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True Story

alex was his name. he was down from toronto for the night to hang out with his buddies at the bar to watch hockey. i knew the guy from a couple times before i knew i wanted him. i walk up to him and started to ask him if he wanted to go to my place. he dint want to at first but after some convincin (and flashing ;)) he was good to go. the second we got to my place, we were making out. my pussy was drenched in no time and i could feel his cock getting hard through his pants. i told him that my pussy was dripping wet and he said he wanted a tast so i took of my pants and he was down on my in no time. he tongued my clit and i moaned for more! he started to finger me while he licked me. the feeling of his finger in me made me want the real thing! i got up and took of his pants and his cock sprung up at me. i started sucking on the hot meat up and down the shaft and using my tongue on the head, i could hear him groan in pleasure ;) he came in my mouth and i swallowed every drop. it tasted amazing
i told him i wanted him in me for real but we had no condoms. i dint care, i wanted him then and there! so i bent over on all fors and told him that there were ways around those kinda problems. he clued in pretty quick and soon i could feel the head of his dick inching into my ass. i could feel every inch going in and it hurt but the pleasure was worht it ;). he started pumping faster and faster and then he grabbed my tits and played with my nipples.

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   together it made my pussy start to get soaked! after a bit in that position, we started to spoon and he was fucking my ass hard now. he reached around and started to rub my clit while he fucked my ass i started to scream with pleasure. it wast long before i came all over his hand and the sheets. he made me lick it off but notr before he had a taste ;) after that i got back on all fors again and he fucked my ass even harder. i felt his shaft build up in me and then explode. he came in my ass and the feeling of his warm cum in me made me almost cum again. i lvoed the feeling of it in me and how it dripped out. he took his cock out of me and i licked it clean of his cum. after that he ate me out again and then had to go. it was amazing.