The Long and the Short of It


Some time ago, never mind when, I worked in a restaurant in Wisconsin where the tourists stopped on their way to gambling cruises on the Misissippi River. It was a nice restaurant, fine food, good atmospfere and had great wine list. Some fine looking couples came by, dressed to the nines  and ready for their evenings on the steamboats for roulette and blackjack, all wanting to shed their humdrum lives for an evening. I was the head chef, so spent a good part of my time mingling with the clientele and doing general PR work, promoting the restaurant and myself.
One evening in the summer, a particularly stretch of good weather was upon us and the veranda was quite full. I saw some people I recognized visiting from Chicago, a couple who had always been very generous tippers. They were fairly odd in their appearance though. he was a stock broker , dressed in an Armani suit, well fitted and tailored to show off his tall stature and broad shoulders, she was in an evening dress, very lowcut showing the kind of cleavage a man dreams about. Unusual? Yes , because she was only 4'8" tall, a very petite woman, but with (for her height) very nice tits. 32C's at least. The neckline of her dress plunged nearly to her navel, and the back had a deep scoop to her waist. Her waist was small, and while she was , to say the least, quite short, her proportions were exquisite. I sauntered over to their table with a smile and a warm greeting.
'Bill and Nora, how long has it been? Two months? Three?' Bill extended his hand and shrugged.
'Three months now, G. , since we made it up here.


   But I had to bring Nora back, she loves the food here. Perhaps you could let us have some of your recipes?' We made small talk in this vein for a few moments when Nora announced she was going to take a walk along the grass at the river. Bill waved at her , preoccupied by the menu by this time and was apparently wanting to stay at the table and enjoy the breeze. I volunteered to go along and keep her company.
'Thanks, G. ' said Nora as we strolled along the lawn. 'bill has been pretty remiss in paying paying attetion to me this weekend and I just wanted a little time away. Maybe if he felt a little competition or some jealousy. . . . 'She looked at me and winked. Now Nora was quite a looker, relatively long red hair, greeneyes, a very pale complexion and full luscious lips that glistened in the early evening sunlight. The sun brought out the highlights of her hair, and her dress , sheer and clinging showed off her fine body. I couldn't imagine her needing to try to keep Bill's attention.

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  hell, if she was mine I'd never take my eyes off her.
we slowly made our way along the path ,she looking back to see if Bill was watching, andI, looking very frankly at her tits and face. She noticed my intentness and took my hand as we walked along. The path wound around some flower beds and bushes and at one point we were quite out of sight of the veranda. As we lost sight of the restaurant she turned to me and said 'Kiss me, G. ' I looked at her and of course was instantly ready to comply. I was, however, nearly two feet taller than she, standing 6'6". I was willing, however and soon we had made the adjustments necessary, she standing on a a slight rise in the lawn, I bending my head down to her upraised face. My arms were lowered to her back as she melted against me. the taste of her mouth and scent of her perfume drove me to distraction, but not so distracted I failed to notice her small hands feeling my cock through my slacks. she gasped as she realized that my 6'6" was proportionately represented bt nearly 81/2" of rock hard cock. Her hands barely fit around it as she opened my zipper and took it out.  My hands went to her tits, feeling her nipples through the material of her dress.  I slid my inside to feel her right breast, the moved across her chest to the left. The heft of those boobs, thogh small on another woman were huge on her.

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   Then I found the ral advantage of our height difference. She stepped down to the path, and by just bending her head forward, took my cock in her mouth.  I drove my dick into her mouth as she sucked on the head and worked her tiny hands up and down the shaft. in a very short time I pumped a load of cum into her mouth , which she sucked and tried to swallow, but the volume was more than she could handle. Cum oozed out around my cock as spurt after spurt drilled into mouth and throat. It dripped off her chin and glistened on her tits and dress. As I slowly softened in her mouth, she withdrew and looked down. seeing her new pearl necklace she rubbed it all over her now exposed breasts.
the sight of her slathering my cum on her tits, in front of the restaurant where I worked was  enough to renew my cock to its full potential.
'I don't know how, but I'm going to fuck you before we go back'.  I was thinking out loud.
'I know how' was all she said. She hiked her dress up to her waist, revealing the fact she had nothing on underneath.  'Hold me a moment. ' She directed me to hold her around her waist and lift her so she could wrap her arms about my neck.

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   Then I saw the light. With her legs around my waist and my hands under her tight  ass I could lower her naked smooth cunt directly onto the head of my cock. As I did so, she let out a maon and said 'Farther down'. I lowered her another few inches until she was absolutely impale don my cock. I barely supported her as her 80 pound body was spitted on my dick.  I could feel the tip of my dick pressed against her cervix, and I could also feel her pulsing climax as she wrung every drop of cum from me as we came together. . My cum ran down around the bottom of her thighs and ripped in the grass.
'Bill is crazy. He should be hitting this pussy of yours so often it should wear down his cock. . You're so small it makes you feel even tighter and since I'm pretty big we are a most unusual fit together. ' She just nodded and offered me her mouth for another deep soul searching kiss.
' The smell of your dik and the sight of your cum on my tits will get his attention, I'm sure'. She said.

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'I'm sure it will. and if that doesn't do it, the folks on your cruise boat will probavly let him know. ' I nodded toward the river, where the cruise liner was drifting only perhaps 50 yards away, the rail lined with gamblers and revelers, smiling and now applauding in appreciation of our tryst. The whistle blew and Nora just looked at me. 'You knew?' 'I forgot in the moment, but it doesn't surprise me. It's just a short trip. '