Father Mackenzie and Josephine!


Topic: Chapter 1 Josephine confides!“Father Mackenzie what should I do. ” He trotted forward and took hold of the child, “About what Josephine. ” She looked worried, “Well about my mother, father. ”She sniffled into her hanky and brought her petite body up close to the priest. The room fell silent for a minute whilst the girl brought herself round again-“Your worries are safe with me girl. ”
“Well last night after dinner mother was washing dishes and father was reading a book, and then all of a sudden I got this terrible pain inside me like a stabbing feeling you know?”
He once again cupped the girl closer to him and ran his coarse fingers through her hair. “Do you know how this feeling started had you taken something before you fell ill?”
“No but that I could bear I’ve been ill before but in this case there was blood! “She gently raised her dress up so the priest could see her knickers. He gazed astonished at the thirteen year old girl as he saw the red patch of blood staining her cotton kickers.
“Oh my girl, my poor Josephine you are not ill. You are merely changing into the body of a woman; you are running through the stages of adolescence. ” 
“What’s that mean father, the blood I don’t understand it’s all too confusing!”
“Tell me Josephine have you noticed a change in your likeness for boys? Do you feel something different towards them perhaps an emotion that you did not feel before?”
She shied away from the priest’s eyes slightly embarrassed at what he had said to her, “In this church only my eyes and ears will hear and see what you say girl, you have my confidence. ” Softly he began to caress her hair pulling through the strands with his fingers calming the girl.
“Its strange father every now and again I see a boy and it’s like I want to be close to him. Not like children when we would play but more something that feels intimate almost. ”
“Does this boy have a name? Or are there a few; is it someone in your class?”
“No, but yes at the same time its one particular boy but he’s doesn’t attend our school. ”
“Then who are we talking about Josephine.

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  ” Father Mackenzie was a caring man that is why the brave girl thought she would be able to confide in him, in comparison to her mother.
“This is where I get upset father its wrong really wrong I believe it’s a sin. ”
“The very reason you look upon other boys is no sin that I can assure you Josephine!”
“It is when it’s your cousin father. ” The two of them stopped and the priest stepped away from the girl.
Crashing signals from priest Mackenzie altered the vibe inside the room and the little girl. She hurried towards the door quickly redoing her dress and garment, tears rolling down her soft cheeks.
“Hold on girl?” He said.
“I can’t Father, I just can’t I’m sorry I should never have come!” She was in a state alright her heart fluttered inside evoking emotions of humility mixed with the deep regret about what had happened.
“I won’t ask you twice Josephine. ” Commanding the girl in a way she had not heard the priest before. He brushed away at his parting hair and scowled at the girl.
“Am I in trouble father?”
“In the eyes of our lord yes Josephine, I’m sorry but you are?”
She turned to the priest and bode her legs in his direction. As she went to wrap her arms around him he backed off disgusted at what he had heard. “Away with you girl get away you vile creature. ” A fierce hand swiped out and grabbed at her hair.

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   “This is what you do to the church is it girl? Have unfaithful and disgusting feelings about family members?”
Reaching into her pocket to retrieve a hanky she trembled, sniffling, “I don’t know why father I want to be good I don’t want to have these feelings any longer!”
He thrashed at her with his coarse hands and pulled her soft hair. “And how will you stop these thoughts of sex, how will you stop your yearn for your cousin? Are you aware of the implications here you horrid girl do you realise what you have done?”
“No. ” she stuttered.
“Your mother and father I will have to inform them!”
“Please no!” She pleaded shaking as her eyes widened with the prospect of her parents finding out. Father Mackenzie took hold of her neck and thrust her downwards at a ninety degree angle. “You’re hurting me father, please stop. ”
“You were right to come to me Josephine, right to confide in me for this is the terrible news I hear. It’s fortunate for you that you came when you did, you must be cleansed immediately. ” Josephine wriggled her body but the firm grip of the priest prevented her. She tried kicking and thrashing anything to break free. After a short while and realising her attempts were futile she gave up.
“I just want to be good father that’s all. Just not my parents, father would kill me!”
“And so he should he’s a devote catholic man, a family man think of how he would feel knowing he had brought a wicked girl like you into this world?”
“What can I do Father?”
He busied himself in the chest drawer uninterested in her questions. He grappled at the jammed drawer and a few attempts later he’d managed to winch it open. “Damn this needs fixing.

