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I was working back one night with a friend helping one of our computer contractors upgrade some software. Things were not going well and the two of us were sitting around chatting while this guy worked on the problem we had encountered.
We were in the boardroom where we had set up 4 PCs to be able to test without running from one part of the building to another.
While we were waiting I asked her about an affair she was having with one of her boy friends, The last time we spoke he was giving her a pretty good time and had taken her away a couple of weekends. She told me it was hot and the weekends turned into a sex romp and he was pretty good in bed. Then she surprised me and said on one weekend they had engaged in a threesome with a girl her bf knew and was at the same resort alone – actually looking for a well healed guy to mate with. She told me what they did together and how fantastic the sex was with the three of them.
I said how did you manage to get along with the other girl.
She said at first it was bit difficult and she was a bit embarrassed at first with all three of them there, and all naked. She doesn’t mind being naked with a lover, but with another girl who was really a stranger to her was a bit embarrassing. It was obvious sex was going to happen, she didn’t know how, but it was obvious her bf was experienced with 3 way sex and so was the other girl, she said I was the novice with another woman.
It didn’t take long for the party to warm up – a few drinks and some sexy talk and she was in the mood but had no idea what to expect – neither of the other two realised she was a novice at 3 way sex until the girl came over to her and wanted to kiss her. The boyfriend was watching and telling them it really turned him on to see two women kissing.
She said I had to confess then she had not had sexual contact with another woman before. The other girl was wonderful and she said she wouldn’t push her to hard but if they took it slowly she would soon realise how good being sexual with another woman can be.   The first kiss was a bit awkward but she soon found it almost as good as kissing a guy, she shut her eyes and imagined it was a man she was kissing but this girl was better than any man.

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   She said I very quickly began to get really into kissing with her and her hands began to wander and touch her where she liked being touched. Then she began to lead her into a sexual union and her finger began to masturbate me and then her boyfriend began to fondle the other girl as well.
I was getting really wet listening to this. I have had one girl/girl experience when I was much younger about 12 when an older girl taught me how to French kiss and that always got me hot and she took advantage of it and would finger me and I would do it for her.  She gave me my first orgasm that I didn’t give myself. I loved it but I never saw her again and have never had an opportunity to revisit the pleasures I experienced – but I was younger than and more easily led. I never had an opportunity or desire o kiss another girl after that.
With all this talk I was getting hotter and hotter and my pants were soaking.
I recounted my experience to her and she said – we could get together one day if you like – I found I could really enjoy the sex I had with her and when the three of us got it all together I was doing things I would never have imagined I would do – let alone with another girl and a guy at the same time.
I said I will give that some serious thought – do you have a bf at the moment.
She said no – I have a casual guy I go out with occasionally but he is not the sexy type and I havnt had sex with a guy for some time. My toys and my fingers are my best friends at the moment.
I said I have to go to the loo, I am so wet and my pussy needs a bit of a rub.
She said I will come too and we both headed for the loo.
While I was sitting there pissing she asked me if I shaved.

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   I said when I have finished I will show you. After I had cleaned up I slipped my pants right off and then showed her my strip I have above my slit.
She took a look and said I had one of those once. When she finished wiping herself she also slipped her jeans right off and she stood up and showed me her little patch above her slit – we were both shaped. I said I love that I must see if I can do it with mine.  
   For some reason I squatted down to have a closer look and I got really close and she said lets wash and go back to the boardroom – we can get better acquainted there. I could smell the musky smell of her and it was a real turn on. I was almost prepared to lick her right then myself.
She went to the basin and gave herself a good flush and wash, this might be needed she said, – I did the same – the two of us bare from the waist down washing our cunts in front of a mirror – it was quite erotic.
She said he has gone back to his office – we will be safe - and we both walked back bare from the waist down and carrying or pants and shoes. It would have caused quite a stir if we had done it with the office full of people.
Once we got into the board room she shut and locked the door and turned to me and she kissed me – full on the lips and her tongue pushed its way into my mouth and in seconds we were kissing passionately. I didn’t resist and while it was a bit of a shock – didn’t bother me.   She then began to pull my top up and I stopped and did it myself and then my bra and she did the same – we were naked and back to kissing and rubbing our naked bodies together and I began to hump her between the legs.
We hadn’t said a word and we were embracing passionately.

