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I am 15 and I often go into the woods behind our house and I undress and masturbate.
Yesterday I was doing what I had done for ages and while I was there a guy about 20 came along and he was naked and saw me and came over to me. I was shit scared. He said don’t worry I wont hurt you I was doing the same as you. He got his cock hard and began to wank it right in front of me. I was fascinated, it was longer and thicker than mine and then he said here you do it for me. I didn’t want to but he took my hand and put it around his cock and I was a bit scared not to. Then he moved me around so I could do it to him from the side. I have to admit it felt nice. He kept telling me how to do it and it kept feeling better and I started to think it did feel good. The he said let me kneel down and you can sit in front of me and watch yourself wanking me as you do it and I agree it was great being able to see my hand going up and down and pulling the skin up to the top of it then down again. It also had a nice feel to his skin. It started to leak a bit of pre cum and he got his finger and wiped it off and licked his finger.
He was watching me and when he thought I was relaxed again he put his hands on my head and forced me to put his cock in my mouth. I started to fight against him but he was too strong for me and said go on do it.   I had never sucked a cock before and it felt funny in my mouth but he was telling me not to suck so hard, to run my tongue over the top and around the edge of it and hold his balls and then the bottom of his shaft.

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   I had no idea there was so much that you could do when you were sucking a guy off.
I got used to the feeling and evidently I was doing pretty good sucking him and he took one hand away but still kept one on my head. He said you are starting to enjoy this arnt you and I nodded not taking my head off his cock. I kept doing what he told me and then he got both hands on my head again. He held me hard on his cock. I tried to pull off and he held me there tight. He said if you don’t do what you are told you will get hurt and I knew he meant it and within a few seconds I felt my mouth fill up with his cum. I couldn’t help it and I gagged a bit but swallowed most of it and he just kept holding me there while he fucked my mouth and I had to keep swallowing his cum until his cock got soft and he let my head go and pulled his now soft cock out of my mouth. I didn’t know what to think or do, I knew he might get wild with me and bash me or something but he said stand up and I did and then he did to me what I had just done to him, he sucked my cock and I could not believe how good it felt. He stopped and said now take notice of what I am doing because this is how you suck cock, and he sucked and licked and used his lips and tongue and his hands and I realised what he was doing was what he was telling me to do while I was sucking him. It felt fantastic. I had never had anybody touch me before and no I was getting my cock sucked by an expert. My legs were going all weak from the wonderful sensation of his mouth over my cock and I could feel his tongue rubbing around the rim of my cockhead  and with his hands he was fondling my balls and all in all I felt like I was in heaven. I didn’t know what to do with my hands and put them on his head and he said are you cumming and I said no not yet. I just let them rest on his hair while I enjoyed every moment of his lips and tongue working on my cock and his hands fondling my balls.

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   Then I felt it all start to happen and I knew I would cum in a moment. I sang out I am going to cum. He just sucked a bit harder and then suddenly I spurted the first load of cum into his mouth, he swallowed that and by then I had let to or three more huge spurts go and I nearly fainted with the pleasure that was racing through my body. My legs went all weak and I nearly fell over. He kept on me like he had held me and when I was all soft and there was no more cum he took his mouth off me and said I hoped you enjoyed that. I said I have never enjoyed anything more in my life.
He was now sitting down on the grass and I sat facing him. He asked how old I was and I said 15. He said he was 20. We talked about how often we masturbated and he told me he meets other guys and they all masturbate and do oral on each other. He said you could join us if you wished. Then he asked how often I had come to this place and I told him I come a few times a week usually. He said if I liked we could meet up here and do this again if I wished and I said I would. He said have you ever fucked a girl yet and I said no. He said would you like to and I said one day when I find one that will do it with me.