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  ” He uttered.
“What are you doing father?”
A silence prevailed and he continued to search for something, she heard the rustles of whatever was in the draw and his busy hands. He retrieved a small notebook and began to dial the number.
“Wait father anything?” she squealed, Father Mackenzie nodded his head and slammed the phone down. He brought himself closer to the emotional girl. “Well what will you do for me?”
“Be good and not have thoughts of well you know what we talked about. ” Clearly the girl felt deeply embarrassed about the whole situation she could barely breath the name of her cousin.
“I’m a fair priest aren’t I Josephine?”
“Yes. ” She mumbled.
“Well what would you do in my shoes how would you deal with this sinful behaviour?”
“I’m not sure father. ”
“Ok let’s try something different whose work is this down to Josephine what sinful actions have led to these thoughts and feelings, why have you failed to commit yourself to the church?”
“I am committed father I really am. I’m top of my class do well in sports. I attend church every Sunday even when I have been sick. ”
The priest decided to play a cruel perverse trick on young Josephine really set into her psyches and let her vulnerability persist. He brought the discussion back to her blood soaked panties.

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   “Lift that skirt again girl? Right up?” He shouted.
She quickly latched at the hem and thrust up the cotton dress, “Further I say I want to see those knickers girl?” She did as instructed and the priest began to pace around her clockwise. She began to feel all fluttery inside and tinge nauseas at his perpetual pacing. He circled her as she stood wafting his tunic from side to side and grunting.
“This my girl is the very reason your knickers are blood soaked Josephine. ” She peered down to once again gaze at the dry stain before her; she almost melted inside from humility.
“I thought you said I was becoming a woman father, changing and growing up?”
“That was before you told me of the indescribable thoughts of incest girl, it doesn’t bare thinking about do you understand?”
“No father. ” She looked confused and a slight tear rolled down her cheek.
“And keep the dress up hold it tightly to your chest. ” He said as the young girl in all her worry had dawdled and let loose of the garment.
“That my girl. ” He brought his fingers out and touched the cotton fabric of her knickers, he rubbed his fore finger in a circular motion, “That Josephine is the work of the devil!” He lied.     
She almost fainted, believing the twisted words of father Mackenzie. She managed to hold her balance but only just and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. “The devil Father, oh please no it can’t be.

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  ” She wailed.
“I’m afraid so girl, now do you see the terrible consequences of your thoughts. They are thoughts only the devil could conjure up and for you to bare them makes you as sick and depraved as him. ”
She wailed uncontrollably within the room, her moans captivating the father’s words. “There is only one thing for it Josephine, as I already have stated. ”
She focused her sultry eyes upon him almost pleading out for help, though it was none to close. The priest noticed her fine slender legs beginning to look more womanly. Her panties so thin that he could almost make out the small tuft of hair beneath them. “As I said you must be cleansed!”
“How. ” She replied.
“I have had cases like this before from boy’s and girls alike. You are no special case Josephine just another of god’s creatures which has strayed from the flock. You must be aligned once more. If you persist in your behaviour and think about family members in the way you have, the blood will come again and again. ”
“This will happen again father? The bleeding will surly stop wont it?”
“Yes in good time and hard work of course.

