The Camping Trip


Topic: The Camping Trip Part 1It was Labor Day weekend, the last big summer holiday weekend of the year and Emily was excited. She was going out camping by her self and taking the time to enjoy nature and unwind after a busy summer season. She already had everything packed in the back of her truck so all she had to do was get on the road as soon as she left work. Her destination for this particular weekend: a very remote campground just outside of Cherokee, NC. She figured it would only take about 6 hours to get there and knew it would be starting to get dark by the time she got everything set up. Once she arrived at work, however, her boss surprised them all and told them that after they made sure all the cleaning was done for the long weekend they could go ahead and go home. Sweet, a few hours head start, thought Emily. So she called her babysitter told her that she would be by early to get the kids and helped everyone clean up really quick. Once everyone was done and the boss man was satisfied with the appearance of all the work areas, he turned everyone loose for the weekend. So Emily ran up to the bathroom, changed out of her work uniform into a pair of dark blue jean shorts, and a white tank top that showed off the abundant cleavage of her 36C breasts. She put all her work clothes in her bag, slipped on her flip flops and ran to her truck, picked up the kids and hit the road.
About two and a half hours later she arrived at her mother’s house to drop the kids off for the entire weekend. Once she made sure the kids were settled down, she hopped back in her truck and took off again. With the windows rolled down, music blasting, and her mind wandering off in different directions, before she knew it she was at the campground. So she stopped at the check-in station and got her campsite assignment. The guy at the front desk asked her how long she was going to be in there and she told him until Labor Day.

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   Emily just grinned when she noticed that he couldn’t take his eyes off her chest. So she leaned over the desk to see what campsites were left and gave him a fuller view of the twins. As he was trying to get the check in paper work done she made small talk with him and asked him what his name was. Mark is what he told her. He was cute, medium build. Short, dark brown hair and tanned skin from being in the sun so much. Mark was so flustered when he saw how she was leaning on the desk to check out the campsites available that he dropped his paperwork. As he bent over to pick it all up, she took noticed of his nice firm ass. Mmmm, she thought, that would be nice to grab during sex. Emily decided that she had picked on the boy enough and stood back up as he put all the papers on the desk. Mark gave her the check in paperwork to sign and told her that he would be around later to make sure she got everything she needed at her campsite. Emily thanked him and walked out grinning the entire time. This weekend is going to be a blast she thought as she sauntered over to her truck and drove up the mountain to her site.
She was offered, what she thought, was one of the most beautiful campsites in the entire place. It was right on a cleared out ledge in the side of the mountain.

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   All around her was the view of the valley below. There were enough trees for shade, but not too much to block out the stars at night. The fire pit was situated towards the middle of the site, but out of the way enough for her to set up her tent in just the right spot to be able to walk out in the morning and see nothing but the valley below her. This is absolutely perfect Emily thought as she started to unpack her camping supplies. By the time she got everything set up, it was almost supper time, but she didn’t feel like cooking at that moment. Since I’m on a weekend alone, I will eat when I feel like it. But first I need to find the showers and the bathrooms. So she hopped back in her truck and drove around to find the shower facilities. Once she found that they were just a walk across the campground, she went back and parked the truck. Everything that I need for the entire weekend is all right here so there is no need to drive the truck until its time to leave. She went and got a change of clothes and her shower stuff and walked over to the showers. As she walked across the campground she noticed other campers setting up and there were no children around. That’s odd she thought, but it’s nice. No screaming kids all weekend, and didn’t think any more of it and she walked into the showers.
Emily noticed that she was the only one in there when she walked in.

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   This is nice she thought. The showers were in a separate closed door room from the toilets and they all had ceramic tiled floors and walls with not a bit of mold or soap scum. Someone must really take care of these she thought out loud. The showers actually had magnetic glass doors on them instead of just shower curtains As long as there is hot water, then I’m sold on this place every time I want a weekend alone. She set all her stuff on a bench and hung up her clean clothes on the outside of the shower door. Her thin linen beach cover up was the only thing she had grabbed. It looked like a sheet hanging up, but once she slipped it on, it fit the curves of body perfectly. Nice and loose. Once she got everything situated and picked the shower she wanted to use, she tested the water. There was definitely hot water coming out of the shower head. Awesome she thought. I’m definitely sold now. She quickly stripped down and stepped in the shower. Once she washed all the sweat and dirt off of her from setting up the campsite, she leaned back against the shower wall and just relaxed.
The hot water felt so good running down her body.

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   Before she knew it her mind was wandering back to Mark, the guy at the check in counter. Mmmmm…. she thought. I would love to wrap my legs around him and fuck his brains out. Her mind continued to go to what she would do to him and she started to run her hands all over her body. First all over her pierced breasts, she pinched and grabbed at her nipples and started getting herself all worked up. As she worked her hands down imagining it was Mark’s tongue working his way down her body. Once her hand hit her already throbbing clit she noticed that she was soaked, but not by the water. God I gotta get laid Emily thought. It has been way to long. She started rubbing her clit and imagining it was Mark’s mouth sucking and tugging on it with his teeth. She propped her leg up on the soap dish in the shower to give her better access to her pussy, and started to slide her finger up and down her clit. Pulling on it and spanking it every now and again. She was so worked up that when she slid her first two fingers into her pussy that she almost brought herself over the edge. So she slowly slid her fingers in and out of her pussy imagining it was Mark’s hard cock sliding in and out of her.

