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Year: 2050

It was the evening of Alexis's nineteenth birthday. She was my sister, and she was a year younger than me. Even though she was my sister, I had no problem admitting she was damn fine. She had perfect D cup tits. I knew from snooping in her bras one day. Might've been a little creepy, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. However, like most girls in 2050, she seldom wore a bra, which made her nipples show through her shirt anytime it was even a little cold. Some girls would even wear translucent shirts so that they might as well be topless. Sadly, my sister did not participate in that fashion trend.

It was the weekend, so I came back from my out of state college to celebrate with my family. Dad had grilled up a great dinner while Mom baked the cake we were eating. It was a chocolate cake with white icing, with 'Happy Birthday Alexis' written in blue icing. Mom made it from scratch, which was something seldom done these days. My parents were a bit old fashioned and liked to make everything by hand. It was probably why our family didn't have a robot butler, even though they were in almost every other household. Having moved off to college, I had come to miss their cooking.

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We gathered around our wall sized TV and finished off the cake Mom had made. It was an action flick starring Keanu Reeves. Apparently he has been a famous actor for a long time, back when our grandparents were kids.

"So, like, does this guy ever age?" Dad joked.

"He actually looks a little younger in this than in the Matrix," Mom said.

I began to harden as I watched Alexis eat her cake. Her tongue licking the icing off the fork. Leaving traces of saliva on it. It shined with her saliva, which was perfect for my plan. She ate her last bite and stood up to put her dirty dishes in the sink.

"Oh no, sis," I said. "I've got this. "

"Nah, it's alright," she said. Shit, I need that fork. .

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   "I need to get going anyway. "

"Big party tonight for our 19 year old?" Dad asked.

Alexis nodded proudly. The drinking age was lowered to 19 around 2035, so we all knew that she would be going out tonight. I don't even fully remember my 19th birthday.

"Try not to get too drunk. " Dad said.

Alexis chuckled. "Don't worry, Dad. "

"I'm not sweetheart. I know you'll make the right choices. "

Alexis handed me the dishes so she could hug and kiss Mom and Dad. Just what I wanted! I took a second to look at her amazing ass before carrying away her dirty dishes.

When I got to the kitchen, it was time to look at the dishes I had. On the cup, there was no clear distinction where her lips had been, so I couldn't get a sample there.

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   The plate was obviously no good. But that fork was perfect. It was still shining slightly, exactly I had fantasized about on the couch. Alexis came through the kitchen as I loaded the plate and cup into the dishwasher.

"Thanks for coming over bro. " Alexis's breasts pushed into my back as she hugged me from behind. Her warm lips pecked me on the cheek just before she released me from the embrace. It was nothing more than a sibling embrace. There was no way something was going to happen sexually between us. That's why my plan was necessary.

"I was glad to see you. " Innuendo aside, I did enjoy seeing my sister again. I am more than just my dick. "Have fun tonight. "

"Oh, I will.

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  " Alexis gave me a wink before heading to the garage. All cars were automated, so there was no danger of her driving drunk. It was a bizarre thought that such a thing was a real danger for people in my grandparents' generation. So many young deaths.

I took the fork to the bathroom and got as much of Alexis's saliva as I could with a cotton swab. I put it in a baggie and grinned as I stuffed it into my pocket. The plan was completely set and ready to go first thing in the morning. For a second, I worried I was gonna have to cancel my appointment.


I ate breakfast with Mom and Dad. Alexis was passed out in her car in the garage.

"She came in at 2 in the morning," Mom said.

"She gonna feel it when she wakes up," I laughed.

Dad chuckled. "You certainly did. "

"Yep, I did.

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  " That was a terrible day, and I could feel my head pounding just from thinking about it. "She'll recover. "

I finished eating and left. Alexis was indeed passed out in her car, which was parked next to mine. Her shirt looked bunched up, and the top couple buttons were undone on her shirt. One of her breasts was almost freed, and I saw a hint of her pink areola. Temptation was to reach in the car and give her shirt a slight tug. I rubbed the cotton swab in my pocket and told myself there was no need to violate her when I had something far better.