   Then he said you havnt done anything like this with another guy before have you and I said no. He said there is a few things guys do together and he said don’t go away I will go and get my clothes and my pack and he walked off to where he had come from and he was gone a few minutes and came back carrying his clothes and a back pack. I couldnt help noticing him walking naked with his soft cock swinging about. it looked beautiful.
Now he said I want you to try something else with me and he opened his pack and took out a tube of something. Now he said take this and squeeze some out and I want you to wipe it on my bum hole. It was a clear very soft jelly and I put some on my finger and by then he was on his knees in front of me. His bum was in the air and I could see his cock and balls hanging down all soft. I wiped it all around his hole and then he said now come around here - and I went in front of him and he sucked my cock for a moment until it got hard and then said now go and shove your cock up my bum. I said shit are you sure and he said I am very sure, I want you to fuck my ass. He said I gather you havnt fucked anybody before and I said no I didn’t know any guy who did this. He said well if we are going to be friends you can get used to it because I love it.
I went around and held my cock and put it right at his opening and he said just put your cock  in slowly, it goes in pretty easily and the KY helps. I said whats that and he said that’s the lubricant and makes it all slippery and nice and it helps you enjoy it. By now my cock was right between his cheeks and I could see his hole and my cock touching and the KY stuff was on the tip of my cock.

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   Then he said ok do it and I pushed a bit and I felt my cock head go into him and then I pushed a bit harder and I went right up his bum. It felt great all warm and wet and I had never imagined fucking another guy could feel so good. I started to fuck him like I knew how to fuck and a couple of times I pulled my cock out accidentally and then put it straight back in. I said I was sorry and he said don’t worry I don’t mind, its quite nice really feeling it go in.
I kept fucking him for about 3 or 4 minutes and it felt great. He was enjoying it too. Then he said take your cock out and we can try it another way. I did what he said then he lay on his back and said now lift my legs up and go in this way. It was a bit harder to get his bum hole in the right position but once he got himself settled I found it easier to do it this way as I had his legs against my shoulders and the two of us got a rhythm going and I couldn’t help buy love fucking him. Also this way i could se his face and see hom much he was liking it. I could also see his cock was about half hard and leaking lots of precum. The he told me how to move my cock into a position where it made him feel really good and I noticed a lot more cum dribble out of his cock. I couldn’t feel anything but he said you are right on it just keep going like that and I did what he said and he moaned and groaned softly saying that’s fantastic as more and more cum dripped out of his cock. I said are you cumming and he said no I will tell you about that after just keep it going and then I said I am going to cum, great he said just fill my bum up with that hot wonderful juice you are making for me and with that I came and I could feel my cum spurting up along the tube in my cock and out the tip into his bum. Just looking at his face I knew he was really enjoying it.

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   I went for as long as I could before I got soft and it slipped out. His bum now was a mess with all the cum and the KY all over it and my cum started to leak out of his bum and down between the cheeks of his ass.
I stood there with his legs still on my shoulders as we looked at each other and smiled and told each other how great it was. He said you and I will make great partners, you are so good, and that was the first time. I stepped back and looked down at my cock expecting it to be covered in shit and all there was the cum and the jelly. I said I thought there would be shit all over it and he said no you don’t often get shit on it. It happens some times but not often.
He sat up and I sat with him and he gave me a towel from his pack and a bottle of water and said you can wash yourself now and I did. While I was doing that he walked away a bit and squatted down and I could hear him fart a lot and I thought he was shitting but he said he was just blowing most of my cum out as when I fuck him I pump a lot of air into him.
He then washed and wiped himself and asked me how I liked it and I said it was great.
He came back and he touched my nipples and I jumped they were so touchy and I had never noticed that before. I like it. Now he said how about you, would you like me to try that with you. I said I didn’t know, does it hurt and he said the first time it might a bit. If you do it without KY it will but I think it will be ok for you if I use plenty of KY and I will go slowly and gently and you can take your time and I will let you push back onto me so you can control me going up you – OK I said I am game.

