The Carpark


Music is pounding around us, bodies jammed in tight, i feel you rubbing against me in time to the music. Your hands are around my waist drawing me in, you look at me and smile. I recognise the smile and my heart beats that little faster as my pussy twitches.

The tempo of the music changes and i’m rubbing you faster. The crowd is pushing us closer together as i turn to move my butt into your crotch. I feel you groan into my neck as you grind into me. Your breath gives me goosebumps as you breathe into my ear and kiss my neck.

Before i know it you have grabbed my hand and we are working our way out of the club. You throw me against the car and savagely start ripping into my clothes. I am pawing at you as we can’t get enough of each other. Your mouth is on my exposed breasts, licking and biting as i whimper in anticipation. My hands are rubbing you, feeling you get long and hard. I release you, your cock twitches to life and you moan as my hand takes a nice firm grip on your cock. Your moans make me stroke you harder and my cunt gets wet.

Reality hits us and we know we can’t go further in the car park. We jump in the car you drive and you drive off.

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   My hands have a mind of their own and can’t stop touching you. My fingers are stroking your inner thigh, soft feather like strokes and teasing your balls with a little pinch here and there. You fight to maintain concentration as my hand goes to your cock. Gentle strokes, fingers teasing and toying with the cock, making it move following my hand. I lean over and kiss the tip, you push my head down, forcing me to gag. I take the hint and start to suck.

I flick my tongue around your cock, running it along the base and up to the tip. A hand is playing with your balls as i drive you crazy with my tongue. I go back to sucking, taking you completely in my mouth as i lick and suck.

You can’t take anymore and pull over in a secluded area. I get out of the car and sit on the hood. My legs are spreas as you dive into my pussy. Your hands are groping my tits as your tongue is probing my cunt. I’m leaning back with my legs spread. Your tongue licking my juices as i start to fuck your tongue, hips rocking trying to get more of you.

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   You stop and slowly slide a finger in, as i moan and raise my hips you slide in the second. Your tongue and mouth go back to teasing my clit, sucking and nibbling as your fingers fuck me.

I’m moaning, i feel so close to cumming, my pussy is going wild with your fingers picking up the pace. OH GOD, I’M CUMMING, fuck, don’t stop!! Juices flow covering your face and your fingers.

You stand up, push me back on the hood and line up my pussy . You plunge in, pounding me hard and loving the sounds of me moaning . you feel so good deep in my cunt, hitting me with your balls. Your hands are on my tits, tweaking my nipples and making me buck wildly as you’re fucking me. Harder and harder you thrust into me as i sit up grabbing your ass.

You lift me off the hood, bend me over so my tits are rubbing on the car. You spread my legs and then ram me. You pull my hair as you are powering into me, making me scream. I’m begging for you to make me your slut, to hurt me, mark your territory! This turns you on more and you fuck me harder.

I feel another orgasm building, you slow down teasing me, slowly pulling out and re-entering. Inch by inch, each thrust getting a little harder and a little deeper.

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Don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me hard!

My cunt is spasming all over your cock, i’m moaning and screaming, Oh God, yes!! I don’t think i will ever stop cumming. You can’t take anymore, you pull out and wank over, i’m fingering myself as i wait for you to shoot all over me. I turn around so you can aim for me and I don’t have to wait long before wave after wave of cum hits my breasts. You collapse onto me as we crawl on the hood to get our breath back. . . . .
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