Campground Exposure


I love camping because it affords plenty of opportunities to get naked out in public. I was taking a short bike tour to a beautiful mountain campground I had been going to for years. I am over 50 and stay in pretty good shape and had ridden my bike up the mountain to the campground with all my stuff packed on it for a long weekend of getting naked and exposing myself hopefully to some nice looking young women. After getting my tent pitched in my camp site and getting my provisions unpacked into my tent I decided to rinse off in a nearby creek. My camp site was for a standard vehicle and tent and was right on the drive that wound through the campgrounds. The creek was about 100 yard through the campgrounds past the big motor home area and about 50 yards down a hill through the woods. I changed into some very thin, tight bike Speedos. I had put on some cockrings and my cock responded by getting nice and hard. I have a nice size cock, so I’ve been told, and I keep my whole package completely clean shaven. My cock is around 8 inches and, with the cockrings on, my cockhead swells to about 2 ½ inches across. I use a cock pump that my girlfriend gave me, several times a week. When I, or my girlfriend, pump my cock really hard it gets over 9 inches long and my cockhead get over 3 inches across and touches each side of the vacuum tube. I pump my balls too and when I’m naked they hang down over 5 inches and are over 4 inches across.

Anyway, my cock is very visible in those tight, thin Speedos. I pull the seam in the rear right up the crack of my ass and from behind I may as well be naked and the front seam separates my cock and balls very nicely so they are on full display. With my rock hard cock and swollen balls straining against the thin material my whole package is very much on display.

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   As soon as I left my campsite my cock started to leak pre-cum. This wet the thin white material, right over my cockhead, and it became completely transparent. My cockhead and large pisshole were there for anyone to see. As I walked through the motor home area several people saw me and had to take a second look. I just had on the Speedos and a towel around my neck and a small bag with me. I passed one woman who looked to be in her late thirties and she said hello and took a good look at my cock. I then passed two teen girls walking in my direction. They stopped a few yards in front of me as they both caught sight of my cock and balls at the same time. They said hello as I approached and I stopped to chat with them. They just couldn’t keep their eyes off my cock and balls. They asked where I was going and I told them to the creek to rinse off.

Then I was on my way again and cut down the path that led to the creek. There was a flat grassy area that extended out about 6 feet from the bank of the creek and went about 25 feet in both direction but otherwise it was all woods. The creek was pretty shallow except for a few spots. One of them was about 10 feet up the creek and it was about a foot deep and had very nice sand on the bottom.

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   I laid my towel out and planned on sunning dry. I took off my Speedos and shoes and stood there stroking my cock for a few minutes. The creek was very cold and I didn’t want to lose my hardon because I had planned on lying by the creek after I washed and jack my cock off. I was in and out of the water pretty fast and lay down on my towel. I leaned back on one hand and started playing with my cock and balls then I heard a small gasp coming from the edge of path behind some bushes. I had on mirrored sunglasses so they couldn’t see my eyes and I saw it was the two teenage girls that I had stopped and talked to. They must have followed me. They inched their way closer to me until they were only about 6 feet away in the brush and very visible, but I didn’t let on I knew they were there. I got out some lube and started stroking my cock for real. I said out loud for them,

“Man my cock feels so fucking good. I love the tickling in my cockhead when I’m jacking myself off. I’m gonna cum all over myself. ”

After a few more minutes of this I heard some soft whispering and could tell they were enjoying what they were seeing. I felt that all too familiar very intense tickling in my swollen cockhead and it radiated down through my entire package. I just couldn’t take anymore and said out loud,


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I felt my cum boiling up from deep in my loins and balls and watched as it exploded out of my swollen cockhead. I shot four white ropes of cum straight up in the air about a foot all over my chest and stomach. Then my cum just flowed out like a river and it ran down my hand and balls and onto my towel. The two young girls watch the whole thing and out of the corner of my eye I could see them staring wide eyed and jaws drop. I stroked my cock for a few more minutes then said, like I was talking to myself,

“I guess I’d better get back in the creek and wash all this cum off of myself. ”

I stood and turned away from them and got back in the creek. I knelt down in the cold water, with my back to them, to give them a moment to make their escape. After I washed off I stood up and turned around I saw they were gone. I dried off, put on my shoes and Speedos, and headed back for the campground.

