I had been casually shopping for a present for my mother's birthday. Mothers are always the hardest to buy for and I had no idea what to get her.  I was looking for something different. After browsing all of the local shops and malls, I decided to travel to a nearby city to check the mall there. They had more upscale items available. It was a Thursday night and I got there by myself at around seven o'clock. The parking lot was full and I felt lucky finding a spot at the end of the lot. The lot was huge so I had quite a walk just to get inside the mall. It was a warm night in early August so weather wasn't a factor. I hadn't changed from work and was still wearing a light business suit (skirt, jacket, blouse) and heels. I ended up buying a few items for myself but nothing for my mother. The stores began closing at 9:00. Instead of leaving then, I decided to stop at one of the restaurants for a coffee and a quick bite to eat before taking the 45 minute trip home. The little restaurant filled up quickly with mall employees just getting off of work. A woman about my age asked to sit with me at my table and we got into a rather long conversation. We were talking about our high school days and both of us just went on and on.

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   Neither of us noticed that the full restaurant was now empty and we were the only two customers remaining. We got up to leave and let the operator close up. We left together but she was parked on the other side of the mall so we parted company in the hallway and headed in opposite directions. I glanced at my watch and remember it was 10:53 as I went out the door. The full lot that had greeted me a few hours earlier now looked like a deserted wasteland. My car was so far away that I couldn't even see it from the entrance. The reason for that was that I had inadvertently parked in a seldom used and dimly lit area of the lot. All I could do was head in the general direction of where I had parked. My only concern then was how late I was going to be getting home. I had no fear for my safety and no thought that anything could happen. I walked at a leisurely pace toward my car that was now close but still barely visible because of the lack of lighting. A car drove through the lot and seemed to go out of it's way to drive by me.  It slowed as it went by and I heard loud music from the open windows and two sets of eyes looking at me before it sped off. I still wasn't concerned. I figured it was just someone who thought they might know me and left when they realized they didn't.

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   I kept walking. The car returned and slowly drove behind me. One of the occupants yelled "Hey, nice ass bitch", then it sped off again. I remember crumbling to myself " kids!" and continued walking. I was still not concerned. the car returned and this time it blocked my path. The driver yelled to me "Show us your tits". I told them to leave me alone and proceeded to walk around their car. The car drove a circle around me and again blocked my path. The driver yelled "come on, just show us your tits". I replied "NO WAY". They made another circle around me. The driver again said "just show us your tits and we're gone". I told them to leave me alone or I would report them to the police. They laughed and started driving a tight circle around me while spinning their tires.

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   Out of fear of being hit, I just stood there. Now I was concerned. The thought of being raped still hadn't entered my mind. I felt that they were just two young men acting foolish. My car was now only twenty feet away and all I had to do was get to it and go home. The boys stopped their circle and pulled up behind my car. Both of them got out and stood in front of me. The the guy from the passenger side moved behind me and to the side. I was completely blocked. I should mention here that I an only 5'4" tall and only weigh 110. Both of these young men were a lot bigger then me in every way. The driver was still doing the talking. He said "you know you are not being very friendly". I told him "I just want to go home" and asked him to get out of my way. Neither one moved.

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   Now I was scared but still only thought I was going to robbed and nothing else. I told him "Here, I'll give you my money, just let me go". I started reaching in my purse and he quickly yanked it out of my hands and threw it to the ground. The guy smiled and said "We're lovers, not thieves". For the first time that night, the thought that I was going to be raped crossed my mind. I was so upset that I started shaking. I tried turning away but he grabbed my arm and held it firmly. I started crying and again asked to be let go. The guy behind me started rubbing my butt with his hand. I yelled "NO" and slapped his hand away. He yanked my hair and pulled my head back. He said "Listen bitch, if I want to feel your ass, I'll feel your ass, do you understand"? I didn't answer and he pulled harder on my hair while telling me to answer him. I got out a yes and he licked my cheek before letting my hair go. Then he went back to squeezing my butt. This time, I didn't protest it.

