The OPP 2


Chapter 2
"Powder Puff?" said Sarah, what on Earth is that?"
"Not on Earth, sweetheart," smiled Janet, her hand gently caressing Sarah's cheek as she walked past her.
Sarah blushed, mainly because she felt a sudden lump in her stomach and her nipples tingled, and she wondered what it would be like to kiss Janet, or any woman for that matter.
She felt Clara come up behind her, felt her casually rub a hand over her ass before putting her arm around her shoulder. She caressed Sarah’s cheek with the back of her hand. "You can come in with us if you like. " she breathed in Sarah's ear, her hand dropping to Sarah’s breast and briefly stroking it.
"I. . . . . . . er. . .

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  . . . " Sarah swallowed noisily, "I. . . will just watch for the moment thanks. "
Clara giggled, "Of course dear. " She went and linked arms with Janet and the two women crossed the hall to where Siree waited by another door.
"We must wait for the air to be pumped into the airlock" said the blue giantess.
"Airlock?" asked Sarah.
"Yes," said Siree, "the K'lumballash exudes a scent that attracts it's surrogates. If we just opened the door we would all be inside in an pressed a button that opened the blind, Sarah looked in. The room had just a green lush lawn of grass, at least she assumed it was grass, a few small bushes or trees on one side and in the middle of the room was a large pink furry ball. She could see why the girl's nick named it the powder puff.

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   It was about 3-4 feet in diameter and the long lush looking fur waved about as though there might be a breeze blowing through the room.
"What does the scent smell like?" asked Sarah.
Siree looked at her for a moment then said, "I would not normally do this but as it is a special occasion for you mistress Sarah I will allow you to sample it. " Siree pressed a button on a box that stood at the side of the door and removed some kind of breathing apparatus from a slot in the top.
It looked like a plastic bag and fitted over her head, as she pulled it down onto her shoulders there was a hiss and the bag sealed around her neck. She pressed another button and stood aside for the women to enter. Clara and Janet shrugged out of their robes and entered the airlock naked. Sarah followed and Siree stepped in behind her, closing the door.
After a few seconds the inner door opened, Sarah could smell flowers and some, other sweet smell she couldn’t identify. She felt like going for a walk, the pink thing over there would be nice to sit on, yes that is such a beautiful thing, ‘I must go and have a closer look’ she thought, but found that she was held fast. “No,” she said starting to struggle, “let me go, I have to go to that beautiful thing. ” She saw the two naked women walking over the lush cool grass towards to lovely pink ball, she was struggling hard now to follow, she started to cry, “Oh, please let me go, I have to go there. I have to, LET ME GO!!!!”
The inner airlock door closed and she was suddenly free. She hurled herself at the door banging on it with her fists. “OPEN UP YOU BASTARDS! OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR!!” She was sobbing and banging on the door, she had to get through, she must get through.

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   But. . . . then again it isn’t important, she stopped banging on the door, suddenly unsure why she needed to go through to the other side. “Why…what…. oh,” she was herself once more and looked up at Siree, and blushed. “I’m sorry about that, I don’t know what. . ”
Siree smiled at her, “Now you have felt the attraction of the K'lumballash, come lets see what your friends are doing. ” She opened the outer door and stepped aside to allow Sarah to exit. As she did so Sarah saw Emma pressed up against the window watching the others. She stood by her friend and watched. Janet and Clara were rubbing themselves all over the pink ball, they sat astride it and rubbed their cunts into the fur. They suddenly stood up and each placed one foot on the ‘Powder Puff’ and the other on the ground, they pulled open their pussy lips.

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“OH MY GOD!” gasped Sarah, “they’re peeing on it. ”
The two women were indeed pissing on the pink ball, it seemed to give a shudder and shook itself like a dog. Clara lay across it on her back, her mouth opened and Janet was pissing into her open mouth.
Sarah was repelled and yet fascinated by the spectacle, she flushed, unable to take her eyes from the scene, the women had traded places and Janet was now receiving the golden shower from her aunt. The Powder puff was still shuddering, and shaking. The women got up and straddled the ball as best they could, they started kissing each other, Clara bent over to lick and suck on Janet's piss soaked tits.
Siree stooped over to talk quietly to Sarah, “the K'lumballash stimulates the prospective host to produce the ‘piss’ as you humans call it. It then analyses the chemical content and is now developing already fertilized eggs, which will be able to survive inside the host, it will then implant these into the hosts. Ah, excuse me Mistress. ”
Sarah tore her eyes away from the erotic scene in front of her. Another woman had come into the room and was talking to Siree, she looked over at Sarah and Emma, and smiled, she then turned back to look up at Siree and said something, shaking her head at the same time, she then slipped off her robe and walked to the airlock. As she stood waiting for the door to open she looked over at Sarah again and smiled. Sarah smiled back blushing slightly as she admired the woman’s naked body. Her breasts were quite large and sagged slightly, she had a slim flat stomach a trim waist and lovely long legs topped by a thick dark triangle of pubic hair, Sarah found her very attractive and was wondering what it would be like to kiss her. The woman gave another smile and a little wave to Sarah and stepped into the airlock, the door closed behind her.

