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I was getting bored, so I went over to the dance floor and started to dance with the blonde. I found out that her names was Karen, and that she was twenty-four. Karen was pretty drunk, giggeling non-stop. I saw that Jason was now dancing with the brunett, but my attention soon switched back to Karen. After dancing for about half an hour I bought Karen a drink, and found out some more stuff about her and her friends. The redhead's name was Ann, and the brunette's name was Laura. As we were talking another one of my friends came over to us, holding the hand of the redhead Ann. "Hey Mark! I see you've met Anne. " I smiled. Mark was a big muscular black guy, with a smile that every girl trusted. "Yeah Greg, and who's this lovely lady?" Ann giggled for seemingly no reason. I guess she was drunk too. Hehe. "This here is Karen, Karen this is Mark. " I intruduced. Ann giggled again, and I saw why.

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   Mark was rubbing her ass. Then Jason came over with Laura, the brunette. Soon all five of us guys were standing around, talking to the girls and buying them drink after drink, and soon, we were just as drunk as them. After a while we went to dance, and I had Karen in a love sandwich with my friend James. I was getting pretty horny with Karens ass rubbing up agains my crotch. I guess this made dancing hard, and so, after a while, all of us were sitting in one of the make out rooms, just talking. About What exactly I don't remember. I do remember all of that sexual tension in the air though. Karen was flushed from the dancing, and she was breathing pretty hard. Ann and Mark were over in a corner making out, so we just left them alone. After a while we heard Jason and Laura kissing, and I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned over and kissed Karen, who kissed back, and pretty soon, our tongues were playing a game of tag. Karen was sitting in my lap as we frenched, and she giggled, again. After a while of giggleing I looked to see what was going on. A little shocked, I saw James' face burried in Karen's bare pussy, her panties were hanging on one of her feet, and her skirt was lifted up.

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   I looked in the corner, were I had heard some moaning and saw that Ann was stark naked, and Mark was nurseing on one of her big pink nipples. I heard a loud moan from another corner, and to even more of my shock, Laura's hand was moving up and down on Jason's 9 in. cock, while Sam, the other friend was pumping his cock in rythem. Karen let out a loud moan, and she gripped my shoulders tightly as James' tongue brought her to her first orgasm. Her eyes were glazed, and her cheeks red. My lips were dry, as I realised what was going on. I clumsily unbuttoned Karens blouse. She was wearing a black bra underneath, but I payed no attention to that, I wanted to see her bare tits. Just as I unsnapped it, I heard a loud moan and a gulping sound. I looked over to Jason and Laura's corner, and saw as Laura was milking the cum from my friend's cock. Karen was now unzipping my pants, and she pulled out my raging hard-on. Her touch was so warm, and the hungry look on her face made me want to cum on the spot. My cock seemed to draw her like a magnet as she quickly took it into her mouth. It was like being sucked into a vacuum. Mark and Ann were both naked in a 69 position, while Mark was fucking her mouth, he was eating her out like he hadn't eaten in a month.

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  I soon noticed that all three of the girls were shaven, and a squeel and a grunt told me that James had just inched his head into Karen's pussy. Kren's mouth was wonderful, as she knew exactly where to apply preasure, and where to suck, and wher to blow, This was the best blow-job I had ever had. I felt my balls tightening, and before I could say a word, my hot cum errupted into Karen's mouth. Obviously she hadn't expected it, and even thogh she tried to swallow my cum, it came running out of the side of her mouth. At the same time James was ramming his 10 incher in and out of Karen's pussy like lightning. Her breathing was in rythem with the ramming, and then someone screamed. Laura, who had been bouncing up and down on Jason's cock, had her back arched in pain, as Sam was inching his 9 1/2 incher into her tight ass hole. Laura's face looked so hot in pain, and I walked over there to watch the show. I didn't want to leave Karen, as James was fucking her doggy style and it really sounded like two dogs were fucking. I found that watching Laura being double penatrated was too mcuh, so I shoved my 11 in. cock inside her mouth. I shoved it inside her throat, and began to fuck the little bitche's mouth. I looked over at Ann and MArk. It was always worth watching Mark fuck a girl. He had the biggest cock of the group.

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   It was 12 1/2 inches, and as thick as my fist. Ann was biting her lip to keep from screaming, because that huge monster was ripping her pink little pussy apart. "Yeah you like that little bitch don't ya?" Mark asked her as a screaming orgasm took over. Karen had cum and pussy juice running down her legs, and James cummed indside of her for the second time in ten minutes. At the same time Laura had an oragsm despite the pain she was in, and Sam and Jason cummed short after eachother, filling the slut with their jizz. This was too much and soon I shot my load deep inside of her. My cock softened, drained, but I wasn't done yet. Karen screamed at her fourth orgasm, and James slipped out of her. He softley nuzzled her pussy, and then they both collapsed in a pile of sweat and heat. But Ann was still happily bouncing on Mark's ram rod. She was exaughsted but, Mark wouldn't let her stop. The poor girl had already had six screaming orgasms, and here she was still bouncing. Now mark flipped her over, and let her rest. Or so she thought. He pulled his member out of her sopping pussy.

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   The hole was stretched and pussy juice and streaks of blood covered Mark's cock. We all stared in amazement as he started to shoot cum all over Ann. It got in her hair, on her tits, in her mouth,and on her stoamach, his cock was like a hose. It just wouldn't stop. "Now, let the two other bitches lick it off. " Mark chuckled. Karen and Laura hesitated, "Now!" Mark bellowed. Karen started to lick Ann's stoamach, and Laura was licking Ann's face. Mark would shout orders like, "Suck her tits! Lick her cunt dry! I want to see you kiss the bitch lesbian!" After a while Ann was licked clean, and after exchanging phone numbers, we left. We met many more times after that, but that's another story. All comments on this story can be emailed to: anonymous_user2080@yahoo. com. Both good and bad comments are appreciated. If you would like to share an idea of what I could write next, email those too. Thank you.

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