Walking in the woods


How do you explain gay rape?  I mean I was not young, but almost 30.   I was not weak but a normal man.   5’11’ and well built.   Short brown hair and dark blue eyes and though I am no stud I managed to please my wife for over 9 years.   Then one Saturday I went hiking alone, she was visiting her sister in a distant town and I decided to go off to do some thinking and hiking.   I was alone on a back trail when I came upon a nice open area, sort of a small glen with the sun shinning brightly in the center, so I rested under a pine tree and took in the beauty of the setting.   I was wearing a dark blue tank top and old pair of denim dark blue shorts.   I had my canteen with me and little else as I rested for a few minutes when I began to feel like I was being watched.   I stood up and looked around and saw nothing human.   So I moved out to center of the glen and there in the early morning sunshine I felt the war sun on me and I felt aroused.   I moved back to the shade to spy to see in fact if anyone else was near, and heard nothing or saw nothing so I went back into the sun and began to fantasize and play around with my body.
Now I have two weaknesses, having someone fondle my nipples which are extremely sensitive and was one of the ways my wife used for years to tell me she was horny. The other is being massaged from behind.   So getting frisky with myself I began to strip and soon I was naked and jacking myself off, thinking of what it would be like to have my wife there sucking me while I watched another woman eat her pussy.   I got so hot that I shot my load off very quickly and with such speed as it zipped from me and onto the grassy area in front of me.
Then after I finished I dressed and began to walk back out to find the trail.

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    I had just linked up with it when I heard a rustling sound from behind.   I mistook the sound for that made by a grazing dear and paid little mind to it, until I heard it a second time but with a heavier gait.
I turned and stared and saw nothing and when I looked the sound stopped the moment I walked I would hear it begin again.   Each time I turned it quit and when I restarted so did it.   It continued almost a mile and a half more before I came to a small creek that was only about three feet deep in the middle.   I had been on this trail before knew I had to cross the water to finish my hike, so I sat down on a stone and slid off my socks and shoes and then crossed over the water to the other side.   As I rested on a rock on the far side allowing my feet to dry, I heard the sound again this time from behind me but on this side of the water.   I left my shoes and went to investigate, as I walked up the incline I found a thickening grove of trees and then suddenly three men jaunted out from the shadows of them.   I gasped as one of them snapped out, “Damn you got a fine looking ass.   Tell us now while you were jerking off did you do it because we were watching you?”  The man was taller by a half a foot than I and he had dark black hair with only a hint of gray on the sides.   His friend was quick to move down below me and being that he was just as tall as the first and more muscular they had me well outnumbered.   He had an older face than the others and wrinkled skin sagged under his neck.   He was not ugly by any means just much older.   The third man was my height but much more muscular and handsome than the others and he was not white like us but a mixture of black and Asian.   He spoke soft but I knew what those words meant as soon as I heard them, “We liked what we saw back there, so what do you say to showing us your ass again?”
I moved back slightly as the second man moved to rap his hands around my upper arms.

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    Holding me firmly the other two eased up and started to tell me what I knew was happening, “We really love what you could give us.   Now don’t make us take it. ”  The first man demanded.   The Asian man walked over and grabbing my shorts yanked them open and ripped the zipper apart as he said, “Do you want it rough?”
With that the first man tore away my shirt and passed the shreds to the man behind me who used them to bind my wrist as they began to strip and destroy my clothes.   I saw my car keys fly off into the bushes and then my wallet when my pants were ripped in half by the first man and when my briefs were shredded into small pieces I was bent forward over by the man behind me.   He spat on my ass then used it as he rubbed his cock head in it and then rammed with all his might his eight inch surprise up my ass.   I panted and gasped and moaned loudly in pain as the Asian had managed to drop his own shorts and expose his seven inch fat cock to my open mouth.   He held my head tightly as the first man began to grope my chest and fondle my nipples for the other two as the Asian fucked my mouth with a force.   I had never sucked a cock and wasn’t really doing it then, it was more of tool than anything for him.   The man behind me round me like a bronco at a rodeo and as his cock dug deeper in me after about ten minutes I actually began to enjoy it somewhat.   I hadn’t gotten the hang up being fucked for more than two seconds when the man behind me groaned and exploded inside me with a hot burst of cum.   The first man had seen that I was calming down by the way he handled my nipples and as he continued to do it the Asian began to build for his explosion in my mouth.   I tasted a sample of his salty extract as he groaned out, “Oh fuck yeah!”   Then with a mighty hot wave my mouth was flooded and I almost choked on it until I managed to swallow a massive amount.   They released me for a few seconds and as I struggled to upright myself the Asian man moved to suck my nipple at the instruction of the first man who told him, “I bet this bitch loves his nipples suckled like a woman, Chin, do it for me while I get my pants down. ”
“Larry, you want a piece of that ass or you going for his mouth,” came the voice of the man behind me as Chin began to drive me crazy sucking on my nipple.


