Kashmir – “Journey of my Life”.


Jan 2001, myself, my husband and my childhood friend Nisha and her husband decided to take a trip to Gulmarg, Kashmir. It was not exactly our honeymoon but our first trip together after honeymoon. Actually David Nisha’s husband and Andi my husband studied in the same college for their masters. They also played cricket together for the college both were like the opening pair.  Gulmarg literally means meadow of flowers. Mother Nature has blessed the regions of Gulmarg with all its showers of beauty and the tranquil atmosphere.


Heavy snowfall when we landed, our driver took us to our destination the Grand Cottage. Scenic beauty of Winter Kashmir moved me spell bound. The barren trees and fields painted another dimension of Kashmir beauty.


I was all snuggled into Andi and Nisha into David. We took 2hr to reach the cabin, we checked in at the office and then moved to our cabin. The cabin was incredible a two family cabin, it was away from all the other slightly in a valley like ie the cabin was surrounded by mountains on all sides there was also a nice stream flowing blow the hillock on which our cabin stood. Inside fully furnished and with a good kitchen fully stocked with all items for a week.


We all unpacked took quick hot shower and back into warm cloths. By the time we came back down to the living area Nisha and David were already there sipping up hot coffee snuggled in one of the couches the fire place was all set right the room was quite comfy, we took the cups left for us and it the other couch. Like always Andi was rubbing my back, neck shoulders trying to relax me,


I was enjoying his every touch.


   Slowly his massage was getting a little more bolder, his hands started slipping into my tops it was like he was playing ping pong with my boobs. I was feeling little uncomfortable with Nisha and David in the room but did not react let him have fun. Nisha soon realized what was happening and must have read the uncomfortable-ness in my face she immediately stretched her legs out and leaned back, David took the q and held her shoulder and bent down and kissed her, Nisha reciprocated moving her hand slowly down his chest and stopped right, grabbed his cock through his trousers unbuttoned it and unzipped the fly. I had a shock his huge tool spring out. “Lay down,” Nisha kissed him and guided him back down to the couch. He laid his head, without any hesitation, she reached for his beautifully hard cock and kissed the tip of it. She put her lips at his tip and licked him a little with a thrust of his hip and push he was inside her hot and ready mouth. Nisha started to suck slowly moving her head up and down, trying to concentrate on the sensation, he moaned. Soon her mouth and throat was completely full, soon David moaned, “I’m cumming – ahhhhhhhh I could see he had emptied his load into her mouth. She turned around I could see cum dripping from the side of her lips.


Watching all these, Andi was getting hard – he looked at me our eyes meet. He now began to kiss me, up my neck, to my ears, and then my lips. By now I was all wet forgot the surroundings moved up so he was kneeling right in front of me. His dripping cockhead was resting on my lips. Now it was his turn, I began licking at his balls right away, moving my tongue up to his head and feasting on his pre-cum with it.

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   I slowly took him in to my mouth I began to suck as he fucked my face as hard as he could. “Look at me …” he exploded. I sucked harder and he twitched as he started spurting. I got a taste of his jizz an my tongue and swallowed. I had never done that with him, he tried to pull himself out but held on let him empty it into my mouth and I swallowed every drop. We all were so tired we just fell on the couch.


Not sure how long we were lying on the couch, we must have all dosed of to sleep. I woke up feel warm on my hand before I realized got a long French kiss, it was Nisha – I didn’t know how to react. She raised my t-shirt and her mouth covered my breast while her right hand cupped my left one. I had my head back and my eyes closed, enjoying this new feeling. She sucked on my and I could feel her tongue going around my nipple. My eyes all closed, was trying to find Andi searched for him behind and next to me.


Suddenly she stopped, surprised I lay motionless still with my eyes closed shut. I slowly opened my eyes oh my goodness Nisha in front off me she had taken off here top, “oh my goodness, she had “ such a nice breast. I gazed at the curls of pubic hair between her legs.

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   She leaned over me and let her breasts brush mine, kissing me erotically on the mouth. I could feel her pussy pressing against my right thigh and ever so often I could feel her public hair brushing me.


“You are so beautiful,” she said as she looked at my pussy framed with right, black straight public hair. I could feel her hot breath in on my pubic hair,. Her tongue went down my slid and backup. My eyes blinked open wide and I was gasping.   Corner of my eye I saw both the men was sitting on the couch enjoying the show.   “ahhhhhh. upppmmmmmm” she was going up and down with her tongue and occasionally flicking my clit with it.

When she thrust her tongue into me I wasnted more and more. My hands held her head against my pussy, I wanted it deeper, I wanted it bad.