As I came out of the path at the top of the hill the two girls were waiting and one of them asked,

“Did you get yourself all washed off? You look like you got yourself all cooled off. ”

They both glancing down at my cock which was only semi-hard by now, but still pretty big and very visible, and I said,

“Yes, it was very refreshing and relaxing. ” The other girl said,

“We can see that you do look more relaxed than you did. ” They looked at each other and giggled and I asked,

“Did I miss the joke?”

The other girl said no, that they were just silly girls and asked if they could walk with me back to my camping site. With these two young beauties taking good looks at my cock it started to get hard again as we walked and talked. By the time we reached my camp site my cock was full blown rock hard again.

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   I turned and thanked the girls and said,

“I don’t even know your names. ”

The one girl said her name was Sandy and the other was Sara. I introduced myself and said they were fun to be around. They said they were with Sandy’s parents in the motor home park and were there for the weekend. Sara said as she looked down at my cock and balls,

“It looks like you need another trip to the creek. ”

And the girls giggled some more. I looked down at my package and said,

“Sometimes my cock has a mind of its own and really likes being looked at by beautiful young women like you girls. ”

They blushed and said thanks and Sandy asked,

“We have to go back and check in, but would it be OK if we came back a little later to visit with you some more?” Sara said she would like that too. I asked,

“Wouldn’t you girls rather hang out with some young guys your age? I’m sure they would be a lot more fun than a dirty old man like me. ” Sandy said,

“Bullshit! Guys our age are assholes and you are much better looking and way more interesting than any of them. You talk to us like we are grown women and you are interested in what we have to say, but they just treat us like we are another piece of ass.

If you don’t want us to come back just say so”.

I said I didn’t mean it that way and I would love for them to come back whenever they wanted. They came back later that evening and we sat around the campfire and just talked about a little bit of everything. Then out of the blue Sandy asked,

“Do you masturbate? We know almost all guys do it but they will lie and say they don’t, if you ask them about it.

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   You don’t have to answer it I am being too personal. ”

I told them I did and because I had been single for some time, it was a great stress reliever. She asked me how often I did it and I said,

“Everyday and sometimes, when I feel really horny like I do now from being around two beautiful young girls like you two,  I do it several times in a day. " Then Sara said,

“Sandy, we have to tell him. We watch you do it down by the creek today. We both thought it was the most exciting thing we had ever seen. Please don’t be angry with us. When we snuck up on you we were going to surprise you but we never thought you were going to be naked and doing that to yourself. We just wanted to see your huge cock, but when you started jerking yourself off we just couldn’t stop watching. ”

I told them I knew they were watching me and that was why I squirted so much. Sandy asked,

“Would you let us watch you again, right now? It’s dark and we can go inside your tent and no one would ever know. Oh! Please?”

Sara was nodding in agreement. How could I refuse them? They were so cute and very hot young ladies. We went into the tent with a bright lantern and zipped the flaps closed. I stripped and lay down naked in the middle of my open sleeping bag and the girls sat on either side of me with their crossed legs pressing against my hips on each side.

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   By now my cock was rock hard again and I slipped my cockrings back on, over my cock and under my balls, and explained the purpose of them to the girls. They asked if they could touch me and I gladly consented. After a few minutes of them fondling my cock and balls and both of them getting my pre-cum all over their hands Sandy said,

“I can’t believe how huge your cock and balls are. Don’t you think so too Sara? (Sara nodded yes) With your cock being circumcised it makes your cockhead get so fat. Look Sara, it takes both my little hands to reach all the way around it. Would you masturbate for us now? Just thinking about it has my little Kitty all wet and tingly like it was down by the creek. ”

As I grabbed a small bottle of lube to put on my swollen cock and started stroking it I admitted to the girls that I used a cock pump on myself regularly and I was very glad they liked it. Sara said,

“I love the sound your hand makes as it slides up and down over your swollen cockhead. Don’t you just love it too Sandy?”

Sandy nodded yes and I was so excited, with these two young beauties watching me, it only took me a few minutes and I was squirting my cum all over myself. I even got a little on Sara’s knee. They both told me how much they loved watching me do that to myself and could they come back over the next few days and maybe they could even do that for me. I told them that sounded great to me.