Swapping Roles


Swapping roles.


Tony and Sandra were a married couple who had enjoyed twelve wonderful years of great sex and loving companionship; they had kept their relationship going and fresh by experimenting during their love making and it was one of these experiments which I am about to relate to you now.
They as most couples had tried pretending to be strangers and meeting for the first time only for them they took it further by arranging to meet at a pub where they were not known and so the art of seduction could be played out in a genuine atmosphere. Also they as a couple had bought numerous sex toys and used them regularly; usually they bought then on line but today they decided to play a new game.

Tony would go into a sex shop and look around before buying a present for his wife and knowing that the shop had video booths; they added a new twist where Tony would watch out for Sandra to enter the shop and after she had bought a present for her husband; he was to watch which booth she entered and they get himself into the booth beside it. They had already checked out that the booths all had glory holes and therefore their pretence of being strangers could take on an added twist of both of them being sluts and wanting anonymous sex.

The idea was that then Sandra would give her husband an anonymous blow job and in doing so would allow herself to be seduced into going home with him for full sex; but Sandra told Tony that he had better be persuasive or he would not be getting anything more than the blowjob.

So with the scene set Tony kissed his sexy looking wife farewell and walked the last two hundred yards from the cafe; where he left her to the Adult shop. Now to look at Tony he was a slim built guy of five foot eleven with fair short cropped hair and sported a slightly less than average six inch cock; meanwhile his wife Sandra was five foot seven tall medium build with 38C bust line; her ash blonde hair was shoulder length and she loved to wear mid thigh length skirts and usually self supporting stockings, claiming they made her feel sexy as the two edges of nylon rubbed together as she swayed her way along a road.

Sandra enjoyed another coffee as she thought about what she and Tony was about to play out; she could not help but wonder what present would he buy for her; she felt pretty confident that it would be a DVD of her favourite topic; group sex. She even tried to plan on what she was going to buy for Tony; she thought long and hard and decided she would buy herself some erotic lingerie after all Tony would be the beneficiary of such things. Picking up her coffee cup she drained the last of her Latte; gathered her things and stepped out of the cafe; slowly she followed the same path as her husband had taken ten minutes earlier and soon found herself outside the front door of the adult sex shop.

She almost bottled it when it came to it; she felt slutty but yet very horny too. She felt that opening that door and entering the usually male dominated world of sex shops would change her character forever; but knowing her husband was waiting inside spurred her on; taking a deep breath she clasped the door handle, pulled and stepped inside.

As the door closed behind her and her eyes adjusted to the harsh fluorescent lighting she scanned the shop area; she was pleasantly surprised for it was not as seedy as she had expected.


   Stepping cautiously forward she began to walk down the isle of various magazine; occasionally she would stop and look at the type of magazine but never daring to actually touch one; She was well aware of all the male eyes watching her every move, it made her feel sexy and very much a horny bitch knowing all these men were watching and probably wishing they could fuck her.

Halfway down the aisle; she saw a magazine that screamed for her to take a look; it showed a woman in full leather regalia whip in hand and a submissive male at her feet. What really excited her and therefore drew her full attention was the red stripes on the man’s exposed buttocks; clearly the dominatrix had just whip him hard and this sent a shudder of absolute power up Sandra’s spine and more than just a tingle to her cunt.

Sandra turned the corner at the end of the aisle and spotted her husband looking at the DVD’s but she also saw he had already got a bag tucked under his arm; so he had already purchased his present to her, which meant she still had no idea what he had bought her. She ignored her husband; but stopped very close to him almost leaning past him to look at the DVD titles; her 36 C tits almost brushed against his chest before she pulled back and moved on; she walked as sexily as she could until she reached the stairs which led to the upper floor; then delicately she climbed the stairs and disappeared from view.

Tony overheard several comments from the men around him; basically they all confirmed that Sandra was one hell of a horny bitch and nearly all of them declared they envied the guy who got to nail that bitch’s cunt.

Now feeling ten foot tall; Tony walked back to the pay desk and changed up some notes for coins and the slowly made his way up to the video booths on the upper floor. On reaching the upper floor Tony was just in time to see his wife take the bag and her change from the salesman. She then turned and headed down towards the video booths; Tony followed a little way behind and watched as Sandra entered one of the booths. Quickly Tony stepped into the booth beside the one now occupied by his wife; closing and bolting the door and waiting to see the flicker of lights from the booth next door.

