It seemed to take an age before my wayward manhood finally drooped back to its normal state and I could climb down, hardly daring to look at Tyler. His freckled face seemed a lot more red than usual and there was a sizeable bulge in the front of his jogging pants; he sure had enjoyed the show. * * * * * * * * * * The back of the house painted, I decided to give myself a break for a while, so a few days passed before I saw either of the two boys again, until Tyler turned up on his mountain bike alone. "No Mikey?" I asked. He shook his head and I remembered that Trish had gone to stay with her parents for a few days, taking Mike with her. Tyler's folks lived on the other side of town, so he must have made quite a journey in the heat just to visit with me. With Trish away, I hadn't spoken to anyone, apart from the mailman, so I was glad of company. He parked his bike against the wall of the house and came over to where I lay sprawled out on a lounger. Despite his long ride he looked cool in his blue lycra cycling shorts and 'Simpsons' teeshirt. (‘Good choice’ I thought. ‘You look a lot like Bart from here. ’) I tossed him a can from the cooler box at my side and we sat in the shade and yarned. When he wasn't trying to impress, Tyler was quite good company, but I began to notice that he was dropping a lot of sexual innuendo into his conversation, as if he was trying to see how far he could go to shock me. From time to time he would sneak a glance at the crotch of my shorts when he thought I wasn't looking and I suspected that he had chosen to sit on the grass rather than on the other lounger to try for a better view. After a while, I began to tire of his smutty talk and furtive looks and decided that he needed taking down a peg or two. When his glance strayed downwards yet again, I spread my legs wide apart and challenged him.

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   "Didn't you see enough when I was up the ladder? Why not take a good look and be satisfied?"The poor lad turned bright scarlet and for a moment I thought he was going to burst into tears of embarrassment. You've gone too far. I thought and clumsily tried to make amends. "OK. . . OK, kid. Cool it. I'm not angry with you - really I'm not. "I was more angry with myself than with him, especially when he tried to explain. "I'm really sorry I was looking at your. . . . your.

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  " He tried to think of a word that didn't sound smutty, but gave up the struggle. "It's just I've never seen a real grown-up 'thing' before. " "Penis. " I said bluntly. "It's called a penis. " I smiled at the shocked look on his face -I had finally managed to get through to him, so I added. "Anyway, what's the big deal? You've got one too, and judging by that bulge in your shorts, it's nothing to be ashamed of. " He smiled weakly and couldn't resist looking down at the shiny lycra mound below his waist. The skin-tight fabric clearly outlined a rigid little dick, pressed tight up against his stomach. ‘I wonder what it does look like?’ I thought idly, but my conscience pulled me up with a jerk. ‘Watch it fella! Guy's have ended up in jail for what you're thinking!’When Mikey had timidly broached the subject of sex a while back, I decided to answer all of his questions calmly and objectively, realising that I was the nearest thing to a Dad that he knew. He had just been shown how to masturbate by Tyler and the older boy had fed him all kinds of bullshit which had left him feeling ashamed and confused. I explained, as best I could, how most guys jerked off at some time during their lives and that it was certainly nothing for him to be worried or ashamed about. My policy of total honesty took a real body blow though, when he asked me innocently. "Do you still do it?" I took a deep breath and finally admitted.


   "Sometimes. " All the while my mind was struggling with a mixture of wild thoughts and emotions, Tyler had been stroking his balls through the stretchy material of his shorts, gazing into the distance and trying hard to look as though he was doing it unintentionally. I pretended not to notice and began to flip through the magazine I had been reading before he arrived. Glancing up, I was just in time to catch him giving me a puzzled look, as if he was trying to judge my reaction. He must have felt pretty confident, for when he saw me watching, he smirked and drew his fingers slowly up and over his trapped cock. The shiny blue fabric glinted in the sunlight and I noticed that a small, damp stain had appeared just above the rounded tip. There was no sign of any of his earlier embarrassment and his expression was slightly mocking, as if he was saying "Do you like what you see?"‘This has got to stop’. I thought, and I heard myself say weakly. "Please don't do that. " His expression turned to one of pained innocence. "Do what?""Stroking yourself like that . ""Oh sorry!" He said casually. "I was uncomfortable. " I should have left it at that, but like a fool, I responded. "Well, you're making me feel uncomfortable too.

