My older man and lover.


I was at my (nude) beach alone and I cut my foot on a broken bottle. This guy who was also there  saw my predicament and came to help me. He picked me up and carried me to his car where he bandaged my foot etc. I am 22 but he was much older. He then offered to drive me home and I accepted. On the way we talked and I found out he was a widower and lived alone. He was a charming man and we got very friendly. I had put my top in but I was naked down below. Wed slipped a towel around ourselves as he too was naked on the beach. When we got to my place he carried me up to my apartment that I share with my girlfriend. When he took me inside he put me on the bed and he said can I make you a cup of tea or coffee which I agreed to. When he bought it into me I was naked and about to change into shorts and a top. He stopped and I have to say he looked at me standing there and said now that’s a sight I wont forget for a long while. He just stood there looking at me and for a moment I was sort of embarrassed. Then I thought what the hell he has seen me naked at the beach and I am not embarrassed at being seen naked. Somehow being in my bedroom my nudity seemed different and sexier than just plain nudity.

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  I couldn’t help but see his penis firm up and poke out between the ends of his towel he had around him. I just looked and smiled. Oh god he said – when he saw me looking – that shouldn’t happen – I am so sorry, and put the tray down to fix his towel and I assume cover his half erection and as he did the towel came right away and he too was naked and showing me a half hard 8 inch penis. I said don’t worry it is not the first one I have seen and it looks rather nice on you. I said don’t bother covering up we have seen it all before. I said lets go to the lounge and he took the coffee out there and I hobbled out and we sat naked and drank coffee – his erection had subsided. We talked and he apologised for his erection again and I said I rather liked it – I have never seen a grown man with an erection – only young guys, and from what I saw I only saw half of it. He said you seem very relaxed with nudity. I said I have been a nudist for years and enjoy being naked as does my flat mate – we are both naked in here a lot.  He said I suppose you have a regular boyfriend. I said no – I wont go steady as I cannot commit to one person – I am attracted to men and as such am tempted often to enjoy different company. Like I am now – I cant remember sitting and talking to a man as old as my father naked before. He said I hope it doesn’t embarrass you. I said no way – in fact I am rather enjoying your company. (In fact I was becoming quite aroused by him and getting wet just looking at his body, he was very athletic and well built for his age, both in body and penis).

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  I stood up and accidentally on purpose stumbled and he jumped up to grab me – which is exactly what I wanted him to do. When he grabbed me I made sure our faces were close and I looked into his eyes and I knew he wasn’t going to pull away and I kissed him. He accepted the kiss for a moment and then went to pull away but I maintained contact and slipped my tongue into his mouth and he responded in two ways – he returned my kiss - and I felt his cock getting hard. His cock went up between us as we kissed and I pressed my body to his and sandwiched his hard cock between our bodies. I relaxed a little and he felt it and held me firmer. When I broke the kiss I said that was wonderful and I can see you havnt lost the ability to impress a lady, and I put my hand down and held his cock. I said that is magnificent – I love it. He said we shouldn’t be doing this. I said I know – but I want to. I then bent down and took his cock in my mouth, licking his pre-cum off as I put it in my mouth. It still had a salty taste from when he had been swimming – I loved the taste of him and he hadn’t cum yet. He said NO – we shouldn’t be doing this. I said I want to and immediately held his cock and put my mouth over it again and proceeded to suck him gently.   He tried to pull away but soon stopped and let me have my way with him – he just stood there and let me take my pleasure off his cock. After a minute or so – I said there that wasn’t too bad was it – I think we had better go to my bedroom and finish it.

