Campground Exposure 2


In “Campground Exposure” (See attached link) Sandy and Sara had watched me jackoff down by the creek where they spied on me and for a second time that day in my tent. They had both begged me to let them come back over the next day to let them play some more and of course I agreed.

It was a little after 8 AM when I heard footsteps outside my tent. Then Sandy’s voice was at the door asking if they could come in. I invited them in and there was a new younger face with them and Sandy said,

“I’m sorry about this. This is my little sister Jenny. She said if I didn’t let her come she was going to follow me and tell our parents where we went, so I had to bring her. Is it OK, or do you want us to leave?”

I said as I flipped the sleeping bag off my naked body exposing my already rock hard cock and swollen balls,

“Of course I don’t want you guys to leave. Jenny, did Sandy tell you that we were going to be doing sexual things in my tent? Sandy and Sara watched me jackoff twice yesterday and they said this time they wanted to do it for me. I can’t believe you are younger than Sandy. You have the body of a grown woman and very sexy. I can tell by the expression on your face that you weren’t expecting to see me naked and my cock all hard and swollen, were you?”

Jenny shook her head ‘no’ and said,

“Sandy told me you might be naked but she never told me what a huge cock you have. Your girlfriends must really enjoy riding that monster. I would like to try it but I don’t think it will fit in my tight little pussy. ”

Jenny had not taken her eyes off my cock and balls from the time I flipped my sleeping bag off myself and she had stared at it the whole time she was talking. By now with these three young teen girls all staring at my package my cock head was starting to leak pre-cum and I said,

“Girls, it’s going to be a little different today if you want to stay.

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   I’ve been naked practically the whole time we have been around each other and now I want to see all of you naked too. I bet your young bodies are gorgeous and I would like a chance to have a look and also a taste of your womanhood. Now are you going or staying?”

Sandy was the first to make her decision as she slipped her tee shirt over her head. She was not wearing a bra and her teen titties looked scrumptious. As she slipped her shorts off Sara and Jenny were coming out of their tee-shirts. Neither of them was wearing bras either and I couldn’t believe what gorgeous tits these young girls had. Sandy’s shorts hit the floor of my tent and she wasn’t wearing panties either. Her pussy was deliciously clean shaven except for a small line of pubic hair going up from her slit. Jenny was naked in a flash and was so quick she almost tied Sandy and Sara wasn’t far behind. They all joined me on my sleeping bag and Jenny spoke first and said,

“Can I please play with your cock? I’ve seen a couple of boys from my school but their cocks were not even close to as big as yours. Could I please kiss it some too? He has a big tear in his eye and I want to kiss it all better for him. ”

She didn’t wait for my answer before she had her hands all over my cock and balls. She leaned over and put her soft young lips right on my cockhead and sucked my pre-cum out of my pisshole. She kept sucking on it but she only had the tip of it between her lips. I told her to try and get as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and to use her tongue on my cockhead.

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   I was amazed when she got my whole cockhead and about two inches of my 8 inches in her mouth before she gagged. I told her if she would swallow as my cockhead got to the back of her throat it should stop her from gagging. She pushed again and I felt her swallow and watched as she got my whole 8 inches down her throat. Her nose was on my stomach and I felt her tongue come out and she was licking my balls. I couldn’t believe how soft and warm her young mouth felt and how long she was able to keep my cock down her throat. Then Sandy said,

“Jenny, you better stop that or you are going to make him cum. If he cums in your mouth he will drown you. He squirts like a fire hose and if you aren’t ready he will have you choking on all his juice. Plus, Sara and I want to see him cum too. Don’t be a pig about it. We want to suck him too. ” Jenny pulled up off my cock and tears were streaming down her face from gagging and said,

“You two got to see him jerking off and cuming a couple of times yesterday so now it’s my turn and I want him to cum in my mouth. You guys can have a turn when I’m finished. His pre-cum tasted so good I’m sure the real thing will be delicious. ”

I told her if she wanted me to cum quicker to just suck on my cockhead and swirl her tongue around it.

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   She went back down on me and I told her to bob her head a little while she was sucking and she would get a huge load. I also told her it was completely OK for her to gag when I started squirting. I told her almost all my girlfriends did even after they were use to it. She went back at it as I pulled Sandy over on my face and started eating her pussy. She was enjoying it so much I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep her on my face. She got right into it and started fucking my mouth with her sweet pussy. And I do mean sweet. She must have used a Douche on herself with a berry flavor because it truly did taste wonderful. As Jenny kept sucking my cock and Sandy was riding my face Sara lay down beside me and pulled one of my hands to her pussy. It was wet and warm as I slipped my middle finger up in to her “G” Spot and found her swollen clit with my thumb. I had already been fingering Jenny while she sucked my cock. With both my hands occupied I wouldn’t be able to hold onto Sandy so I just hoped she would stay put and cum in my mouth. I really wanted to taste all their young juices.