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   She was warm and I could smell the scent of her body and it was turning me on. Then I did what I had planned to do in the toilet, and began to kiss her neck and then slowly down her body the suck and kiss both her nipples and down over her belly button over her mound of short hair and then to her vagina. I had never done this before to a girl, but had done it to guys. I don’t know why I did it other than the sexual arousal was getting stronger and stronger each second.
She moved away and I thought she was refusing me – but she just went over to the boardroom table and sat on it and opened her legs to give me full access to her.
I immediately opened her lips with my fingers to reveal her wet pink pussy. She had that beautiful musky smell. I knew her cunt was freshly washed and I immediately plunged my mouth over her cunt lips and licked and sucked on her clit. She moaned with the pleasure she was getting from me and her hands came down onto my head and she guided me around her cunt as I licked and sucked on her and had one of the most amazing experiences I had ever had. She then climbed onto the table and opened her legs wider and I was able to get full access to her heavenly hole. It was actually my first experience at oral sex on another girl but I had studied the porn shows on the net when I masturbated and had imagined doing this a dozen times but never having an opportunity or being game enough to seek out another woman to go with.
After a few minutes she said lets go 69  and I got onto the table and the both of us connected and we emulated each other as one of us would give the other a lick or suck and then the other one did the same.
It didn’t take more than five minutes of this and I was getting ready to cum.   I said I am almost there.
She said give me a minute and I will join you and we both got back down on each others cunt and it didn’t take words to explain where we were at and we both began to cum more or less at the same time.

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   I was few seconds before her and then I recognised the movements she was making and I knew she was cumming too and the both of us went crazy sucking and licking each others cunts and we had a simultaneous orgasm together. It was amazing – I was giving and receiving my first oral orgasm. It was just so exciting. It was also the first taste of another woman – I had often tasted myself as I lick my fingers when I masturbate.
We both climbed down off the table and stood resting against it – we were quite exhausted as we had both really got worked up and given each other a great work out. My whole body was tingling with the sensation and my nipples were rock hard and quite sensitive when I touched them.
She said – well that was something else wasn’t it – I never imagined an hour ago we would be her naked and having sex together.
I said I would never have imagined me having sex with another woman. I must say I am not disappointed – I can see what you mean about that other girl you started with – she must have been a good teacher. She said there really was nothing to learn – I knew how I like to be pleasured down there and I just did what I felt I liked and she would too.
I said would you believe – you were my first as well – I have never had anything like that happen to me and I never believed I could do it to another woman – but when I saw you in the toilet I just couldn’t help myself – I wanted to try it. Now I am so happy and I have done it and you evidently enjoyed it.
She said – I did and I am glad you did as well – this may be the beginning of a long friendship.
I said I hope so – now I have broken the ice – I wont be stopping there.
I said we will have to get together again – you can tell me all about your three some and maybe we could get him to share it with us.

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She said it all over with him – he wasn’t happy with just me and shared his cock with other girls so I gave him away.
I said maybe if we play our cards right we might get Mike to have some fun after we get this mess sorted out. Then the phone rang – he was on his way back so we had to get dressed and ready for him when he returned – she said I hope he has fixed one problem he is going to have two more before the night is over.
He got back and said he was sorry and he hoped we were not too bored with the waiting – if he only knew. We spent two more hours testing the system and it appeared to be ok and we had no problems.
It was about 9pm when we finished and I said well lets have a drink – I have the keys to the kitchen and there is always food and grog in there.
We all partook of some refreshment and we opened two bottles of Champaign and by then we were all rather happy. Julie was getting pretty worked up and was pushing him a bit and teasing him a  bit about his sexuality and trying to establish if he a had woman in his life.
He soon realised what was happening and began to tease back – silly man – before he knew it the both of us were all over him and we were all making suggestions that were not very subtle.
Julie said are you a tit or bum man – he said both actually.
Julie then said well we had better have a competition – and she turned to me and said how about we get him to judge which one of us has what he wants.
I needed no second explanation and for the second time that night I undressed and before he knew it the two of us were naked and Julie said well who has the best tits and who has the best bum.
He was a bit flabbergasted and couldn’t quite make up his mind as to what he should say or do.
I went to him and said ok – feel my tits - I have better tits than her. I took his hand and put them on my breast and said ok feel them and tell me if they are better than hers.

