My brothers best friend


This is my story about being taken by an older guy when I was 16 it was my brothers best friend and someone I had known for years. It was the middle of July and I was out in the back yard in my bikini when my brother Steve and his best friend Mark came by the house, They came out to the back yard I jumped up and gave my brother a hug I had not seen him since the holiday break he was 6 years older then me. I also reached over and gave Mark a hug since I had known him for ten years or so.
We chatted a bit, and my brother then said he had some errands to do and asked if Mark wanted to go with, Mark said he had some stuff to take care of also, and they agreed to meet back up at our house in about five hours and go out and cause some trouble. The whole time we were sitting there I could tell that Mark was checking me out, and I did not mind one bit I guess you could say I have kind of had a crush on Mark, he and my brother played high school scoccer and are on the same colledge team so Mark in one hot guy, and in great shape.
So after a few more minutes of talking Steve got up and said he had to get going, Mark stood and said he to needed to hit the road, and they walked into the house I heard Steves car start  up and drive off, I looked over at the patio table and Mark's cell phone was there I grabbed it and ran to catch him, as I made it to the living room Mark walked through the front door, I said good you left this, and held out his cell phone, he said thanks but thats not what I came back for.
I said what else did you forget, Mark said something I have been thinking about since the holiday break, I said what would that be, and with that he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him and said "YOU" I just smiled and started to pull away figuring he was kidding around, but he did not let go, he pulled me close and his other hand reached around and grabbed my ass, I forgot to mention I am on the cheer leading squad so I was hot for a 16 yr old, I tried to pull away but he was so much stronger than me, Mark then said look I know you have been fucked you brother told me you already had sex, I blushed he was right I have had sex a couple of time but that was with my boyfriend.
He had my bikini bottoms pulled over with half my ass exposed, then he reached up and pulled my top down letting my tits fall free, then he took one of my nipples in his mouth and said very nice, I was trying to push him back but nothing I did made any differnce I looked up at him and said I am going to tell steve what your trying to do, Mark looked at me and said no you won't. and with that shoved me back onto the couch following closely, he postitioned him self between my legs on his knees with me on the couch, he pushed my legs apart and his hand started rubbing my pussy thru the thin frabric of my bikini, then he just reached up and pulled them down and off one of my legs.
I sat there with my legs spread and pussy exposed, he started to rub my clit which sent shivers through my body, I did not want this to happen but he was doing all the right things to get my body to over rule my mind, then he inserted a fingure and started to fuck my pussy with it, Mark looked up and said see I knew you would like this, you are already wet, I stopped resisting and just spread my legs nice and wide for him, he then took his fingure out and replaced it with his mouth, it felt so dam good, my boyfriend had eaten me once but Mark really knew what he was doing, suck in my clit lick it then let it out, and then repeat that over and over, then he put his fingure back into me then two, the next thing I knew I was cumming harder then I have ever had,
Mark stood and said your turn, and he pulled down his shorts and underwear showing me his 8" cock much larger than my boyfriend, Mark pulled my head to his cock and put his cock on my lips, and just started shoving it in he got about half way in, and I pulled back then he pulled me to it this time I relaxed and let about six inches in he took his hand off my head and I started sucking that cock the best that I could Mark said I was doing great telling me how hot I was.
Then he pulled out and pushed me back and got back on his knees and put his cock at the entrance of my pussy I took a deep breath and Mark said relax and with that he shoved all the way in and i felt his balls hit my ass, he left it in to allow my pussy to ge used to his cock, then he started slowly pulled back and the slowly pushed back in he did that for a while then he started to increase his speed, and after a while he was pulling completly out and shoving back in to the hilt, he really started to fuck me hard and with the pain came much pleasure, and I came again and he fucked me right through it, after about twenty more strokes in my pussy he pulled out and brought his cock to my face I opened my mouth and he put his cock in it, he started to stoke his cock then he let out a groan and shot his load into my mouth I had no choice but to swallow but some dribbled from my lips on to my tits he pulled out and leaned down and kissed me on the forhead and said thanks you are beautiful, then he pulled up his shorts and grabbed his cell phone and turned and headed for the door and walked out I heard his car start and he pulled away, I was sitting there exhausted not really sure what happened I mean I knew but he I was bikini top pulled down tits hanging out with some cum on them, bikini bottom around my left ankle, and a very wet and soar pussy, not sure if I had been rapped or if I was a willing participant, well maybe the next time I figure that one out,
luv ya Kellie 
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