The Concert


I love going to concerts, standing in the General Admission area. Want you to be there standing behind me.

I'm in a short skirt, your hands are on my waist as we sway to the music. My ass is rubbing your crotch and I can feel you getting hard.

Your hand starts to explore. My head leans back on your shoulder, arching my back.

I turn to face you, one arm wraps around my waist drawing me in, the other hand goes under the skirt. My face is buried in your shoulder kissing you. Little moans escape.

The guys next to us, kind of know what's going on and smile.

You're rock hard, my hand grazes over your cock, making it jump. I unleash you and move my hips into you.

I'm so wet that you slide right in. Hips are moving in time to the music, my nails are digging in. We don't move much, don't want it to be too obvious.

A slow song comes on and we gently rock, side to side, you kiss me deeply.

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   My hands move to your ass, pushing you in deep.

The music picks up pace and so do we. Love the way you feel in me. We start to forget about the crowd, you start fucking me properly. My head is thrown back, your kissing my neck, all i care about is you and me fucking.

You are pounding my cunt now, harder and harder. I'm moaning loudly. There's no hiding what we are doing. The skirt has hitched right up.

Guys around us have formed a tight circle so only they can see and no one else.

I'm nearly screaming now, so you go back to kissing me. My pussy is tightening up on your cock. You can't pull out. Nails are in so hard they've drawn blood.

My body starts to shake, wave after wave of orgasm.

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   It tips you over, you start to shoot in my pussy. You bite my shoulder as you cum. You blow so much it's incredible.