My heart was pounding as I got in my car and typed in the address. Here I go! I was really doing this!


"Hello, and welcome to Lusty Robotics!" Beautiful women greeted me at the door as I entered the building. They were so lifelike, I had no idea if they were real or not. A similarly beautiful women greeted me at the receptionist desk and I told her I had an appointment.

"Ah yes, David. Right this way. " Her high heels clicked on the floor as she guided me to an office where a man sat at his computer.

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   "Your 9 o' clock is here. "

The man stood up and shook my hand. "Nice to meet you, David. "

I returned the greeting. He was so professional, that it was almost surreal to believe what he was about to give me. He wore a business suit with a solid gold watch. He wore glasses, which were a fashion choice since sight defects had been cured decades ago. The woman had left and closed the door behind her.

"So, I gotta ask, is she real?"

"She is. The ones by the doors aren't though. " The man typed at his computer. "I see you've prepaid and submitted the personality test as well as how you noted that you want her personality to differ from reality. Now we need either a DNA sample or a picture. For full realism, a DNA sample is recommended. "

I gladly reached into my pocket and handed him the cotton swab that contained my sister's spit.

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"Perfect. " He pulled a latex glove onto his hand before unzipping my baggie, and putting the swab into his machine. A hologram appeared that showed a double helix, and then a moment later, my breath caught in my throat. A 3D representation of my sister was in front of me, and she was butt naked. Her full breasts were tipped with beautiful pink nipples, and her pussy was fully bald. As was her head, which made her look unusual. The only hair was her eyebrows. "DNA doesn't show hair length. How long is Alexis's hair?"

I took a second to breathe and act natural. "About shoulder length. "

He pushed a button, and brown hair grew out of Alexis's scalp. "And hair on her bikini area?"

I hesitated, and the guy chuckled a second to lighten the mood. "Haven't seen her naked before?"

I shook my head.

"Well, we can make it whatever you want. It can stay bald as it is, or—"

The man pushed a button and Alexis's pussy grew a full unkempt bush.

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   "And anything in between. "

"How about a little stubble. "

The man nodded and pushed a button. Alexis's bush shrank to only a few stray hairs. Just the way I like women. Of course, I had no idea how the real Alexis groomed her pussy, but this reality was as good as any other.

The man typed into his computer. "And you opted not to see the process?"

"It keeps the illusion. " Not many knew the process, and I certainly didn't know the intricacies, but the gist was that the flesh is grafted onto a robotic skeleton. It was a process that I had no desire to see, it would be better if she simply walked through the door as my sister.

"Right, well, she will be here in just a minute. "

My palms became slippery with sweat as I waited in the room with this man. I grew nervous. What if I couldn't go through with this? She was after all, a simulation of my sister. As much as I've masturbated to her, could I really fuck someone who is designed to look and act exactly like her?

As my mind raced, Alexis walked into the room.

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   She moved incredibly lifelike, just like the robots by the door. "Oh, David, there you are. "


She nodded. "The guy said that I could find you in this office. Ready to go, bro?"

"Yeah, lets get out of here. "

"Go have fun with your sister," the man said. "Just have her back within three days. "

"Of course. " Owning a custom robot like this would cost tens of thousands, which was far beyond my savings. I had to settle for renting. Besides, keeping a permanent replica of my sister around would cause problems sooner or later.

"We're coming back here?" Alexis asked. "Why?"

I tried to think of a bullshit explanation to tell her. "Doctor appointment. They need to see you again.

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"Oh, OK. " One of the few constants in their programming was that they would never question why they had to return. I could have told her it was to get donuts and she would've agreed.

Alexis took my hand in hers as we walked to my car. Her synthetic flesh felt so real, it was just like my sister's hand, except the real Alexis wouldn't hold my hand like this. Not that I was complaining.

