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this is true story which i am posting here. once myself and my wife to doctor for her medical check up. she had some gynac problems. doctor was male and young. we both entered his clinic. we sat his front. he asked my wife to sat beside his chair. she gone and sat besides his chair. doctor check in front of me and then he asked my wife go beside the rom for check up and asked me to wait in his clinic. my wife and doctor enterd in the next of his chamber alone. they both stay in the room about 45 minuts and doctor making some sound like asking my wife for some excercise. becase they were thinking that they misguiding me about check up.

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   i felt some confsion then i get up from my chair and looking form key holes into the next room where both of them entered fro check up. i saw that my wife was sleeping on the table and doctor open her abdomn and asked her to unfold her pant and shirt. she unfold both and loose the pant. doctor open her shirt and pressing her nipple slowly i got surprise that my wife never make any objection and closed her eye. there after doctor unbutton her shirt and unzip her blause. i saw that her both boobs come out. doctor seen horney after looking her boobs. then he slowly touching her boobs and there after he kissed her. my wife reponse his kisses and they embrass. doctor and my wife making close and doctor unfold her apnt and her panties both. my wife moaning now and asking to doctor fuck her as quick as possible because she knows that i am sitting besides room. doctor shouting that i will teach some excerse to make make me fool that he is teahcing my wife some excersie. my wife lough about this sitation. i saw both of them become fully naked. doctot sucked her pussy and pressing her boobs.


   she getting enjoy. after some some doctor enter his cock in her pussy. i saw his cock was much harder and strong. i become excited to seeing this sexual encounter between my wife and doctor. doctor jerking over my wife and she pressing high hips ps and down. i was become horney but not make any noise and make no disturbance in their sex. i let them enjoy whole sex and after some time doctor drop his whole cum into her pussy. she enjoy too much. they she kissed doctor and thank to him. suddenly i came to my chair and sit. after few minuts doctor come out first and there after my wife came out with smiling face. i show that they were looking each other till we were his chamber. i dont know how many times after that my wife gone to that doctor for fucking but they are still enjoying and other guys' are also fucking her. she asked me that she want to be a porn actor. i have have no objection if she would be a porn star.

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