Librarian Loves Rape


Tammie Edwins was not your typical librarian. She didn't wear her hair up in a bun, didn't wear glasses, full-length shapeless dresses and heels, didn't squint or purse her lips, didn't have dishwater skin like parchment, and was not middle-aged. On the contrary, she was in her mid-twenties, had long flowing honey-colored hair, deep green eyes, and peachy complexion. She favored wearing a tight skirt six inches above the knees and a tight silk blouse, which accentuated her figure quite nicely - a figure with firm upthrust breasts, curved hips, full legs, and a perky rounded rump. In short, Tammie Edwins was a knockout.
It was near closing time in the Ridgeview Public Library, and Tammie Edwins the library director was at the check-out desk. She had made the rounds in the library, checking all the areas, turning off computers, locking doors, turning out lights, and noting there were still two patrons in the reading room. She glanced up at the clock and noted that it was but a few minutes till seven p. m. She looked in the direction of the reading room, watching for the two patrons to come out.
Unbeknownst to Tammie, she was being watched.
He leaned against the wall, behind a stack, in the shadows. Looking down the aisle, he could see the librarian from behind. He lowered his hand to his crotch and slowly stroked.
At seven p. m.

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   on the dot the two patrons came out of the reading room and left the library. Tammie went to the reading room and turned out the light, and then walked back to the check-out desk.
He swiped his hand over his crotch, unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff throbbing cock. He squeezed it as he watched the library director.
Tammie walked to her little office just on the side of the stack, went to the desk and picked up her purse and keys.
His fat full balls tingled; his prick stood up hard and aching. He moved silently around the stack and saw her standing at the desk, her back toward him. His dick jerked and throbbed at the sight of her perky rounded rump. He knew the time had come.
He walked fast into the office, grabbed the library director from behind and pushed her down on the desk. Within a few seconds he had raked her skirt up and tore her panties down, placed his legs between hers and wrapped his arms around her waist and had pressed down upon her back.
"Oomph, what - ohh -" were Tammie's first utterances when being grabbed by him. It was not until he thrust his cock into her cunt that she became aware of just what was happening.
He heaved his rock-hard prick up her pussy, digging it deep.
"No!" Tammie called out.

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   "No, no!" She squirmed and struggled and tried to pull off, but the rapist had her wrapped too tight. She could scream but she knew no one would hear.
He pulled his dick back a little, and then he thrust it forward again, screwing every hard inch of it up her pussy.
"Ohh - noo - unh no - ohh" Tammie cried out as the rigid cock jammed all the way up her cunt.
He pulled back all the way, and then jabbed it home once again. Then he began fucking her in earnest, pumping his thick hard prick deep in her minty tight pussy.
A wet flame stabbed up Tammie's cunt. The rigid pulsating meat of her rapist had jammed her cunt full.
He felt her opening up for it. She began moving her pelvis around, giving little thrusts back with her pussy. He began hammering it in her, rapping his dick up and down, sawing it back and forth.
"Oh - ah - unh - ahh!" Tammie gasped as her rapist pumped the meat to her. She thrust back at him, rotating her ass, her head raised up and her back arched. "Ooh - ahh - ohhh - ahhh!" she panted.
He rammed it in her, pounding his hard cock deep in her cunt.

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   He slid his hands up her tummy and she raised up to allow him access. He moved his hands to her blouse, raking it up, sliding on up to her bra. He jabbed his hands under it and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. "Ahh - umm - ah - unh - ahh," Tammie crooned.
Her rapist stabbed his prick all the way up her pussy and shot a hot gob of semen deep in her cervix. Tammie answered back by panting and gasping out "Unhhh - ahhh!"
He pumped glob after glob of cum up her cunt. She tightened the muscles of her pussy around his dick, sucking it, milking it.
He lay atop her back for a few minutes, and then he slid his cock out, raised up off her back, adjusted his clothing, and then he was gone; leaving the librarian well-raped and sprawled on her desk.
There would be no reporting of this rape.