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  He said we shouldn’t be doing this. I said I know but lets say its my way of saying thank you. If I didn’t want to be doing it we wouldn’t and I hope you feel the same. He said I have never been with a girl as young as you since before I was married. I said well lets relive your youth – how many girls did you make love to before you got married. He said a few. I said well this is just one more – you told me you are not married any more so you are doing nothing wrong. By now we were in my bedroom and I said do you want me to finish what I started or would you like to make love to me. He said lets make love. I got down and he got on top of me. He made sure my foot was not bothering me. Then without any ceremony he put his hard cock into me and I have never felt anything as good as it did for ages. He was about 8 inches long and quite thick. I have had a boy or two as long but never as thick as his and I could feel the lips of my cunt firmly gripping his cock as he slid it down deep and then pulled back till the head of it was just at my lips and then back into me. It felt fantastic and I told him I havnt enjoyed a cock like his before.

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  He said how many times have you done this. I said more than I could count – I had my first experience at 14 and I am now 22 so that would add up to more than I could ever remember.  But you have to be the first man your age, and I love it. I think you were made to make me happy. He laughed and said I would never have believed you were so promiscuous. I said believe me I have slowed down – when I was a teenager I couldn’t get enough and often had two boys in a night. Sex to me was a challenge and I took advantage of every boy I could. He was fucking me beautifully and I was really enjoying it. He was going slow and with a steady rhythm in deep and back almost out and then back in, my vagina was alive with the sensation. He was the best fuck I have had for years. He wasn’t in a hurry like younger guys and wasn’t out o show me how good he was – that came naturally to him. We fucked for about 15 minutes before he said – would you mind if I ejaculated inside you. I said – perfectly – I have been on the pill for years. He laughed and said well I am safe too – I have had a vasectomy and cant make babies either. I said explain what that is and he did – I was impressed.

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   He said we decided after two kids we didn’t want any more and rather than have my wife go onto the pill for years I had it done and from then on we had no worries or problems. I can still cum and I just ejaculate spermless semen. It still looks and feels like semen though as you will soon realise. Good I said - I always feel like a real woman when I have it inside me. One day I want to get pregnant – that is when I find the right man. I was getting really worked up and said I think I am going to cum any minute – get ready I can be pretty active when I do. He said good lets see how you go and he lifted his rhythm and began to fuck me harder and faster and it did what it was meant to and I could feel my body getting ready to reach my climax as every nerve in my body was getting excited and then I came – I bucked and wriggled as I got his cock to excite my clit and I had a great orgasm – it lasted about 40 seconds – a really good one for me, and really intense. Once I got over the high – I relaxed and said now its your turn and I didn’t need to tell him – he was already there and he came and groaned and groaned each time his cock ejaculated a load of his spermless cum as he called it into me. I guess he came about four or five times before he collapsed on top of me. I let my legs slip down and he lay there with his cock still inside me until we both got our breath back – it was exhausting as we both had a great finish to a wonderful fuck. After a few minutes of just laying on me he said I hope you wont mind – but I have had a desire to do something for years and was never game to ask my wife – will you do something special for me. I said tell me more – I wont agree to everything. He said can you get up and squat over my face – I want you to drip the cum out of your vagina into my mouth – as a young boy I was a cock sucker and enjoyed sucking other boys off and drinking their cum. After I got married I never went to another male and I was often tempted to. It was something inside me I wanted to do – as repulsive as it may seem, but didn’t want to spoil a perfect marriage.

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  I said I have been asked to do a few things in my time but never that. Guys have often gone down on me after they have cum inside me and licked me out and I have never stopped them so I cant see anything wrong with what you want. I said we had better get started as I can feel it beginning to flow back – you really gave me a cunt full.   I got up and sat just over his face and tried to squeeze his cum out and get more than a drip for him. I got some out that way but then I used my finger and got a lot more out and as each drip or string dripped into his mouth he said how good it was and how much he had enjoyed it. He said he had often masturbated and drank his own cum – but it was never as good as from somebody else. He had fantasised about doing it this way for years and said it was the first time he had tasted a girl as well – he said the mixture of his cum and my vaginal juice was perfect. I said you never did oral on your wife. He said no - neither of us have done that. I said great – then that’s something I can do for you to say thank you again. I love cock sucking as you could see from before, but I am never sure if the guy can have sex with me after I have sucked him off. I have had a few that cant so I always do cock sucking after sex. I know what you tasted as that’s what I get off his cock after he has pulled out. I like it. He had finished with me and I had let him just lick me clean – I wouldn’t have minded him licking me off but I didn’t want to push him too far – it would have been his first time.


