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Topic: sex at its bestOne trail Leads to another, Shruti and i had a wonderful time at Ayesha's house ( To Know More Read "Sweet College Girl - Sensuous Love" ) , i was quite sure looking at ayesha's expression that something was going in her mind. i was not quite sure where it will lead to or when? but as the saying goes, your desires find a way to become true. Ayesha and i exchanged number that day, next day Six AM my phone rang, half asleep and tired i ignored it for a while but third time in a row was too much for me to bear, a silky voice at the other end was enough to sharpen my senses. Ayesha said i forgot my card in her house and i got only two hours to collect, else she is leaving for her home town. I decided to go right away, while driving to her house i was still thinking about the last night and my mind was scheming another meeting with Shruti. I parked my car and rung the door bell of Ayesha's house, as soon as she opened the door my jaw dropped, she was wearing a flimsy black nightdress that was hugging her body casually, it had thin straps which were sliding from her shoulder and her hemline was looking so beautiful without a bra that it took me a few seconds to refocus my eyes to her face, strands of hair were playing on her cheecks and her short straight hair were a little dishevelled, but this was not the look of someone waking up from sleep, it was a pretension that i caught immediately, the dress was barely reaching her knees and her clean shaven legs were looking milky white in contrast. she held my hand, dragged me in and closed the door behind. If i describe Ayesha's beauty, it will always be an understatement because she has a very fair complexion but a very ordinary facade, but only in a dress like this you realize that face sometimes hides the real beauty. under her thin fabric i can see the outline of her body, her beautiful firm breasts were jutting out and were only partly hidden from view, she did not wear a bra, these beautiful breasts sit over a narrow waist that is slim but not skinny. the sight of her beautiful thighs rustling below that flimsy gown gave me an instant hard on, she was still holding my hand when we moved near the couch and i was dumbfounded by the sight like a kid following her silent orders. Ayesha probably had planned it all, and before i could utter a word she pointed me towards the low lying mattress and asked me to sit till she baths and gets ready for her train, before waiting for an answer she moved to the bathroom. by the time it was clear what she wanted but i wasn't sure how to begin. she was back in five mins wrapped around in a bath towel which took my breath away. but even that wonderful sight lasted a few seconds because she moved to the bedroom to dress up. When she came out wearing a flowing skirt and a loose T shirt, her hair were untied and water was still dripping. by this time it was clear to me that it was Ayesha's game and i am willing to be led to salvation by her.

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   Ayesha handed me my card with an expression that was describing her intentions clearly, i raised my hand to take the card and covered her palm with mine, with a gentle pull of hand she came closer, she sat next to me facing me and resting her right hand on mine. I moved my face closer to smell the freshness dripping from her slightly curved hairs. The aroma was so sweet that my mouth automatically glided towards her and within no time it rested on her lovely lips, they were moist with water and desire and i felt it will melt in my mouth. Suddenly Ayesha withdrew, stood up and ran away towards the kitchen, for an instant i thought i blew it up. Probably she was feeling shy and was never been kissed, hardly any girl can overcome the shock and pleasure of the first kiss and remain guiltless. I followed her in and put an embrace from behind and kissed her right ear, ayesha arched and lifted her face up without opening her eyes. I kept my left hand encircled around her and started moving the right slowly around her belly. first i moved it up just touching by the index finger making small circles while travelling around. When the finger reached the top of the breast i rested my palm on it, Ayesha's breath grew heavy and her bossom tightened with desire. At this point i guided her to face me, i gentlly pushed her behind so that she gets the support of kitchen counter and my hands whose job so far was to support her from falling down are free for bigger things. Once there i raised her face and kissed her in the mouth again and this time it lasted for an eternity, Ayesha didn't withdrew and seems to be enjoyiing my tongue exploring inner cavities of her mouth, both my hands were resting on her back pulling her close to me, we were in a tight embrace her breasts are tightly hugging my shirt , she was standing at an angle with the support of counter and my legs were covering her. and my dick which is awake and ready is trying to search the path to bliss. I moved my hands inside the T shirt, the touch aroused ayesha and she kissed me this time, while kissing i lifted her slightly so that she now rests on the kitchen platform, and this brings her exactly to my height. we kissed and explored each other while my hand moved on her back expertly circling her shoulder than touching the breasts from side squeezing gently. I took my right hand away and moved it to rest on her milky white clean shaved legs, and started moving it up below her ankle then lower leg , thighs and then reaching the opening of her womenhood.