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She started the pick up speed and kept going faster and faster, bucking against her hand and begging Mark to make her cum. Oh god, oh god she moaned as she got closer to the brink of explosion. Oh yea, Fuck me. Fuck me hard she continued to moan over and over. Slam that dick in my pussy. Her hands working faster and faster making her first two fingers fly in and out her soaking wet pussy. She felt her self building up and building up hard. Her back started arching against the wall as she started to cum. She grabbed one of her tits with her free hand and knew she would not be able to keep herself quiet when she did cum. Finally she screamed, OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! and came all over her hand. She stood there and while still breathing very heavily pulled her fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean. Damn, she said…. i actually taste pretty good right now. She licked her fingers clean and washed herself off again. I’m going to have to get a hold of that man she thought as she was drying off and getting dressed.

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As Emily walked back to the campsite she noticed all the other campers had fires going and were cooking. Some of the smells coming from the campsites were really good and she heard her stomach start growling. After all that she had just done, a light supper would be perfect. So she dug into her cooler, pulled out some cold cheese and crackers, and a Corona and went to settle in her chair overlooking the valley and watched the sun set. This is absolutely beautiful she thought. The sun threw beautiful shades of red, gold, and purple across the sky and the valley below. The clouds around the sunset all looked like orange and gold trimmed pillows just aching to have someone lay their heads on them. As the sun set further Emily remembered that she still needed to build up her fire while she could still see to light the wood. So she stacked everything up, lit the starter chip and got her fire pit going for the night. Once she was satisfied it was burning like it should, she sat back down and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful sun set and waited for the moon and stars to come out.
Mark couldn’t get Emily out of his head. All he could think about was her beautiful cleavage that was all but spilling out of her top when she checked in that afternoon. Her long brown hair was spilling over her shoulders and touching her breasts in such a way that he just wanted to reach out and brush it off so he could see the entire thing and feel her suppleness against his hand. He couldn’t get her deep hazel brown eyes out of his head. It was almost like they had peered right into his soul and could see that he wanted her.

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   Luckily he was wearing loose shorts that day or she would have seen the raging hard on she had given him just thinking about the beautiful body she had. It was almost like staring at a vision of a goddess he thought.
He had already made is afternoon rounds that day and he was working all weekend long. He noticed while making his afternoon rounds that she wasn’t at her campsite, but all her stuff was set up better than some of the campers that had been coming up here for years. She must be prior military he thought to himself as he slowly drove by hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Being a prior military man himself, he could tell that everything was cinched down tight and the tent was put up so that it wouldn’t hold water if it rained. Plus she had a tarp tied to the trees and put over top of it for added protection and shade. This chic is amazing he thought and continued to drive to check on the other campers. He pulled up and parked at the bath house to check and make sure everything was stocked, cleaned, and to take a leak. As he walked into the male shower area he heard moaning coming from the female showers. He knew that all the other campers where in their sites, so it had to be her he thought. As he stood there listening, he heard her moaning louder. She has to be getting herself off in the shower. So he got into the stall right next to the female side of the showers and listened for more. All of a sudden he heard her moan his name.

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He sat there and thought about it a minute. Naw, it couldn’t be me she’s moaning about, it has got to be her boyfriend. A goddess like that probably isn’t single anyway. He started to walk to the door and heard her getting louder and moaning fuck me, fuck me hard. At first he was going to just walk away, get in his truck and go back to the office, but her moans sounded so good, and the temptation was too great. So he walked back to listen. He sat there on the bench in the shower stall and shifted his cock because he was already getting another raging hard on. By this point his balls were screaming at him to release his load. So he pulled his cock out and started stroking it in time with her moans. The faster her moans and her breathing were, the faster he stroked. He could tell she was getting ready to cum and so was he just by listening to her. He couldn’t take it any more and when he was about ready to explode, she screamed at the climax of her orgasm making him cum all over his hands and shorts. He sat there shaking, not even caring that there was cum all over his shorts. He couldn’t believe just by sitting there listening to her that could get himself off that hard. I wonder what would happen if it was the real thing.

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Just sitting there thinking about his cock sliding in that pussy gave him another hard on and he had to stop himself from stroking it again. I’ve got rounds I still need to make. As he stood up is when he realized he had cum all over his shorts. Shit, now I need to change them. He stopped at the sink and cleaned them off the best that he could and rushed out to the park truck to get out of the area before Emily came out. Once he got to back to the check in station, he changed into another pair of shorts. Thank god I’m staying here all weekend Mark thought to himself. He had plenty of clothes to last him until Labor Day when his shift is up.

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