When she slid a finger into me I was “ummmmuuhhhah haaaaaasdddd” with pleasure. She began to thrust me and my pelvis was rocking into it. When she fingered me and licked my clit at the same time I knew it was heavenly and I didn’t want it to stop. I could hear the wet sounds as she fingered me and her palm slapping my pussy.

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Nisha got in a 69 position over me and licked me. I licked and fingered her, trying to give her the same pleasure she gave me. This went on for minutes and her pussy was riding my finger as I licked her clit when she had a climax.


The men decided to join in on the action. Nisha an my self we in a different world “a girl always knows what she wants”, the 69 action was driving us crazy we were so wet that couple of finger slid easily into our pussy.  


Suddenly “ah” I felt cold hands running over my left thighs, something in my pussy didn’t really care was simply enjoying it. I now felt something entering me “ohhhh uuuuuahhhhhh” an amazing experiencing. He started slowing pumping me. I was shouting uncontrollably, "Aaahhhh. . . Fuckk harder fuckk fuckk fuckk me fuck me".   I was feeling great, never in my life have I ever felt soooooo tight and full. Suddenly came to my senses quickly looked up “oh maaaaaaan, it was David” I asked him to stop but to my surprise the guy kept going on and on and on, further increased the tempo. This made me so so so fucking horny.

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   I wanted to say something but was just able to make sounds "Mmmmmm. . . mmmmm. . . mmm".


In this uncontrollable ecstasy, I was trying to find Andi, I saw Nisha in doggystyle right in the corner, Andi right in her wet pussy and fucking it. Kept pounding it  - and in one hard pound he came in her, still kept fucking her the cumm started dripping our of her pussy. Soon both of them were tired and collapsed. just then David came in me in full force, his hot cum inside me I now looked up to find David continuing to pound my pussy, I was all this time fucking an other man, the air was filled with the smell of cum and pussy juice. ”


I think we all soon feel a sleep on the couch; it was about 2 pm when we all woke up. The weather was great outside; the sun had come out shinning through the snow filled mountains a really spectacular sight.  


We quickly put our jackets and boots and decided to go out and have some good time in the snow.   We walked some distance and reach a open ground like place where lot of people were playing in the snow; kids making snowman, sliding, sleep.

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   It was really great to see all these people enjoying. In the corner across the road was a small tea stall and there were couple of elderly people sipping hot coffee.   We soon joined the fun.


Soon the weather started to change again, the locals in the tea stall asked all of us to return back to the safety of out rooms, heavy showfall  in the night.


We returned back to the cabin, got the dinner ready quickly had our dinner at about 8 pm and when to bead early.  


Next morning I was woken up by the sound of the cold breeze. I slowly got out of bed and walked down to the leaving area, every one was fast a sleep. I walked across the room to the large glass patio door, the patio was full snow across the hillock looked beautiful with fresh white dust. What a breath taking site. I stood there mesmerized by the beauty.


Not sure how long I stood there like in a trance, which was broken by a passionate hug from behind which send shivers through my spine. I felt kissing my ears, licking my earlobes and then kissing my neck Slowly, his hands moved upwards and he cupped my both boobs and pressed them softly making me give a light moan.    


"Please. . .

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  . Please Andi wait. . . . let's go inside. . . . . . . not here please. . .

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  . WAIT. . . . WAIT. . . NO. . NO Andi. . . . .

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  UMMMMMMMM. . . . . . . . As he was pressing his body with mine I could almost feel his dick growing in size in between my buttocks.


It was getting bigger and harder. He turned me over, I had closed my eyes and was biting my lower lip to control my emotions. I turned towards him slowly, he removed my top.


I was breathing heavily I slowly opened my eyes “ahhhh it was David” he was looking at me. "How beautiful you are Julie". Saying this he started kissing me on my lips.

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   The very touch of his lips over mine set my whole body on fire. He had started sucking my lips and tongue. I was getting high and horny.


I also started supporting his kiss and started inserting my tongue in his mouth exploring inside his. He then started kissing my neck and top of my boobs,. Dropping my blouse on the floor, he carried me to the couch holding me in his strong arms.


As he was opening the hook of my bra and remove the straps, I went to his pant and unzipped it and then caught his rod which had grown to fullest extent over his underwear. He had removed my blouse and bra and I was topless in front of him.


