More like CAMP FUCK. part 1


Topic: More like CAMP FUCK. Part 1 Jamie tightened her ponytail and smiled, she couldn't say she was sorry to be here after all. After weeks of begging, her parents had finally convinced her to come to Camp Chukawaka. At age 17, camp was hardly the place she wanted to be spending 2 weeks but as the bus bounced across the pot holes, she began to enjoy the idea of spending some time away from the city. Her parents were traveling to Paris for a romantic get-a-way and the last person they'd wanted to take with them was their daughter but they didn't feel comfortable leaving her at home by herself. Even though she was almost 18, she was after all, their only child; so rather than leaving her home alone for 2 weeks or burdening some other parents with her, they'd dumped her at the camp and excitedly left for Paris.
Jamie stared out the grimy window enjoying the view of the pine trees, the squirrels the birds, and the smell of fresh camp air. Not far off was a clearing which Jamie assumed was to be their camp ground. The yellow school bus chugged along to a stop and an excited mummer filled the bus. The woman who had been sitting at the front of the bus and chatting with the driver the entire trip stood up and began to speak.
“Okay teens, welcome to camp Chukawaka” she said! An applause filled the bus as people laughed and clapped cheerfully, happy to be at the camp.
“I hope you’re as excited to be here as I am, we’re going to have 2 weeks filled with lots of fun. All girl fun” she said
“Yah right bitch” yelled an angry girl at the back of the bus. That same girl had been the one throwing small pebbles at the other girls on the bus.
The lady ignored the girl and continued speaking. “Okay girls, grab your stuff and as you head out the bus I’ll give you a number, that number will tell you what cabin you’re to be in.

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   Once you’re done putting your stuff into your cabins and getting comfortable, meet me back at the camp fire where I’ll introduce you to your camp counselors. ”
Jamie grabbed her duffel bag and sleeping bag and filed out the bus with the rest of the girls, as she got off the bus, the lady smiled at her warmly.
“Welcome, Jamie, we’ve been excited for your coming” she said.
Jamie smiled back as the lady handed her a card with the number 5 on it. As Jamie headed to her cabin, the annoying bleached blonde girl who had been causing trouble the entire bus ride and throwing rocks at the people on the bus began walking beside her.
“Hey, I’m Larissa” she said
“Hey, nice to meet you, I’m Jamie”
“I noticed you weren’t talking to anyone on the bus, so I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that you’re new here like me”
“Yah, you guessed right” said Jamie quickly, trying to keep the conversation to a minimum
“So, which cabin are you in” said Larissa again without taking the hint
“ummm 5, I guess”
They walked in an uncomfortable silence for a few moments before they got to the cabin. Once inside, Larissa claimed the bunk that was isolated from most of the other bunks at the very corner of the cabin. She threw her stuff on the top bunk and climbed to her bed inspecting for anything that she could complain about.
“Take the bed below mine” said Larissa
“Okay” said Jamie uncomfortably.
“I see you’re shy, don’t worry, once you hang out with me, the shyness will melt away like that” said Larissa gesturing with her hands. “So how’d you get stuck at this stupid all girl camp”
“My parents are going to Paris for their anniversary, how about you?”
“My dumb mom felt that I needed some time alone, like I’m gonna get that at a camp filled with a bunch of girls”
Their conversation was interrupted as a bunch of girls headed into their cabin chattering excitedly. There were 14 girls in the cabin including Jamie and Larissa. Jamie stared enviously as she saw that three of skinny blonde girls who looked like super models, probably size 0 or -1. Compared to them, Larissa and her looked obese, which of course they weren’t. At 17, Jamie was a few pounds overweight, but nothing that she couldn’t shed quickly with a few weeks at camp.

