Jason's Journey


Please feel free to comment and suggest things. I will warn you, there isn’t really much in the way of “sex” in the first couple chapters. Just set up for the story. I’m hoping it will turn into a series.
Chapter 1
Jason always hated the bar scene. He would come in, sit at the bar, drink for awhile, and go home unsatisfied. He never met any girls like it happened in the movies. In fact he had never had a one night stand in his entire 23 years of living. It wasn’t that he wasn’t handsome, he was a pretty good looking guy. He even had pretty good style. He was just missing something that he could never really put his finger on.
“Want another round?” asked the bartender.
“No that’s ok, I’m trying to pace myself. ” responded Jason. He never liked to get drunk alone at a bar. He always felt like a creep.

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“Well the lady down there at the end of the bar wants to buy you a drink. And by the look of her, I would take it. ”
The bartender was right. This girl was amazing. She was probably 5’-5”, but with the heels she had on, it made her look like a giant. But she was a giant with legs that seemed to never end and an ass that most women would kill for. I must be dreaming, thought Jason. There is no way a girl this good looking is approaching me.
Jason scanned the area for hidden cameramen. There had to be some elaborate joke being played on him.
Sure enough, the woman got up from her chair and walked straight over to Jason.
“Hi, my name is Elaina. ” said the girl. “What is your name?”
“Jay…. Jason.

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  ” he stuttered. “Can I ask why you bought me a drink? Half the guys in this bar are wondering why they aren’t the ones buying you a drink right now, myself included.
“Contrary to popular belief, not all hot girls are complete stuck up snobs who only go after guys who are as good looking as they are. I bought you a drink because you were alone and you seemed like the kinda guy who shouldn’t be. ”
“Well I appreciate it I guess. Would you like to have a seat?” asked Jason.
The next hour or so went by in a blur of time and conversation. Jason was amazed at how everything he seemed to bring up, no matter how obtuse, she knew exactly what he was talking about and seemed genuinely interested in what he was saying. This was all definitely too weird. And what came next just took it to another level.
“Hey its getting late, do you wanna get outta here? Maybe come back to my place for a night cap?” asked Elaina.
“Um, sure. ” said Jason, not really knowing how to react to the blatent offer to further this little exchange along.
“We can just take my car, its parked pretty close. ” she said.

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Jason paid his tab and followed Elaina out of the bar, trying to ignore the stares of the men as he passed. They went outside and walked about a half of a block before coming to a beautiful Purple Lamborgini Marcialago.
“You’re kidding me right? You want me to believe that this is your car?” asked Jason.
“Well you don’t have to believe it. But I have the keys and if you want to come home with me, then you are going to need to get in. ” she shot back.
Jason got in and the ride to Elaina’s home was pretty uneventful. They talked a little more. She told him that she was a doctor who practiced plastic surgery. She told him about some of her more famous clients and before he knew it they were at her home, if you could call it that. It was more like a mansion.
She led them inside and into the living room. He sat down on the wonderfully comfortable couch and thought about how easy it would be to fall asleep if there wasn’t a beautiful woman in the other room making him a drink.
She came out with two martinis. He didn’t really care for martinis but he didn’t want to disappoint his host, so he downed it in a few gulps.

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“A little thirsty are we?” asked Elaina.
“Sorry, I just lost my buzz as we drove over here, so I figured I would try and catch up. ” he said.
“Well don’t drink too quickly, I don’t want you passing out on me. I am going to need you at full mast a little later. I have quite a bit planned for you. ” she said.
Those last words made Jason a little unsettled. There was something about the way she said “planned for you” that made him a little uneasy. He hoped she wasn’t too much of a freak. He wasn’t too adventurous in the bedroom.
Just as he started to think about the things he hoped she wouldn’t try, he began to feel light headed.
“Where is your bathroom? I need to go splash my face a little and freshen up. ”
“Up the stairs, down the hall and it is the second door on the right. ” said Elaina.

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He would never see the bathroom. Just as he got up and took two steps the room started to close in on him. The blackness slowly started to close in around him and the room began to get smaller. Just before he hit the floor he could swear he heard the voice of someone else. But he would never get to find that out.
Chapter 2
Jason woke up to a bright medical examiner’s light shining in his face. His whole body ached all over and he couldn’t move anything below his neck. There were at least two people in the room with him but he wasn’t sure past that. He was trying his best to clear his senses when he looked down and was faced with a horrible realization.
He had tits.
That’s all for now, I will write more soon after I get comments/suggestions from readers. Thanks!