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   Siree walked back to the window.
“I asked the other guest if she would mind if you watched, she said it was alright for you to do so. ”
Sarah smiled at Siree and then returned to looking through the window. She wondered why she found these naked women suddenly so attractive, she had never given it much thought before, and certainly not wanted to touch and kiss any woman’s body before. She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts, and once more looked through the window. The new woman had reached the Powder puff and had her arms around the shoulders of Janet and Clara, and was kissing each alternately. Janet was squeezing and rubbing the breasts of the new comer while Clara had her hand between the woman's legs. She stopped kissing them and they helped her to stand on top of the creature in-between the two of them. Clara was still rubbing her cunt when the woman started to piss, the stream hit Clara in the chest, Janet who was behind the woman was kissing her ass and reached through her legs to run her fingers through the hot shower. Clara dipped her head to take her piss into her mouth, letting some of it dribble onto her tits and swallowing the rest. The woman put her hands on Clara's shoulders and bent forward so that Janet could also lean forward and get a drink of her nectar. The stream slowed down to a dribble and the women got off of the pink ball that had stopped shaking now, they stood looking at the creature caressing each other, and occasionally kissing. Sarah stole a glance at Emma. She had one hand in her gown squeezing and pinching her tits the other was working between her legs, her breathing was shallow and ragged as she watched. Sarah allowed her hand to steal into her gown, she pulled at her own nipple, thrilling as it grew beneath her touch.

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“Look. ” Breathed Emma.
Sarah watched and gasped as she saw, what appeared to be, white balls start to appear all over the pink fur. There were many sizes all dotted about the creature, they kept emerging, they reminded Sarah of the worms but these were rigid, hard shiny poles with a blunt rounded end. The women arranged themselves around the ball, on their hands and knees and backed up until they came into contact with one of the ‘cocks’. The new woman was looking straight at Sarah, Janet was around to her left, Sarah could see the blunt end of a cock starting to push into her cunt. She could just see the back of Clara's head on the far side of the ball, the woman looked straight into Sarah’s eyes and smiled. Sarah smiled back and then had a sudden urge to display herself to the woman, she pulled open her gown allowing the woman to see her tits, she cupped her hands beneath them and started to squeeze and play with them. The woman's smile got wider and she blew Sarah a kiss. Then her eyes closed and she threw back her head, her mouth opening as the creature began to move. Siree reached out and pushed a button by the window.
“…. . UUUCCKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ” Suddenly blared out of a speaker set in the wall above the window.

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   The creature undulated, so as one hard cock slipped fully into one cunt another was being pulled from the second cunt and the other cock was slipping into the third. All the unoccupied cocks slid back into the fur. Soon all three women were moaning and groaning, Sarah could see the cock clearly sliding in and out of Janet's cunt, Janet was pushing back to meet the thrust of the stiff cock as the creature pushed it into her.
Siree pressed another button and a screen above the window flashed into life, it showed a view looking down on the scene in the room, the creatures movements could easily be seen as could the thick white cocks sliding in and out of the un-resisting women. Sarah could see that the cocks were not all one size, the woman had chosen a thick almost short cock, Janet's was thinner but much longer, Sarah marvelled that she could take the thing so deep into her cunt it must have been almost a foot long. Clara had chosen the biggest, it looked about 10 inches long but was thicker than Sarah's wrist she could see the lips of the older woman's cunt being pulled out as the cock withdrew, almost as if it didn’t want to let go.
Sarah felt warm breath on her neck and looked down as Emma’s hands reached around and started to play with her tits. It was a new sensation to Sarah, Emma's hands were so soft compared to her fiancés, she felt her friends fingers gently tugging at her she breathed, “we…. we shouldn’t be doing this AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ” She cried out as Emma pinched her nipple’s but made no move to stop her friend.
“MMMMMMM,” Emma’s lips caressed Sarah's neck, “don’t you like it?” she breathed in the blondes ear.
“Oh yes I do, b…. . b…. but I’m getting married tomorrow, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Emma’s teeth gently nibbled her neck.

