Raped in my hotel


Let’s say I am staying in a hotel room for the night. I have a girlfriend and have never had an experience with a man. In the past I’ve been hit on by a few guys, but I blew them off because I wasn’t into it. In my head pussy is the only thing for me and have never considered letting some put anything in my ass.
Earlier in the day I was shopping for some clothes, socks, and underwear. As I walk through the aisle I can take my eyes off of the underwear packaging. Big strong solid men wearing form fitting briefs. My eyes follow over every ridge valley and curve of their oiled bodies.   I don’t know it at the time, but there was a man a few feet behind me in the aisle. He notices me staring and almost salivating over the man on the packaging. He casually brushes against me as he walks down the aisle. His touch sent a warm tingle through my body. I am startled and return from my daydream.
I ignore my little episode and finish shopping. After dinner I return to my hotel room to relax. I flip through the in room movies, but they all seem uninteresting.

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   I find my way into the adult entertainment menu and make a selection. I lay in bed watch the video. After a few minutes things start to heat up. I reach down unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants, pull out my growing cock. I wrap my hand around the shaft and started to stroke my dick. Precum is already leaking from my tip. It’s been more than a week since my last release. Just as I’m really getting into a groove I hear a knock at the door. I jump out of bed and am quite startled by the interruption. I try to quickly pull up my pants and fasten my belt. I walk to the door and see a tall rugged looking man through the peephole. He is dressed in the same uniform as the hotel staff so I open the door without hesitating. He explains that he needs to check the smoke detector in the bathroom. I let him in to do his business. I realize I left the porno on the TV.

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   I scramble for the remote to change the channel feeling quite embarrassed already. On his way to the bathroom he mentions to me that my fly is undone with an awkward smirk on his face. . I look down to see the head of my dick poking out of my fly.   I tucked my dick back in and zipped my fly. It was now obvious that he caught me masturbating. I walk over and sit at the table with my laptop trying to be invisible. A few minutes later he comes back from the bathroom calling to get my attention. I get up from my chair and walk across the room. He tells me the batteries in the alarm are dead. I tell him I have some in my laptop case. I turn and bend down to grab the case from the floor.
As soon as my back is turned he rushes at me pushing me onto the bed. I yell and try to get up, but he has me pinned to the bed.  
“Take my wallet, it’s in the nightstand.

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  ” I yell.   He doesn’t reply. He continues to hold me down. “What do you want from me?” I ask. Still nothing. I can feel his body lying on top of me. He starts to rock back and forth grinding against me. I struggle to get free with no luck. His left for arm is pressed tightly against the back of my neck pinning my head to the mattress. He runs his other hand down my side almost like he is feeling me up. “Get off!” I shout still with no reply. He works my legs apart with his knee giving him more leverage to rock on the bed pushing himself against me. I feel something pressing into the back of my upper thigh.   He rocks into me again pushing his hips against me. I squirm around underneath him.

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   He rocks against me again moaning lightly. I couldn’t be more confused until I realize that pressure I felt against my upper thigh had grown larger and is now prodding against me. “What the hell is that?” I yell.
“Oh you know what that is. ” He said almost gloating as he pushed it against me again.
“Huh?” I say.
“What, you’ve never had a hard dick pressed up against you before?” he says sarcastically.
“Get the hell off!” I scream as I try again to slip away.
“Don’t try to tell me this isn’t what you want. I saw you checking out that man on the picture in the store earlier today. ”
“I was watching you the whole time. You spent a good 2 or 3 minutes checking out that pic. ”
“I wasn’t checking it out, I was just thinking about something. ”
“Hum, thinking about that bulge. Now you don’t have to fantasize.

