Subway Encounter


I stepped onto the platform of the busy subway, studying the map to find my destination. I squeezed my way onto the crowded city platform as hurried people rushed past me. Seeing that there were no seats left, I managed to take a place holding onto a pole. The subway jolted unexpectedly, pressing my body against that of a young girl. Instead of apologizing I took my momentary stroke of luck to bask in your beauty. You wore a tight tailored skirt and button down blouse that complimented your green eyes. You didn't need to speak because your facial features gave away your Italian heritage. I leaned in closer to smell your dark hair, straight and soft it flowed down past your breasts. Tits, that were unexpectedly large for a young girl your age. I leaned in close and ask you your name, whispering in your ear. "Gabby" your voice shook a little as I ran a hand gently down your side. "Don't worry honey", I cooed "Just lean back and trust me".

With that I reached a finger underneath your skirt, rubbing your panties softly without detection of the other passengers. You enjoy the sensations my nimble fingers give you as they caress your virgin pussy, and a tiny moan escapes your lips unheard. Your knees buckle as my finger slips past your panties to explore the wetness underneath. Unintentionally, you rub your hips back against mine, trying to lead my finger along.

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   I slip my other hand up your tight blouse, pulling you in closer and rubbing your soft stomach. You squirm as if my touch tickled while struggling to maintain your balance on the moving subway. As if we were invisible to the world, our moans and movement go unnoticed.

Over the intercom came a voice announcing the next stop. I gave you a wink to suggest that we both get off. Unsure of yourself and the situation you grab my hand timidly and follow me off the platform. We step out of the subway station and turn right, heading down a dark alley. I push your body forcefully against the wall of the alley and hold your lips to mine in a passionate kiss. Your soft lips taste sweetly against mine as our mouths open. You moan within my mouth as the tip of my tongue rubs against yours. Pulling your head in closer our deep kiss becomes more urgent. A hand strays to your chest, groping at your well endowed tits. Never before had you been felt up so pleasurably and by a woman nonetheless. I break our kiss to slowly unbutton your blouse with my tongue, kissing the naked skin that is revealed. In a matter of seconds your bra is in the heap on the ground of the alley with your discarded blouse.

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   Your naked torso pressed hard against mine as I moan on your neck. I take my time to suck at your soft skin, red marks appearing on your olive complexion.

I rub my face between your breasts, suffocating in the warmth and tenderness. As if drawn by a magnet, my lips plant themselves around your dark nipples. I suckle them as if I were a baby and watch you wiggle around in pleasure. You pull my head up back to yours, urgent for a kiss. Our bodies melt together in the embrace, a passionate fury of limps and tongues.

I kneel down to the ground of the ally, so your naked pussy is dripping above my head. I lean back and enwrap your pussy between my lips. Your sweet aroma filling my nose is almost too much for me to handle. You try grabbing against the alley wall to support yourself as your legs twitch and buckle uncontrollably. You moan my name loudly as I focus my tongue against your swollen clit. Flicking it, rolling it, sucking on it; your body aches for more. Slowly my hand reaches upwards to your hole, rubbing between your outer lips as I continue to suck on your clit. You lose your breath momentarily as my fingers slides into your virgin pussy unexpectedly.

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   Slowly pushing forward I feel your tight inner walls squeezing against my finger. You pant and moan aloud; shaking all previous inhibitions as you experience mature pleasure. My finger pulls in and out of your tight muff, rubbing against your hymen. You quickly give me a nod of approval before I plunge my finger, tearing your virgin tissue. The pleasure of my mouth outweighing the pain, you mouth incoherent phrases. Replacing my glistening finger with my soft tongue, I explore your hole, in search of your raised tissue. Within seconds I discover your g-spot and rub against it urgently. As if a flick of a switch, Your body violently shakes as cum dribbles from your pussy. Your juices drip down my face and squirt all around me. As you ride through your orgasm, I rub fast on your clit; sending you into another orgasm. Your body spent and exhausted collapses against mine on the alley floor. Our bodies wrap tightly, basking in the glow of our mutual orgasm. I kiss your cheek lightly and whisper my cell phone number into your ear. ;) Thanks Hun.