Sydney's Spring Break Nightmare


Chapter One
Sydney Osborne was on her way home from school for spring break. The week was going to suck. All of her friends were going on cool vacations but not her. Her parents had left for a vacation of their own and forbade her from going with her friends. Instead, she was staying home with her 25 year-old brother, Michael. Michael was, in short, a loser. At 25, he could not hold down a job and did a lot more smoking and drinking than working. His parents were allowing him to live in their basement while he “got on his feet”. He hadn’t made much of an effort, though. He only worked enough to pay his bar tab. With all of her friends on vacation, Sydney’s parents weren’t worried about her throwing any parties so they figured that Michael just being present was enough supervision.
She stared out the school bus window and sighed. The bus was buzzing with excitement for spring break, but she almost wished that she had to go to school. What was she going to do for a whole week all alone? Sure, Michael would be there, but she knew that their paths would probably not cross all week long. She figured she’d spend most of her time watching TV and working out at the gym. She couldn’t imagine a worse week.

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She walked through her front door and threw her backpack down. She trudged up to her room and plopped down on the bed, flinging her shoes onto the floor. Lying back on her bed, she let out a great sigh. She was already bored out of her mind. She decided she’d go downstairs, grab and snack, and settle on the couch. She took a bowl of grapes out of the fridge, carefully avoiding the chocolate mousse that sat beside them. She was determined to stay in shape despite the sedentary week that lay ahead. She heard the door open and shut. Michael came walking into the living room and sat down on the couch next to her.
“Bored already?”
She didn’t reply, instead giving him a nasty look.
“Well, hey. Why don’t I take you to the video store so you can rent some DVDs to watch?”
She wasn’t sure why he was suddenly acting like he cared whether or not she was miserable, but she agreed. It couldn’t hurt to have some movies to watch instead of talk shows and soaps all day long.
They got in his car and he pulled out of the driveway. They began driving, and she quickly noticed that they were not headed in the direction of the video store.

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“Where are you going? You were supposed to turn right, dumbass. ”
“I know, just have to make one stop first. ”
‘Great,’ she thought. ‘Now I have to sit in the car while he scores some pot or whatever. ’
He pulled into a driveway into a normal looking house.
“Come on,” he said.
“I’ll just wait in the car,” she replied.
“Suit yourself. ”
She changed the radio station and turned it up. She rested her head against the seat and closed her eyes, trying to imagine she was on a warm beach somewhere. Suddenly, she heard her car door open. Before she could scream, a hand covered her mouth.
“Don’t make a big scene. Come on,” her brother said in a rough voice he’d never used with her before. He tightly gripped her forearm as she climbed out of the car and followed him to the door.

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   She didn’t know what was happening, but she was too scared to try to fight him. He shoved her inside and slammed the door behind them, blocking it. A large man entered the room and looked her up and down.
“Yep, that’ll work,” he said to Michael. He handed Michael a brown grocery bag. He opened it and peered inside, taking out a large baggie filled with what Sydney assumed was cocaine. He opened it and snorted a small amount.
“Awesome, man. I’ll be back on Friday,” Michael told the man. He turned to leave and Sydney started to follow.
“Whoa,” said the man, grabbing her arm. “You’re staying here. ” He looked at her sinisterly. She turned to look at Michael but he’d already gone.
“W-what’s… going on?”
“Well, your brother needed some coke and I needed some fun.

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   He brought me the fun, I gave him the coke. Now its time for the fun to begin. ”
Chapter Two
A blow to the head knocked Sydney out and she awoke woozy and groggy. Looking around, she realized she wasn’t at home and the memory of what had just happened flooded her mind. She tried to move but realized that she couldn’t. There was something in her mouth and her arms and legs were tied to a bed. She started screaming but it made little sound around the ball that filled her mouth. She lay there, helpless and screaming until she was hoarse for what seemed like hours. Finally, the man entered the room.
“You’re awake! Excellent,” he said. She began screaming once again. “You can scream all you want, no one can hear you but me, and I have to tell you… It’s really turning me on. ”
Her face twisted in terror as she realized what kind of “fun” he wanted to have. “Ok, let’s lay down a few ground rules. The safety word is ‘groundhog’.

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  ” He stared at her for a second before he started chuckling. “Kidding, kidding,” he laughed. She looked at him, horror in her eyes. She was realizing how much pleasure he got out of her terror.
“You will do everything I tell you to do. If you don’t, things will only get worse… for you. They’ll probably be a lot more fun for me,” he said, laughing at his own joke. “You have no sense of humor, Sydney. Anyway, let’s get started. ”
He approached her and opened a drawer on the nightstand next to the bed. He slipped a blindfold over her eyes. She waited for what was going to happen next, but nothing did.
He left the room and turned on the television. He planned on leaving her in there for a few hours, just to give her some time to imagine all terrible things that were sure to come. He was going to take things slow.

