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  • George 24-03-2024
    Είναι ένα αξιόλογο πρακτορείο τα μοντέλα είναι πανέμορφα και ανταποκρίνονται στις φωτογραφίες αν συνεχίσει έτσι θα αποκτήσει πολύ δύναμη στην αθήνα φέρτε γυναίκες να έχουμε να περνάμε καλάsmile
  • Alexandru 23-03-2024
    I call to make an appoiment and they answer to me very nice winkedand they was very friendly with me and very kind winked
    i tell where i want to make my appoiment and what time and the girl has arrive in her time and wearing what i inform the agency to wear .
    I will make anoder apoiments with this agency because what you see in the pictures is real and they are very kind!!!
    thank you very much smile
  • Mike42Ba 23-03-2024
    Ειναι το καλυτερο πρακτορειο της Αθηνας. Τα παιδια ειναι πολυ εξυπηρετικα και οι κοπελες το Βασικο ειναι οτι ειναι οι ιδιες με τις φωτογραφιες . Δεν ειναι παραπλανητικες. Παιρνω χρονια κοπελες γιατι ειμαι παλιος στο αθλημα και εχω αδυναμια σε 2-3 πρακτορεια, αλλα το νεο αυτο γραφειο σχετικα, ειναι ενα απο τα καλυτερα!lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove
  • Micheal21 08-02-2024
    I had booked out call 2 hours Angela Bugatti very cold what the add said kiss none , owo she did owc . The only thing positive was your person on what’s app
  • Myrmidon 27-12-2023
    Hello .I would like to share my bad experience with this agensy .I booked a girl for the first time with this agensy ,called Angel ,for an incall meeting .When i arrive at the agreed hour they told me that the gorl wasnt ready and i waited for 40 min. After that time i met with the girl. I booked one hour plus pro massage at 170euro.|the gorl was very cold from the start .I went to the shower and when i finished she asked to do a shower herself (quite strange as it was an incall meeting ) .I asked her if i can join and quite rudely refused.After she finished i try to start the main program but she refused and told me to start with the massage (again quite strange) As it was a pro massage i leave her to take her time . i lost time myself so when i asked to turn aropund she told me that the time was up and i had to leave . she told me that i fell asleep !!!!! the mood was already very bad so i just left . when i wrote my bad exprerience to the agensy they told me that they asked the girl and they told them that i had bad hygiene and that she offers all servses whitch it was all lies of course .Iam using escort servises for the past 25 years and it was the first time that they insult me like this .Then the agensy told me that my bad exprerience was betrween me and the gorl and they have nothing to do with it .. Who pick that girl ???Not only i was fooled but i was insulted on top .i am writing this review so anyoine else thinking of using this agensy to think it again . I do not know if anyone will have the same experience or not but is it worth the risk ? amamamam