A Matter of Trust


‘Marriage is,’ May said with a thin smile, ‘a matter of trust. ’ 
Eyes flittering over her husband’s naked body as her thin smile broadened into a triumphant grin.
Grant, naked on the large bed, hands shackled behind his back, was very helpless. His puzzled eyes stared at his wife as he wondered what May was going on about. This night was not going according to plan; he should be fucking by now! His cock was hard – May was delicious in her black lingerie – and it was Saturday night! Why weren’t they fucking?
In Grant’s mind, the marriage had improved somewhat over the past few weeks when May, apparently, discovered her kinky side. Last Saturday night had been great with Grant tying May to their bed with silken scarves before fucking her until he experienced a mighty orgasm.
This week, May had suggested that she tie him up and tease him. Grant, eager for sex, had agreed but had been vaguely surprised when May had produced the shackles.
And after restraining his hands, she rattled on about trust and other bollocks!
‘What do you mean, honey?’ Grant asked, wondering why women choose the most inopportune time to discuss things that are important to their flighty minds but, actually dull as dishwater to the superior male mind.
He wryly remembered when he had been fucking Joan, his secretary two weeks ago, she had asked him if he loved her. Loved her! Right in the middle of fucking! Talk about spoiling the bloody moment! Women don’t have a bloody clue!
‘Marriage,’ May said, bending to fasten shackles to Grant’s ankles, ‘is built on trust. It’s rather obvious  - well, it is to me. ’
Grant watched her fasten the shackles, his eyes flitting back to her buoyant breasts that threatened to spill from the black lace bustier.
She brushed her long blonde hair back with her fingers, smiled at his ankles and said, ‘there. Try to move your legs. ’
Grant tried and found they were fastened as tightly as his hands.

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‘Good,’ May said, standing and Grant found his eyes were level with the lace panel of her panties, framed beautifully by the black lace straps of her suspenders that led to the dark nylon band of her stocking tops.
‘I have some more treats for you, darling,’ May said rummaging in the large department store shopping bag in which she had transported the shackle. It was incongruous to see her remove fiendish articles from a bag with a revered and well-known conservative brand name on its side.
‘Do you know what this is?’
Grant stared at the contraption of straps and meta rodsl and shook his head.
‘It’s a harness for your head,’ May said with a sly smile, ‘it will keep your head perfectly still. ’
‘Now look, May,’ Grant said, deciding that enough was enough and May smiled when she saw his cock wilt a little.
‘That’s for later,’ she said, ignoring him and placing the neck harness on the bed. ‘Time for this!’
This was a ball gag and Grant instantly recognised it for what it was.
‘May, there’s no need…’
‘There’s every need, darling,’ May said softly, moving close, her nylon leg brushing his thigh and Grant’s eyes widened as the gag moved closer. ‘Open wide. ’
His protests assisted May’s goal and enabled her to push the ball gag firmly into Grant’s mouth, buckling it tightly behind his head.
Smiling with triumph, May sat back on her heels, her knees turning pale under the black nylon and looked at her husband.
‘Try to say something, darling,’ she urged, the smile now forming a grin, ‘it doesn’t have to be anything profound. ’
Her fingers found his testicles and Grant felt her warm hand close around his precious yet vulnerable maleness.
‘Perhaps a squeeze on the family jewels will help you find something to say?’
Grant’s eyes bulged and he tried to say, No, don’t! However, he sounded like a drunken monkey asphyxiated with a pillow filled with damp straw!
May laughed delightedly, her fingers fell away from Grant’s balls and she clapped hands in a gesture reminiscent of a schoolgirl.

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‘That’s priceless! Excellent!’
She watched her husband coming to terms with his predicament – naked, restrained and gagged – while she, his wife, was free and, for the first time, in control. His eyes filled with anger and he sent wave after wave of mental heat in her direction.
May didn’t appear to recognise her husband’s mental weapon and condescendingly patted his cheek.
‘Poor little boy,’ she said in mocking Mummy tones, ‘is it all going wrong? Is little Granty feeling a little scared?’
She laughed and swung off the bed.
‘As I said, my darling husband, marriage is built on trust. It’s what makes the relationship survive. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered over the years that you haven’t actually been that trustworthy. ’
Grant blinked.
What was going on? What did she say?
‘Yes, darling, I’ve known for a while about your sexual escapades and, as a dutiful wife, I thought if I kept quiet you’d get over it in time and settle down. ’
She ran a long fingernail down his thigh.
‘I was a silly muffin, wasn’t I?’ May giggled at her naïve stupidity for a second and then looked around the room in a businesslike manner. ‘I need you in that corner but let me put this on you first. ’
Grant twisted and turned as May began to fasten a thick leather collar around his neck.
‘Stop being a wriggle bunny! It’s going on whether you want it or not!’
As his wife buckled the collar on, Grant felt the major first pangs of fear – no more little nervous flutters in his stomach – this was naked fear! May’s cold eyes looked down at him as she connected a long leather strap – more like a leash – to the collar.
‘Now,’ May said in a serious tone, ‘I need you on your knees in that corner.