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   If I am to cure you of this atrocity you yourself need to repent. Tell no one of this if the church found out about your physical condition you would certainly not be welcomed any longer. Not your mother father or friends keep this between you and me. ”
She turned her head downwards, swallowing up the priest’s lies, believing that she was sick. Listening to the words he had spoken, the nave girl really believed that her period pains and her yearn for boys was the work of the devil. “I want to start now father I want to be rid of this, I will tell no one I promise. ”
He rose forward and patted her head lightly, brandishing his good will or so she thought upon her. “You are taking the first steps Josephine I am pleased. ” He stroked her and wiped away her tears with his thumb making sure he coaxed the girl into trusting him and what he was going to do to her.
“I am going to ask you to return to classes now Josephine, you will report to me after the first bell. You will skip luncheon today and report to the chapel office at noon, do I make myself clear. ”
“Yes father. ” She nodded her head in agreement and wiped clean her tears. “You may now reassemble your dress but before you go wash and dry your face. We wouldn’t want any of your friends, or the teachers for that fact thinking you are upset now would we?”
“But I am father, I am upset….

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  ” She turned the tap and flushed away her bloodshot eyes and the blotchy redness that the tears had evoked.
“You are a very sick girl, very, very sick. Only together can we conker this affliction. ” He left her standing with that gruelling, depraved sentence which he knew was utter rubbish. His aim was for her to relish what he’d said she needed those words implanting in her futile mind firmly. She needed to feel frightened and scared.
She bore no reply to Father’s words and after drying her face left the room. As the door slammed shut she crouched down bursting into tears wondering what was happening to her, and how priest Mackenzie would help her.  

Chapter 2 

Noon came and the girl hurriedly paced over to the chapel. She shook profusely and whirled around the thoughts in her mind, the priest, the devil and for sure her cousin how had all this begun? Not long before the end of class she had noticed a small trickle of blood emanate further out of her vagina and in her haste had to smear it dry over her knickers. “Come in. ” The loud voice of the priest shouted as she knocked on the door. She walked in timidly clutching her dress and as the door shut watched as father Mackenzie readjusted his glasses.
“How were lessons today?” He asked.
“They were ok father good really I got my test results back an A on arithmetic.

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“That is what we like to here but has it deterred you from those thoughts we talked about earlier?”
“I have not thought of those things but something else happened in class!”
“Oh I see well continue. ”
He ran his eyes over the body of the girl she was so sweet and innocent. Her light skin shone out and freckles dotted her face. Her mousey brow hair was set in a pony tail, she looked adorable.
“It’s the blood father more there was more of it. I didn’t know what to do but soak it up on my knickers but that’s not all. The smell it’s starting to smell awfully bad.
“Stand in the corner Josephine. ”
“Father…. ?” She replied.
“Come on now into the corner. ”  He ordered and watched as the docile little thing ran over to the book case that was facing the far corner.
“The dress, take it off. ”She quickly did as instructed and shredded the garment, throwing it towards the floor. “Now turn around!”
Father Mackenzie saw the almost sodden knickers filled with the blood of her sex.

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   It looked repulsive. “Take off the knickers Josephine?” She wondered why the priest was asking her to do this but further still she complied. As the knickers fell to her knees and stopped at her ankles for the first time the priest saw her vagina. He was right a small tuft of hair had begun growing lining down horizontally over her slit.
“This truly is disgusting Josephine. ” He commented and edged closer to her. “Keep your hands by your side. ” He shouted as she tried to conceal her nakedness. A look of worry painted her innocent face now stood half naked within the priest’s presence.
“I am going to feel your sex now. This is the only way for me to cure you. ”
“But how I don’t understand?”
“Well of course you don’t you are very young, don’t you trust me Josephine, do you not trust the wise words of your priest…. ?” And his busy hands she was oblivious to this. She fell silent not knowing of what to say. He ran his finger gently down the slit first with one finger and then a second.

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   He gently pushed at the entry of her vagina and toyed with her sex. Suddenly she felt a feeling she had not felt before, an impulse of sex ran through her little body.
“If you think this is all that needs to be done Josephine sadly you are mistaken. ” Her vagina began to expel fluid gradually his fingers became lubed with her natural fluids.
“It feels funny father, like good even. ”
He pushed in further so his finger embedded within the confines of her virgin hole. She moaned softly and wriggled her body up and down almost, like she was working her vagina up and down his fingers. “That’s it girl, now grab onto the coat rail above you and do as you are doing now. Rock on my fingers, support all of your weight on your feet up and down now. ”She clutched the rail and began moving slowly into a rhythm as instructed. The priest felt more and more of his fingers guiding up into her vagina, the fluid flowing out.
Her face was flushed, “Do you like this feeling Josephine?” He asked
“Yes father, I do. ” She said as she rocked faster and harder on his fingers. He had now inserted three into her manipulating her hole.
“The more you do this Josephine more likely the chances are too getting better.