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At first he was a bit reluctant but soon was feeling mine and squeezing them and playing with my nipples. Then Julie said OK my turn and presented her tits to him to feel.
As he was doing that I got down and undid his fly and he didn’t resist and then I got his belt undone and pulled his pants and underpants down and his beautiful seven inch hard cock sprung out and stood out hard in front of him.
I immediately put my mouth over his cock and sucked it.
He said holy shit what is going on.
Julie looked down and said I think she is sucking you off and laughed.
Julie started to kiss him and she was undoing his shirt to strip him bare as well.
As I sucked his cock she took his hand and held it over her cunt and he began to finger her.
The three of us were busy engaged in sex of some sort with each other.
I worked on him for about 7 or 8 minutes stroking his cock with my fingers as I slid my lips up and down his rigid shaft and ran my tongue around the rim of the head of it. He flinched every now and again as I held his balls in my hand and gently squeezed them. He was enjoying what I was doing and Julie and he were kissing hard as he had two fingers in her rubbing her hard as well. All three bodies were engaged in some form of sexual delight.
Julie came from his fingering and she was quite vocal as her orgasm overwhelmed her – I could see her legs and his fingers working in her next to my head and she bent her knees as she hit the top of her climax. As she was cumming he said ohhh shit - I am going to cum too and went to pull back but I held him hard and he came into my mouth as I wanted him to.

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   I took all his warm spunky cum in my mouth and swallowed as I fondled his balls to get it all out.  It was magnificent. Once more my first time sucking a guy off but I wasn’t going to tell anybody that – I had studied it on the net and I think I did rather well. I was not certain if I like his taste or not – it was a bit salty as I had been led to believe and it had a strange taste that wasn’t something I was expecting – but I had read so many stories about girls who sucked cum – I didn’t really know what to expect other than it was not wonderful. I took it all down and found it was a bit slimy – I don’t know why I didn’t realise that but that was the bit I didn’t really expect.
I sucked him clean and his cock began to soften and I let it drop out of my mouth.
Once more Julie and I were standing against the table – her gasping for breath and me just standing there looking at him and saying – how was that.
He smiled at me and said now when do I judge the bums.
We all laughed.
Julie said Jan hasn’t cum yet – you and I have lets get her up to speed and his cock was till limp and hanging down – he said it will be a few minutes before I can go again.
Julie said well here we go again and this time she got down and began to give me oral and once more I climbed onto the table as she proceeded to lick me out.
Mike was stunned – he said my god is there anything you two don’t do.
I said anal – I wont have any guys cock up my ass.
Julie said nothing as she was licking me out but she almost immediately slipped her finger into my ass about an inch or two and I didn’t know what to say or do, but it felt nice and I didn’t say anything and she was fingering my cunt as well as licking me with a finger half up my ass – I was in seventh heaven – it was amazing how good it all felt.
I said to Mike bring it here – and he came over and I took his soft cock into my mouth again and began to harden him up again.

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We were a threesome again – me sucking his cock, he was playing with my tits and Julie sucking me out.
I came again and this time I wasn’t as vigorous, I had cum once already with her, but it was still great.
Julie got off me and I got up and said to Mike ok its your turn to repay Julie.
Julie lay on the table and Mike got up and with his hard wet cock just out of my mouth pushed his cock into Julies waiting cunt. He had enough firmness left to get it in and once it was in her warm and wonderful vagina he hardened and began to fuck her beautifully. It was the first time I had seen anybody getting fucked in real life – on the net yes but this was live. I was fascinated and rubbing my cunt madly.
I watched as the two of them began to fuck and they were really enjoying themselves.
I went around and began to fondle Julies nipples and kiss her as Mike plunged his cock up and down in her cunt. Once more we were a threesome again. I never imagined it could be this good and enjoyable.  
This was his first fuck with one of us and I asked Julie – how is it – do you think I will enjoy it as well.
Julie said any cock up you is good but he knows what he is doing and I am enjoying it.
Mike said I think we will still be here when the office opens – I said – no way, I am out of here as soon as you cum. We have a big day tomorrow with this new system and I need to be fairly alert.