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   She had a chestnut colored medium length curly hair which she always wore in a ponytail and large brown eyes with grey speckles close to her pupils. Her eyelashes were long, dark and curly. Her lips were a soft pink peachy color, full and pouty. She was a 38C cup and always hid her luscious curves under baggy clothing. Her ass was round, full and tight and attracted men and women from miles away. Larissa on the other hand didn’t have had bleached blonde hair and large grey eyes. Her chest looked like they'd been blown up like helium balloons and her ass was pert small and cute. Her lips were full, plump and pouty but also large; they were a dark red color. The most gorgeous thing about her entire body was her long sexy legs which seemed consume most of her body. Jamie watched enviously as the other girls chatted comfortably with each other. She wished she could join them but that would just be too weird. The three supermodel girls headed towards Jamie and Larissa smiling gleefully.
"Hey, I'm Shauna, Welcome to Camp. It's gonna be a blast here" said the most beautiful of the three.
"Thanks, I’m Jamie" mumbled Jamie, "so what exactly do you guys do here"
"Oh, you'll see soon enough" said Shauna smiling mischievously.

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Shauna and her two other clones glared at Larissa before stalking off to hang out with the other girls. Jamie sighed wishing she were stick thin like the other girls before turning back to Larissa.
“Stupid bitches” muttered Larissa as she glared back at them.
“We heard that!” said one of the Shauna clones, “You are so gonna regret coming to camp you fucking whore”
Larissa rolled her eyes and bounced on her bed her short khaki shorts riding up her legs. She glanced at Jamie’s baggy unstylish blue t-shirt and long grandma Capri pants and grunted in disapproval. “You shouldn’t wear that you know, you’re really gorgeous and you have the curves in the right places, you know you should show it off”
“Gorgeous my butt” replied Jamie. “Look at those girls, now that is gorgeous, and why should I dress up anyway, there are no guys here. It’s an ALL GIRLS CAMP, remember
“If by gorgeous you mean an absolute bag of bones with no chest, no butt, no hips, then yes they are gorgeous and who says there has to be guys for you to strut your stuff”
“What do those girls have against you anyway”?
“Oh, you mean those idiots? I used to go to their high school and they were jealous because I had and still have it all, not meaning to brag” said Larissa laughing shortly. “Anyway like I said, I had beauty and brains and they…. well they just have some beauty, they got their high marks by cheating their way and slutting their way through high school. Anyway, your beloved Shauna had a nerd boyfriend and she used to cheat off him in everything, anyway I convinced him to not let her that it wasn’t fair and he agreed. She failed the diploma exam and couldn’t graduate until she slutted her way with some of the teachers, then she tried to convince everyone that I slept around for my marks, stupid bitch”.
“Wow…. . ”
“Yah, I know, can’t believe we got stuck at the same camp, anyway let’s head to the campfire” as she tied her shirt behind her back exposing an absolutely flat stomach.

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Jamie and Larissa arrived at the camp fire later than everyone else but they managed to sneak in unnoticed.
“Welcome to camp Chukawaka” said the same lady on the bus as she handed out marshmallows to the girls. “We have over 52 girls here at camp and there are 26 more coming tomorrow”. The girls cheered as the camp director whistled. “Today, we’re going to start things off with a scavenger hunt. Divide yourselves into groups of four and try to go with people you’ve never met before. The hunt will start after you finish your snacks, each group will get a list of things they need to find and some things they need to do, which ever team completes their hunt first will receive the spirit stick and one full day at the Chukawaka spa. After the challenge is over, you’ll meet your counselors. ” The girls cheered again chattering about the spa. “Okay girls, divide yourselves into teams”.
Jamie and Larissa looked around excitedly quickly trying to find two other girls to go with, but all the other girls were already in teams except for two teams which had just three girls. One of the teams happened to be the utterly gorgeous Shauna’s team.
“Looks like we’re going to have to split up, and I’m sorry there’s no way in hell I’m going with those three” said Larissa. Jamie looked at the only friend she’d made in camp so far and walked away from her to join Larissa.
“Okay girls, it’s 9:30pm, the scavenger hunt begins now!” screamed the camp director.