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   After all, he had an entire week to do whatever he wanted. After watching about two hours worth of TV, he quietly entered the room. He stared at her lying there. She looked better than Michael had described. Her body was just beginning to look like a woman’s. Her breasts were average, probably a B-cup, he figured. He could tell that she worked out, her arms and legs were toned and tan. She wore a jean skirt and a blue polo shirt. Her brown hair just brushed her shoulders. He bent down and looked up her skirt. She had on a hot pink pair of panties. His cock twitched thinking about seeing her in them. He approached her silently and placed his hands on her sides, running his hands down to her hips. She jerked and cried out around the ball gag.
“Did you miss me?” he asked as he untied the blindfold.

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   He gently stroked her face as she tried to jerk away, wide-eyed. He hungrily ogled her body. He reached into the drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. She began screaming again. He laughed and rubbed the blades on her neck. He moved his fingers apart, opening the scissors. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and sloppily cut a line through the middle. Her black bra came into view. He put his hands on her breasts and squeezed them. “Nice,” he told her. He cut the sleeves of her shirt so that he could remove it completely. He threw it on the floor and moved down to her skirt. He unzipped and unbuttoned it. He pulled it down a little so that her legs held it taut, making it much easier to slice through the denim. He threw the fabric onto the floor as well.

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   He stepped back and looked at her, laying there in her underwear.
“Am I the first man to see you this way?” he asked. She lay still, and he slapped her face. “I asked you a question!” he roared. She nodded, defeated. She was now realizing that there was no point in fighting anymore. He reached down and rubbed her crotch. He could hardly wait to ravage her untouched pussy. He had other things to take care of first, though. He cut through the center of her bra and it popped off. He groaned and fondled her breasts. She squirmed and tears began leaking from her eyes. He lowered his head to her nipples, hard from being exposed to the cold air. He sucked on her right nipple as he squeezed the left. He slowly began rubbing his teeth against it and then bit down softly.

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   He felt her body react to the slight pain and blood began rushing to his cock.
He reached into the drawer and pulled out two clothespins. He attached them both to her nipples. She cried out in pain as they squeezed her delicate flesh. He tweaked them both and she jerked, pulling on the white ropes that attached her arms to the bedposts. He began rubbing her pussy over her panties again and watched as moisture slowly seeped along the fabric.
“Enjoying yourself, I see. ” He flicked the clothespins again. Tears began flowing down her face again. He reached for the scissors and carefully cut off her wet panties, adding them to the pile of destroyed clothes on the floor. He took a moment to stare at her naked body. Her breasts, while on the small side, were beautiful. She had the sexiest stomach he had ever encountered, toned and brown. He then examined her pussy. Her pubic hair was not groomed, but was very fine and sparse.

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   He pulled her lips apart and looked at her pink pussy, gleaming with wetness. He lightly stroked her clit, making her gasp.
“Have you ever touched yourself before?” he asked her. She nodded. She had occasionally explored that area before bed. It always felt nice, but she’d never brought herself to orgasm. She was ashamed that she was reacting to his touch. She couldn’t get control of her body’s responses. She felt a finger swirling around the outside of her sex. The probing finger then entered her slowly. Her pussy was astoundingly tight and he was not surprised when he felt the resistance that was her hymen. His dick hardened even more thinking about how amazing it was going to feel when he fucked her. He fingered her gently, the dampness growing inside her. His finger easily slid in and out. He had to taste her.


   He pressed his face against her pussy and slowly ran his tongue along her clit. She shuddered and could not resist the pleasure that wracked her body. He moved down and moved his tongue in and out of her sex. He felt it tighten in pleasure and decided to stop before she had the chance to reach orgasm.
He stood up and removed all of his clothes. His eight inch dick was rock hard and throbbing. He climbed onto the bed and rubbed it on her face. She closed her eyes in disgust as she felt his precum being spread all over it. He stood up and walked to the end of the bed. “Try to kick me and you will seriously regret it,” he warned. He untied her leg and bent it at the knee. She contemplated kicking him but she was much too scared of what would happen if she did. Besides, even if she knocked him out, she would still be tied to the bed. He tied both of her legs so that they were bent over her stomach, fully exposing her pussy to him. He positioned himself between her legs and she felt his dick against her hole.

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   She inhaled, trying to prepare herself for what was about to happen. He slowly pumped the head of his cock in and out of her pussy and she screwed up her face in pain. Then he suddenly slammed his dick in as far as it would go, breaking her hymen. She screamed around the gag in pain. She’d never felt pain like this; she thought that he was going to tear her in half. She began sobbing. He stopped inside her and felt the tightness of her pussy. It was warm and wet. He’d never felt anything so tight before, he knew he wouldn’t last long. He pumped his cock in and out of her, watching as his huge cock stretched out her tiny hole. She felt him push all nine inches into her and his cock seemed to get even harder. He had one of the most powerful orgasms of his life, shooting a huge load inside her. She felt the warm liquid inside of her and took some comfort in knowing that the brutal fucking was over. He pulled out slowly, making a popping noise as his member left her body.
“That was fantastic,” he told her, stroking her tear-streaked face.

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   “This is going to be a helluva week!”
More to come, email me at ASmithStories@hotmail. com. Only constructive criticism, please. Hope you enjoyed!