Boys will be boys. Chap 2


Jerry called me about four days later. His parents would be out of town for the weekend. I said I would come pick him up on Friday and we would go out. “I will dress nice for you. Maybe we can go dancing. ” I said sure, but wondered how it would look with a couple of guys dancing together.
I arrived at his house and rang the bell. The door opened and I was greeted by a beautiful woman. It took my mind a minute to realize that this was Jerry. She took my hand and lead me into the house. Jerry closed the door and stepped away from me. “How do I look, love?” “Gorgeous”, I said, taking in the transformation. “Just gorgeous” At that moment I stopped thinking of Jerry as a guy.
Her hair was curled around a perfectly made-up face, her lips pink with lipstick. Wearing a slightly tight white soft leather top, she had gotten a padded bra giving her 34” breasts. Her mid-thigh leather skirt was the same color.

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   White, small knit, fishnet stockings and white 4” sandals finished the outfit. Jerry turned, her ass pushed up by the heels, the seams of her nylons running perfectly up the back of her legs. She lifted the hem of the skirt revealing a garter.
“Let’s go. I can’t wait to have you on the dance floor. ” I took her in my arms, kissing her deeply, one hand moving down to squeeze her ass. In the car Jerry sat next to me, her hand slightly moving up and down my hard cock, whispering in my ear, “ Max, I want you. I want you so bad. ” She unzipped my pants freeing my cock, stroking slowly, “Mmmmm” Leaning down she took my steel hard cock into her mouth, stroking the bottom, her pink lips moving up and down on the top. Driving with one hand, I move my other to her leather covered ass. I pulled her skirt up and found her ass was bare, clad in a thong. As we approached the club, she sat up, trying to push my cock back in my pants, straightening her skirt.
We went inside and found a table. She ordered wine for us. We drank as the music played.

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   I stood, took her by the hand and led her to the floor, dancing, her body pressed into me, my hands roaming over her back, reaching down to squeeze her soft ass. The hours sped by, the wine making us tipsy. I went to the bar and asked the tender if my car would be O. K. in the lot for the rest of the night. He said yes, commenting how good looking my date was, called a cab and said have fun. We rode to her house lightly kissing along the way. I paid for the hack and followed Jerry watching her ass sashay.
Inside, she came into my arms, our lips meeting, her tongue inside my mouth, mine into hers. She unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall, I pulled her top and bra over her head, our lips still locked together. I found the zipper for her skirt, pushing it down over her hips. Leaning down, I took first one flat nipple into my mouth, teasing it into hardness, the next, my tongue moving along her stomach, my thumbs hooking her thong pulling it down over her garter and stockings, her small cock springing from between her legs. She had shaved what little hair she had and was smooth.  As I lifted one leg then the other out of her skirt and thong, I took her hard 4” clit into my mouth, sucking, licking running my tongue along the underside, sucking her balls into my mouth, moving back to take her into my mouth again, bringing her close to orgasm, one hand between her spread legs rubbing her crinkled ass. Grabbing my head, she pulled me up, kissing me, unbuttoning my pants, pushing them down.

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   I stepped out of them, Jerry back in my arms, kissing, my hands on her ass, squeezing, spreading, my cock pressed against her stomach. She leaned into my ear, breathing heavy “Take me, make love to me, fill my pussy with your cock” She turned and walked toward her bedroom still in her garter, stockings and sandals, her ass, lifted by her shoes, bouncing with each step. I followed her into the bedroom. She told me to lay on the bed and she climbed between my legs. Parting those delicious pink lips she took my 9 inches into her mouth. Deeper, she went, until I was in her throat, her tongue licking the bottom, teasing up then down again. Pulling her hot mouth from my cock she moved up, her small cock and mine meeting. Leaning to the nightstand, she got a tube of Astro-Glide, placed some on her hand and spread it onto my cock, then reached behind and lubed her ass. She moved forward, took my cock in her hand and guided me to her rosebud. Pushing back she relaxed and the tip of my cock entered her. Wincing in pain, she stopped. “ OOooooo that feels good”, and pushed a little more. Another inch was inside. Her hands on my shoulders, her head back, pushing down.
“ Yeeeessss…this is what I have wanted.

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  ” Her head came forward, her eyes looking into mine, pushing back, 4 inches inside that tight ass. Tears form in her eyes, she sits up, her ass contracting around me. Her fishnet clad ankles inside my knees, she raised up, in preparation of taking all 9 inches. Lowering herself, relaxing again she pushed down, taking another inch of my cock into her ass/pussy, “OOoooooohhhh that feels sooo gooood. Max, OH, MAX I’m going to coooome. I’M GOING TO COOOMMMMME…” Her pussy/ass pulsed around my cock, her clit/cock spraying come over my chest and stomach, her back arched, hips jerking with each shot of come, pushing down again taking all of my cock inside that tight pussy.
I put my arms around her and pulled her to me, rolling her onto her back, my cock still inside. Raising her legs onto my shoulders I slowly pulled all but the tip of my cock from inside her and pushed it back inside.
“Max, my sweet Max, I can feel every hard vein on your big cock as you slide into me. Fuck me. Fuck my virgin pussy!”
“Jerry, Jerry, you are so tight. I have wanted you for so long. ” I looked down as I pulled my cock out again. The feeling was exquisite. Sliding back into her, this time with a little more force.

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   Each time I pulled out, I pushed in again harder. I leaned down, wrapping my arms around her, my lips on hers, my tongue pushing into her mouth each time I re-entered her, my cock driving into her ass/pussy harder still. Her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me, urging me into her, her hips thrusting up to meet mine, her arms around me holding me tight. I lifted my head away from hers and watched her face as I drove my cock mercilessly in and out of her, her pink painted nails digging into my back, the back of one heel in the small of my back the other in the crack of my ass, forcing me into her. Her eyes closed tightly, head back, I fucked her hard, our hips slapping with each inward thrust of my rock hard cock.
“Max, MAAAX…. FUCK MEEEE!! FUCK ME HARRRRRDER!!!” her breathing ragged. Sweat was pouring from my body as my orgasm came closer! “MAAAAAX, I’M GOING TO COOOME AGAIN! I…I…I’MMM GOOOING TO COME…. A…GAAAIN! COOOME… IN…SIDE…MEE! FILL…ME…” I could no longer hold back. “JERRRY, JERRRRRY, I’MMM COMMMING!!!” As my seed pulsed up the length of my cock I felt her ass spasm around me. I buried myself in her and sweet release took over. “AAAAAAHHHH, JERRRRRRYYYYYY!!!!” My cock pumped stream after stream of hot come into her pussy/ass as it contracted around my cock sending her own orgasm out of the end of her cock/clit.
We lay arm in arm in post-orgasmic pleasure, kissing lightly, my cock still inside, her hot ass muscles milking the rest of my come from me.
Phil Stevens