First Look and First Lick Chapter 2


Topic: First Look and First Lick Chapter 2 *Some vague incestuous and taboo acts are contained in this story, if it is offensive to you, then please do not read any further*
I slept off and on that night, eagerly waiting for the next day to get there, when Steve would be home early. When I awoke, I stretch, folded my blankets up and put them away and began looking through my clothes to see what I could wear, nothing appealed to me, so I settled on a blue jean mini skirt, which my mother hated, no panties, and a white tank top that had been worn and washed so much it barely held itself together. I ventured upstairs to my sister’s room and started looking through the magazines again. I settled on one, where the leggy brunette with huge tits and a shaved pussy was fucking herself with the handle of a bull whip, and then in the next picture she was on her knees with the whip between her legs, rubbing it back and forth across her clit. My pussy started getting wet but I continued to look at the pictures, letting my juices flow from my pussy and onto the floor and my thighs. Soon I heard the key in the door and dashed to my mom’s room, just in case it wasn’t Steve. I heard the door close and lock and then he called out my name.
     “Maggie?” I heard him call, from what sounded like the living room. I returned to his and my sister’s room and sat on the foot of the bed.
     “I’m up here. ” I called as I saw his shadow on the stairwell. He walked up the stairs and looked at me, with my legs spread, leaning back on my elbows. He looked at my pussy and licked his lips a little, “Don’t tempt me just yet. We’re going to have some fun. ” He said taking my hand and pulling me up to stand in front of him.
He started kissing my neck and feeling of my tits, I pulled back and looked at him.

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   “What about Janice?” I asked, feeling a guilty that I was lusting after her husband. He sighed, “I haven’t fucked your sister in a few months. Janice said she’s not interested in sex anymore and told me to get it somewhere else. ”
This made me feel less guilty and eagerly asked what we were going to do. He pulled away from me and opened one of my sister’s dresser drawers and pulled out a white piece of cloth with white puffy feathers and something very thin and white. He held it up and I realized it was elastic strips sewn together to form a bra and the white cloth and feathers barely covered the nipples. The other piece was the same kind of elastic strips that were panties. One elastic strip went around the waist and the other went between the legs and nestled in between the pussy lips. He gave them to me and instructed me to go in the bathroom and put them on.
I did as he told me and when I came out, a bit nervous and self conscious, my pussy was soaking wet. The elastic crotch rubbed my clit just slightly when I would move. Steve looked at me from where he stood and smiled, in his hand was a Polaroid camera.
He ushered me to the bed and had me lay back with my knees spread wide.
     “Your pussy is wet isn’t it?” he asked, taking pictures as I rubbed my hot slit up and down, I’d get my fingers wet and then lick them off like the women in the magazine, I moaned in agreement as he walked up to my side, “Have you ever seen a cock?” he asked, squeezing my right tit and rolling the nipple between his fingers.
     “No, just the head of your cock.

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  ” I answered huskily, hearing him unzip his pants. I opened my eyes and looked at his massive cock. It was ten inches long and he could barely touch his index finger and thumb around the shaft as he rubbed it back and forth. He placed my hand on it and moved it back and forth along his thick manhood and moaned when I continued doing it after he let go.
     “I bet your bald little pussy is so tight isn’t it little girl. ” He ground out while I stroked him, and then slid his middle finger in as far as my maidenhood would let him. I grunted a little and he smiled devilishly, “Jesus Mags. That pussy is so wet and so fucking tight. ” He whispered as he moved his finger to my mouth and told me to suck on it.  I licked and sucked my juices off his finger then moved to sit on my knees and looked up at him while I jacked his cock. He continued to snap pictures with the Polaroid while he groaned.
     “Lick my cock like you do an ice cream cone. ” He instructed, and I was happy to oblige, licking the shaft back and forth and then the head, making sure I licked the gleaming pre-cum off the head. Steve put his hand on my head and suddenly thrust his hard thick member into my mouth. “Suck on it.

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  ” He commanded, sliding it in and out of my mouth. I did as I was instructed while he groaned and grunted. I played with his balls with one hand while stroking his cock with the other so that my hand and lips met in the middle of the shaft. It didn’t take me long to figure out far I should loosen my jaw and that he liked to feel my tongue making patterns on his dick while I sucked on it. Suddenly I felt his balls tighten and his thighs start to shake, he gave a long and loud groan before he emptied his load in my mouth and down my throat, thrusting his cock further down my throat.
I swallowed all of his cum and he let go of the back of my head and instructed me to lie down. I once again did as I was told and he lay next to me and licked my left nipple.
     “Your tits are so big. Do you know that?” he asked sucking on my nipple while squeezing my right tits and rolling my nipple between his thumb and finger. I nodded my head as I arched my back slightly toward his hand. He switched to sucking on my right tit and moved his hand downward to my intensely wet pussy. I gasped in pleasure as he slid his finger up and down my wet cunt slit.
     “Jesus Mags. Your naked pussy is so soft and tight. ” He breathed as he sucked my juices off his finger, he groaned and closed his eyes, “God damn it tastes fucking good too.

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He told me to get on my knees and straddle his face, I obligingly did as I was told and immediately felt the shock of his tongue as it licked my clit and went into my cunt.
I gasped and groaned and instinctively rode his face as he wrapped his arms around my thighs and pinned me where I was. I grasped his hair, riding his face as wave after wave rocked me; his tongue flicking my clit then traveling my slit to my honey hole and then barely scraping my clit with his teeth. I felt the wave of cum travel through me and rode his face faster and harder, him pinning my thighs tighter and nipping my clit, “Oh fuck Steve!” I gasped, as my cum ran from my pussy into his mouth and all over his face. He let go of me and I got off of him and he went to the dresser and opened a drawer.
     “I have a job for you to do before we do this again. ” He said, extracting a purple dick made of gel, “I want you to use this to pop that cherry of yours. ” He said, instructing me to put it back when I was done. He then said he was going to leave and come back after everyone go home, so it would look like he’d been at work and suggested I take a shower and clean up.
I took a shower and when I got out I knew that Steve had left. My sister’s bed was made and the magazines put back where they came from, and the camera and pictures had been stashed someplace else. I thought of what we had done and felt my pussy grow wet again. Thinking of my new mission and knowing we would fuck again, I went to the dresser drawer and pulled out the dildo. No time like the present to start my mission.
*Check back for Chapter 3*

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