“Perry help him on his back and open while I fuck his ass,” Larry said as he stripped to reveal six perfect inches of a wonderfully beautiful looking cock.  
By the time Perry had me on my back Chin had me so hot that as he touched my cock, I began to twitch and to my surprise as he sucked on my five fat little inches until he had drained me of a massive load much more than the first one of the day.   Perry saw him move to suck me and began to tease and taunt my nipples and when I turned to look him in the eye I found his nasty cock at my lips.   I opened my mouth and accepted it and began to suck him as he sat there semi hard but not ready and I sucked it form as Larry entered m ass.   He forced my legs up after Chin was satisfied and with his first thrust I was hooked by his cock.   It felt wonderful not painful at all.   He bounced it in me with a vengeance then he thrust hard and deep time and again until I had him ready to pop and Perry as well.   The next thing I knew was that Larry was blasting his hot wave up inside me and Perry was flushing my mouth with his all while I enjoyed this event.
They let me off the ground after that and helped me up, but didn’t untie my wrist.   Instead they use some more rags from my clothes to blindfold me and then led me back to the water where we bathed and they played with me like a toy. They told me I was to be there slave and that if I were good they would release me come midnight to go home, but that I would have too promise to let them take me anytime they wanted me or my wife.   That thought got me so hard that I was begging them to come to my house the next night and help rape her as they had just done to me.   I gave them my address and phone number and told them the easiest way to get in the house.   Then after a little while I was taken out of the water and led all the way back to the glen.   There I was placed over a tree trunk and while tied and blindfolded I was fucked by them in the ass and mouth until I all had me twice that day.

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    Perry used his belt to spank my bare ass while I sucked Chin a second time just before they released me.   When my blindfold and bonds were removed they handed me my keys and wallet and an old towel and told me, “Now go home and wait for us.   We will come for you soon. ”
The next night couldn’t come quick enough for me.   My wife knew I was excited but thought it was for her when she came home the next morning and I pounced on her and fucked her in the middle of living room floor with the door wide open so anyone could pass  by and se it.   Then about five Perry called and told me to get her upstairs in the bathroom and take a bath with her.   After we finished I was to dress her in a sexy night gown and bring her down stairs to them.
I did just as they had told me too and when we finished bathing and I picked out her silky see through black nighty, she thought I wanted to take right there.   It took control as her firm 5’7” body has no marks on it at all and her amble 36D breast sing to be sucked.   But her ass is incredible as it is smooth and soft and oh so firm and hot.   When I led her to the den downstairs they took control and I watched them rape her and triple fuck her at one time.   I was allowed to suck her plump tits while she sucked Chi and Perry and Larry had her ass and pussy.   To my surprise she was enjoying it and even getting hotter as it happened.   Then when they had taken her, I was led to her and I fucked her harder than ever before as they played with both of us.   Chin sucked my nipples while Larry sucked hers and Perry fingered our assholes at the same time.

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    Larry asked her of they could fuck me and she came from the question, she groaned loudly as I began to build to a climax and yelled out, “Oh hell yeah, fuck my bitch husband. ”
With my climax, I was pulled from her as Perry tied her wrist to the sofa and then shoved a broom handle in her pussy to keep her company.   Chin took my mouth and moved it to his cock and as I sucked it with great pleasure, Larry began to fuck my ass as she watched.   Perry would play with the broom in her to get her so hot she begged to be fucked again.   He waited until she was so hot that she would care and he butt fucked her ass while he used his hand in her pussy to please it.   She came three times before any of them came once.   When it ended, she made them tie her up to the tree in the back yard and blindfold her and leave her there so the lesbian woman next door could see her.  
Since then many wonderful sexual encounters have happened.   I will let you know what all next time.