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“All the more reason to enjoy yourself tonight. ” Chuckled Emma moving around in front of Sarah, she kissed her on the mouth before lowering her head to take one of Sarah's hard nipples into her mouth.
“OOOOOOOOOHHH FUCK I’M CUMMING. ” Screamed Clara. Emma stopped sucking on Sarah's tits so that she could watch what was happening. Sarah was breathing quickly and was sorry Emma had stopped, she looked through the window and could see Clara her head shaking from side to side as she came.
The new woman had her eyes fixed on Sarah and Emma, she supported herself on one hand and squeezed her large dangling tits with the other, she pinched a nipple between finger and thumb and pulled it hard, making her tit stretch out before letting it go with a loud gasp. She smiled at Sarah and licked her lips, “You two beautiful girls should be in here” called the woman, “I would love you to be sucking on my tits right now. ”
Sarah looked at Siree, “Can she hear us?” Siree pushed another button, then nodded.
“I…. I… would like that. ” Sarah said hesitantly, blushing to the roots of her hair. “How doe’s it feel in,” Sarah blushed even more, “in your Gasped the woman. “It is stretching my cunt so …. .

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  aahhhhh…. so tight, …. OOOOOHHHH FUCCCKKKKKKK it’s shooting off inside me!”
“Ohhh. ” Gasped Sarah, “what’s it like?”
“Ahh, it’s like, ahh, like being, ahh shot with a pea shooter, ahh!”, she gasped then cried out, “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! OH FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK………… CUMMMMMMMMIIINNNNNNNNNNGG!!!!!!!!!”
Sarah and watched as the woman’s body jerked and shuddered as she came, Sarah licked her lips, watching the large tits jiggle and sway, before the woman finally collapsed and slid off the hard white ‘cock’ as she slumped on the ground her breath coming in ragged gasps the cock continued to twitch for a couple of moments shooting out 5 or 6 eggs (they were about the size of large peas) that landed on the woman's back. Cries and screams from the other women heralded their orgasms, and Sarah watched them also fall forward off the cocks. Sarah looked at Janet's spread legs and could see into her still open cunt and the cluster of eggs inside.
“How many eggs are in them?” she asked Siree.
“Sometimes as many as 200. ” Replied the giantess. Sarah didn’t notice how Siree was staring at her bared breasts, she was watching as the women slowly and a little unsteadily got to their feet and gathered together, arms around each other smiling and kissing.
As she watched the girls with envy Sarah noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye, she turned to look at the bushes and suddenly out of the bushes ran a group of small blue creatures. The were about the size of a cat and looked to be a cross between an ape and a giraffe, their ‘arms’ were longer than their legs and the way the moved reminded Sarah of how chimpanzees moved across the ground. Their necks were as long, if not longer than their bodies, and tapered gently to a blunt head. They had almost no nose and very small ears, Sarah glanced sideways at Siree. Siree noticed the glance and smiled.


“Yes Mistress Sarah, we share a common ancestry with the Putak, rather like you and your worlds primates. ”
“Oh,” said Sarah, “what are they doing?”
“Harvesting eggs. ” Tinkled Siree. “They are the only predators of the K'lumballash, they have no sense of smell. ”
As they watched the first of the Putak reached the women and scrambled up Janet’s leg, as it reached the top of her thigh it wrapped its arms and legs securely around her thigh and then rammed its head deep into Janet's cunt. Janet gave a start and then closed her eyes as the creatures head probed around her insides. Other Putak had now reached the women and were scrambling up the legs of the other two women. There were about six creatures fighting each other to climb the women’s legs and the three women were holding onto each other for support. As they watched one finally got to the top of Clara's thigh and rammed its head into her cunt, the third cunt was soon similarly occupied, the rest of the Putak dropped away and were running around looking for eggs that were lying in the grass. Sarah watched as the women were again being fucked by strange creatures, the head were clearly moving around inside them, occasionally a lump would bulge and move across their stomachs, Janet and Clara were also sucking on the other woman's tits causing her to moan loudly.
Sarah was wishing she had gone in there with them as Siree closed the blinds, “They will be in there for about an hour now. ”
“An hour?” gasped Sarah, “you mean those things will be inside their…erm. . . .


  . . . cunts for an hour?”
“Yes,” answered Siree, “it normally takes that long for the Putak to completely clear them of eggs. ” Siree looked down at the two remaining friends, “And who shall be next Mistresses?”
Emma looked at Sarah, “would you mind if I…. ?”
“No not at all. ”
Emma turned to Siree, “The Shriivaak. ” She turned to Sarah, “whatever you see don’t worry, I will be having a glorious time, honestly. ” She followed Siree to another door and slipped off her robe, she walked through the door and it slid shut behind her.
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