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As the other teams ran off excitedly, Jamie watched as her team stayed put.
“I’m glad you’re on our team Jamie, we’re so gonna win this with you here” said Shauna pulling on one of Jamie’s curly chestnut locks”. The other girls surrounded Jamie breathing softly on her neck.
“Shouldn’t we get going, I mean the other girls are going to win and we don’t have much time” said Jamie feeling slightly uncomfortable at their closeness.
“Don’t worry, we get till 12:30 am, I’ve been here since I was 15, the rules haven’t changed, besides, we know where all the stuff are hidden, so just stick with me and drop that bitch Larissa and you’ll have fun here” said Shauna her cold lips just centimeters away from Jamie’s soft peachy ones. “I hope you can keep up during this hunt” said Shauna, and at once she and the clones began running.
Jamie followed behind them cutting swiftly through the trees as she ran out of breath. The three supermodels were in shape and were far ahead of her and they were barely in her visibility range. She groaned as she felt another twig scratch her arm, as she stopped to catch her breath, she saw an abandoned cabin in front of her.
“Come on, Jamie, the first clue is in here, it says on the paper” said Shauna.
Jamie jogged to where Shauna and the rest of the clones stood. “Okay, you go in first, you’re the new one, we’ve all had to do this, no worries” said Shauna smiling mischievously. Jamie shifted uncomfortably but walked in anyway not wanting to look like a coward. As Jamie’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw a small bed in the cabin but that was all. She heard the footsteps of the other girls behind her and she heard the door slam.

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“Lock the door, Chantelle” said Shauna to one of the clones. From the corner of her eye, Jamie saw Chantelle bring out a key from her shirt and lock the door. As Jamie whirled around she saw Shauna’s cold eyes.
“Welcome to Camp Fuck Bitch, You’re my new whore”  said Shauna as she grabbed Jamie by the arms.
Jamie whimpered frightened. “What are you guys doing?” asked Jamie.
The two other girls stood back restraining the struggling Jamie. “You’ll find out soon enough bitch” said Shauna as she grabbed a knife and slit Jamie’s shirt open revealing a black sports bra. Shauna stared at Jamie’s tits a few moments before licking her lips.
“Look girls, this one’s a natural, don’t you just like”? The girls muttered an approval. Jamie struggled as the girls held her down, quite strong for their size. Shauna ripped Jamie’s bra and watched as Jamie’s soft tits bounced free. She licked her lips hungrily as she stared at the long pointy pink nipples and large dark areolas. She began fondling Jamie’s tits enjoying the feeling. Jamie continued struggling, trying to break free.

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“What the hell are you guys doing? Stop it, that hurts” protested Jamie as Shauna pinched her tits
“Tie this bitch down” said Shauna.
The clones climbed on top of the bed and grabbed two ropes from the roof and two adjacent walls. They grabbed the struggling Jamie and tied her hands to the ropes on the roof and her feet to the ropes on the adjacent walls. She was now hanging open in the middle of nowhere free for them to do as they pleased. Shauna and Chantelle began sucking on Jamie’s tits biting and pulling, pinching and twisting. They’d never gotten to play with tittes this big and it was heaven compared to their small 36A cups. Marissa, the other clone, ripped off Jamie’s capris to reveal a rounded ass stuffed into black lacy booty shorts. Marissa drooled at the site of sure fine, pale, firm yet soft globes of ass. She grabbed a stick from the ground and began smacking Jamie’s ass while the other girls continued greedily sucking on Jamie’s tits while playing with their pussies. Chantelle grabbed Jamie’s ponytail and began pulling Jamie’s head (by her hair) as far back as she good without breaking her neck, while Shauna continued greedily yet forcefully and painfully biting on Jamie’s tits and nipples. Marissa, on the other hand, was now sucking and eating out the fine plate of ass set before her. Chantelle split apart Jamie’s ass cheeks and began licking in between paying close attention to the asshole. Jamie’s screams of pain echoed through the cabin as the girls continued eating her out but refusing to touch her pussy.
“It’s been a long time since we’ve had some fresh whore” said Shauna.
“And none of our whores had curves like this bitch” replied Marissa greedily
“I can’t wait till we get to her pussy, I bet she’s still a virgin” chimed Chantelle lustily.