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   It will be after 10 by the time we have cleaned up and I have an hour to drive home.
Mike said hey I havnt fucked you yet – don’t you like me.
I said Mike there is nobody I want to fuck me more than you – but we are going to have to wait, I am sorry but I have had a mouthful of you and  you havnt give us your decision on our tits and bums yet maybe we can add fucking and sucking to the list. I am sure we will be able to get it all together in a day or so.
Mike continued to fuck Julie and they were both really getting into it – he was evidently good at it and Julie was making the most of having his cock up her cunt. Julie said how are you going – Mike said give me a few minutes and I will be fine. Julie said then can you do me doggy, I rather like it the doggy way.
Mike said anything to oblige a lady and he pulled out of her and she got up on her knees. I went around to Mike before he mounted her again and I sucked his rigid cock clean with all Julies juices and cunt stuff on it. It tasted great – even better than when I sucked her out.
God he said I cant believe this – two raging nymphomaniacs.
I said you have got to believe it and whats more you will owe me one before we go and I don’t let anybody welsh on a bet. There is still a part of me that wants a big part of you.
By now Julie was ready and waiting and Mikes cock was clean again and he just slipped his cock into Julies cunt and started fucking he again. He started pretty hard and Julies tits were swinging beneath her and looked great, she was pushing back as Mike pushed his cock in and between them they had a good rhythm working.

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   I had also noticed Julies bum bent over ready for Mikes cock– I think she was going to get first prize there – it was perfect.
I got up on the table too and gave my cunt to Julie to suck as Mike fucked her and between the three of us we were all getting our delights through our cock and cunts.   I was really enjoying Julie as she was moving with Mike fucking her and licking my cunt at the same time in the same motion. It was awesome.
Mike didn’t last much longer and he came in Julie and filled her up, grunting each time he pushed and spurted his wonderful hot cum into her. It was music to my ears. I was still a few minutes off cumming so Julie stayed where she was kneeling on the table and finished sucking me out and I came with a huge orgasm. She kept going on my clit even after I came and I thought I was going to have a multiple but she stopped.
As she kneeled there Mikes cum began to leak out of her cunt onto the table. There were two or three big drips and a string of it there. She was about to wipe it up and I said no leave it there – we have to leave our mark on something after this – by the time they use this room again it will have dried and I guess somebody will recognise it. It will be the talk of the board – who has been fucking on the boardroom table.
Julie laughd and said I hope its that bitch of a woman who thinks she is running the company.
I said the board secretary – and Julie said that’s her - the old maid. I bet half the board has fucked her and she doesn’t realise it – she is so cold.


We all went to the bathroom – Mike came in with us and he avoided using the mens and the three of us all washed ourselves and got dressed – Mike said I can give you the results of your bums if you like. I said no – I want to do this all again so you can judge us again then.
We all left and drove home – The next day was frantic and I saw Mike a few times but had no time to talk and tell him how much I appreciated the previous evening. Julie told me she found him in a lift and gave him a big kiss – from both of us and said there is more than that on ice – he said I cant wait.
By Friday things were settling down and Mikes work was almost finished. Julie and I were getting fewer calls at the help desk so the three of us had time to talk and reminisce.
Julie asked what was I doing the weekend – I said I hope Mike would be doing me.
Mike said is that a threat or a promise.
I said I am available any time you ask.
Julie said well where does that leave me –
I said are you available – her answer was yes yes yes.
I said well then lets all get together and celebrate our new found friendship.
Mike said so I assume I have no choice.
I said after you fuck me – the choice is yours – you can do anything you wish with either of us because we are planning to do the same together.
Mike said well I had better go and get some sleep – I don’t think I will be getting any this weekend. I said I know a great place with two king size beds in the room – I will book it.

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Oh – I said - I have heard from a girl in the data entry area the old bitch has found the cum stains and is blaming one of the girls there and is trying to find the director responsible.
If she only knew.
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