Once he saw the booth light up he popped a couple of coins into the slot of the unit in his booth as the screen sprung into life; Tony quickly undressed and stroked his semi hard cock as he watched the surprising film on his monitor. It showed a transsexual having her cock sucked by a large black guy and it surprised Tony because of the nature of the film and the fact that it actually started to turn him on; the long and short of it was he soon poked his now hard cock through the glory hole and pointed it into the both where his wife was.

Instantly he felt a mouth slide over his cock and yet he knew his wife entered that booth; this mouth felt so different to the usual feel of his wife sucking his cock; which was not surprising because his wife had entered the booth but had felt uncomfortable with this booth and had moved further down the aisle. Unbeknown to himself; Tony was now being sucked off by another man. Meanwhile his wife was expecting her husband’s cock to be pushed through the hole in her new booth was shocked when a large ten inch monster poked through into her space.

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For a split second she considered escaping from the booth and fleeing from the shop; how could it be that another man had gotten into the booth next door for had she not tapped on the wall of the old booth and told her husband she was changing booth’s; But a strange compulsion seemed to invade her very spirit.

She felt mesmerized and could not resist taking this strange cock into her mouth; she just hoped Tony would understand and besides he had arranged the scenario and it was his fault he was not in the right booth. However Tony was enjoying what he thought was his wife’s actions on his cock and what with the action on the screen he soon shot his load into the eagerly sucking mouth. Imagine his shock then when no sooner had he pulled back from the hole to get his clothes and an eight inch cock suddenly poked on to his side of the glory hole.
Now realising that the mouth could not have been his wife; he felt honour bound to return the favour and gingerly began to suck the cock presented his way. The images of the film flashed through his mind as his senses reeled from the texture and heat of his first cock sucking experience. He sucked hard on the cock and was surprised how fast the cock suddenly expanded and twitched before unleashing what seemed gallons of spunk into his mouth; he always thought he would be sick if another man cum in his mouth but now found the salty acrid taste was not so bad and he swallowed quickly but some still escaped the sides of his mouth and trickled down on to his chin.

All too soon the cock was gone and a deep sounding voice whispered, “That was great, thanks!”

By the time Tony had dressed and exited his booth; the mystery man was long gone and he wondered what had happened to his wife; He hung around the aisle where he had last seen her and hoped he would not be too conspicuous.

Meanwhile Sandra struggled to get the large cock fully into her mouth and yet she had never felt so full or as slutty as she did right now; she actually orgasmed while sucking the cock without even touching herself. Then she was rewarded with a mouth full to overflowing with white sticky spunk as the cock spewed forth its load with great force. All too soon the cock was withdrawn but the lights stayed on in the next booth; Sandra did not understand why but in fact the occupant was waiting for the person to stick their cock through the hole for a reciprocal blow job but Sandra could not. Then a hand came through the hole and she sensed it wanted to feel her cunt so she moved closer and the fingers touched her clit and fireworks erupted inside her brain as firstly one finger entered her cunt and then more were added till she was riding high on four fingers.

Once more the experience was too much for her as her orgasms erupted and for the very first time in her life she squirted; her cunt juice shot forth from her cunt like a fountain and a wet patch began to appear on the wall around the glory hole. Suddenly the hand jerked back and was gone; the lights went out in the room next door and she heard the door open and close. As the man passed Tony he whispered, “Unbelievable, fucking unbelievable so woman just blown my cock and allowed me to finger fuck her to a climax!”

Tony gulped but said nothing; then about five minutes later he saw his wife open the booth door and seeing him stood there she waved him over; they both squeezed into the small booth.

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   Sandra asked him what had happened and Tony asked how come she changed booths because he had clearly seen her enter the second booth from the beginning of the aisle. She explained that it was filthy and had dried spunk on the walls and such she asked why when she told him he had not followed her move. Tony admitted he had not heard her message and had stuck his cock through the hole in the partition wall to be sucked off by another man. This shocked and yet excited Sandra and she coyly asked if he had returned the favour. Tony blushed and was about to shake his head when she smiled and said you did didn’t you and I bet you enjoyed it too.

Sandra asked Tony to take her home as quickly as he could because she still felt so horny from what had happened and it would be a shame to waste the feeling. Tony told her to quickly leave the shop and he would follow as soon as possible. Sandra slipped from the booth and headed towards the stairwell and left the shop; Tony left a little later but on the way out he saw the guy who had fingered his wife and he approached him and spoke quietly to him; he quickly explained that he and his wife had tried an experiment and she was so impressed with his skills that she wanted the chance to meet him again so could he have a phone number to contact him. The guy quickly scribbled his number down on the bag Tony held out and they parted with no more said.

