Poor Little Mary...


Mary was a young girl, around the age of 16. She was raised the Catholic lifestyle and spent most of her time studying and being educated at the local Catholic school for girls. She was a big bookworm and spent most of her time reading educational books or the Bible and was almost never seen not wearing her school girl. Underneath it all, she had breasts big enough to fill a size 36 DD and a nice firm butt. She had brown hair (which was somewhat short, not even quite reaching down to her shoulders), brown eyes, a nice young sexy body and relatively pale skin. Being raised in a Catholic orphanage and living a Catholic lifestyle she knew almost nothing of the outside world and its temptations, sins and horrors. Above all, she was good hearted and pure and innocent.
Recently Mary had taken up babysitting. In fact, this would be her first babysitting job. Actually, it wouldn’t be a child at all she would be babysitting. The "boy" in question was in his early 30s and was apparently mentally retarded. His name was Billy. Billy’s guardian was his father, Eddy. His wife had left him and he and Billy lived alone in a house just down the street from the school that Mary lived and studied at. It was late in the afternoon and Mary was walking down the street, her books in hand, to the house. Eddy needed her to babysit Billy because he was going to be having a discussion with Mary’s mentor and legal guardian, Father Frederick.

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   Mary wondered if she could take up a job watching after Billy full time. Maybe she and Billy would become quite close and she could bring him closer to the Lord, she thought.
Finally, she reached the house and rang the door bell. As usually, she wore her schoolgirl uniform. It consisted of a white dress shirt, a plaid skirt, knee high plaid socks and black dress shoes. Eddy finally answered the door and invited Mary inside. She sat her books down on a chair and Eddy escorted Mary to Billy’s room. Billy was on the floor playing with a number of different toys. It was tragic to see a grown man act like that. Mary immediately felt so sorry for him and wanted to do something, anything, to help him. She decided she would try and be his friend right away. Eddy rushed out, as he was already running late for his meeting with the Father, and Mary sat down on the floor next to Billy.
Billy himself was somewhat chubby and balding. His teeth were slightly crooked and one of his eyes were glazed over. Anyone else would immediately be frightened of his appearance and be on the alert.

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   Not Mary though. She was so kind and warm hearted. So pure and innocent. She never suspected the danger and horror that was to follow. The TV was playing and on it was an episode of Power Rangers. Mary smiled and patted Billy on his head. "You know, Billy, too much television isn’t good for you. How would you like to read a good book with me?" Billy looked up from his toys at Mary and replied, "Okay. " Both of them got up and went to the living room and sat down on the couch.
Mary grabbed on of the books she carried in with her, the Bible, opened it and started to read a few chapters of Matthew to Billy. As she read to him, he rested his head on her shoulder. The sun went down. An hour passed and Mary stopped reading and looked over at Billy. He’d passed out on her and Mary couldn’t help but think of how cute it was, despite the fact that others might call Billy ugly looking. "Billy," she whispered in a soft sweet voice, "It’s time to go to bed.

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  " He didn’t wake up immediately so she decided to nudge him ever so slightly and gently. She would’ve been content letting him sleep there but the fact of the matter was is that his weight was hurting her shoulder a little bit.
He finally woke up in a daze and Mary gently and kindly escorted him up to his room. He laid down in his bed and Mary tucked him in. "Let’s say a prayer together. " She whispered to him in her sweet heavenly voice. She recited one of the prayers she learned from school and he repeated each line after her. After that, she leaned down and kissed him on the forehead and then walked out. She walked down the stairs, humming a Christian hymn along the way, and looked at a wall mounted clock. It would be sometime before Eddy would get home again and he did give her permission to use whatever utilities she needed in the house. She thought a nice long hot bath would be nice right about now. It had been a long day and the weather would a bit chilly so the warm water would feel extra good.
She went to the upstairs bathroom and discovered there was no lock on the door. She went downstairs and made the same discovery there. She decided she’d just use the one downstairs since she was already there.

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   Closing the door behind her, she began to run the tub full of water and got undressed. Just as she got completely naked, she became aware of the feeling that she might be being watched. She paused and looked around. The door was still closed and there was no window in the bathroom. She dismissed the thought and got into the tub, pulling the shower curtain in front of her, just in case someone came inside. She was so tired and the water felt so good. She spent a decent while in the tub and was on the verge of falling asleep when something awoke her.
The door opened and Mary woke up immediately. She instinctively crossed her arms over her chest to cover up her large firm breasts. "Hello? Mister Sullivan?" (Mister Sullivan is Eddy, Billy’s father). No one answered. Then, there was another noise. Some sort of instrument had started up. She didn’t quite know what it was at first but then she realized it and with horror, she pulled back the shower curtain completely to confirm her fear. It was a hair dryer.

