Teresa Is Insatiable, Written by Lynn


Topic: How it is happening. . . The description says a lot now. I am Lynn and Teresa and I are sitting here waiting for Steve to get home from work. We have al agreed that Teresa and Steve are getting divorced and I am going to marry him. Steve and I like most of the same things and we, most importantly, like to make love the same. Teresa is, as she calls it, a nymphomanic. She has sex as often as she can and with anyone or anything for that matter. Steve and I make love, we have never had sex even when Randall and I came over to meet Steve and Teresa. Randall pounded her hard and all night, Steve and I made love for hours, soft and slow and cuddled and carressed each other.
Well, anyway, I am away from how I wanted to say all this. Teresa has told you some of me but I will try to do better if she will stop playing with me as I write. I am mixed heriatage, some black, some Chinese, some French, some white and some of a little of everything else I guess. I am 38DDD with slender hips and waist ad my hips are 36. I have the olive skin of my Asian side and eyes also.

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   My lips are full and my hair is long and black. My nipples are very big and dark. Teresa loves them and will do all I want to play with them if I let her. They are small compared to her 44EEE chest which she sows off all the time. I wear clothes that do not really show me off but they do make me look good. I have been told I look like Jordan Sparks from American Idol but I think I do not.
Well, anyway, Steve and I were gone for he night at a friend\'s home and came home the next day. Teresa was there with 4 men, all fucking her hard and deep and rough. She likes that kind of sex. We sat down and were watching and one came over to me but Steve and I let them know we were not playing and we kept out clothes on us. The house is out in the country here in North East Georgia and so we can, if we want to, walk around outside naked if we like which we do sometimes. Like I said, Steve and I stayed dressed and watched the men with Teresa. After over an hour she was still needing to be fucked and kept on playing with them to get them hard and soon they were all soft.
As we had drove up we saw a trailer on the back of a pick up truck and it was the kind that they take animals to the farm in. Finally one of the men got up and took Teresa by the arms and tied her hands together in front of her.

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   She looked like she was ready for soe really hot sex and said, "Now what?" she was laughing. "Time for you to get the fucking of your life lady, let\'s go. " We all got up and walked out to the trailer. There was a horse in it and he was beautiful, Chestnut brown and short. I don\'t know what kind he is since I do not have this in my memory but he was beautiful. The men kept her there and one went to the other truck and got out some stuff. They said later it was the mating rack(?) I think. I was set up so that a female hourse would be in it and the male could mate with her. Teresa was obviously really scared but hot too. She let them lead her in and tie her in the rack. THey fixed everything up and put something from a container on her bottom. They led the horse in and he started getting excited and he was making all kinds of noise.
They made Teresa so she was bent over and her legs wide apart and led the horse to her. He got up on the rack and got close to her ass and his cock was huge. He was trying to get on her and then one of the men put his cock that was growing against Teresa pussy, spreading it open.

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   The horse took over from there and drove into her suddenly making her scream out. Steve started to go to get it off her but then she bagan screaming different. "Oh damn yes, fill up my cunt, fill it up. Every time the horse went into her he got bigger and he was all in her and fucking her hard. "Oh yeh, fuck the mare, fuck her good, come on stud, fill me up. " she kept yelling over and over again. Then the horse began cumming in her. She was having orgasm after orgasm and moving against his huge cock until he finally wanted to get down off her. She was all streached out and cum was gushing out of her but she told the men, "Untie me, I need more. " They did and she got next to the horse that had cum all over his cock and began licking him. She managed to get some of him into her mouth and was massaging him.
The horse began getting excited again and she was now under him, licking and sucking all she could get. "Get him in me again" she told the men and she got on the rack again and they put him up there again and she was again full of horse cock. THis time the whole cock, which was over 12 inches and thick, disappeared into her pussy. She was wild as she got fucked again by the horse.

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   Again he filled her with his cum and she was going crazy again. He got down and she got under him again and cleaned him with her mouth and rubber him all over her titties. The men had to help her into the house cause she was so weak from the horse fucking her. They laid her on the couch and she had her hands in her pussy since it was streached out so much. She took handful of horse cum and licked her hands clean and then did it again and again.
She looked up and said, "I think I have a profession as a hooker, don\'t you?" Steve looked at her, "Maybe as a adult star with anything that has a cock. " She will not leave my tits alone now and soon Steve will be here to find us both naked here. When he gets here she is going out to the truck stop near here and fuck all night. Steve and I wil make love. See you all later.