Teaching her how


I was with my 18 year old best friend (which was sort of weird because I was 32 at the time) and we were talking about sex. “Have you ever had sex with a man before?’ I said to “No, I’m a virgin…hehehe,” Michelle “Do you want to change that, I mean surely you have urges and play with yourself sometimes…Don’t “I play with myself sometimes; I have dildos and stuff like that. I would like to try it and see what it is “Let’s go back to my house and see if my husband and I can teach you a thing or “Ok, sounds fun As we arrived back at my house, we were wearing tight shirts and tight jeans; we walked in and said hey to my husband Mark. We both gave him a hug and I gave him a kiss on the I whispered to Mark “We are going to teach this sexy little virgin how to fuck a man “Ok babe, I love that We all went into the den and sat on the couch with Mark in the middle of us. I unbuttoned Mark’s pants and pulled them down a little bit. You could see his limp cock through his boxers. I then took off my shirt and unclipped my bra; it fell to the floor and you could see my tight boobs hanging out. “You can take off your shirt to babe” I said to Michelle.
Michelle took off her shirt and bra. I looked at my husband and his dick was getting harder and harder every minute. I took off his pants and boxers.
“Have you ever sucked a dick Hun” I asked Michelle.
“No I don’t know how!”
“Well let me teach you. ”
I put my lips on the head of Mark’s hard dick and started to put it in my mouth. I then began to thrust it in and out of my mouth. The dick went into my mouth so deep that I coughed a little bit.

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“I want you to try this now ok Michelle. ”
“Are you sure… this is your husband”
“Yea I want him to enjoy your sweet virgin lips! Now do it you little slut”
Michelle put Mark’s dick ¾ the way in her mouth and pulled it out a little bit. Then she started to put the dick all the way in her mouth.
She pulled away and said “What do I do now?”
“You can lick my dick or suck my balls,” Mark replied.
Michelle licked down Mark’s dick and then put his balls in her mouth and sucked on them like a lollipop. I started to lick his dick when she restarted licking. We both stood up and I took off Michelle’s pants and satin panties. She then took off mine and I began to rub Marks Cock.
“Now I want you to sit on Mark and put his dick in your pussy. He will guide you in riding it. I will be there when you start to help you but then I will be getting my pussy eaten out. ”
Michelle sat on Mark with his cock in her pussy. I held her hips and guided her up and down on Mark’s cock.
“You grab her boobs now. She needs it… I want you to feel her big sexy boobs” I told Mark.

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Mark grabbed her left boob with his right hand as I licked her right boob. Then I sat on Mark’s face as he licked my pussy I started to kiss Michelle. I pulled Michelle off and laid her down; I started to lick her pussy as Mark pounded my ass with his throbbing cock. Mark continued to pound my asshole. Michelle started to cum on me and I licked it up.
“I want you to pound my pussy ok sexy?” I asked Mark.
He began to pound my cunt and he was going so fast that I started to scream.
He came in my pussy and I angrily asked “Did u just cum in my Lick it up now out of my pussy… do it”
Michelle put her mouth to my cunt and licked Mark’s sperm out of my pussy. I began to cum and screamed out of pleasure.
We all got dressed and were sitting on the couch talking.
“So… did you like it?” I asked Michelle.
She said “I loved it…hehehe. ”
“Good,” I said as I reached over and squeezed her tit one more time before she left. She came over and sat on my lap and we started making out for about 5 minutes.
“Go on get out of her” I said as I slapped her ass.

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