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   More shockingly was that Billy was holding it. Mary still had her breasts covered by her arms and started to breathe quicker and quicker. "Billy, what are you doing?" She asked in a frightened tone of voice as Billy started to approach the bathtub with the hair dryer in hand. He didn’t reply and had a sinister grin on his face. Mary could see his crooked and slightly rotten teeth.
"Billy, please don’t drop that into the bathtub with me!" She cried out, her voice almost hysterical. Once again, he didn’t respond and continued to approach. Her fear broke through her sense of shame and she removed her hands away from her chest and tried to get out of the tub with them. But she was too hysterical and the tub was slippery. She fumbled and fell a couple of times, her struggling causing her naked breasts to jiggle and shake. Billy took notice of this and took his time with dropping the hair dryer into the tub. "Please Billy! It’ll kill me!" He pleaded but by this time the hair dryer was dangling above the water. Somehow she managed to get a good grip and sloppily pulled herself out of the tub as quick as she could. And not a second later, fore just as she left the water, Billy dropped the dryer in it. It sizzled and sparked and caused all the power in the house to go out.

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Mary was on her hands and knees and breathing heavily. She began to calm down and started to look up at Billy to ask him why he’d done that after she tried to be his friend. She never got the chance to do that because as she was looking up, Billy delivered a swift and strong kick to her belly. It knocked the air out of her and she instinctively held her stomach and lay there. Billy, on the other hand, reached down and grabbed all of Mary’s clothes and ran out with them. She lay there for a while but then got up and managed to grab a towel to dry off with and wrap around herself to hide her nakedness. She decided the best thing she could do was to try and get her clothes back from Billy. Clutching the towel tightly against herself, she slowly exited the bathroom.
The house was so dark and silent and Mary’s eyes hadn’t adjusted to it yet. Shortly after she left the bathroom, a dark and large and strong figure pushed her into a wall. It turned out to be Billy again and as he pushed her, he ripped the towel off of her. She knew she was no match for Billy’s physical strength so she knelt down into a fetal position and prepared herself for him to hit her again. A few moments passed and she looked up. Billy was no where to be seen and this time her eyes had adjusted to the darkness. She stood up and started to slowly walk through the house in search of her clothes.

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   No, she had to call for help. She managed to locate a phone but discovered there was no dial tone. The next phone was like that too.
She decided, naked or not, she had to get out of the house. She felt around on the wall and suddenly felt the feeling of being watched again. She panicked but in the distance she could see the front door. She ran for it, her breasts bouncing and flopping around as she did so. Once she reached it, she tried to open it but it was locked. "Locked? Why would it be locked from the inside?" She thought. In truth, Eddy had known Billy was dangerous. He designed the locks not to keep people out, but to keep Billy inside. He’d seen how he liked to torture and kill stray cats and dogs. That was something he, for some reason or another, left out when he asked Mary to babysit him.
She turned around but in the process of doing so, something zoomed by her right breast. Something hot.

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   So hot that it burned her right nipple. It was a bullet and although it had not hit her or even grazed her, the closeness at which it passed by still managed to burn her nipple. She instinctively grabbed her right nipple and started to rub it to ease away the pain. She looked towards the source of the bullet and saw Billy standing there with a handgun with a silencer on it. Further more, he was completely naked too and his penis was fully erect, being at least ten inches in length by Mary’s guess. Mary was so scared and simply stood there trembling like a deer in headlights.
The irony pierced her. She’d saved herself for her soul mate. She wouldn’t even allow any other man to see her in anything revealing, much less naked. And Billy, this evil mental retard, was the first man to gaze upon her naked beauty. Indeed, she was the first naked woman he’d seen as well. "Lay down," Billy said in his retarded and slurred speech. She could barely understand him but she did as he ordered. She approached him and laid down on the floor in front of him. He knelt down and hovered over her.

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   He licked his lips and started to fondle her breasts. She gasped at his alien touch and at the roughness of his hands. She started to sniffle just a bit as she felt she would go to Hell for this.
It was a huge sin and she was powerless to stop it. Furthermore she thought it felt so good, even when his hands rubbed her still sore right nipple. She felt some warm moisture hit her breasts and saw that Billy was drooling on them as he knelt down further to put them in his mouth. That too felt soooooo good when he started to lick and suck around on her breasts. "Titty. ", he said in his slurred speech. Mary hadn’t noticed how sensitive her breasts were before. She could feel every tendon and muscle flex in Billy’s hands as he fondled her breasts. Furthermore, she could feel his heart beat through his hand. She quickly realized how much she was enjoying it as she instinctively reached between her legs to touch herself, only to find her pussy soaking wet.
"Titty titty titty titty titty titty. " He whispered over and over again until finally he shouted "Titty!" Which greatly started Mary, who was actually enjoying it.