In her moment of lust, for a sense she knew just now father Mackenzie’s words flew over her head. Beneath his tunic he felt his monster penis throbbing in excitement, he could so easily rape the young girl here and now abuse her hole and make her scream but he wanted to break her slowly. He retracted his fingers the girl moaning, almost at the point of releasing her first orgasm.  
“How did you feel then Josephine, did you enjoy that experience?”
“Yes. ” She said panting from exertion; she did not reply and instead without warning grabbed at her vagina once more and played with her clitoris. Father snapped at his fingers and casually slapped away her hands. ”I asked you a question?”
“It just feels so nice father maybe now I see why I look at other boys!”
“Yes but your cousin that is shameful. The reason I did that to you then girl was to expel the inherent feelings of the devil which are within you. Have you noticed how the blood has dried up?”
She peered down and as he stated she could now see but a speck of blood. This just coincided with the fact that her first cycle of a period was over, but what was she to believe. He had already gained her trust and she willingly believed him.
“Put your clothes on. ” He said.
She hurriedly did so and patted down her dress accordingly. She stood still as the priest paced the room thinking of what his next plan of action was, he huffed.

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“If you touch yourself in that area willingly when you’re alone Josephine, what do you think that could provoke?”
“I don’t know father?”
“Well think then girl, you’re not stupid are you?”
She racked her brain for thought and then it came to her- “boy’s father?”
“Yes and what do those thoughts bring upon you?””My cousin father. ”
“Correct, and we can’t have that now can we. If you do that then I’m afraid there is little more I can do. ”
“I understand father. ” She really didn’t but believed his words.
“You will report to me after classes today, have dinner and then come to my quarters at seven, understand? If any teacher or nun asks of where you are going you say you are reporting to me for extra tutoring. ”
“Yes father. ” She responded.
“Just one more thing…When I see you this evening I want you to bring your bible with you as we will be reading scriptures, is all well and good then Josephine?”
“Yes. ” She uttered, He began to talk again, “Oh and lastly bring that flute of yours which you seem to play a lot with I’d like to hear you play some music, I hear you’re great at making beautiful sounds. ”
Father Mackenzie was in a whirl of excitement, he’d let young Josephine toil with her emotions when all the while he was going to use his sick depravity to abuse her. He had big plans with the girl. Plans which would surly scar her and wrestle with her mind for years to come.
Chapter 3
The corridor was busy with the hustle of students passing; a boy of fourteen passed by and stopped the priest to speak. “Father could I have a word?” A high pitched voice sounded out.

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“Hello Billy. ” He said in a cheerful manner, “What can I do for you?”
The boy seemed edgy the priest noted that something was troubling him. He came close to Father Mackenzie and stepped up on his feet to whisper something into his ear. “Father I need to speak urgently. ” A large boy of fifteen stomped his way down the corridor and snarled when he saw Billy. He almost tore at his sandwich like a wild lion would on meat, then pushed passed the younger boy barging him with his shoulder. Billy was knocked and almost fell into the arms of the priest. He caught him and levelled his balance.
“Who was that boy Billy?”
A tear formed in the corner of his left eye and he shook a little. He trembled and bit his nail as he spoke. “Is that who you came to speak to me about Billy?”
“Yes father, I’m so scared I just can’t……”
“Go on Billy tell me?”
“I just can’t go on with him any longer father. I’ve told the nuns but they do little to help me. Not with that bully around anyway. ” He reassembled his jacket and satchel calming now that the boy had left.
“What’s that boy being saying to you Billy has he hurt you in any way.