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   The guy rubbing my butt was telling his friend that I had a nice firm "ass". He smiled and stated that he would check out my "tits". Then he put his face right up to mine and said "Is that OK with you"? I couldn't answer and was too afraid to say no if I could so I just nodded my head. He laughed and said to his friend "This bitch wants me to feel her tits". Then with his right hand he reached inside my jacket and began to roughly manhandle my left breast. He commented to his friend that I didn't have much there but they still felt nice. The guy behind me then hiked up my skirt from behind and slid his hand inside my pantyhose to feel my bare butt. He hand roamed around my butt and then he tried moving between my legs. I instinctively tightened my thighs to prevent it. He put his lips to my ear and said "loosen up bitch or I'll shove my thumb right up your ass hole". I relaxed my muscles and let his finger move through to probe me. He announced "Hey her cunt is all wet, she likes it". My thought was that he had to be lying. He brought a glistening finger out and sniffed it saying it smelled good. Then he put it to my lips and said for me to lick it off.

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   He shoved the finger between my lips and into my mouth. I thought of biting it but realized that would only bring a violent reprisal.  The guy in front then tired of mauling my breast and let it go. he looked directly at me and said "give me a kiss". I said "please no, I'm married". His answer was "I'm not going to ask you twice". I leaned forward and lightly kissed him on the lips. The guy behind me was roughly jerking down my pantyhose. The guy I had just kissed told me to kiss him like I meant it while squeezing my face with his hand. I kissed him again and this time there was tongue play. he liked that. We continued kissing while the other guy completely removed my pantyhose, panties, and heels. The two guys then passed me back and forth between them for kissing. That went on for quite a while. I lost my jacket in the process and had my hand shoved over two erections.

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   Finally, the driver said to his buddy "lets see what this cunt has to offer". He looked at me and said one word "strip". I didn't move and he said "that wasn't a request". He said it in a tone that told me there would be consequences if I didn't. With fingers shaking so badly that I could hardly control them, I started unbuttoning my blouse. I took it off and just held it because I didn't know what to do with it. Then in a demanding voice the driver said "just drop it bitch and kept going". I dropped it on the ground and began unsnapping my bra. I let it fall to the ground too. The guys gave a little cheer when my breasts became exposed and they each briefly felt one. Then I got the order "finish it". As I was opening my belt, I begged them "Please don't rape me". They laughed. I then unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the ground. After stepping out of it, I stood completely nude in front of them and in an open parking lot.

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   I had never been nude in public before. The two commented on my figure and pubic hair. one thought It should be shaved and the other liked it the way it was. They both liked my figure and had me pose and turn for them. I felt like a piece of equipment they were appraising for potential use. Then another kissing session ensued with the two of them passing me back and forth again. This time my bare breasts were mauled and they each rammed fingers up into me. While that was happening, a lone car went through the lot. It didn't stop but did slow before moving on. At this point, rape seemed imminent I was scared out of my mind but my major concern was not being physically hurt or even killed. I was now willing to let them have their way with me and try to get out of the situation as quickly as I could with the least amount of physical harm. My mind told me to do my best to please them and I might be let go. I struggled within myself to put more into the kissing and forced rubbing of their erections. The guys took my submission to their will as I sign I was now turned on and wanted it. Nothing could have been farther from the truth.


   My plan seemed to be working because they weren't being as rough with me. The driver seemed to be the dominant one of the two and soon announced that it was time for the party to start. The passenger said immediately "Man, I can't wait to fuck this cunt". The driver smiled and said "let's let the bitch decide which hole she wants it in". Then he added "personally I would rather have a good blow job". The other guy said, "I still want to fuck her". The driver looked at me and "do you give good head"? I answered "I don't know, I don't do that". He said that only made him want it more. He then got a big smile and said I'll tell you what, you do a good job sucking my cock and I won't let my buddy here fuck you in the ass, do a lousy job and we both will", "now what do you want, the ass or your mouth". I lowered my head and quietly said "mouth". Then he said "Now tell me what you want". It went back and forth until I finally said what he wanted me to say "I want to suck your cock'. Then I had to kiss his friend and tell him the same thing. again I was passed between them. first was a kiss and then me saying "I want to suck your cock" I was also made to say "I want to drink your cum" and "I want to lick your balls".

