fantasy of Aparna

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Sexual adventure of Aparna.


Hello I am back again, my name is Aparna and would like to share my sexual fantasy with you, In my previous story I had told you how my husband ARvind’s friend Pramod had given me the sexual satisfaction which Arvind could not give, then it was my office colleague Madhav who also gave me sexual thrills but it was not sufficient, so I looked for more, my boss whose name is Ashok was a loner since his beautiful wife was always busy in club activities and she had her desires fulfilled outside, their son Satish was also a handsome young man but I was getting more attracted to Ashok.   It so happened that all in the family of Ashok had to go to Delhi for a function but due to business Ashok could not leave, that is when I decided to seduce this man to bed.   Early morning I went to Ashok’s house on the pretext of discussing office work, I dressed in such a fashion that Ashok would look at my beautiful breasts, Ashok was surprised to see me and asked me to come in and said that he was about to go for a bath and was searching for his towel and praised me and said that I was looking very pretty, he asked me whether I could make coffee for both of us and said he will be back sooner taking a bath.


I went inside the kitchen and made coffee and went to the bath and knocked and said to take coffee, Ashok opened the door he was totally nude and his dick was erect, he just pulled me inside the bath and then started kissing me, I said Sir what are you doing I am a married woman and have 2 sons, Ashok said I know how much hot you are and how much you needed to have me in bed with you, I also have 3 daughters and one son, infact my family has gone to Delhi to see a girl for my son, don’t act as if you did not want to be made love to and  his hands started roaming on my waist and he asked me to strip so that clothes do not get spoilt, as soon I removed my clothes he started sucking my boobs, he started kissing me on my thighs and started fingering my pussy and said he was longing to take me to bed but did not had the courage and always waited for an occasion, Ashok asked me to suck his dick and then we slept in 69 position and took his dick in my mouth and started taking it up and down Ashok started licking my pussy this was thrilling after some moments his dick sperted out with sperms on my face, Ashok left my pussy and started licking his own sperm from my face and then we both went inside the hot bath tub to warm ourselves, it was great fun, Ashok’s dick  was coming back to normal, Ashok said lets go to bed and took me to the bedroom and then started kissing me hungrily, he just parted my legs and inserted his dick into my pussy and started banging me and was sucking my breasts, this went on for few minutes before he spurted out his sperms inside me and exhausted he fell next to me on the bed.

  It was time for us to go to office and getting dressed we left for office, just waiting for office to close so that we could go and enjoy ourselves to the maximum.


I called up my home and told my husband ARvind that one of my friends was not well and needed my help and she has asked  me to stay at her place and will be coming the next day for which Arvind agreed and requested him to take care of both the children since we stayed in a joint family in the same building all brothers with parents so the kids would be taken care of.


I made a nice food for ashok and myself and then we started our kamasutra fantasy, Ashok had a desire of raping me and said he would like to rape me and that is when we started fighting with each other there were scratches here and there on the body, I slapped him he caught hold of my hair and started thrashing me my blouse was torn and the bra hook also gave way giving out my boobs which he hungrily started sucking and started putting pressure on me to kiss me I bit him on many places, this type of thrashing, biting and fighting with each other made us savage hungry for sex, Ashok took of the minimum clothes which were on me and then took some oil and applied on my bums and started ramming me from behind, my god it was more savage then what we did it was paining very badly but I was enjoying, we had two or three rounds of sex before we collapsed in each others arms it was early morning when Ashok started ramming his dick in to me and asked me to get up and make love to me I was sitting on his dick and was sliding up and down on the shaft till he spurted his sperms in me and then it was my turn to take suck his dick and inturn Ashok started sucking my pussy and drank all the juice oozing out of my pussy.   Ashok praised me and said that after nearly a decade he was satisified and said he wanted me from the day I started working for him.   Ashok presented me a beautiful saree which was ready for someone and also gave me 25000 rupees and said that whenever I required money he would always help me this was not all but later on his son Satish started eyeing me and I wanted this young man to make love to me which I will explain latter in my next story.