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   Right after he shouted that, he suck his crooked rotten teeth into Mary’s left breast. She screamed out in pain and tried to beat his head off of her chest. His jaws finally let go and although he didn’t break the skin, his teeth left deep impressions in her once perfect and flawless breast. Once he was off, she grabbed her chest to protect it from him when she heard another terrifying sound. The hammer of Billy’s gun clicked back and he pointed it at her. She once again had the deer in headlights look. He pushed her hands off her breasts and pushed the barrel of the gun into her left breast. Her soft and vulnerable titty-flesh gave way to the cold hard barrel of the gun and was squeezed down.
She started to cry as she prepared for him to pull the trigger and kill her then and there. But he didn’t. He did perhaps something worse than killing her. Since he’d seen her naked, he noticed how she didn’t have a penis like he did. He reached down between her legs and felt around and found a very warm and very wet opening. She gasped and instinctively tried to close her legs but his body was in the way and she couldn’t. She wasn’t ready for him or any other man to ruin her like that and her pussy was extra sensitive.


   But she was about to have her virginity taken not by Billy, but by his gun. He moved the weapon away from her breast and between her legs. She dared not move because she knew being shot down there was worse than death.
She felt the cold metal silencer of the big high calabur gun touch her pussy lips. After that, she experienced the terrible pain of it being pushed deeper inside her virgin hole. The hammer was clicked back and all it took was a twitch or tremor in Billy’s index finger to fire the weapon while it was still stuck inside of Mary’s pussy. Should that happen, hopefully the bullet would somehow kill her instantly. Most likely though, it would leave her with a fate worse than death. It would destroy her as both a woman and as a human being. She could never realize her dream of giving herself to her soul mate if that were to happen. She already couldn’t give her soul mate her virginity, as the silencer of the gun had run into that and pushed past it, destroying Mary’s hymen.
The fear, the pain and the great sadness caused Mary to cry again as she managed to some how get out, "Why are you doing this to me, Billy? I just wanted to be your friend. " He didn’t answer her and instead pushed the gun deeper inside of her, as deep as he could push it. He may’ve already damaged her enough to where she might need surgery. He then finally pulled the lethal weapon out of her, the silencer and barrel covered in her pussy juices and her own blood.

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   He put the gun aside and held her down using his much greater physical strength and instinctively inserted his oversized cock inside of her. That continued her pain and suffering as she screamed out and started to cry again.
"Billy! No one will want to marry me now!" she cried out, her face red and damp from her crying. She groaned and moaned as Billy continued to rape her, not in pleasure but in pain, tearing her pussy up. She continued to plead with him "No Billy! We’ll have to get married if you get my pregnant!" but it was eventually too late. She felt the surge of his warm and stick semen inside her body. He pulled out of her but she still lay there crying. "Billy, I just wanted to be your friend. " Seemingly in response to that, Billy gripped her left breast with both hands and started to squeeze it, like he was trying to crush it. It caused her nipple and several blood veins to pop out upward. Mary grabbed his hands and tried to pull them off, as he was causing her serious pain.
She was still no match for his strength and even though Billy knew this, it still angered him that she tried to slide his hands off of her. In his rage, all he could focus on was Mary’s defenseless left nipple. He leaned down and put it into his mouth and shortly he tasted copper. This was followed by Mary screaming even louder than when his gun tore her hymen.

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   Billy had bitten off Mary’s nipple. It was just then that the door sprang open and in walked Eddy and Father Fred, Mary’s mentor. "Good Heavens!" The Father shouted as he ran over and pulled Billy off of Mary. However, he completely misunderstood what was going on.
"You filthy little whore!" The Father said as he took off his belt a started to lash away wildly at Mary’s naked body, leaving bloody welts on her skin. Eddy tried to shield Billy from what was going on. "Filthy slut! Don’t you know he’s mentally challenged?! How could you take advantage of him like that?!" He continued to whip away on Mary. After that night, Mary never saw Eddy or Billy again. The Father took her back to the Catholic orphanage and explained his version of what had happened, how Mary had seduced Eddy into unthinkable sexual acts. Her reputation was ruined and before she could graduate, they threw her out onto the streets. She never got a chance to get her well earned diploma and she was now homeless. All thanks to that demon child that ruined her in every single way. . .

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