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   she was prepared and wet , there were no undergarments obviously and this was a clear signal she don't want to waste time. I took the signal in and immediately bent over raising her skirt bringing her vagi completely in view. I never had better view of a cleanshaved vagina, it was little pink and absolutely clean without a strand of hair, i lowered my mouth to kiss below thighs, Ayesha was completely immersed in pleasure to even open her eyes and was holding my neck tightly, almost urging me to move closer. My mouth moved closer towards the cavity and her moaning started growing, I have to tell i am not a fan of oral sex and this was the first time my mind was actually enjoying the act of oral, i moved my tongue inside her vagina and a very strange taste greeted me. Ayesha jerked with the shock my mouth gave her and i had to steady her so we don't fell down, i decided to shift scene now, i picked her on my shoulder and moved to the bedroom , after lowering her on the bed i undressed myself. first i removed my jeans, slowly i unbuttoned the jeans and then slowly dropped it below hips bringing my mound in full view, my cock was pushing the undergarment to its limit, i was doing the act slowly to make sure ayesha have the maximum fun. i then removed my shirt button by button exposing my athletic body and clean chest, i never had hair on my chest and most of the girls love that. next was the frenchie, i lowerd it from one side exposing my buttock and then while turning towards her i gave her the sight she was waiting for. By this time we were so excited i decided to move fast , In one swift action i jumped on the bed removed her t shirt exposing her breasts completely and moved my mouth towards the left breast. I took it in my mouth and sucked her passionately. my dick was now touching the pussy and was ready to get in, her pussy was so moist that in a single push it went in without any resistance and then i started moving it forward. We changed the position briefly and i brought her on top of me, ayesha started moving up and down taking my entire manhood in her. she was moaning and moving constantly, then she suddenly jerked and dropped on me. she reached her climax but i wasn't done yet so we shifted positions. I kissed her again and helped her lie on bed facing me, and then i moved my tool inside with one push, i lifted her leg and asked her to wrap around me, this created a tightning in her overlubricated pussey.

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   now it was my time to get her completely. i pushed my tool several times in and out of her and after a minute i exploded deep inside her, the warmth seeped into her vagina and a tear rolled from her eye. It was another half an hour passed and i guess i must have dozed off , ayesha got up wrapped the bedsheet aroud her and went to get the tea and some snacks, a kiss woke me up and it was beautiful ayesha lying next to me covered in a bedsheet and moving her hand on my body, as soon as her hand touched my dick it woke up. i am not a stud and i never had sex twice in an hour but there was someting about this girl that i felt no tiredness and i felt a rush of blood that pulled me on top of her again. But Ayesha pushed me away and gave me a cup of tea, we sat close to each other completely naked, my hand exploring her body and her hand moving around my dick pinching it, as soon as i finished my tea she lowered her mouth on my dick and expertly started kissing. I thought she was a fresher but the way she kissed destroyed my myths she was a kaamsutra expert, Ayesha first kissed on top of my dick making it wait with her saliva and then moved her tongue around it . then she rested a hand on my dick and pulled it down bringing the frontal sensitive head of the penis out. she then sucked it rolling her tongue deep inside. within a minute i was ready to explode, i pulled her up as i did not wanted her to take it in her mouth but it should land where it belongs. so i stood near the cot between ayesha's leg spreading them wide and got her inside. A few thrusts were enough to bring both of us to another pleasure trip and this time i slept long . . . amit_akella@yahoo. co.

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