Later at home with both of them stark naked; Tony asked for all the details of Sandra’s big cock experience; she delighted in describing how big and thick the cock looked before she even told Tony how she had tried to slip her fingers round it to find they would not meet and then how she had almost gagged as she tried to get all the cock into her mouth; she noticed Tony had a raging hard on as she described the action; she told him how when he spunked into her mouth she had not been able to swallow it all and how it had tasted so salty adding I suppose it was a bit like your load you swallowed. As she said this; she saw Tony’s cock twitch; she smiled as she added, you like the taste of spunk don’t you dearest.

Tony shocked by his clear give away of this fact and yet hornier than he could remember asked Sandra to show him how she had sucked the cock. She grabbed his bag and pulled from it the large black dildo Tony had bough and began to demonstrate her sucking technique on that. Sandra stopped after five minutes complaining the rubber was too rigid and it did not feel real enough; Tony took the dildo from her and hinted he would like to see her taking it as if the big cock she had sucked was fucking her cunt.

Sandra overcome with passion and desire agreed and climbed into the doggie position on the bed as Tony slowly fed the large dildo up her cunt and then let Sandra take over thrusting it; he could not resist any longer and climbed up behind her and slipped his cock up her tight arse; it felt so much tighter today because of the thick dildo expanding her cunt.



He fucked her for all he was worth and gasped as she shot his load up her arse; Sandra was furious because she still had not cum and decided that if she had to take this thing she was beginning to dislike then so should he; she told him to turn over and as she lay on his stomach she forced the cunt juice lubricated dildo up her husband’s arse; but instead of complaining she noticed Tony’s cock sprang back to life like an iron bar. She declared you like having this up your boy pussy don’t you; you fucking wimp?

Tony could only grunt as his cock suddenly began spurting its load all over the sheet beneath his stomach; and Sandra asked if he would like to try the real thing; without thinking he responded saying, “wow would I!”

After that the Dildo was reserved for Tony’s arse and never went anywhere near Sandra’s cunt or arse; later that night Sandra told Tony to Go undress and lie on the bed in order to get his present. Laying there in anticipation Tony could not help wondering what his wife had bought him as a present; suddenly the bedroom door swung open and there stood Sandra wearing the new sexy clothes she had bought. She was dressed as a French maid in a black satin dress with white frilly lace underskirts and the bodice was criss-crossed with black leather laces holding in Sandra’s firm 36C tits; completing the ensemble was a small white lacy apron and a frilly cap; while in her hand she had a feather tickler type duster.

She walked over to the bed and immediately began stroking the feather duster along Tony’s twitching cock as she spoke with a fake French accent, “oh, la la, monsieurneeds his le tackle dusted, mon Cherie!” she giggled.

What with the wiggles from his wife and the ultra soft touch with the feathers Tony was soon begging to fuck her and she startled him by saying only if you promise to bring home a handsome stud with a big prick to fuck me properly. Tony replied I can do better than that; pass me the phone and once he had the phone he called the number he had got from the stranger and spoke quietly into the phone.

All Sandra heard was him giving their address and a mutual see you in fifteen then. Sandra now started to panic as to what she had started; but Tony told her to calm down and not to change a single thing for he was sure the guy would love her dressed as she was now.

Fifteen minutes later; the doorbell rung and Tony sent Sandra down to answer the door; she nervously opened the door and there stood a man she clearly did not know who immediately asked for Tony.

As he stepped inside he smiled and uttered, “So you are the horny bitch that could not get enough of my baby making stick and squirted so much on my four fingers!”

Sandra was shocked and blushed as she replied, “Oh my god! How did you find us; or was the whole thing set up by Tony?”

“No baby, it was not set up but he did get my phone number afterwards and he also made sure I was ok to swing both ways; so come her let me check if your honey pot is as sticky as it was when we last met?” the stranger said.

Sandra as if in a trance; simply stepped forward and found herself wrapped in his arms as he kissed her roughly and she felt his hand part her thighs and stroke its way up to her already dripping cunt. Meanwhile Tony still naked on the bed; had shoved the dildo into his boy pussy in anticipation and was right now straining his ears to hear what was happening downstairs.

As Sandra squirmed as the stranger’s fingers found easy access into her cunt lips; she feasted on his tongue still invading her mouth; when suddenly the fingers were gone and a sharp slap landed o n her ass cheeks; the stranger called Geoff simply told her to show him the way to her wimp of a cock sucking husband.

Reluctantly she moved away from this handsome man who encapsulated her very soul; she led the way up the stairs making sure to wiggle her hips as she did so.