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“It’s been going on since the start of term father, nearly everyday. Sometimes in class and other times in the playground he bullies me. I’ve done nothing wrong he just likes to pick on me. ”
“Does he do this publicly Billy you know when others are around?”
“Yeah and it’s mainly when the girls are there. You know Caitlyn and Anna and Josephine. I think he tries to impress them or something, and he does that by picking on me. ”
“And what’s there reaction Billy; what about your friends do they support you?”
“They don’t do anything there too scared. But I think some of the girls like him because of that, it’s why I’m on my own a lot of the time. ”
Father had an idea involving Josephine but it would have to wait. “Leave it to me Billy, if this continues I’ll see to it that this…what’s his name again?” The priest had forgotten the bullies’ name.
Billy stuttered, “Arthur father, Arthur Trundle. ”
“Ok you leave it with me, and if anything else, just anything happens I want you to report it immediately. We wouldn’t want our star swimmer out of action now would we?” He patted the boy on the head and watched as he ran to his next class. He turned around at the end of the corridor and shouted.
“Thanks father!”
“And thank you.

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  ” The priest uttered beneath his breath.
Chapter 4

“Miss Mason, could I take Arthur for a moment?”She huffed and crossed her arms, “What’s he done now father? Oh wait we don’t have to think I’m sure we can work that out for our selves. ”
“Actually miss mason I’m here to reward the boy. ” The class fell silent and even Arthur looked shocked as he dropped his pencil.
“Come along now. ” The priest said quickly signalling for him to get up.
He quickly shifted along the rows of tables and swung his bag around his shoulders. The large boy stomped out of the classroom rather bemused in an entirety. “Back in ten minutes Arthur you’ll have work to catch up on!”
He scowled at the teacher, and unwrapped yet another chocolate bar. “You know not to eat in class Arthur?” He shrugged his shoulders and continued eating.  
“Don’t you worry miss I’ll have him back in a flash. ”
The two of them proceeded down the hallway and into the adjacent meeting room at the far corner of the building.
“Well don’t dither Arthur, sit down!”
“Yes father!” He responded totally unaware but rather intrigued at why he had been taken from class.
“I guess I am in trouble then father. ” He asked.

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The priest opened up his bible and began to read a verse out loud.
“You’re a good boy aren’t you Arthur. ”
“Well I try to be you know, still this place gets me down I hate studying. ”
“But you need to study it’s for your education you want to make an achievement in your life don’t you?”
“Yeah I guess. ” He seemed uninterested at the priest’s words. He played with a paper clip in his hand bending it as so it came out of shape.   “Look at me when I’m talking to you. ”
“How old are you now?”
“Fourteen. ” He said.
“So you know the implications that are in place then. Within two years you’ll either go to work or further your education at university. You’d like to do that wouldn’t you?
“Yeah but have you seen my record, I’m at the bottom of class at the moment. Don’t really think it going to happen. ”
“Yes your right. ” The priest said as he flicked through the boy’s file.

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   “So why have you brought me here father, what’s up?”
“I could change that. ” He said altering the conversation.
“Change what?” He mumbled.
“Well, if you do something for me then I could do something for you. What I say and do goes along way in this school you understand? I’m a very much respected as part of this church!”
“Yeah I see father, so what you’re actually saying is that if I do something for you, you could make my grades very, very good, or am I wrong?”
“You’re on the right lines to put it so. ”
His fat face lit up revealing his unclean stained teeth with chocolate covering them. “You can start by throwing that chocolate bar into the bin. ”
“No worries father. ” And he did as instructed.
The priest casually filled a glass he had beneath his desk with a bottle of liquor. “What’s that?” The fat kid said.
“Just a little alcohol Arthur, here why not try some?” And he took a shot glass and rested it on the table. The boy waited for the priest- “You can poor your own you’re a big boy aren’t you?”
“Of course father!” And he poured the remaining, murky brown liquor from the bottle and brought it too his lips. As the two of them drank father Mackenzie watched the inexperienced boy cringe at the taste.
“You like?”
“Yeah it’s good stuff.

