All my life I thought my mom was a girl. She told me to always date guys. Or at least girls with dicks. I shrugged it off.
When I turned sixteen I dated this girl named Francesca. She had huge tits that made her shirts ripped. My mom didn't like the fact she was a girl. She was completely against lesbian relationships. I just slapped her the day she made me break up with her. My mom pinned me on the ground and pulled down mypants. I thought she would spank me. But instead she pulled down her's too. Saw her dick. I screamed and squirmed. She shushed me by licking my neck. This may seem cheesy but she said
"Baby I'm not your mommy! I'm your mommy's younger brother! But don't worry we're the same age.

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   I just got boobies that's all!"I was still worried.
"Where is she then?!" I screamed
"In my closet tied up! But don't worry, I feed her!" Hardle yelled at me
I started to feel oddly horny. I pushed up and kissed him. He slowly let go of my arms and then held onto my head. I flipped him over and licked his dick. I got up and stripped. My huge jugs dropped. He stood up and sucked on them. . . . .