This really shook me up! pt 1


A freaky experience this. . .

I awoke with a start. My first thought was someone has broken in. My second was - Must be a bloke,he's fondling my quim!

In panic I pressed the key of my cell phone to throw some light on my intruder. - I tend to put it under my pillow to hear the alarm - Flashing the light on it seems daft to do,but I had been sound asleep. With heart racing and mind thinking what's near me to club him with? Strangely the pussy fondling continued as though I hadn't lit the area. Equally strange was, I think I was so scared that I'd stayed just as I was,thinking his endeavours on my pussy would keep him distracted until I crowned him with whatever.

Imagine my shock to see in the blue glow of my cell phone light,the completely naked 16 year old son of mine,with a rampant hardon,kneeling alongside my bed wanking himself and me all at one and the same time. Now with heart pumping out of my chest but less scared,I said quietly to him, "You mustn't touch me,its not nice to do things like that to your mother" Receiving no response other than his fingers still plodding away on now my clitoris,on looking closer,I could see that although he had his eyes wide open,he was sound asleep.

In fairness,although it was when he was much younger,he had had a tendancy to sleep walk. So having always understood its better not to wake a sleepwalker up,I lay watching as he was clearly getting very near to cumming. It shouldn't have but it made me as randy as hell watching and so I lay and let him finish what he was doing on me as well as himself. To my reckoning,he'd never know he'd done anything to me and to be quite honest,as no one would know and it was bringing me off,I just thought, - Why not?

Christ did I get a shock,now humping at his fist,the sperm erupted from his cock going everywhere and the force and amount of it brought me to an almighty orgasm. But being ever conscious of not waking him I gasped into my tits as I tried so desperately to keep from shouting.

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   Now gasping and panting like a war horse, - Not very sexy I know but I was, as I stifled myself - Now as I watched he stood up with his hard dripping cock still being held out stiffly.

He seemed to be looking at me so I slammed my eyes shut as though I was asleep. A new panic struck me as he started to pull the duvet back off my nakedness, - I sleep nude, - I thought,christ he's going to fuck me! What shall I do? I did nothing,I just peeped out from my lids as he appeared to be looking at all my womanly assets,then squeezing the last remnants of cum from his cock on to my belly he walked off out of my bedroom and I heard his door close.

I lay there thinking what had happened and thanking my lucky stars that my own mum in the other bedroom hadn't caught me when my son was in doing it to me. A fresh panicky feeling then, - Mum was over for a few days as she often did. Bloody hell! Thank god he didn't go to her room and feel her up! The contentment after my own orgasm took over then and I drifted off to sleep. On waking,I lay there wondering if I'd dreamed it,but on leaning towards the side of my bed,there was ample sperm still laying in thick globules on my bedroom carpet.

I had to talk to someone but who? How can I raise it with mother,she's about my best hope. I pondered on, almost fearful of getting up until a head came round the door. High mum,lovely day out there,want some tea and toast? I'll make it and he was gone only for me to hear, "High nan,I'm doing tea and toast for mum,do you like yours done lightly or burnt?" Cherilly I heard my mother say, "Morning Roddy' However you like,but lots of butter for me!" Now the banter had ceased,I realised when he'd come in a moment ago,his shorts were tented and he seemed completely unbothered about it.

My dilemma this morning will follow shortly in part 2. .