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   Then suddenly she stepped inside the bedroom and moved to one side so Tony and Geoff saw each other at the exact same moment. Tony suddenly blushed for from his position on his back with his legs spread wide it was clear he had the large 12” dildo stuck up his arse; Geoff meanwhile smiled and promised Tony he would feel the difference between a rigid rubber cock and a real life pulsing one but first he wanted to see him get over here and take out my cock and suck it hard ready to fuck your slut of a wife.

Tony did not take twice telling, leaving the dildo sticking from his arse he hurried form his bed and knelt before Geoff; undoing his belt and the button of his jeans; before unzipping his fly and sliding that zip down to fish out the semi hard cock inside. Tony could only look at this cock with sheer envy as it was already larger and thicker than his own when his was rock hard and this one was still really soft. He thought he would baulk at the idea of sucking a real cock in full view of his wife but he felt the need to satisfy an inner need and shut out the fact that his own sweet Sandra was now watching intently.

As soon as the tip of that ten inch cock touched his lips he was in heaven; as the purple helmet slid into his mouth he visualised fireworks going off in his mind and the feel of the shiny head against his rougher tongue surface felt like sheer nectar and he just could not wait to nestle his nose in to the pubic hair of this statue of manhood. The more he took in; the more his senses were invaded and the more pleasure he felt; as his own cock throbbed and now his anal ring was gripping the rubber dildo harder than his mouth gripped the real cock it too contained.

Several long strokes of his head along the hardening cock before he felt the first tickle of pubic hair against his nose; he somehow managed to swallow the entire thick ten inch long cock and that pleased him even more. While he was sucking Geoff’s cock; Geoff was telling Sandra what a good cock sucking husband she had and how he was going to love fucking her cunt and arse and then make her husband suck his spunk from her well fucked holes. He then told her to remove her panties and to hand them to him so he could see how fucking wet her cunt was; no sooner did he take hold of them than he made Tony stop sucking and ordered him to put on the wet panties making them hold the dildo in place and the wet patch pressed against Tony’s smaller cock.

Now Geoff Lay on his back on the bed and ordered Sandra to climb on to his cock but not to put it inside her cunt or arsed just yet; then he turned to Tony and told him to take hold of the base of his large cock and to guide it into which ever hole he told him he wanted to fuck on the horny bitch that was Tony’s wife.

When they got in place; Tony’s head was very close to his wife’s wet glistening cunt and his mouth was as close as possible to the rampant cock about to fuck Sandra. Geoff told Tony he was going to dip his cock into Sandra’s over heated cunt and after five or six thrusts Tony was to suck it clean before guiding it into her tight arse. Then again after a few thrusts Tony was again to clean the mighty cock and return it to his slut of a wife’s cunt and so on until the mighty cock spewed forth its white baby making seed.

So it was that Tony diligently obeyed; tasting not only the mighty cock covered in his wife’s cunt juices but also covered in her anal juices too; in the action of the cock fucking his precious Sandra’s cunt; she actually cum so hard that she squirted and sprayed her glorious cunt nectar all over Tony’s face which he delightedly licked up.

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When the ten inch monster cock actually sprayed its load deep inside Sandra’s throbbing cunt; Tony without being told to; latched his mouth over her still wide open cunt lips and began sucking the mixture of spunk and cunt juices from her deep horny cunt cavity. He had never felt happier being his wife’s personal cuckold and hoped this would not be the first and last time he got to do this beloved action for her.

As Geoff pulled from her swollen cunt; he made Tony suck him clean and in doing so it rejuvenated his cock and now his hard cock pointing at the ceiling sought a new cavity to fill; Willingly Tony allowed his wife to pull the dildo from his stretched arse and then guide Geoff’s hard cock into her husband’s wide open boy pussy. Despite the size of the dildo; Tony still found the invading cock a bit more painful than he expected and he almost screamed his tears into the pillow as his wife teased him for being a cry baby wimp; she did promise him though that after the pain would come the unexplainable pleasure of a good solid fucking by the monster of all cocks.

Sure enough soon the pain began to fade and the pleasure invaded his every pore; so much so that no sooner had his wife gripped the base of her husband’s cock than it was shooting like a roman candle all over her hand and forearm. She offered her hand and arm to Tony who without hesitation began to lick up his own spunk and then suddenly Tony screamed out as the white hot spunk from Geoff’s spurting cock seared the walls of his arse. At some stage Tony passed out from his pleasure and when he woke an hour later his loving wife was beside him cuddling him and they were totally alone; she told him that Geoff took further satisfying after he passed out and had fucked her cunt and arse once more. Then he left promising anytime she wanted a further fucking he would be back.

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