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Grant spluttered protests but the gag made his words unintelligible.
‘We can do it the easy way – well,’ May giggled, her breasts jiggling in the bustier, ‘easier – or the hard way. You can either help me or I’ll just roll you off the bed and you could land with a thump on your face or on this!’
Her fingers encircled his hard cock and May languidly pulled it once or twice, eliciting a small muffled moan from her gagged husband.
‘I wonder if it would snap off if you landed on it?’ May said with a giggle and a horrified Grant gaped at her. ‘It just might bend into a right angle – you’d have a G-spot dickie!’
May laughed delightedly at that while Grant stared at her with naked terror.
‘I’ll swing your legs over the bed and we’ll see if you’ve decided to help me. ’
What choice did he have?
He watched his wife walk past, her sexy bottom jiggling in the black panties and moved his legs off the bed.
Grant felt the floor under his bare feet.
‘Kneel down there and walk on your knees to the corner. ’
He looked wildly at her and May, hands on hips, stared coldly back.
‘If you don’t, I’m going to get my curling wand, heat it up and play with your dickie!’
He looked up at her hard eyes and, intuitively, knew his wife wasn’t joking!
That was all it took and Grant shuffled over the floor, hard dick bobbing in the night air while his wife watched.
‘Turned around and kneel on this pillow,’ May said, dropping a pillow onto the floor. Muffled sounds of protest leaked from the gag but Grant did as he was told.  
May leant over him to do something behind him with the leash, her leg brushing his face and Grant inhaled her perfume. His cock twitched and May smiled down at it as she stood up, panty-covered groin close to his face.

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‘The leash is locked on to the window latch so you can’t go anywhere. ’
Grant tried to move but the leash kept him in position.
‘I’ll put the harness on and then we’ll have a little talk. ’
She walked away and Grant watched sadly as her bottom wiggled within the panties. He had a feeling he wasn’t getting into those panties tonight!
What was going on in her mind?
She knows about my affairs?
What will she do? Spank me?
His cock twitched at the thought as May walked back with the harness in her hand and squatted down next to him.
His eyes fell to her breasts and she smiled.
‘You’ll get to see them later, darling, but not how you intended,’ May said as she began to fasten the strange leather harness with short slim metal poles around his head.
Grant moved his head this way and that to prevent her and May stopped.
‘It’s going on, darling,’ she said in a quiet voice. ‘If I have to kick you in your precious balls first and then put it on when you are incapable, I will! Believe me! Your choice. ’
May stood up and Grant inadvertently glanced down at her black high heel shoes.
‘If you’re going to let me fix the harness on you, nod. ’
Grant tried to cry out to his wife, to beg her not to but the steely look in her eyes told him that May meant everything she said.
Slowly, he nodded.
‘Good boy,’ May said, squatting again, presenting Grant with a view of her black panties stretched tightly over her pussy as she fitted the strange harness to his head.

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‘There,’ she said after a few moments and standing up, ‘all done. ’
May walked back to the bed and sat on the edge.
‘I suppose you’re wondering what that harness is, darling? It’s very simple; it’s rather like blinkers on a horse. It keeps your head in one position so you have to look over here at the bed. ’
Grant tried to turn his head but couldn’t, no matter how much energy he used and found his head was firmly fixed in one position. Grant could only stare ahead.
May smiled.
‘Trust, darling. I trusted you and you shattered that trust after just seven months into our marriage but I thought, at least, I was keeping my dignity. That no one would know that you were having your little flings. I was just fooling myself I know, but I needed to. ’
Grant stared at her, his stomach turning with fear as he wondered if his wife had become insane.
‘And then, darling, I discovered that you liked to brag about your conquests! That you gossipped about it!’
Grant blinked and frantically strained against the shackles but they were immovable.
‘Everyone knows! All my friends and their husbands – everyone! I even asked Steve – you remember Steve, the young man who cleans the swimming pool – if he had heard anything and he even knew!’
Muffled urgent sounds came from the gag but May ignored them.
‘Trust, darling.

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   I trusted you just as you trusted me to remain faithful to you. And I did!’
May stood up and walked over, looking down on the naked and sweating Grant.
‘I was a fool but I did trust you, darling, just like you trusted me. ’
May squatted down again and fondled her husband’s rigid cock.
‘You think with this and you shattered our trust with it. ’
Her eyes burrowed into Grants and he tried to look away from that terrible look but the harness prevented his head from moving.
‘So,’ May continued, standing, ‘I’ve decided that I’m going to shatter your trust in me!’
Grant gaped up at his delectable wife’s thighs and even though he couldn’t move his head up, he could tell she was grinning.
‘Steve will be here in ten minutes and I’m going to let him fuck me on our bed while you watch!’
Her calm words were like a burning hot sword piercing his intestines and he gawked painfully at her thighs.
Grant spluttered furiously in the gag and May laughed softly before pushing her pelvis forward so her panty-covered pussy filled her husband’s vision.
‘This sweet pussy wasn’t enough for you but I’m sure it will be for Steve. He couldn’t take his eyes off me when I sunbaked in my tiny bikini. He really wants to fuck me and I can’t wait to feel him inside me! Judging by the way he stretches his jeans, he’s bloody huge!’
More urgent and terrified spluttering as Grant attempted to move but the harness kept his head fixed and the shackles and the leash combined to immobilise him completely.
He was trapped!
‘Poor darling,’ May said, squatting to pat Grant’s cheek, ‘you will watch another man fuck me. I know, you can close your eyes but you can’t close your ears and we both know I’m such a screamer!’
May stood and, still laughing softly walked from the room.
Grant’s stomach churned at the horror of what his wife had said.