  I got him to sit on the edge of the bed and I knelt in front of him and got to and sucked his cock. He really loved the sensation I was giving him and he talked to me about the feeling he was getting and how good it was. I let him feel my breasts which I enjoy. I fondled him, masturbated him, played with his balls and sucked him for the best part of 10 minutes before he came. He wanted to be sure I was ready for him to cum in my mouth. He was playing the perfect gentleman. He was the best part of 40 years older than me but he was like one of the boys I have sex with regularly – only more considerate. When he came he stood up and as I fondled his balls he ejaculated five or six times before he was dry and I swallowed every drop. He said he is amazed that he could cum so much after cumming before. He masturbated fairly regularly so he said I must still have the ability to recover it quickly. I said I loved it and any time he wants more to give me a ring and I will only be too happy to relive our first experience. We had a shower together and he loved me soaping his cock and balls. He was surprised he didn’t get hard as I played with his soft cock. It was a wonderful sensation for me too, as most guys get hard again when I do it for them. I got him to do the same to my tits and cunt.

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   He commented he liked the way I had trimmed my pubic hair too. After he left I rang his place and left a message on his answering machine – I loved the sex and wanted more from him – don’t forget and ring me any time. I wanted him to know when he got home I was more than happy to have been with him and not to feel guilty. He rang me the next day to ask me out for dinner on Saturday night – I went with him and it was the beginning of a loving relationship of wonderful company and great sex with him. We went back to his place and I stayed the night with him and we expanded our sexual apatite and he did oral on me for his first time, but not the last. He loved my company and our sex as much as I did with him. In the restaurant I feel and behave like his daughter – in the bedroom I am his whore. He and I are bed partners regularly now – I enjoy his company at dinner and in bed. I know what we are going to do later so I am not in a hurry any more. He is beginning to enjoy the sexual side of a life that in the past has been conservative – with me it’s a bit more adventuresome and I encourage him to enjoy different positions with me. His wife had never been on top during sex and he was amazed at the first time I tried it with him. He enjoys me going cowgirl and its now one of his favourite positions with me. He has also learned my breasts are an erotic playground as well – I have been amazed that he has gone through life as an ultraconservative lover. As I said I am his whore and he is beginning to enjoy the late start in life of a sexual deviate with me. He has had his education expanded from kindergarten to university standard in a short period of time.

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  He is not demanding and has no problems with me keeping company with people my own age - but I know sex with him is one of the most wonderful and satisfying experiences I can have. I know he is not going to be demanding or jealous. Sex with him is all pleasure. He will even take me out for a meal if he knows I am on my period and we don’t have sex then. I offered him anal sex on one occasion I was on the rag, but he said that he would not enjoy that. I have never mentioned anal since. I had done it a couple of times with a guy who enjoyed having anal but it does nothing for me. It was nice to know he didn’t just want my body – he actually likes me as a person. I enjoy sex with him more than with anybody else – and I actually look forward to being with him as a companion. He is compassionate and considerate and makes love perfectly. I will never be any more than a bed mate for him unfortunately – if he was 40 years younger then he may be the man I am happy to spend the rest of my days with, but for now its just his cock and mouth and my cunt that enjoy spending time together. We are never happier than when our bodies are locked together in a sexual embrace. We are often at our nude beach at the same time, occasionally after a night of wonderful sex together. We have agreed it will only be with our own friends. His are all male.

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   Mine are mixed sex. We acknowledge each other as acquaintances but nobody would ever know we make love like rabbits in the privacy of his home.   .