When we got to the car, I typed the address to my dorm and Alexis blasted the AC. Cool air hardened her nips almost instantly, and they poked through the thin fabric of her shirt.

"Ever been to a college dorm?"

Alexis shook her head. "What's it like?"

"Oh, it's great, you'll see. " I tuned the radio to find a good song to listen to.

"I bet it is. " Alexis smiled. "Big bro all on his own. "

"You'll have one next year.


  " It just felt natural to treat her like my real sister, since she acted so much like her. I couldn't believe how accurate the personality test was. The only variation that I requested was of course that she be willing to have sex with me.

"And I can't wait. " She leaned toward the vent some more to get more cold air. Since this wasn't my real sister, I made no attempt to hide my staring. "Enjoying the view?"


"I know you're looking at my tits, David. " Hearing Alexis's voice say those words was such a turn on. "I know you've lusted after me for a long time. "


"You really think I didn't notice?" She leaned forward, almost close enough to kiss me. "Or any of the other times that you didn't think I was looking. Or those times I would come out of the shower wearing only a towel. Just a cloth to separate your hungry eyes from my flesh. "

Hearing Alexis talk like this, I was speechless.

"David, I'm your sister," Alexis said with a scolding voice.

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   Then she smirked. "Or maybe that was part of the turn on for you. "

We locked eyes and slowly leaned together for a kiss. Her mouth was warm and wet, just as it should be. Her lips were as soft as I remember from her real life sisterly pecks on the cheek. Except, this wasn't how a sister kisses a brother at all.

Alexis guided my hand between her legs. I pulled at the waistband of her leggings and I touched the stubbly hairs that I saw on the hologram. My fingers found her clitoris and she was already moist. She didn't break our kiss even as she moaned into my mouth. Hips bucked slightly against my hand.

"Oh, David. " She broke the kiss for a second, but she was still close enough that I felt her hot breath as she spoke. "That feels so good. "

I slowly climbed over my sister as we made out.

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   Alexis pulled the lever on her seat so that it leaned back all way. She was fully lying down, and we were out of easy view of most traffic passing by. Anybody trying to look could still see, but neither of us really cared at this point if people looked. Alexis's hands went up as I pulled her shirt over her head. Perky, full tits with pink nipples were fully in my view, and I held her soft flesh. I really had my sister's tits in my hands! And they were every bit as incredible as I imagined.

I bent down to take her right nipple into my mouth. She moaned slightly and ran her fingers through my hair while I suckled. My tongue ran around her areola and my lips pulled at her eraser tip nipple. A short squeal encouraged me, and I moved to suck on her other tit. "That's right, David, just like that. "

A bump in the road forced my face even more into her soft breasts. She helped me out of my clothes, and I pulled down her leggings so that we were both naked in this autopiloted vehicle. I took a moment to admire my sister's gorgeous naked body, which was what I had wanted to see for years. She spread her legs and rubbed her wet pussy.

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   Her eyes were locked onto my hard cock, and she had a horny grin on her face that I will never forget.

"Damn, my brother has an amazing cock. "

"Wait till it's inside you. " I wasn't a virgin, but I had never fucked a girl bareback before. Too risky. However, sexbots can't get pregnant, and new synthetic flesh after every user meant no diseases. Feeling warm juices and every muscle of her inner organ with no barrier was like losing my virginity a second time. The fact that it was my sister's pussy made it even better.

"That's right, David!" Alexis moaned. "Fuck your sister!"

I slowly let my cock slide in and out of her as I listened to her moans. We held and kissed as I gently made love to her. "Harder. "

I sped up my thrusts.


Alexis's tits bounced around as I slammed my dick into her. Moans became screams and she wrapped her arms and legs around me.

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   Her pussy pulsated around my cock and I felt my first spurt into my sister. There was no holding back this orgasm, and I let myself come inside my sweet sister.

"That was amazing David. "

"Plenty more where that came from," I said.

"Oh, I certainly hope so," Alexis said. "I'm gonna need more of my brother's cock. "

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