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“Leave, me alone, please, this actually hurts. This is rape. I’ll do whatever you want” cried Jamie in pain.
“Shutup, whore, you’re already going to do whatever we want” replied Shauna
“Once, I get out of here, I’ll report you to the camp director”
The girls exchanged a knowing look before laughing coldly. “Stuff this bitch” said Marissa
Shauna thrusts her tongue into Jamie’s mouth and began French kissing Jamie. She bit Jamie’s soft lips with her sharp teeth drawing blood. She swirled around her snake like tongue in Jamie’s mouth exchanging spit and tongue fucking Jamie.
“You have the mouth made like a whore” she said as she dug her sharp nails into Jamie’s already sore tits leaving more marks and drawing blood. Jamie’s ass was now plump and red in pain and Chantelle and Marissa smacked, bit, rubbed, and spat on it only stopping to slip more fingers into each others pussies. Shauna grabbed the panties of the three girls and stuffed it into Jamie’s mouth.
“Girls, it’s time for the best part, the pussy”.
The girls licked their lips wolfishly in delight, but before they devoured each others pussies and the pussy of Jamie, they stopped to do their signature French kiss. Their tongues slid of each others as spit dropped to the ground, each of the girls struggling to get closer and closer to one and other. Jamie hung from the roof watching, frightened, circulation cut from her arms and legs. The girls stopped their seven minutes in heaven after about 10 minutes and moved to Jamies pussy.

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   The first was Shauna. She slid on her back underneath Jamie and split apart the pussy lips. She began sucking greedily enjoying the taste of the new comer’s pussy. As Shauna enjoyed devouring Jamie’s pussy, Chantelle knelt in front of Shauna and began eating out Shauna’s pussy. Behind Chantelle was Marissa who split apart Chantelle’s asshole and began licking in between and sticking her fingers in and out to a rhythm. Shauna bit Jamie’s pussy and Jamie’s scream shook the abandoned cabin. Shauna flicked her tongue in and out of the pussy quickly and Jamie’s scream quickly subsided and turned into moans of pleasure. As Shauna’s tongue entered the pussy once more, Jamie felt her pussy contract and she felt a loss of breath as she experienced her first orgasm. As the hot liquid cum hit Shauna, in the face, Shauna felt herself cum, and at the same time, both Marissa and Chantelle also cummed. The moans of pleasure from all four girls quickly filled the cabin. Shauna quickly licked the cum off her face enjoying the bitter-sweet salty taste. Shauna moved from under Jamie and gasped for air, slapping Jamie’s pussy one last time.
“Chantelle, begin with the fingering, this one is still a virgin” said Shauna.
The girls rotated positions as each one took the time to suck out each other’s pussy and slowly finger fuck the new girl as her screams of pain filled the cabin. They decided not to use the dildo on Jamie yet because she was still a virgin, they had a special surprise for her later on.

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   As the girls finished their last fuckings with each other, they left their signature mark on Jamie. By 12:00, the girls quickly put on back their clothes and dragged the exhausted, sex fested, naked Jamie outside. They tied Jamie to a tree and left her naked and gagged making sure her legs were spread out and open for whatever bugs or animals who also wanted to enjoy her pussy. They each spat on Jamie before leaving and hid her clothes so she wouldn’t be able to find it.
“Welcome, to CAMP FUCK bitch, you’re our new whore, oh and your friend Larissa, she’s next” they said in union. They watched as tears slipped down Jamie’s eyes and laughed.
“Come on girls, let’s go find the stuff for the scavenger  hunt” said Shauna.
The girls laughed as they ran through the woods gathering their stuff.
“Do you think we tied the knots tight enough” asked Chantelle worriedly
“Duh, what do you think all those years of camp were for? Rope tying and shit for sex slaves of course” replied Marissa.
“The camp director will be so pleased” said Shauna as the girls giggled and ran to join the rest of the campers as they presented their items to the director.
I hope you loved the story, please leave comments, THANKS. Part two will come out when I see some comments.