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  ” He said as he wretched almost at the taste of the scotch. “Ok, let’s get down to business Arthur. I hear you’ve been making a nuisance of yourself lately. Bullying other students for your own enjoyment, and as I hear it’s too impress the ladies. ”
“Who told you that?” He suddenly leapt from his seat and bowled for the door. “I thought you could handle this Arthur the alcohol and such?”The kid looked furious in the obvious realisation he had let his anger get the better of him. “I’m going to get Billy for this!”
“What and ruin your chances of good grades? Sit yourself down boy I was merely raising the issue in the way in which you carry yourself that’s all. Arthur retreated from the door unclenching his fists.
“Now its one thing for you to use anger as a tool and don’t get me wrong I like that. It shows your worth and level of pride to yourself, but bullying…. ”
“Yeah I know it’s not acceptable in school. ” Butting in as he calmed himself down.
“Correct. ” The priest said calmly as he mulled over his plan.
“What if there was a way for you to release that bad boy anger which wouldn’t inflict pain on others, well that’s an understatement…but rather one where you would not suffer the consequences?”
Arthur frowned-“What you mean like boxing I’m already good at that.

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“Ha-ha oh no, well I know that you won your fight last week against that boy at eastwick. Just shows me that at least you’re able in one subject field. ”
“Yeah I beat him up pretty bad was almost a knockout until the referee stepped in. ” He said chuckling to himself.
“Tell me now, and remember within the walls of this room our conversation goes no further…”
“You can rely on me father I won’t say anything not a word. ” The boy edged closer to father Mackenzie.
“I’m not so sure you know. After that little outburst before what incentive do you give me to trusting you?”  
“You can trust me father that I’m sure of. So what do you want me to do?”
The priest guided his hands to his chin and played with his short goatee, toying with the proposition he was going to offer Arthur. “Stand up Arthur. ” “Yes here, come on, stand. ”  Asking the boy as he hesitated.  
He parted the boy’s legs so he stood with a proper posture. “You’re a fighter aren’t you Arthur?”
“Yes father. ” The priest continued.

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“You’re a man aren’t you?
“Yes. ” He said confused at what father Mackenzie was nearing too.
“And lastly you’re a winner?”
“All of the above father, I’m all three. ”
“That’s good Arthur it’s what I like to hear. You can be all of those things, and even more. But please tell me what other thoughts do you have going on in that head of yours besides fighting, what else takes your fancy. And don’t lie to me I know the mind of a young boy only too well!”
“Well do we really have to talk about that? It’s kind of embarrassing. ”
“Come on where both men, well I know I am I hoped you were too?” He belittled Arthur on purpose full well knowing he would react to his statement.
“Who am I kidding father, girls they are my favourite thing, even more so than boxing. And that’s the truth that’s the reason I bully kids I feel as though…”
“Continue go on” said the priest.
“I feel as though it shows how manly I am and girls like that don’t they? I see there reaction when I hit kids especially Billy and they enjoy it. Just I’ve never been with a girl but I so want too. ”
“And that’s where you could help me out. ” Arthur was baffled but his face shone listening to what Father Mackenzie had just said.
“Are you serious Father?”
“There is a girl in this school Arthur within this church who has defied God, and I think you know her? Her names Josephine, is she in any of your classes?”
“Oh yeah I know her I really like her actually.

