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My girlfriend and I were searching through porn on the computer and playing with each other on the sofa. I have my computer hooked to my HDTV, in the living room, so we were very comfortable. She had one leg over mine and was jacking me off while I was fingering her pussy. As we pulled up random porn clips under handjobs a spinoff clip came up that my girlfriend was immediately very interested in. This woman Dominatrix had this guy restrained on a table and started inserting shinny metal rods down his pisshole. His cock was rock hard and the rods seem to go in with ease. The rods looked to be about 12 inches long and she would insert a couple of inches and let them go. I assume his pre-cum was really flowing because the rods would then start to slowly disappear down his pisshole until only about 2 inches was left showing.

My girlfriend had stopped jerking me off and was just squeezing my cock. By the glazed over look she had in her eyes, and her pussy getting wetter than I had ever felt it, I knew she was getting super turned on by what we were watching. We later found out this was called Urethral Sounding. As the Sounds the Dom was putting in this guys cock got bigger and bigger, up to almost a half inch I’d say, my girlfriend got hotter and hotter. Then she was on my cock facing the TV and fucking me like she never had before and I reached around to finger her clit. The last Sound the Dom put in him had a real skinny shaft about 12 inches long with a rosebud tip on the end she inserted. I’m sure this tip was at least a half inch. She put almost all of it down his cock and started fucking his pisshole with it.

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   My girlfriend was bouncing up and down on my cock so hard I could barely look around her to watch the action on TV. I can say, what the Dom was doing to her man had me more than a little excited too. Then you could tell, by his hip action up into the Sound, that he was going to cum and he did. At first she kept fucking his pisshole with the Sound as his cum started to flow out around it. Then she pulled it out and it was like the dam broke and she took hold of his cock and jerked the rest of his cum out. My girlfriend slammed down on my cock and was shaking uncontrollably and said, “OH! FUCK!” and she was cuming harder, with more juice than I had ever seen and that cause me to let go one of the hardest orgasms I had ever had.

When she finally got the strength to raise herself up off my still swollen cock our combined juices flooded out of her pussy and went all over my cock, balls and stomach. Luckily I had planned ahead and covered the sofa with towels or it would have been ruined. After we caught our breath my girlfriend said,

“That was without a doubt the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen. I was so turned on watching her do that to that guys and repulsed at myself for getting turned on. That was way on the other side of extreme perversion, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her inserting those rods in his cock. I would think that would have to hurt the guy like hell, wouldn’t you? I know this is going to sound totally off the deep end but I would really like to try that on you. I know it’s crazy and I know you are probably pissed at me for even bringing it up so let’s just forget I did, OK?” I said,

“Hey! I was in the hospital shortly before we met and a really cute Nurse had to put a catheter in my cock to drain my bladder for a test they were doing. My cock got as hard as a rock from the idea of what she was going to do. I was embarrassed but she told me it was not unusual and it actually made it a little easier to get the catheter in.

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   She held my cock in one hand and pushed the catheter in with the other and the tube turned yellow with my pee and went into a small bag. I was so turned on by her warm hand on my cock and looking at that tube down my pisshole that when she pulled it out I came all over her hands. She was very nice and told me not to worry, that it does happen. What I’m trying to tell you is this is something I’ve wanted to try too and just didn’t know how to broach the subject with you. Plus I had no idea, until now, what types of devices to use. So yes, I would love to have you try that on me so I guess we need to see if we can find some Sounds of our own. ”

She planted a huge kiss on me and said she was sorry she had made such a mess all over me and would take of that right now. She went down on me and started cleaning me up with her tongue and mouth. My cock was now rock hard as she licked and sucked my cockhead. Then I felt her trying to put the tip of her very tiny little finger in my pisshole and with a little discomfort I felt it go in. She was so excited she quickly moved to show me and when I saw the end of her little finger down my cock I came. She felt me cuming and quickly pulled her finger out and I covered her face and tits with my cum. She said,

“Yeah Baby, I guess you do like it. I can’t wait until we can get some Sounds of our own so I can put them deep down in your cock and make you cum like that woman did to her man. Now I cleaned up the mess on you because it was my fault.

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   This mess on me is your fault so it’s your turn to do a little cleaning. ”

She had a big smile on her face because she knew how much I loved licking her tits or any other gorgeous part of her body and had many times, with and without my cum on them.

We did get some Sounds and started experimenting with them if anyone is interested in hearing about it. She even talked some of her friends to help us.