gasps as a firestorm nowraged within her.

When Jessica's orgasm subsided, she pushed us away and went to herdresser and opened a drawer.

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   She cadged a strap on harness that had anapproximately eight inch gel cock attached to it. Jessica put it on,scooted back into bed and then had both Maggie and I suck on it. Shesubsequently directed Maggie to lay on her back and she spread her redheaded lover's legs apart. Jessica loomed over Maggie while carrying thehead of the artificial penis to Maggie's pink entrance. The man madeobject forced Maggie's vaginal walls apart and traveled easily into heruntil her cunt had been filled with every last inch. I squatted overMaggie's face and dropped my pussy on to her mouth while Jessicacommenced ramming her unnatural dick into Maggie. Jessica's massivemammaries swung with each thrust and Maggie and I were moaning from whatwas being done to us, the room being permeated with the high pitchedreflections of the pleasure we were engendering in each other. "God,fuck me harder baby!!" Maggie whimpered and Jessica fulfilled hergirlfriend's wish by taking it to her hard until Maggie writhed andbucked when the spear points of her orgasm pierced her nervous system. Ihad cum once due to Maggie's oral ministrations and was on the verge ofanother when Maggie broke contact with my clit in order to focus on thesensations inside of her.

I very much wanted to be fucked and that prayer was answered whenJessica pulled out of Maggie and shed the strap on. Maggie took it anddonned it while I plopped on to my back. Jessica dropped her savory sliton to my lips as I felt Maggie penetrating me with the gel cock. Myvaginal muscles eagerly enclosed around it as it was sunk into thedeepest part of my sex. It exquisitely massaged my insides as my tongueflicked across Jessica's clit again and again. Maggie grabbed my breastswhile her hips propelled the artificial weapon into me.

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   I soon feltflushed and was losing control of my breathing and my orgasmic screamswere muffled because I was sucking on Jessica's girl penis at thatmoment. "Melody is super orgasmic honey. Keep fucking her and you'll seewhat I mean," Jessica commanded. Maggie did as she was told and broughtme off eight to the bar with her uninterrupted stroking of the man madefuck stick in and out of me. "Oh my God!" Maggie exclaimed. "You're notkidding! As if Melody wasn't hot enough!" Maggie elaborated. Jessicawas now staining my face with her fluids as she herself was repeatedlyorgasming. Maggie withdrew her improvised phallus and rested next to me. Jessica followed suit and we held each other while awaiting thephysical recovery of our bodies.

I showered a little while later and went to bed. What a way to get sleepy!

The following morning, Jessica drove Maggie home. While she was gone, Icalled Sonny to see what he was up to. I hadn't seen him in a few weeks. He was still playing guitar and going out with his girlfriend. However,he had also gotten another fast food job to support his need for carinsurance so that his parents would allow him to drive the family carand cash to spend on  her.

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   He thanked me for the lectures I had givenhim on women because he found that my advice worked. She was giving itup to him, too, and he always used condoms to try to ensure that hewouldn't knock her up. "What are you going to do when school's back insession?" I questioned. "I don't want to work, t hat's for sure," hegriped. "I'd really like to take lessons from you again, too. " "This iswhat is called a Hobson's Choice," I instructed. "If you spend more timewith me that means you will spend less with your girlfriend and thatcould sabotage your relationship. But if you don't make time for thelessons you will vastly slow down your progress as a musician. Not tomention how tired you get from the combination of working and attendingschool will be a disincentive to practice. Therefore, here is yourchoice: since you insist on trying to avoid your studies as much as youcan, you can either use your free time to help your future by taking thelong view or you can take the short view and have the car and thegirlfriend and end up being stuck in dead end jobs the rest of yourlife. Plus you will always have a lingering regret in the back of yourmind that you could have done something a lot more interesting and fun. If you break up with your girlfriend, you can always fuck me and I havegreat equipment to practice on. It's your call, sweety. Whichever oneyou make you better be dedicated to it. "

"Shit, I don't want to break up with my girlfriend.

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   We haven't beentogether THAT long and things look like they're settling in as far asthe relationship," he opined.   "Well, there is a way to handle thiswhere you might end up keeping her," I inculcated. "You need to do thisface to face and not over the phone, too, or you'll look chickenshit, Iposited. "Most women want a man to not just be a leader, but they wantto see him have a plan and work toward it. You can tell her that you'regoing to dial back the amount of time you have for her because you wantto take as much time as possible polishing your craft as a guitarist. Therefore, there isn't going to be enough money to take her out to anyplace fancy or any of that shit. Based on that, she can either leave youand find someone who will spend more money on her or she can stay withyou and continue to enjoy your love and offer moral and emotionalsupport. You should also say that you recognize that there areconsequences for any decision we make and you would be sorry if this oneprecludes you being with her, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Evenif she doesn't like what you're saying she'll respect you for it in theend. "

"Fuck," he rejoindered. "Well, so far, you've been right on the money,Melody, so I guess I ought to get down to brass tacks, huh?" "Yeah, man,because you know you're fucked if you don't," I warned. "By the way, ifshe wants to learn to play, too, she is welcome to come down with you,"I added. "I can also teach her piano if she would rather play that. ""That's cool. I'll ask her about that" "Look Sonny, being able to makehard choices and standing up for yourself are part of becoming a man.

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   Infact, they're part of becoming a mature human being. So stick to yourguns, you understand? And since you are going to be entering your finalyear of high school you had better obsess over guitar hardcore there,dude, or you're screwed. " "Yeah, you're right. " "Sonny," I finished witha little bit of an edge in my voice, "don't drift or else. Got it?""Thanks Melody. I know I  need this. " "Cool baby. Let me know how itgoes with the girlfriend and we'll start making lesson plans again. ""Right on. Take it easy Melody. Catch ya later. " "Bye baby. "

He called me back Monday. First, he punted the job. His girlfriendrespected what he had to say and chose to stay with him.

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   In addition,she wanted to learn to play, which was great for their relationshipsince he could teach her what I had already shhowed him when I wasn'taround. Plus it would imbue her with an understanding of what it waslike to try to learn to play an instrument well. I was hoping that shewasn't doing it merely to spend more time with him because she will getbored eventually if that's the case.

Tuesday, they both walked to my place and were on my doorstep aroundtwo. It was the first time I met her. Her name was Liz and she was arelatively tall at perhaps 5'6", brunette, slim with b cups and she worewire rimmed glasses. She wasn't beautiful, but she was nonethelesssomewhat attractive. I introduced them to Jessica and then I had a longtalk with them. She claimed that she didn't want to study guitar just tospend more time with him even though that was one possible benefit fromit.

I brought out my black Strat for Sonny and a Telecaster for Liz. Webegan with me going back over everything I taught Sonny before we lostcontact for a few weeks. His execution was smoother now than it hadbeen, which I took some encouragement from. I tabbed out a B Major scalefor Sonny to practice for a while. Then I got with Liz and showed herthe basics: how to hold the guitar, fret and pick notes efficiently,what the notes of the strings were, the parts of the axe, etc. When thetime I had allotted for Sonny's scale work  had elapsed, I demonstratedto both of them fingerpicking basics.

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   She wanted to be able to playsongs by softer rock artists and having her concentrate on fingerpickingskills was the most effecttiive way of getting her there while I wantedhim to be able to both pick and use his fingers like a pro so that hecould be as versatile as possible. My homework for them was to knowwhere every note is on the fretboard. This was something they could workon together and I recommended that they do that.

Wednesday, the band had its final rehearsal for the Zep tribute concert. We kicked ass and thus felt ready for it. But we were also prettyknackered afterward, especially Jessica. She sounded great, though.