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  "The little devil took a long look at my shorts, and said smugly. "Yeah, I can see that. "I should have come on heavy and told him to leave, of course. I was still a stranger in this small town and if any word got out about this -I was dead! They probably still ran lynch mobs in this neck of the woods. ‘Relax!’ My inner voice soothed. ‘This kid ain't no angel. He knows what it's all about and he's telling you it's playtime. . . . So, why not? It's about time you got a bit of fun back in your life’ I gulped hard at the thought… I was being openly propositioned by a teenage kid -how sad can you get for chrissakes! But nevertheless, I was puzzled: Why was Tyler acting so blatantly with me, of all people? He probably had dozens of kids of his own age for jerking buddies -he was that kind of boy -so why should he think that I might be interested? He must have had some reason. I suddenly realised that the answer must lie with Mikey. Yes, that was it! The younger boy must have let slip something about our sex talk that had triggered Tyler's boyish fantasies, while my accidental peep show up the ladder had probably clinched it for him. I guess I had forgotten what is was like to be his age with all those hormones racing around your body -it was hardly surprising that he was so curious. Mistaking my stunned expression for approval, Tyler slipped his hand inside his shorts and I saw his knuckles stretching the skin-tight lycra as he lifted his genitals into a more comfortable position.

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   His visit was turning into a 'mexican standoff' as each of us waited for the other to make the next move. The freckle-faced kid opposite me was winning hands down so far, and he began to play with himself under the cover of his shorts, daring me to say something. His sly grin faded and his eyes were half closed in concentration as he stared shamelessly at the growing bulge in my pants. "OK Kid, you win. " I whispered finally, and we both got up and entered the house. My heart was thudding as I climbed the stairs with Tyler padding eagerly behind me. I had run out of any second thoughts: my lonely existence and long abstinence had driven them all away, but that didn't mean that I wasn't scared shitless! The bedroom was the final hurdle: I dithered about drawing the shades and laying an old sheet over the bedcovers, but Tyler was in a hurry to get started and had already dragged off his teeshirt and struggled out of his lycra shorts, while I was still fumbling with the catch of my belt, trying to delay the inevitable. He stretched out on the bed, stroking his cock in a lazy motion, but he stopped abruptly when I finally slid down my shorts and my cock flopped lazily into view over the waistband. "Woweee!" His mouth dropped open and he let out long sigh of admiration and delight. As size goes, I wouldn't say that I was major league, but I'm quite proud of it. It's nicely shaped and hangs neatly over my low-hanging ball sac: Compared to his own stiff little pecker, it must have appeared enormous, for he just couldn't take his eyes off it. But the sight of his naked young body started to have an effect on me as well and I could feel my cock begin to lift slowly as I lay down beside him. Shyness seemed to strike us both, so that for some time we just lay there, examining each others' bodies. I have to say that Tyler's cock was a bit of a disappointment -like him, it was stocky, thick and not very pretty. It wasn't improved by the fact that he had been circumcised.

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   ‘Why do parents persist in mutilating their sons in that bizarre fashion?’ I wondered, as I noticed the thick ring of scar tissue circling his stubby shaft. At first glance, I thought that he hadn't grown any pubic hair yet, but when I looked closer, I could see that the mound of puppy fat below his navel was covered in a fuzz of fine blond hair which was almost invisible in the gloom of the bedroom. His testicles hadn't fully dropped to their adult state yet and were held in a tight ball nestling close to the root of his cock. Tyler laid his head on my chest and watched with a rapt expression as my long tapering dick slowly reached its full pride -it was as fascinating to him as his pert little stiffy was becoming to me. It was Tyler, of course, who started things off. I felt his hand brush against my hip as he stretched out his arm. "Can I. . . . . . . ?""Sure you can. " I said "Do what you like, it's your party.

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  "He needed no further urging and gave a little gasp of delight as he grasped the base of my fully erect dick. I flinched at the touch of his cold hand, for this was the first time I had been touched down there since my ill-fated marriage, so I let him play to his heart's content and gave in to the sensual pleasure of his exploration. He was particularly fascinated by my long foreskin and slid it up and down, watching my cockhead peek out and slip back inside the puckered end. I woke from my dreamy state with a yelp when he tried to pull the long hood right down, though. That's a painful process, even for me, until it has been stretched a few times. With a muttered apology, Tyler pushed the skin back up and pinched the end together, saying wistfuly. "I wish I had one like that. " "No problem. " I said cheerfully. "I can soon fix that. ". I opened the drawer of the night stand and took out a tube of KY and a foil pack of Trojans -I smiled at those. I had bought them on the offchance that Trish and I might get it together sometime, but they had lain there unused ever since. Tyler looked at me wonderingly as I tore open one of the small packets and ripped the teat end off the condom with my teeth. Squeezing out a generous dollop of jelly, I reached for Tyler and spread it all over his ass.