I could tell by all their increased hip motion that they were all close to cuming and this sent me over the edge. The tickling in my cockhead was as intense as I had ever felt it.

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   The tickling coursed down through my cock and into my balls and sent my cum pouring up through my cock. I could no longer control my hips as I fucked Jenny’s sweet teen mouth as I felt the first jet of my cum explode down her throat. She gagged really hard and I thought she was going to lose it, but she kept sucking and gagging through three more hard squirts of cum. Then my cum just flowed out into Jenny’s waiting mouth. I couldn’t believe what a lucky man I was. Here I was having sex with three teen girls and they seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as I was.

Sandy’s body had been jerking uncontrollably for several minutes while Jenny and Sara had been fucking my hands really hard. I got my wish as Sandy mashed her pussy hard into my mouth and I felt her juices flowing and I very hungrily lapped it all up.

She quickly moved off my face and kissed me deeply. We broke and I looked down at Jenny who was still sucking my cock intent on getting every last drop of cum out of it. She was looking up at me and I could see a smile of satisfaction in her eyes. My very intense, almost painful, post cum orgasm continued until Jenny finally rose up off my still rock hard cock. She had a couple of small globs of my cum on each corner of her mouth as she said,

“You girls have to suck him off. That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. It was even better than I dreamed it would be.

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   Just as he was going to cum his cockhead swelled up even more and it was stretching my mouth like crazy but I wasn’t about to stop sucking him. And Sandy you were right. His cum hit the back of my throat so hard I had to fight to keep from spitting up. Now I know why you guys like seeing him jackoff so much. He does cum like gangbusters. ”

I pulled Jenny up to me and I kissed her. All three of the girls said they were surprised because they didn’t think a guy would ever kiss a girl that had just let him cum in her mouth. I told them that was the difference between a man and a boy. I told them if a woman cared enough to let me cum in her mouth, I was going to show her my appreciation with a loving kiss. They were all over me with hugs and snuggles when Sara moved over my midsection and straddled me. Sandy, Jenny and I all asked her if she was sure she wanted to try that and she said,

“This is all I’ve been able to think about since yesterday. I barely slept last night thinking about what it would feel like to have that monster cock of yours up inside me. If you don’t mind, I will get on top and please let me control everything. If it is too much for me I will be able to stop and I hope you will understand. I really feel like a grown woman doing this and hope it feels as good as I dreamed it would. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 


Sara eased herself down onto my cock. It was throbbing it was so hard with anticipation of being up inside her sweet, tight young pussy. I had told them I had been fixed years ago and could not get any of them pregnant. Sara guided my cockhead to her soaked pussy lips and slid it back and forth over them and mingled her juices with mine. Then she was easing herself down onto my manhood. As my swollen cockhead entered her pussy opening it was so tight I just knew she wasn’t going to be able to take it. I held her face in my hands as she continued easing down on me. Her eyes were squeezed tight shut and I was sure she must be feeling some pain. Another inch or so and all of a sudden my huge cockhead popped up inside her and she collapsed down on me pushing over half my cock up in her love tunnel and she kissed me hard and I returned her kiss. She said,

“OH! MY! GOD! That feels better than I had imagined it would. I can’t believe that huge thing is up inside me and how good it feels. Girls you have to try this. This will really make you feel like a woman. Now Mister I’m going to fuck you really good. ”

She started moving her hips up and down but only about an inch or two.

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   I could tell by the angle of her hips that she was rubbing my fat flared circumcised cockhead back and forth over her sensitive “G”” Spot. In a matter of only a few minutes she was moaning and crying and digging her fingernails into my arms. She was having the Orgasm to end all Orgasms in her very young womanly body and I let her have her way. Finally she lay her whole weight on me and just laid there trembling and whimpered softly to me,

“I never imagined it would feel that good. I know you didn’t cum but could you please just stay inside me for awhile longer. It was painful until the head of it got up inside me and then it felt wonderful, but if you let it get a little softer I don’t think it will hurt as much coming out. ”

We lay in each other’s arms until my cock softened and slid out of her sweet young pussy. Sandy followed suit and also enjoyed a ride on my monster. Jenny tried but was not able to get it up inside her without feeling too much pain. I didn’t want her to feel left out so I gobbled her sweet pussy for her. I held onto her hips so she couldn’t get away from me and eat her pussy until she came so many times she was pleading with me to stop. We spent the whole day together until Sandy said they should be getting back before their parents sent out her brother to find them. They asked if they could come back tomorrow and of course I said “Yes. ” Maybe Jenny would like to try to ride the monster again.


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