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She couldn’t do that!
She couldn’t!
Not sweet little May!
Music drifted from downstairs and Grant struggled again with the shackles.
If I can get free, get out of here and I can stop this! I must stop this, I must!
He froze when he heard the doorbell.
No! She can’t! Please god, no!
Voices on the stairs and, suddenly, May walked in leading a slightly embarrassed young man dressed in a white T-shirt and faded blues jeans. He was sinewy, tanned and muscular and his eyes widened when he saw Grant huddled in the corner.
‘Fuck! What’s he doing here?’
May moved into his arms, pushing her self against him and kissed him on the lips.
‘He likes to watch,’ she whispered, her fingers stroking Steve’s cock through his jeans.
‘He likes to what?’ Steve demanded but May claimed another kiss as she unzipped his jeans.
‘He likes to watch, baby,’ May said hoarsely and, to his horror, Grant watched her hand slip into the other man’s jeans. ‘He’s hard, baby, look. ’
Steve squinted over at Grant and horrified, Grant realised that his own cock was erect!
‘Yeah,’ Steve said slowly, ‘he’s got a woody. ’
‘And so have you!’ May teased and Grant watched as Steve’s jeans and briefs fell to the floor and May leisurely pumped his large and obviously rigid cock.
She turned a little so Grant had no choice but to see her hand sliding up and down Steve’s thick uncircumcised cock. It was devastating and Grant felt waves of nausea sweep over him!
‘So,’ Steve asked, as he peeled his T-shirt off over his head, ‘do you do this often? Do this kinky shit?’
‘Nothing kinky here, baby,’ May said as she squatted down so she was level with Steve’s cock, ‘I’m just going to suck and fuck you. And he can watch all he likes. ’ May winked at the distraught Grant before slowly licking Steve’s throbbing cock.

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Grant’s heart pounded and his stomach turned over as he watched May suck another man’s cock.
Each suck, each bellow-like movement of her cheeks sent a dagger through his heart and Grant felt sick with jealously. He wanted this to end, to wake up from this awful nightmare and to find his sweet sexy and innocent wife curled up in bed beside him.
Powerless, he watched as the now naked Steve crawled onto the bed and began suckling on May’s breast. The bustier came loose and her magnificent breasts bounced free and into Steve’s willing hands.
‘Fuck, they’re huge!’
Steve suckled on them with a fevered passion and May arched back moaning.
No! Grant’s mind was dangerously close to exploding.
Stop! Please…please…please…
Moaning into the gag, he could only watch tearfully as Steve removed May’s panties and his wife willingly parted her thighs, her pink pussy glistening obscenely in the soft light. Steve’s hands roamed, tickling slightly before sensuously noisily finger fucking her, much to the obvious delight of May!
It went by in a blur and to his humiliation, Grant’s cock remained hard as he watched another man fuck his willing wife.
The pool man, for fucks sake!
May took him on all fours and Steve pounded in and out, howling with delight and then flicked May over onto her back to ram into her again with that large red cock, her legs almost behind her ears.
Grant whimpered into the gag as salty tears dripped from his nose.
No, please…please…no…no…
‘I’m coming, baby!’ Steve said hoarsely.
‘I’m close,’ May whimpered. ‘Keep going…please,’ she pleaded hoarsely.
May came with a heart wrenching scream and fevered movements that left red fingernail marks down Steve’s broad back.

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   The cry of ecstasy from his wife was the worse moment for Grant who was now sobbing openly.
Steve also rocked with his orgasm, face contorted with pleasure.
Grant hoped it would end then – that it was over - but that was not to be.
He had to endure May and Steve, cuddling, talking in loud whispers about sex, about Grant’s perverted desires and many other things while Grant knelt in the corner, forced to watch the bed.
And then Steve and May went at it again - wild, passionate fucking - and this time, Grant just slumped in his bonds and clenched his eyes shut.
But he had to listen and more tears formed as May screamed in ecstasy once again while Steve grunted and exclaimed that May was ‘a fucking horny slut!’
Finally, Steve left after a scornful look at Grant and May crawled naked down the end of the bed to smile in triumph at her huddled husband.
‘That was nice, darling,’ she said softly, ‘I can see why you enjoy fucking other women. Variety is the spice of life, after all. ’
Grant opened his eyes and May saw they were red and hollow, his expression one of a broken man.
‘Don’t worry, darling,’ May said with a smile to her stricken husband who knelt defeated in the corner, ‘I won’t tell anyone and I trust Steve not to tell anyone. Although, I can’t guarantee that Steve won’t brag – you know what men are like! They don’t seem to understand a matter of trust. ’

(Carmenica Diaz