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  ” He said grinding into me again pushing his thick rod against me.
“And then you answer the door for a complete stranger with while watching porn and your dick hanging out. You were begging for this!”
I am so shocked and confused by what is going on he slips my pants and boxers down to my knees. I buck my hips up off of the bed trying to push him off. He moans “Yea baby work those hips. ” I am at a total loss. Nothing I try works, and the worst part is the more I try to get away the more turned on he gets. He rocks forward; I can feel the head of his dick pushing between my cheeks.
“Don’t fight it boy!” “You’re gonna get some of this dick tonight. ” He says.
He starts pumping his hips rubbing his dick against my ass. I can feel his dick getting harder and growing thicker as he jabs it into my crack. I clench my cheeks in defense.
“Fuck yea that felt good!” he grunted.
His ample amount of precum has created a slick tight crevasse out of my rear end.

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   I can feel his dick sliding freely between my cheeks. I squirm beneath him doing my best to inch away. His thrusts start to pick up speed.   His grunts deeply and pushes deep into my ass crack. I feel the ridge of his plump cock head brush against my asshole.   I cringe in fear. My ass cheeks tightened around his thick shaft holding it in place.   He moaned loudly. I could feel his dick throbbing between my cheeks. I held still trying to resist.
“Oh Fuck! Squeeze that dick tight in your ass!”  He screamed. He tightened his hold on my neck as he tried to push deeper into my crack. His whole body jerked on top of me. The head of his dick squeezes deeper into me. I feel his dick throbbing harder and harder.

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   I clench down on him even tighter.
 “Oh yea oh yea tighter!” He moans. I do as he says hoping to prevent is thick rod from stabbing into me.   I held his dick tightly in my ass doing my best to hold still. He jerks again and again. His dick grew harder and thicker pushing tighter against my moistened hole. He jerks again grunting louder than before. I braced myself knowing it would be any second before I was pierced by his intense throbbing cock. With one final thrust he pushes down into my wet cheeks and snug against my tight hole. The head of his dick rammed is way into my asshole. The increased pressure and intense heat pushed him over the top. His dick pulsed shooting his steaming hot cream directly into my ass. Wave after wave of cum erupted from his meaty cock. He pushed deeper into me. His throbbing cock stretching out my virgin hole.

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   The massive load of hot cum pumping into my ass sent waves of heat radiating through my whole body.   I began to relax as I was engulfed in this new feeling.  
His dick is still snugly inside of me. As he continues to orgasm I can feel every pulse of pleasure flowing through is dick right into me.   My asshole starts to quiver sending tremors of ecstasy through my body. My dick is harder than it’s ever been. He finally relaxes and rolls over on to the bed letting his cock slip out of my hole. I can feel his thick velvety cum slowly leaking out of my ass. My cum soaked hole begins to quiver again, but this time for attention.   His load runs down across my taint and between my thighs.
 I reach my hand around and slide a finger into my cheeks. I get more and more turned on playing in his spent load. I felt thick glob oozed from between my cheeks right onto my fingers. I pull my hand back stringing most of it along. I ran my cum coated fingers gently across my cheek and lips before sucking them into my mouth.


    My tongue cleans every big of his sticky juice from my fingers. My hand went right back around into my ass for more.
A tablespoon sized wad slides from my ass running onto my hand. My fingers all the way down to my palm are coated in thick layer of cream. I couldn’t get it to my mouth fast enough. I lick a string hanging from my finger into my mouth. I can feel my dick throbbing in need of attention. I lick a little more from my hand and hold it in my mouth. I reach down and wrap my cream covered hand around the shaft of my dick. I let out a moan as I begin to stroke my dick. It felt so good. My hand glided up and down my shaft. The still warm cum felt incredible all over my dick. I free hand makes its way back to my ass. My slick hole is quivering for attention.

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   I slid a finger into my asshole. I start stroking my dick harder and harder as I push my cum soaked finger into my ass. I can feel the pressure building up in my balls. My dick throbbed in my hand as I continued to jerk.  I begin to moan louder as my finger slips deeper into my hole. My right hand is stroking and squeezing my dick just right. I brought my self right up to the edge. I could feel the cum welling up ready to blow when someone grabs my hand and pulls it from my dick.

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