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Topic: The Hot Tub Experiance     One long summer night at the age of seventeen I decided to head down the street to the public pool for a late night dip in the hot tub. When I arrived at the pool I noticed the place was completely deserted except for myself. Good, I thought, maybe I can have some fun with myself. I removed my clothes except for my bathing suit and the cold air kissed my athletically trained male body. I slowly slid into the steamy, hot waters of the jacuzzi. The high temperature water radiated around my body and I felt my muscles relax and the tension release. I sat there enjoying the soothing feeling for several blissful minutes. Soon I turned on the jacuzzi's massaging jets. Streams of air burst through the water all around the jacuzzi. The frothy, rolling waters made it difficult to see below the surface of the water. I quickly glanced around the facility, still no one around except for me. I wanted to feel completely relaxed and freeso I slid off my swim suit underwater and set it off to the side. The warm jets raced all over my now naked body and over my sensitive cock. I was soon rock hard, with a eight-inch member stood proudly between my legs. I stretched out my whole body and streams of bubbles raced across and tickled my entire body. I placed my ass and front of a jet and shuddered as torrents of hot water rushed over my ass hole.

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   I grasped my cock with one hand, and rubbed my shaft and rolled my balls in my fingers. i was in complete bliss and unaware of my surroundings. Just then I noticed a blonde women in her early thirties approaching the jacuzzi area of the public pool. I quickly sat still and tried to act normal.
     "Do you mind if I join you, " She said sweetly. "No. . . not at all," I stammered with my heart pounding. The lady untied the robe she was wearing and let it slide off her body to the ground. My cock jumped at the sight, my eyes gazed at a lovely, bikini body. My eyes travels from her long blonde hair, to her cute face and lips down to her big breats covered in a blue bathing suit top. She slid her cultivated legs slowly into the water and sat down in the churning water. She let out a sigh of relaxation and we sat there in silents as several minutes passed.
       I decided it was time to leave and stood up, only I forgot to realize I was still completely naked with a raging hard-on.

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   "Oh my god!," she exclaimed,"What were you doing in here!" I just stood there for what hours and  tried to come up with a good excuse. "I'm sorry. . . ",I started to say when she cut in and said,"I can't let such a naughty boy get away with this, your going to have to be punished. " She commanded me to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi. My dick was now limp because I was so scared I nervously sat on the edge of the hot tub. With a smile on her face she slowly approached me and placed her hand on my naked thighs. "Awww your cock isnt happy anymore, let me fix that. " To my surprise she lowered her head between my legs and began to kiss the head of my cock. Her tongue emerged from her sweet juicy lips and began to lick and salivate all over my hardening cock. "Oh my gooood, fuck yes!", I said shuddering. I untied her bathing suit top and throw it off. Two lovely heaps of breast bounced out from their prison. I grasped her wet boobs as she continued to salivate all over my cock.

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      Her tongue traveled down my shaft to my balls she took one ball in her mouth and then the other, her tongue washing them all over with saliva. She paused and said "Lean back and raise your legs behind your head. " As I did so she began to suck my balls again only a few second later her tongue traveled down to my asshole. I was moaning load now with her tongue sliding in and out of my asshole and her hands massaging my cock. She went back to sucking my cock only now she took her long middle finger and slowly slid it into my asshole. I was in complete extacy, I was bucking with my hips and gyrating my ass into her finger. She soon had two fingers up my asshole while she was furiously slurping at my cock. I cound not take the immense stimulation any longer. I burst one giant load into her mouth and she withdrew. I then shot another load of cum all over her grapefruit sized boobs. We caught our breath for a few seconds and the steam kissed our cum covered, wet bodies.
      A fire seemed to burn in her bright blue eyes and I could tell she was not done. She ripped off her panties and then straddled my limping cock she rubbed her wet, hot pussy up and down my cock,and once again I was raging hard. She impaled herself on my member and began to furiously fuck me. I began to buck my hips back at her and my balls were slapping against her ass.

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   She lowered her jiggling breasts into my face and I sucked furiously at her hard, wet nipples. I was licking my own cum off her jiggling breasts. My cock was now slamming deep into her pussy and her juices were flowing and covering my cock. I couldnt handle it anymore and I came harder this time into her shuddering body.
      "Oh my fucking god!" She exlaimed, " that was fucking amazing. " We kissed passionalately for a while and she washed her self off in the hot tub and got dressed. "I hope I find you masturbation here tomorrow, stud" she said seductively and with that she left. What a lucky guy I am I thought smiling. . .