My Name is Jacob chp.1 Discovering my Powers


My Name is Jacob Chapter 1 - Discovering My Powers
Hi everyone, my name is Jacob Turner. Before I get into my story let me tell you a little about myself. I am about six foot tall with a little extra baggage. I'm not fat by any means but I could stand to lose a few pounds. I have short blonde hair and green eyes. I'm living at home with my mom while I'm in my 2nd year of college at the University of Miami. My Dad lives more outside of the city with his wife and kid, my brother. Okay, now onto the story.
A few weeks ago something really strange happened while I was at Burger King getting some lunch before my Math class. It was around 1:00 and I was really hungry. I had bee feeling kinda weird that whole week. Not real sure how to explain the feeling, just an overall weird feeling. It felt like I was in line forever before I finally got to the front.
The girl behind the counter coudn't have been much younger than me but she seemed very grown up if you catch my drift. Her breasts were huge. Unfortunetly the rest of her total package wasn't very impresive.

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   Her face was rittled with pimples and braces. Her body could have been used in a game of fetch, she was so skinney. Other than her amazing tits she was a twig.
"Hi, can I help you?" she said, as I stepped up to the counter.
"Yeah, let me get a number four with onion rings," and the I sneezed harder than I ever had before," and I want to upgrade to a larg. . . . " I just stopped talking because all of a sudden, nothing was going on except me talking. I was standing there talking to this girl one minute and the next, I sneeze and everone is still and quite. It was like I had stopped time. As you can guess I was freaking out. I had no idea what was going on. No one was moving, breathing, or anything else for that matter, it was just me! I figured I had to be dreaming since this was completly impossible, so I decided to have a little fun in my dream. I slid over the counter back to where the girl was taking my order from and admired her for a moment.

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   As I said before, she wasn't a model by far, but she had one of the best racks I'd ever seen, so I took off her shirt. It wasn't easy. I had to raise her arms up, which was very tough because she was frozen still. She had on a sexy bra. It was pink with flowers on the trim of it. I unhooked it and there stood one of the greatest set of tits in the history of the world.
I started thinking to myself, if this is a dream why was that so hard? and shy wouldn't I have a hot girl here instead of a girl who's only good asset is her breasts? Thse things didn't make much sense to me, but I decided not to worry about it right now. I mean I do have these two gorgeous things sitting in my face. So then I start playing with them. I sucked on her right tit while playing with her other nipple. My cock was starting to get hard so I took it out and began playing with it. I stroked my hard cock until I was about to cum, but then I sneezed again! Everything started back up again, except now her I am, behind the counter in front of everyone with my cock out playing with this girl naked tits. I was too close before I sneezed and I still came. It went all over the girls upper body, I think one squirt even hit her chin. She began screaming and backing away from me.

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"Ahhh! He's trying to rape me! Help!," she screamed as she backed up. The reaction was different from other people, some were laughing, some were yelling at me, and some were just trying to hide their childrens eyes from this site. I was so embarrased, I thought this was just a dream, but that dream had turnd into a nightmare.
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Sorry if there wasn't much sex in this one. This was mainly just to try and introduce my character and his unique skills. They will get better as they go. However I must tell you that my sexual intrests are of a wide veriety so not everyone will like all of my chapters.