The most amazing girl I ever met...

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Well it all started about a two years ago. . . I was recently out of high school and I was in my first semester at college. . Anyway about two months after I began attending my classes I met a girl named Bekka, my God she was beutiful. She stood 5'11'' with long dark blonde amber hair, blue/green eyes, copper complection, DD's, and weighing in at a lucious 150 lbs. She was the most amazing girl I had ever seen. Though she was gorgious I didn't really like her personality in fact I didn't like her at all other than physically of course. But her boyfriend soon became a great friend of mine and we started hanging out at school and soon we were hanging out after school as well. After two semesters of this summer came and we went to the beach where I saw Bekka in a bikini and instantly ptiched a tent though I tried to hide it I think she noticed. Then something strange happened; I wass going out into the water and she asked if it would be okay if she came along with me. I said " of course" and off we went. She told me that she wasn't really that comfortable being in the deep water and that her father had never let her go out this far. This kind of banter went of for a little while and then before I knew it, it was time to go. My friend asked me if I would like to come and see a gig he was playing at that night and asked me if I would bring Bekka along.

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   I said yes and that I would be happy to bring her, so I dropped another friend off and precedded over to her house were she had showered and was wereing a wonderfully form fitting sundress. We got in the car and left.
Went the gig, had a great time, got to know her a little bit better . . .
Over the next few months Bekka and I found out that we had a lot more in common that we had previously thought and soon became great friends.

The last 5 months how ever have been a little strange through a little conversation manipulation I got her to tell me about her and her boyfriends sexual habits. I was supprised to find that she had been giving him hand and blow jobs and he had been fingering and eating her out and that she was pleasently a screamer. Well this continuing I begain to tell her different things to try until he broke up with her. She of course called me and I went over to comfort her. We ended up watching tv on the couch and I was holding her while she quietly sobbed into my chest. I couldn't help but look down at her cleveage from the low cut tank top she was wereing and I began to get a hard on. She must have noticed it because she sat up and began to kiss me, Slowly her tongue and mine began to push against each other and get a rythem going. The next thing I know she pulls away and takes her shirt off followed by her bra, grabs my hands plants one on each and goes back to kissing me. Then as if nothing else could go right the bus pulled up out front and her siblings got off.

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   Quickly she ran to her bedroom shirt and bra in hand and got dressed. Shortly I left, and was seriously thinking about what happened.
3 months later. . .
I had just gotten back from a trip to Thailand and Tibet with my brother when I get a phone call from Bekka. She said I heard you were back I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with me tommorow? I said Yes I would love too.
The next day I met her at her house and we went to the beach. Which became a very shout trip as to the pop shoewer that decieed to visit us and we ran back to the car. Waiting out the storm we began to talk and listen to the music. Soon she said do you remember what we did the day Zane broke up with me. I said yeah why she said well I really liked it. ( this point I had been fighing a boner for about and hour) She said I am really really horny and I can see that you are too. I just smiled back and said are you sure? She nodded and with no warning just kissed me. I manged to see that group of people coming back to their cars just in time to break away from her and say I know place that is a little bit more private.

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   So we drove to a friends house how happened to be away for6 months on buisiness. Before the door was shut good she was on me again and I was on her grabbing for everything and anything I could. We made it to the couch and instantly her top came off followed by the blue jean shorts and my shirt. I sucked on her breasts and kissed her neck and down to her belly botton and began to play with her pussy through her bottoms soon she was begging me pleading with me to taking them off so I complied. I begain to tonuge and finger fuck her for the next 10 mins, just enjoying every moan, yelp, sigh, and scream that came from her mouth I counted 3 orgasims that just ravaged her she came so hard her covered my face with so much pussy juices that it ran down my chest. Then she decied that it was my turn and she pulled off my shorts and instanly began to suck my dick. I sat back and let her work, she brushed her long hair over my body and then jerked me off and the sucked me off and repeated this numerous times. until I came so hard I filled her mouth to the brim with my jizz. After she spit and rinsed her mouth out we sat on the couch watching the sun set util we both fell asleep. .