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   He squealed at the sudden coldness but I wasn't finished with him yet. Grasping his slippery little shaft firmly between finger and thumb, I rolled the rubber down until the hard ring butted firmly against his body. "There y'are buddy. " I said as I gave it a few experimental pulls. "One instant, tailor-made foreskin. ""Cool" He giggled. "Very kewl. "That broke the ice between us and we lost our shyness immediately. Tyler played with his new foreskin for some while, deciding that he rather liked the feeling as it slid over his sensitive glans. But he couldn't keep his hands away from me for long and rolled onto his side to fondle and tug at me. As he started to rub me with a clumsy, heavy-handed rhythm, I could feel him humping his plump body against my thigh in time with his stroking, his little pecker riding up and down the hairs of my leg. I listened to his breath hissing through his tightly clenched teeth for some time until he rolled onto his back and started to beat his own little meat in earnest. He thrust his head back into the pillow, his hand flying up and down his dick in a blur, the rubber sheath making a slapping sound as it stretched and relaxed. His eyes were tight shut and his teeth were clamped over his lower lip in concentration, while all the time, he was uttering a low continuous moan which began to rise in pitch as he approached his climax. Suddenly his vice-like grip on my cock relaxed and a series of "Ugh.

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  . ugh. . . . ughs. " announced the arrival of spurts of sticky cum from the tip of his rubber-clad penis. As his sperm dribbled down his fingers, he opened his eyes and gave me a sleepy grin. I smiled back briefly before setting to work on my own badly neglected member, roused by the sight of Tyler's recent eruption. It didn't take very long for 'it' to happen: Months of repressed frustration were in every thick jet that flew onto my chest and trickled down my ribs. I slumped back with a groan of ecstacy, to the sound of a breathless "Wick. . . ed!" from an impressed Tyler. Looking back, I think what probably amazed him was that any adult could enjoy jerking off as much as he did.

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   Like all kids, he probably thought he'd invented it first! As I lay recovering, I heard a rubbery snap as Tyler slipped his makeshift foreskin off and scraped the gooey mixture of jelly and cum from his drooping cock with his fingers. Spent and satisfied, my desperate urge had faded, and all my doubts and fears came flooding back. ‘You fool!’ A voice in my brain nagged. ‘This little loudmouth will brag about this all over town. You're in it deep, pal!’ I went hot all over and jumped off the bed leaving Tyler gaping with surprise. "I think you'd better leave. " I said shortly as I reached for my clothes. He flinched at my curt tone, as if I'd hit him. "O. K. . OK. . but why? Did I do something wrong? Didn't you like it?" "No, it's not you. " I tried to sound reassuring.


   "It's me. We,. . . no I, shouldn't have done this. You're probably still a minor, or juvenile, or something in this State. " He nodded slowly, looking wiser than his years as he tried to reason with me. "But you didn't force me, or anythin'. You were real kind and gentle and I thought it was great and I wanted to. . . " His voice broke suddenly as he got more upset. ". . .

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  I needed to do it with you real bad. "I tried to reason with him. "It's far too risky. I could end up in jail if anybody found out. . " "Oh -I get it!" He looked at me fiercely through his unshed tears and said in a fierce tone. "You think I'm gonna blab about this. . . . . . No Way!"He paused and took a deep breath before adding. " I like you a lot, Mark. " I blinked; it was the first time he had ever called me by my first name.

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   "Mikey says he really likes you too. You don't push us around or treat us like little kids. . . you're different!. I won't ever tell anybody about us -not even Mikey. It felt like it was somethin' extra special between us -somethin' real secret. "I looked down at him in surprise. This was a different Tyler to the one I thought I knew. The pudgy, freckle-faced youngster, sitting cross-legged and naked on the bed had suddenly grown up before me and I immediately forgave him all his brash talk and redneck ways. I knew that I would be skating on very thin ice by relying on his silence, but in the back of my mind, I knew that I was as keen as he was to try it again. I threw up my hands in a gesture of defeat. "Alright, Tyler, you win. I'll think about it. "He flung himself off the bed and rushed to hug me, pressing his naked body close to mine, sobbing with delight and relief.


   I pushed him back gently and wiped a few drops of my cum from his chest, before saying. "OK, OK. . . We've had our fun for today. I'm going to clean up and take a shower. " I grinned at him. "Wanna join me?"He raced me to the bathroom and, needless to say, Tyler won yet again. Two years have passed since our first adventure. Two years in which I have watched Tyler grow from a brash teenager into a confident and strangely mature young man. Despite all my worries on that first afternoon, he kept his word and never breathed a word to anyone about the many sessions we have shared since. He has discovered the delights of girls now, but he still visits me often. As we lie together after one of our breathtaking mutual jerkoffs, he tells me all about the latest girls (and a few boys) that he's made out with -it seems that we both have secrets to keep now. All I hope is that he doesn't bite the ends off his condoms any more. .

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