Ελλάδα συνοδεία 

   But no she’s in all the higher classes than me. ” Still standing Arthur felt his rising erection from beneath his pants. He was in a whirl of excitement, how had all this come to happen?
“What I want you to do Arthur is to use her as you wish?”
“How father she’ll tell someone I know it. ”
“Don’t worry about that boy I have it under control. It’s just I need a student to carry out this act, for me to do it I could land myself in serious trouble. ” Father Mackenzie loved to manipulate, especially a student as dumb as this one. Teenagers will do just about anything for sex and he had chosen the right candidate for the job.
“Really you’re being totally serious father? How about today then, I want to have sex with her today?” He was full of glee and excitement he jumped on his feet like he had won the boxing final trophy or something.
“In time Arthur, in time there’s no use hurrying yourself boy. That would be foolish. Leave it to me I am going to plan this out properly. Listen, this girl needs to be taught a lesson and you Arthur are going to teach her how. ”
“Ok lets get one thing straight your going to let me have sex with this girl make her do whatever pleases me…and nothing will be said or done about it?”
“That’s correct; just remember these words go no further, you do understand what would happen to me if word of this behaviour got out?”
“Yes of course. ” The boy was barely able to think clearly all that mattered was his yearn for sex, and now he had got it. Father Mackenzie looked at his watch “It’s been fifteen minutes, you should return to class!”
The priest reiterated his strong words to Arthur, and that he would notify him of when the sex session would take place.


   For now he had to tell young Josephine of the fantastic news, he was sure she would enjoy the thought of a fat, dumb kid ten times stronger than her abusing and raping her.   The priest was certainly on to a winner, his sick depraved mind was manipulating students for his own enjoyment and he loved every minute of it.
“Now where’s that video camera?”
Chapter 5
 The docile little sweetheart made her way to Father Mackenzie’s quarters that evening. She had bathed in the communal bathroom to take away the rancid, stench of her inherent period. Hiding it from her peers was all but shameful, she felt nasty and weak knowing of what the priest told her was true. In a way her nave mind was glad to feel the knowledge that this soon would be all over.
The priest mulled over a scotch, skimming through the various photo albums he kept locked away, concealed in his cabinet. Some of the most beautiful girls he had abused over the years were in it. Pictures to the normal person which would have knocked you sick, to him just another little sexual prodigy that he preyed on. He was stroking is big penis when he heard the knock.
“Ahh seven o’clock, she’s early!” And he quickly fastened his trousers and bode for the door.
“Good evening Josephine, did you manage to do as I asked?”
“Yes. ” She said clutching her bible and the long flute to her arms. She noticed the snaking penis from beneath the priest’s tunic, impending outwards like a sore thumb. “Is something the matter Josephine?” He asked, humouring her.

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   As he laughed cruelly the eyes of the thirteen year old centred on his penis widening as it throbbed in and out.
“You liked my fingers in your vagina Josephine, even three?” “Yes but…. . ” She stopped.
“Yes but yes I’m sure you’d like something in there a lot bigger hmm?”
“If it will cure me father yes. ” Father Mackenzie almost laughed from her display of idiocy, what had he done to this girl? Did she really believe what he’d said to her he thought?
He snatched at the bible close to her chest, and flung it across the room onto the floorboards. “You won’t need that Josephine that’s for sure!”
“I thought we were going to read scriptures together father?” She realised now why he had asked her to bring the flute.   “You hear I’m good at making noises, I understand now father. ”
“Well done you’re a fast learner Josephine and a sick one at that, yes I do want to hear the beautiful noises you can produce with that instrument. Yes I do want to her your melody, just in another way. ”
“Hand it too me?”
“What the Flute?” She asked.
“Of course you stupid girl how else am I going to use it on you. ”
“Is it true father, you want to use that thing on me, won’t it hurt with all those knobbly parts sticking out?”
“Of course it will but how else are we to eradicate those negative thoughts, the devils thoughts you’ve been experiencing eh?”
She lowered her chin and looked towards the floor, shamed at what had become of her. She sniffled slightly and her eyes welled up with tears. “You must be feeling very ill Josephine, and after all that fun you felt before from my fingers now you will bare the brunt of pain but I know you can do it.