I had lost all the shame, yesterday had made me very bold and I really wanted him again but this time I wanted to be in control. He pinched my nipples, then kissed and sucked them and started licking all over my chest with the tip of his tongue. was now laying totally naked in front of David and he was looking at my boobs, my flat tummy and my vagina with a great sexual hungry look in his eyes. I hid my face with my both hands to cover my shyness and embarrassment. He said, "Julie you are really hot and beautiful,". He took me in his arms while kissing me all over. I also kissed his hairy chest sucked his nipples while he was pinching my nipples turning them hard and erect like his own cock.




His touches and kisses were setting my whole body in a sexual fire. I was getting higher and hotter. Later he sucked my boobs one after the other, while his hand was working on my clit. I started moaning, "UUMMMMMMMM. . . . . . . . DAAAAAvid. . . .



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  . . .



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  . DO IT MORE FOR ME. . . AAAAAAAAHHH. . . . David. . I LOVE YOUR TOUCH. . . . .

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  . . . . . Julee IS NOW YOUR SLAVE. . . . . . David. . . .

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  . . . DAV. . . TAKE ME NOW. . . . . . Daivd sucked and pinched my nipples so hard that I almost cried in pain and pleasure. NOOOOO. .

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He had pierced three of his figures into my hole, after few minutes I released huge orgasm, by this time he was fully naked and asked me to suck his monster. I was waiting for this moment to take his big penis in my hands and love and kiss it. I took David’s penis in my hands and started slowly caressing it with my well manicured finger tips and nails.


The red enamel on my finger nails was going in sharp contrast to his black penis. It had already grown to the size of a big banana and it seem like getting bigger as I kept on stroking it. As his penis was in my hands, I could see it big, black and thick, not less than six to seven inches in length. I was wondering how would I be able to take his entire dick inside my pussy. I started kissing it first from top to the bottom, above and below the penis. In between I tickled his balls a few times.

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   The touch of my soft lips on his penis started David moaning in pleasure and ecstasy. Then I slowly removed the skin on the tip of his penis bringing out the pink head out and started licking it with my tongue and whenever I licked the tip of David’s penis, it was making him go wild with growing excitement.



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  . . . YEAH YEAH BHABHI YOU ARE MY LOVE. . . JULEE BHABHI I LOVE YOU. . . MMMMMMMMM DO IT MORE JULEE YEAH SOFTLY. . I then took the entire penis in my mouth and started sucking it slowly and at the same time rubbing it so that it was moving like a piston in my mouth. With my other hand I started ticking and caressing his balls, this sent Rin an immediate frenzy and he was moaning louder and louder asking me to do it more and not to stop.


With David's full penis inside my mouth, my head was also moving up and down sucking it completely. I raised my head a little to see his face, he had closed his eyes and was in sheer pleasure and ecstasy. David moved forward and held my head in both hands. Bending a little, he grabbed my boobs and started squeezing them hard making me cry out in painful pleasure.


As my movements got faster and faster, it had after few minutes reached its highest level and he loaded his entire cum in my mouth. I took inside some of the salty liquid and later had to spit the rest as it was too much to swallow. His semen was spread on my face and my chest and boobs. David later said that the way I did the blow job to him was never done to him before.


As he said this, within a few minutes it grew to it's size and while he ate my pussy which was clean shaven for his sake. I reached one more orgasm again as I was getting hotter and hotter since David had not yet put his dick in my clit. Unable to hold any longer, after sometime I opened my legs wide asking him to put his dick inside me with a smile, so I guided his monster into my cunt.


   It pained a little first since I was used to take my husband's penis, which was smaller than David's. He was ramming me like a machine. David was also getting more and more excited pumping his long and thick dick inside me and I was moaning under him. While humping his strokes there were all kinds of words and noises coming from him and me as well. MMMMMM. . . . . . . YES. . . .


  . YEAH COME ON I too was getting hotter and hotter. HMMMMM. . . . . I. . . . . UUUUUFFFFF. . .

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  . . AAAHHHHH. . . . YES DAVID GIVE ME MORE. . . . . . AAAAAHHHH. . I was in ecstasy and reached multiple orgasms.

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   he started ramming me again with speed and force for some more time, he then made me to lie on the couch. He entered from the front again and started ramming me all over and after 10 minutes he loaded his cum into me. . It was like I was being jet sprayed with his penis till it was filled to the brim and later it started overflowing.


After a while I got up and moved towards the kitchen to prepare some tea for all. This was the first time I fucked a guy with out my husband’s knowledge unlike last night, David was my first boyfriend till this day I have had many wonderful outings many men and group of men and even woman.


I love my husband, I love to fuck he love to watch. But the most I loved was to fuck behind my husbands back…. . ….


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