Two lost girls - one loney man.


I was camping out on my own for a few days when a couple of girls appeared.
They surprised me as I usually work around the camp site naked as I am miles away from habitation and well off a fire trail which gets me close to where I am camping. Should a vehicle approach which would be extremely rare and possibly the ranger, I can hear it for about half an hour as the going is very slow for the last couple of miles and is heavy 4WD.
They were lost it seems and had taken a wrong trail. Any how when they saw the smoke from my camp fire they made for it believing there was habitation.
The fact I was naked did not deter or disturb them – when they saw me at the edge of the clearing they sang out and I put a pair of shorts on to greet them.
They were all hot and tired having walked for a few hours trying to find a way out of the valley. I had to let them know they had stumbled into a blind valley and the only way out was back the way they came – or over the range which was steep and very difficult – or up the trail I came in on – but that would not lead them to where they wanted to be.
Then they said would it be ok if they rested for a while and decided what to do. I said fine and I would make them a cup of tea. They then said well while we are here can we freshen up in the stream and I said I had no problems with it – they could do as they wished.
The next thing I knew they were both naked and walking down to the stream with their clothes in their hands and were going to wash not only themselves but their clothing as well.
Obviously they were not inhibited about nudity. They hadn’t even mentioned that I was naked when they first appeared.
When I had the tea made – some 15 or 20 minutes later I sang out and they both came out and remained naked and hung their clothes on branches to dry. They were both about 25 and had great figures although not much tit.

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   They said I gather you wont mind us not dressing for this – we don’t carry a lot of clothing and we havnt washed for two days. I said I didn’t have a problem and spend most of my time naked here as well. One of them said don’t dress on our behalf – we have seen it all before we wont be shocked and we saw you earlier naked so what the hell.
I took them at their word and slipped my pants off and we were all naked. The sight of their naked bodies didn’t stir me and my cock remained slack.   I gather they noticed that as well as they said something to each other and were looking at my cock.
After the tea we talked about camping and I told them how I come down here regularly and camp often bringing a friend.
The blonde one said are you married or ?
I said no – I have a girl who is a companion – we are not committed to each other – more like a friend with benefits.
The dark one said then you wouldn’t be disturbed down here at all – you can do what you do and have no problems.
I said spot on – she and I enjoy it all here.
After a while the fair one said would you mind if we camped the night here with you and we could move off tomorrow.
I said that was fine – I had no problems with it. I said if you want to do a big job – then the shovel and paper are over there and the spot is just into the trees a bit where there is some soft soil – cover everything well as the local wildlife dig it up at night if you don’t.
The dark one said what is the wildlife like around here, apart from you.
I said no problems – don’t leave any food about and take everything into your tent at night as they do rummage around – in particular the clothing – they can make a mess of it or take it away.

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   I said make sure that those clothes are either on your back or in your tent – referring to their washing. They then went about putting their tent up and I said we can combine our food and make dinner together if you wish.
After they were set up the blonde one asked me if there was a walk they could do for an hour or so. I said they could walk along the track I come in on and that would take them up the hill and give them a good view of the valley.
The blonde one Jill said she would go and the dark one Jan said she would stay in camp and possibly have a snooze.
That was not her plan it seemed as soon as Jill was out of sight Jan said to me how serious are you with your girl friend.
I said not very serious – she is a friend rather than a girl friend.
Jan then said do you sleep with her.
I said actually we do when we are here – but there is nothing in it – its just companionship and we both enjoy a bit of loving.
She said would you mind if we slept together.
I said tonight – what about Jill.
She said not tonight - now – I would love to make love to you – I havnt been with a man for a month or so and I am a bit randy – seeing you naked and being alone I though we might just be able to enjoy a bit of sex together.
I said I wasn’t expecting this but if you want to I am not one to refuse an offer like that.
Are you safe as I don’t have condoms with me.
She said I am safe – I am on oral.

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With that I said well lets get into the tent and get things moving.
She said can we do it out here – I want to do it in the open.
I said why not and I got a blanket and lay it out.
She lay down and I got down beside her and we kissed.   She was great kisser and I got a hard on very quickly. I usually begin with foreplay which I always feel is nice to begin with and get the coals stirred up so to speak. The kissing led to feeling and soon we were both ready for anything. I had found her wet vagina and my finger slipped into her and she began to slowly stoke my cock. She was no novice.
A few minutes after we started she said to me – I am glad you don’t mind – I told Jill you might be interested. That’s why she has gone for the walk – to give me a chance – later on you never know she might want a bit as well.
It wasn’t long before I was down between her legs and sucking and fingering her wet cunt. She responded with all the right moves and sounds and it was obvious this wasn’t the first time she had done this. After a while she broke away and said now its your turn and she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me perfectly finger stroking me at the same time.   She was definitely experienced.