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“I’m so scared father, frightened I really am. ” He took hold of her hair which she had assembled into two ponytails and tied at either end with a bobble. Rather cute to put it frankly! “Then be a good little girl and take off your dress. It’s very nice by the way did the nun’s pick it for you?” ”No my mother sent it. ” She said.
“Oh my, she has taste! You are a very pretty girl Josephine but looks can be deceiving especially in the eyes of our god he sees everything, you just remember that!”“You mean he sees what I’ve been thinking, the thoughts I have had?” She sniffled.
“Even those now be a good little girl and take the dress off now, I won’t ask you again!”
She shed the beautiful dress she was wearing, first letting loose of the straps. The priest watched closely as they fell, and turned his attention to her budding breasts. They were still rather small yet a slight mound of bosom was steadily growing. “When did you first begin to wear a bra Josephine?” She looked puzzled why was he asking her this question?“About a year ago father!” she replied.
“There is nothing more here than a small mound girl, I see no need for you to wear a bra any longer you will discard all of them from your wardrobe. ”
“But father…. the other girls where bras?”
“And the other girls are more suited to them, you are not. Your development is slower than that of theirs. ” He chillingly laughed at the girl much to her embarrassment.

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“Continue take it off. ” He commanded.
She unlatched the bra strap and let the flimsy thing fall to the floor. The priest set aside the flute and strode forward to grasp the little things. He took her left nipple between his fingers, pinching it a little. “You see Josephine nothing more than a nub. Am I wrong to say you have smaller nipples than the rest of the girls in your class?
She glanced away. The entire lies father Mackenzie was filling her up with was tainting her fragile mind. “Where do you bathe in the mornings and after classes?”
“In the communal bathrooms father on my own sometimes. ”
“On your own? You will bathe with the other girls like you are supposed too. Is it because you are ashamed of your body, or are you hiding something much deeper?”
“No father. No I’m not, I am just worried about what the other girls may think of me?”
“And so you should. Your very lucky the girls haven’t found out your little secret as well Josephine, imagine how they would feel knowing there was a sinner among their friends hmmm?”
“I don’t know father. ”
“No you never do. ” He continued to lightly manipulate her nipple.

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   Steadily but surly it reacted with his touch and the priest felt the small nub rise into an erected state.
“You must never touch yourself when you are alone girl, your body is only for my hands. ”
She stood perfectly still whilst the priest continued for another five minutes using his busy hands to twist and turn her nipples. She was virtually at the point of breaking down; she seemed so sad and vulnerable, so caught up in father’s lies.
She stood half clothed with the dress hanging loosely by her sides- “Step out of it now?” He asked her. She did as instructed stepping out of the dress; the priest picked it up and sniffed the soft fabric material.
“I think I’ll hold onto this. ”
“But father…. ”
“Ah, ah, ah. Quiet and continue as you’ve been told!” He peered down to the cotton knickers she was wearing, a different colour too the ones she wore earlier that day. “I see you have changed, that’s a good girl we wouldn’t want my quarters stinking of your foul devil spill?”
“Oh father please……. . ” She wailed the priest had really grinded her down, much to his enjoyment and laughter. Without letting the poor girl speak he latched onto the hem of her knickers and pulled them downwards and over her knees. Now in front of him stood a just budding thirteen year old girl, marvellous he thought!
Her skin was so fair and light, and her hips just forming now into that of a mid teenage girl.

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   Her hair looked so adorable in pig tails, it suited her well. A look of timid ness painted her face, and goose pimples slowly rose on her naked skin. “Oh my, what a pretty little thing you are Josephine!”  
He ran his coarse finger vertically up her slit, she moaned softly. He played with her small tuft of pubic hair running it through his fingers. “This will have to go too Josephine!”
“What my hair? Why father why, I’ve not long had it the other girls do!” A worried glance stopped the priest from his mental torturing of Josephine; there was a loud thud at the door.
“Father Mackenzie is that you?” A hoarse voice sounded out. The gruff tone of the voice and southern accent alerted Father immediately it was Father Abbott from two churches down.
“Damn the meeting!” In all his haste the preoccupied priest had forgotten his liaison with Father Abbott. And now standing with a thirteen year old girl naked at his disposal, what was he to do? He signalled very firmly in a gruesome, stern way for the girl not to open her mouth. He clicked at his fingers and pointed to the bed.  
to be continued. . . . .

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