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   For some reason hearing me say those things seemed to really turn them on. I just wanted it over with. When they were done with that little game, the driver told me to get on my knees and walked over and leaned back against my car. He told me to crawl over to him. I crawled on all fours over in front of him while the two of them laughed. Then I was ordered to pull down his zipper. I reached for it and had my hand slapped away. He said "With your teeth". Then I was made to open his belt and the button on his jeans with my teeth. I was permitted to use my hands to pull his jeans down to his knees. then I was made to lower his jockey shorts with my teeth. I was thankful that he wasn't real big. I tried doing everything I was told without hesitation. My first order was "Now kiss my cock". That was followed by "lick my hairy balls" Then he said how about a quick rim job before we get into the real fun".


   I honestly had no idea what he was talking about and told him. He laughed and said "A rim job means you lick my ass hole". Then he turned around and said "Go for it". Now I hesitated He said "either lick my ass or my cock is going in yours and it won't be gentle". I gagged and thought I was going to throw up but did it long enough to satisfy him. He suddenly turned back around and said "OK honey it's show time" and told me to open my mouth. I took him in my mouth and tried doing the best I could but it had been a long time since I last preformed that act. He kept pushing it into my throat which gagged me. I wasn't permitted to use my hands, just my mouth  While I was busy doing that. The other guy moved behind me. He had it out of his pants and was attempting to maneuver me so he could enter me from behind. He did manage to penetrate me but only for a minute before the guy in front told him to back off until he was done. It seemed like this was taking forever. Then he finally let me use my hand too and that seemed to speed things along. When he got close he started ramming it into my mouth and told me to swallow every drop or I would have to lick it off the ground.

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   Then he pulled back so just the head was in my mouth and erupted. He nearly filled my mouth and told me not to swallow it yet. When he was about done. he pulled out and rubbed his remaining cum on my cheek. Some ran out the corner of my mouth a down my chin. I was then told to open up so he could see his cum before he ordered me to swallow it. I thought I was finally done with him until he said "You spilled a drop you filthy slut and pointed to his shoe. I was made to get down and lick it off.  The guy I had finished moved away and was replaced by his friend. He was bigger around then the first guy but not as long. He said "I'm going to face fuck you cunt" and that is pretty much what he did. He enjoyed slapping the sides of my face with his hands while pumping my mouth. He also had an odor that wasn't pleasant. The only good thing was that he only lasted a minute or two before filling my mouth.  He had a lot of cum but I managed to swallow it.

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   After he finished he used my hair to wipe the remaining cum and saliva off of him and pushed me on the ground and stepped over me. I just laid there on the pavement and cried.  The two of them stood there and talked about whether they were done with me or not. Finally the driver said that they were there too long already and should go before the cops or someone came by. Then one of them said he had to piss. I thought he was walking behind the car. Then I looked up and he was standing over me. He said to his buddy "Looks like a toilet to me and I felt a warm liquid hitting over my prone body. I covered my face with my hands. The passenger then stood over me and ordered me to move my hands and look at him. He urinated all over my face. then he ordered me to lick the last few drops off of the end of his cock. I did it. When he was satisfied that I had cleaned him up enough, he shoved me back down on the pavement with his foot. I was left laying crying in a puddle of urine.

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   Then they were gone. As soon as I was sure they were gone, I spotted my skirt and jacket and quickly grabbed them and my purse before getting in my car. I drove out of the parking lot and out of town without dressing. I just wanted away from there. It wasn't until I got to a rest area on interstate that I pulled over and put on what clothes I had.
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