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   She did it for a few minutes and said this isn’t the first time for you either is it.  
I said I think we have both been to he same school.
After a while she said ok lets get to the final act and got down ready for me to fuck her.
We stared off missionary and we really enjoyed that, as I fucked her, her small but firmTits moved like two fried eggs and looked great. She occasionally rubbed her nipples as if she was enjoying herself. Her smooth cunt was firm and reasonably tight around my cock and it felt good just fucking and not having to worry about whether or not I was making her happy – it was obvious and she was responding and between us we were having a fucking good time. We didn’t say much other than – that feels good - or that’s nice – I like that etc.
I gather we had been at it for about 10 minutes and she said would you like to try doggy.
I said I will try anything with you and we rearranged ourselves and I mounted her from behind. Doggy is not a favourite of mine – I don’t mind it – but I like to see their face when we are fucking. We lasted about 5 minutes and I said can we get back to missionary, and explained there was nothing wrong but I like to see her face. . She said – that was nice – nobody had put it to her that way before and as we were getting ready she said would you like me to have turn on top.
I said fine and pulled out and I lay down. Then as she squatted over me ready to impale herself on my cock.

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    I said move up here and I gave her oral from above for a while.
She said if you do that much longer I will cum and I don’t want to cum this soon. Lets get back to fucking and then she guided my cock into her and lay on top of me and we kissed as she wiggled her cunt over my cock and got me engaged with her clit. I could tell from her movements what she was doing and we took it slow and she did all the work and pleased herself and me, as my cock massaged her vagina and clit. We were in fucking heaven.
We stayed like that and built the sensation up then rested occasionally as she got worked up then relaxed before bringing herself up again and more or less achieving the same result with me. I told her she was very, very good at this.
She said I have had a lot of practice – I have been overseas and lived with a Spanish girl who showed me how to do this. We both used a dildo and we practiced for ages and she showed me how to read mens faces and movements so I knew when you were close and slowed things down. She was a high class call girl and I learned a lot from her. Jill and I often have a workout together; we are both Bi so we get it together occasionally as well. You never know we may be able to get a threesome working tonight if you are still in the mood. I said I will have to save a bit for later then.
She said that sounds great. I am sure Jill will be in it.

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We fucked like that for another five minutes and she said lets get it finished – Jill will be back soon and if she sees us like this she will want some herself.
She then made all the right moves and I was pretty close to cumming and she said you are close arnt you and I gulped out…. . shit……. Yes – as I was almost there. She had read me perfectly. Then she came and the sounds of us both rutting ourselves crazy as we both came within seconds of each other and she groaned and murmured with the pleasure my cock was giving her and she was working it out on herself. She was pinching her nipples at the same time. She was very, very good and I would say it was probably one of the best fucks I have ever had – certainly I had never enjoyed being with such an experienced girl before – she was a classic. My cock had spurted and had filled her cunt full of my warm soapy cum. Because I was under her it had begun to leak back as it had not gone very far up her, as she was using the head of my cock to stimulate her clit and bring herself off brilliantly. I didn’t have to worry about making sure she had a great orgasm – she did that herself. We lay together for about five minutes getting our breath and heart beat back to normal. Not only could I see the vein in her neck pulsating I could feel mine as well. We had both come off with quite a heavy orgasm, she seemed more than happy with her result.

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She said that was fantastic – would you ever believe we would find two people so compatible after five minutes introduction and no previous experience together. I could take a week to find somebody as well educated as you are and train them properly. Wait till Jill come back she will be so jealous but I think we can handle her later on. We then got up and walked hand in hand to the creek and washed ourselves as we were very grotty down there. Our loins were covered in cum and cunt juice. She paid particular attention to getting as much of my cum out of her cunt I would say to have it in good shape for later.
We were laying back on the ground drying ourselves in the sun when Jill came back.
She looked at Jan and said you don’t have to tell me – you have been enjoying yourselves.
Jan said we saved some for you – he will be ready for you in a while. Maybe he will be ready for both of us again.
Jill said I know you – we are all going to have an orgy are we. Jan said well it mightn’t be an orgy with one guy but it will be one fantastic three some if he performs with you like he did with me – he is unbelievably good.
Good said Jill – I can get myself in the mood – now I am going for another swim – anybody interested. I said no.
Jan said I will join you later.

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   I want to tell him what we have in store for him later. , and took my soft cock in her hand and fondled me gently. She looked down at my flaccid cock kissed it and said to it – rest quietly little man you are going to be very, very busy keeping two nymphomaniacs happy later on.
Perhaps if I can, I will tell you that story next time – if they don’t kill me having sex with them later on.