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Everything I had done with him so far had been great and I thought why not, I was really sexed up and I really would have done anything he asked really.
He suggested I get on my knees to start and for my first time. I bent over and he wiped lots of KY on my ass and it felt nice. He actually slipped a finger into my hole to let me feel what it was like. As he did that I actually tightened up my bum hole to try and stop him, I couldn’t help it, it just happened. He said that’s normal, you may even do that when you feel my cock going in, don’t worry I am used to it and I wont hurt you.
By now his cock was really hard and I looked at it and thought I don’t think it will fit but I wasn’t going to stop now, I was really ready to try it. My cock was firm with anticipation.
He got his hand and held my bum then he put the top of his cock against my opening and I could feel it was huge. Then he pushed gently and I tightened up then relaxed and he pushed again and a bit harder and this time I was ready for it and made sure I didn’t tighten up. The tip of him slipped in and I thought I was going to break in half, my bum hole felt hot and stung a bit. That hurt I said - holy shit - and he said its ok, we will take it easy and just leave it there until you get used to it and I could feel the size of him in me. He felt huge. Then he moved it in a bit further and It didn’t hurt and slowly he went in then out a bit and gradually got himself right up inside me and I cant explain how it felt. I wasn’t sure if I like it but I was getting used to it now and it had stopped hurting.

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He pumped into me a few times and I could feel him going in and out all the way. Then he moved his cock inside me and I said shit what was that, you hit something, and I thought I was going to piss myself but it was just some cum running down my cock and dribbled out. That’s great he said that’s you prostate and each time you hit that with your cock you squeeze a bit of cum out. That’s where it comes from when you cum. That’s what I was getting you to do when you were fucking me. I looked down and my cock had strings of cum swinging on the end of it as he rocked my body fucking me.
Then he said how does it feel and I said huge but it stopped hurting. He said would it be OK if I fucked you now and I said yes I think I can take it. The he started to get his rhythm going slowly in and out of me and he said you are beautiful, you are the best fuck I have had for ages and he just kept sliding his cock in and out –up and down- and the longer he did it the better it felt and every now and again he would hit my prostate and more cum would drip out of me.
He kept fucking me and talking to me for I guess like 5 or 6 minutes. It felt great but longer he did it the better it got. Now he said my little virgin, you are going to get your first load of cum up your bum and he fucked me hard and fast and my whole body shook and I suddenly felt his warm cum spilling out of his cock and filling my bum hole up. He moaned a bit as his cock spurted his cum into me and then he slipped it out. I lay there with my bum in the air and his cum dribbling out of my ass hole and down over my balls.
Then he said ok before we finish up come here - and he got down and he sucked my cum covered cock again and I didn’t last more than a minute and I came again and I filled his mouth up with my hot creamy cum.

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   This time it happened so fast and I was so high on sex sensation and my cock was so sensitive I had to pull it out before he had finished sucking my cum all out of me. I was completely exhausted I could hardly stand up and I sat down and he came over to me. He said this will make the day perfect and bent down and said open your mouth. We sort of kissed and he still had some of my cum in his mouth and I tasted my own cum for the first time. I had tasted his earlier but tasting your own is special he said and from now on I wasn’t to waste any when I masturbated but I should drink it every time I cum. I wasn’t keen on the kiss but I had no problem with my own cum.
That was the end of a perfect day – one I had no idea would happen and I had done things I had never ever imagined I would.   I had to wash myself and I did what he did and blew a lot of his cum out of me and then washed myself. He then gave me a issue and said put that between the cheeks of our ass as you will leak for a while yet. We both got dressed and he gave me his phone mobile phone number on a card and said ring me when you are planning to come down here again and if I can I will meet you and we can have some more fun like this.
For the next few months we met regularly and we had sex for hours together doing everything two guys can do and doing it three of four times each day. I have never imagined it could be so good. I am a champion cock sucker and bum bandit now.
One thing I wouldn’t do with him was kiss. I couldn’t handle that at all.

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